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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

AIBSNLEA CHQ-ND Latest News-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999 M-9426201999

02.02.2010 :Stay for Promotion of SDEs to DETs (Adhoc)- Hon'ble High Court of J&K : The case at Hon. J&K High Court regarding stay for Adhoc promotion from SDE to STS cadre is listed for 5-2-2010 but not 04/02/2010 as reported earlier

02.02.2010: GS, President, AGS (HQ), AGS(F) and the office bearers Shri S.D.Sharma and Shri J.B.Jain of All India Retired BSNL Executives? Welfare Association met with Secretary (T) and discussed:-

(a) ITS absorption issue: - We expressed our serious concern against non-absorption of ITS officers in BSNL. Secy (T) informed that Cabinet Note on this issue is ready for circulation to the Nodal Ministries and very shortly it will send to the nodal ministries and thereafter to cabinet. He mentioned that DoT is serious to settle the issue.

(b) Performance Review of BSNL and solutions for BSNL?s growth and restoration of its Revenue Share in Telecom Market: - In this regard our letter copy dated 27.01.2010, addressed to Shri Sam G. Pitroda, Advisor to Hon?ble Prime Minister was available with Secy (T) and he discussed all the issues of our letter and informed that the committee on BSNLs performance review is meeting on 8th and 9th February 2010. Wherein all these issues will be discussed.We suggested to strengthen the Material Management Procedures of BSNL so that BSNL services are sold efficiently. Secy (T) also impressed upon to improve the quality of service for the customers. Secy (T) advised all the BSNL employees to provide quality service and to devote for the growth of BSNL.The following issues were discussed

(c) 93 Million GSM Tender of BSNL:- On the issue of 93 Million GSM Tender of BSNL, Secy (T) informed that the High Level committee , headed by Shri Sam Pitroda will discuss the issue in the meeting on 8th February 2010 and will submit its report to the Government.

(d) IDA pension revision: - On the issue of IDA pension revision Secy (T) informed that the Department of Pension and Welfare has not given any guideline on this issue. We impressed upon to settle the issue in DoT itself since BSNL Pensioners are given Government pension under Rule 37 A. Secy (T) assured to look into the matter.

(e) Staff strength of BSNL:- As per our letter the staff strength of BSNL is going to be reduced to 50 percent i.e. half of its current strength by the year 2012 on account of superannuation and it shall be further reduced to 25% or one fourth of its current strength by the year 2014-2015. Secy(T) advised to recheck the above information because as per BSNL?s staff strength statement in the year 2012 the staff strength will be reduced to 25%-30% only which needs correction.

(f) Govt. support to BSNL as state run Company:- As per NTP 1999 guidelines, BSNL should be exempted from license fee on landline as well as Mobile telephone services in urban areas. USO fund should be provided to BSNL in lieu of providing services in the rural part of the country on reduced rental. The OPEX charges should be paid to BSNL and the 3G spectrum allocation to BSNL should be free of cost in lieu of withdrawal of ADC (Access Deficit Charges). Secy(T) assured to look into the matter.

(g) Instructions to all Govt. Departments/Autonomous Bodies where the Govt. of India bears the cost of telephone expenditure for taking the telecom services from BSNL only to support BSNL :- Secy(T) mentioned that such instructions can be issued by Govt, when BSNL provides quality and reliable service which is acceptable by all Government Departments and PSUs. He advised to improve quality of service.

(h) Poor After-Sales Service in Broadband Connections/ Irresponsible Call Centers and Poor Revenue Collection:- These services have been outsourced to different vendors, who have no fear of losing their contract and they are not carrying out their job satisfactorily bringing bad name to BSNL. A committed management can take adequate care to solve these problems due to provision of inadequate service by these vendors/ outsourcing agents.

Huge amounts of dues are pending for recovery from the customers to the tune of several thousand crores of Revenue. BSNL has recently taken some steps for their recovery but more needs to be done by BSNL Management and the Government on this account so that defaulting customers can not evade patment while they continue to receive Telecom Services from one operator or the other.

Secy (T) impressed upon to provide uninterrupted Broadband service to the customers.

02.02.2010: GS, President, AFS and Shri S.D.Sharma Office Bearer of All India Retired BSNL Executives? Welfare Association met with Member(F) and discussed:-

(a) IDA Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners retired before 01.01.2007:- Member(F) mentioned that presently the case is being dealt by DDG (Estt.). We requested Member(F) that the case has been processed to the internal finance of DoT earlier also by DoT pension cell and thereafter it was sent DoP&W which is now returned to DoT without any guideline and we requested to settle the issue in the administrative ministry itself. Member (F) directed to Dir (Accounts) DoT to put up the status of the case immediately.

(b) Deferred option from CDA to IDA pay fixation case:- We expressed our serious concern against non settlement of deferred option pay fixation case from CDA to IDA since the required information on financial implications in this regard was sent to DoT by BSNL six month before. Member(F) assured to look into the matter and to provide the status to our Association within one week?s time.

02.02.2010: GS, AGS(F), AGS(HQ) met GM(Pers.) and discussed:-

(a) Regularisation of DEs/AMs (TF):- We thanked for completing the regularisation of Adhoc STS level Executives? of Telecom Factories.

(b) Promotion from JTO (C) to SDE (c) of LDCE quota:- GM(Pers.) informed that the case has been received from PGM (BW) to promote LDCE quota qualified JTO(c) to SDE(c) and being examined. He assured an early action in this matter.

(c) ACP Withdrawal case:- We expressed our serious concern against delay in processing the ACP Withdrawal Review Committee report headed by Shri Pradeep Nagpal GM(SP). GM(Pers) informed that the committee report from PGM(BW) has been received on Friday and being examined. He assured for early presentation to BSNL Management Committee for approval.

(d) Revision of AD (OL) pay scale as per sixth CPC recommendations:- GM(Pers) informed that based on 6th CPC recommendations the case for revision of pay scales for Junior/Senior Hindi translators and AD(OL) was processed to GM(Estt.), GM(SR), GM(EF) for comments but no comments has been received. Hence as per GM(SR) suggestion all these officers are meeting tomorrow morning to discuss the issue and thereafter only final view in this regard will be taken.

(e) DPCs from DE to DGM, SDE (T) to DE Adhoc, regularisation of DEs Adhoc : GM (Pers) mentioned that DPC from DE to DGM is in process but after replying to Jaipur CAT on 11.02.2010, promotion order may be issued. DPC from SDE (T) to DE Adhoc is stalled due to stay order given by J&K High Court. The hearing in this case is expected this week. DPC can be conducted after stay vacation only. Regularisation of about 2400 adhoc DEs is also stalled due to status quo granted by Hon'ble Supreme Court on 269 SDEs (T) seniority case. GM (Pers) mentioned that all DPCs are stalled in Telecom Engineering wing due to various court cases. Against this we expressed our serious resentment and anguish that this situation has been created by DOT/BSNL Management in a calculated manner just to harm the Telecom Engineering Personnel with vindictive and biased attitude. In this situation the Telecom Engineering personnel in BSNL are put in most disadvantageous position which is forcing for active Organisational Actions Programmes.

01.02.2010 : GS writes to CMD BSNL regarding -

Letter-1 : JAO Part II Internal Competitive Exam.

Letter-2 : Wrong implementation of BSNL Executive Promotion Policy for Group ?B? level Executives in BSNL.

Letter-3 : Pay anomaly in case of JTOs recruited in the year 2005.

Letter-4 : Change of transfer order from OWN COST to INTEREST OF SERVICE.

Letter-5 : Settlement of the long pending issues of Telecom Factories.

01.02.2010 :Stay for Promotion of SDEs to DETs (Adhoc)- Hon'ble High Court of J&K : The case at Hon. J&K High Court regarding stay for Adhoc promotion from SDE to STS cadre is listed for 4-2-2010

01.02.2010 :Retirement on superannuation w.e.f 31/01/2010.We wish them a happy and prosperous retired life. Click for : SDEs/PSs, DETs, ACCOUNTS&FINANCE and Civil

29.01.2010 : GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (F), FS met Director (CM) and discussed about the media coverage regarding WiMAX tender. Dir (CM) clarified the actual situation that based upon the report of the Tender Evaluation Committee headed by CGM (STR), action was taken and APO was placed upon the successful bidder after the approval of the competent authority. There was no recommendation from the Chairman TEC to send the case to Vigilance Cell. Some complaint has been made to Vigilance Cell by some corner which is being examined by the Vigilance Cell. He explained that there are certain forces / vested interests that have been making continuous efforts to harm the growth of BSNL by delaying the tendering process for procurement of equipment. Despite of all these constraints BSNL Management succeeded in various courts and in future also no discrepancy in finalisation of the tender will be found. BSNL Management is handling all the tenders in a transparent manner. The tender processes are being delayed due to various court cases. Regarding his position in the process he mentioned that there are some vested interests / over jealous people who want to block his future prospects. He assured his full commitment to the betterment of BSNL.

29.01.2010 : DPC FOR PROMOTION OF JTOs TO SDEs AGAINST 67% SENIORITY CUM FITNESS QUOTA - LEFT OUT CASES:- BSNL Corporate Office has published list of 142 JTOs (left out) whose names left out for consideration of DPC due to non-availability of CR dossiers /incomplete ACRs/Vigilance clearance Note :-CSs may pursue with Circle Admn, and see that it should reach BSNL CO as early as possible. Click here for list of JTOs and letter.

29.01.2010 :PRSS RELEASES: 3G spectrum auction put off to next fiscal .Click here

29.01.2010 :MTRR CASE:29.01.2010 : MTRR Case : The case was heard in Hon?ble Principal Bench CAT, New Delhi today and posted for next hearing on 12.02.2010.

29.01.2010 :LONG STAY LIST OF 20 SDEs: BSNL Corporate Office has published 20 SDEs of each circle who are long standing in the Circle for the purpose of transfer. Note: All CSs/DSs/CHQOB/COB/DOB are requested to give wide publicity. If any corrections/ omissions etc may represent to the Circle office. and also to the Circle Secretary Click here for list of SDEs and letter.

28.01.2010 :Stay for DPC of DETs (Adhoc)- Hon'ble High Court of J&K : The case at Hon. J&K High Court regarding Adhoc promotion was listed for today but case was adjourned without arguements and listing probably in next week

28.01.2010 : GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (Fin) met GM (Pers) and discussed :

(a) DPC from DE to DGM : We requested for early completion of DPC from DE to DGM. GM (Pers) informed that the DPC work is in advance stage and efforts are being made for early issuance of promotion order. He also mentioned that DOT has been requested to implement Jaipur CAT direction for STS of ITS Gr. A promotion to JAG.

(b) DPC from SDE (T) to DE : We expressed our serious concern against delay in hearing the case in J&K High Court wherein Stay Order has been granted against DE adhoc promotion. GM (Pers) informed that the case came for hearing today in J&K High Court and further posted for hearing in the next week. We have decided to get impleaded in the case immediately if the Stay Order is not vacated in the next hearing.

(c) Posting of SDEs/DEs in ERP project : We requested to open ERP Centres at HCL Head Quarters at Hyderabad and Pune. GM (Pers) assured to discuss the matter with ED (CA).

28.01.2010 : GS, AGS (Fin) met ED (Fin) and discussed :

(a) DPC from CAO to DGM : We requested to expedite DPC from CAO to DGM (F). ED (F) informed that the DPC process CAO to DGM (F) has already been started and assured for early promotion order.

(b) Reduction of STS/JAG sanctioned posts : We expressed our serious resentment against reduction of sanctioned STS/JAG posts on the recommendations of BCG. ED (F) confirmed that BCG has presented their recommendations regarding staff norms to BSNL MC today, wherein the DGM (F) posts are being drastically reduced. We strongly protested such move.

(c) Relaxation in JAO part-II examination 2006 marks : We requested for one time relaxation in JAO part-II examination 2006 marks. ED (F) advised Executives to appear in the examination and assured to examine the issue.

28.01.2010 : GS, AGS (Fin) and GS, AGS (SNEA) met GM (Restr) and discussed regarding revised norms for creation of posts of Executives / Non-Executives in BSNL. We strongly opposed the intervention of BCG in HR area of BSNL. BCG has been assigned work to decide the staff norms but BCG without taking the feedback from the Executive Associations is arbitrarily deciding the norms. We categorically told that staff norms if any available should immediately be circulated for comments / feedback, thereafter only BSNL Board should consider BCG recommendations.

27.01.2010 : GS writes :

Letter-1 : To Shri Sam G. Pitroda, Advisor to PM and Chairman, High Power Committee regarding Performance Review of BSNL and solutions for BSNL?s growth and restoration of its Revenue Share in Telecom Market.

Letter-2 : To Shri Sam G. Pitroda, Advisor to PM and Chairman, High Power Committee regarding ITS officers reject offer to get absorbed in BSNL/MTNL.

Letter-3 : To Dir (HR) regarding Continuous deprivation of senior executives of Telecom Engineering wing on implementation of EPP.

Letter-4 : To Dir (HR) regarding Posting on promotion of the Executive TES Gr. ?B? (Telecom) to the Executive STS on adhoc basis-forgoing of promotion.

Letter-5 : To Dir (HR) regarding ERP Development centre at Pune.

Letter-6 : To Dir (HR) regarding Implementation of ERP at ALTTC Ghaziabad - , accommodation.

Letter-7 : To GM (Pers) regarding Request for retention in Karnataka Circle in the case of Shri V Ramachandra, SDE.

23.01.2010 :PRESS RELEASES: 1) Cabinet to decide disinvestments of BSNL ,Telephone tariff to come down, Govt. fetches Rs.25,000 crore from auction of 3G spectrum from Mobile telephony: Hon'ble MOC Shri Raja. Click here. 2) India may have 100 mn Broad band Connections in 5 years:Shri Pitrode. Click here. 3) Indian Telecom weekly Round up. Click here.

21.01.2010 :PRESS RELEASES: 1) Center lifts ban on pre-paid mobile phones in J&K . Click here. 2) BSNL's rural WiMax roll-out hits a bump . Click here.

20.01.2010 : BSNL endorses DPE order of IDA enhancement from 25.3% to 30.9% w.e.f 1.1.2010-Click here for BSNL order copy.

20.01.2010 :PRESS RELEASES: 1) Govt to complete 3G auction by March end: Hon'ble shri Raja . Click here. 2) Telecom operators see revenue dip . Click here.

19.01.2010 : IDA has enhanced from 25.3% to 30.9% w.e.f 1.1.2010-Click here for DPE order copy.

18.01.2010 :PRESS RELEASES: 1) EGOM Split over auction of number of 3G slots. Click here. 2) BSNL eyes on 1 million 3G subscribers by fiscal end. Click here. 3) BSNL donates Rs 9.95 lakh for 'Aap Ki Rasoi' scheme .Click here. 4) BSNL to increase teledensity to 40%:Hon'ble Shri Pilot , MOS(Comm). Click here.

15.01.2010 : MOST URGENT :- PROMOTION OF SDEs TO DETs ON ADHOC BASIS (DPC-I ) :- BSNL CO has sent another reminder to all CGMs for sending APAR-2008-09 of SDEs listed at Annexure-A, missing APARs of SDEs listed at Annexure-B, missing APARs(2004-2009) whose circles not known as listed at Annexure-C. Note: All CS,CHQ Circle/Division/Branch Office bearers are requested to meet Officers concerned and arrange for sending to BSNL CO as early as possible. Click Here for Covering Letter, Annexure-A, Annexure-B, Annexure-C.

15.012.2010 : Shri Kuldeep Singh named new CMD,MTNL :- Shri Kuldip Singh, director, technical, of telecom PSU MTNL, has been appointed the new Chairman and Managing Director with immediate effect. For further details Click Here

12.01.2010 :PRESS RELEASES: 1)BSNL's ailing financial health to be examined by committee formed by PM. Click here. 2)MTNL chairman Shri RSP Sinha resigns. Click here. 3)Govt may again delay auction of telecom spectrum .Click here.

08.01.2010 : Communication made by GS :

Letter-1 : To CMD BSNL regarding waiver of excess calls in RSTC (landline) of BSNL executives.

Letter-2 : To CMD BSNL regarding recommendations of the 6th Central Pay Commission relating to encashment of leave in respect of Central Government employees.

Letter-3 : To CMD BSNL revision of pay scale of Official Language cadre working in BSNL

Letter-4 : To Director (HR) regarding introduction of child care leave in BSNL.

Letter-5 : To GM (Pers) regarding request transfers in the cadre of DE.

Letter-6 : To GM (Pers) regarding retention on transfer in the cadre of SDE.

field units.

Letter-7 : To GM (Pers) regarding Inter circle transfer of SDEs to ERP project to ALTTC, Ghaziabad.

Letter-8 : To GM (Pers) request for modification/rectification in seniority list in the cadre of SDE/DE(T).

Letter-9 : To GM (Pers) for request transfer in the cadre of SDE.

Letter-10 : To GM (FP) regarding re-allotment on promotion in the cadre of AO.

Letter-11 : To GM (FP) regarding request transfer in the cadre of CAO / AO.

Letter-12 : To GM (Estt) regarding exercising of option for fixation of pay w.r.t. BSNL letter dated 30.06.2004.

Letter-13 : To GM (Estt) for request transfer in the cadre of JTO.

08.01.2010 : JOINT FORUM MEETS ON 11th JANUARY,2010:- The Joint Forum of BSNL Associations / Unions of Executives and Non-executives will meet on 11th January to discuss about the latest developments in BSNL including the delay in tender of 93 million GSM lines, Agitational programmes against Govt. proposal for 10% IPO, Absorption of ITS officers etc.

PRESS RELEASE:- Joint Forum Oppose IPO in BSNL <>

08.01.2010 : ELIGIBILITY LIST OF JTOs -MOST URGENT:- Corporate Office has called the Eligibility list of JTOs for promotion of JTOs to SDE (Telecom) to fill up the vacancies of the year 2008-09.Only few Circle have sent the eligibility list of JTOs. Corporate office has sent a reminder in this regard to send it on or before 20/01/2010.Note: All CS/CHQ OB/Circle OB/ are requested to pursue with Circle Administration so that eligibility list should reach on or before 20/01/2010. Click here for the letter.

08.01.2010 : REGULERISATION OF ADHOC STS (CAOs) OF TELCOM FINANCE AND PROMOTION AND POSTING IN THE GRADE OF CAOs (LEFT OUT CASES): Congratulations! BSNL has issued an another order of Regularisation of 14 Adhoc CAOs(STS) of Telecom finance and promotion. Click here.

07.01.2010 : BSNL selloff likely soon, no BSNL-MTNL merger: Pitroda :- The Prime Minister's IT advisor Sam Pitroda said on Friday the Government is not planning to merge BSNL and MTNL, but efforts are on to sell stake in BSNL. Click here for Details

07.01.2010 : GS, AGS (F) met CMD BSNL and discussed regarding PM?s meeting held on 06.01.2010. CMD mentioned that Hon?ble PM?s concern regarding BSNL?s viability will certainly benefit it. Regarding media news for 10% disinvestment of BSNL and waiving of 4000 crores license fee, 93 million GSM lines tender and ITS absorption etc.

(a) Listing of BSNL : CMD clarified that listing of BSNL through IPO route was discussed and Govt. is inclined to list BSNL. He pleaded that listing of BSNL will value it and presently employees will also get the shares on cheaper rates. He also mentioned that accountability of BSNL Board will be more to shareholders which will improve the company?s performance etc.

(b) Waiving of 4000 crores license fee charges : CMD Clarified that to waive off 4000 crores license fee charges on urban and rural lines proposal was discussed but Finance Ministry didn?t agree to the proposal.

(c) Finalisation of 93 million GSM lines tender : CMD informed that the issue was discussed and concern was expressed to expedite the matter. CMD clarified that in phase-VI tender for procurement 93 million GSM lines 4 parts are there i.e. part-I : 2G, part-II : 3G, part-III : Infra and part-IV : IT. The bidders have quoted different rates for the different parts i.e. for part-I : 2G, rates are 7-8% less than phase-V tender, for part-II : 3G, rates are 20% higher than the phase-V tender which cannot be accepted, for part-III : Infra, the rates are 15-16% higher than the phase-V tender which may also not be considered, for phase-IV : IT, can be dealt later on also. He explained that due to lower rates of 2G equipment in phase-VI tender, the 2G equipment against phase-V tender rates now cannot be considered. Regarding part-III : Infra, due to higher rates cannot be considered and may be retendered. Regarding part-IV : IT, he mentioned that this issue also can be sorted out later on. Hence BSNL should purchase 2G equipment of phase-VI tender which is lowest. Regarding 3G, Infra and IT retendering can take place immediately.

(d) ITS officers absorption in BSNL : CMD informed that the issue was there for discussion in the agenda and Secy (T) informed that shortly a Cabinet Note is being sent for approval wherein IDA pension revision will also be considered.

CMD also informed that Hon?ble PM has constituted a committee headed by Shri Sam G. Pitroda with some professionals including him to monitor BSNL?s performance.

07.01.2010 : GS, AGS (F) met GM (Estt) and discussed regarding regularisation of JTOs officiating and their pay fixation under FR 22 (I) a (i). GM (Estt) mentioned that about 2000 JTOs have filed case in the Hon?ble Supreme Court against Chandigarh judgment. The further action can be taken up only after Apex Court judgment. Regarding FR 22 (I) a (i) pay fixation for JTOs (Offg) as per Hon?ble Ernakulam CAT and Delhi Principal Bench CAT judgment, he informed that BSNL Management has directed to CGMT Kerala Circle to file an appeal in Hon?ble Ernakulam High Court against CAT judgment. We protested against the indifferent attitude of the BSNL Management for dragging the matter in the higher Courts to put employees in loss. AIBSNLEA will implead in both the court cases.

06.01.2010 : GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (F) met GM (Pers) and discussed :

(a) DPC from DE to DGM : GM (Pers) informed that DPC process is in advanced stage to promote about 280 DEs to DGM. Some ACRs and VCRs are still awaited. He assured for early completion of the DPC. Regarding Jaipur CAT direction in the case filed by 4 ITS officers, he clarified that the matter pertains to DOT and DOT is taking up the case with DO P&T for conducting the DPC of DR DEs who are not eligible to be promoted as DGM due to non-completion of required length of service. He mentioned that DOT has assured to take simultaneous action in this regard as per Jaipur CAT directions.

(b) DPC from SDE to DE : We expressed our serious concern against delay in completing the DPC process. GM (Pers) mentioned that the case is listed for hearing in the Hon?ble J&K High Court on 10.01.2010. He explained the efforts being made for getting stay vacated. He also mentioned that the applicants cannot be covered in this DPC being junior and non-availability of vacant DEs posts. AIBSNLEA decides to immediately get impleaded in the case if the hearing is not completed on 10th Jan 2010.

05.01.2010 : MASSIVE DEMONSTRATIONS ON 5TH JANUARY 2010:- Massive Demonstrations were organised All over the Country participated by Thousands of Executives and Non-Executives demanding issue of purchase order for 93 Million GSM Lines for BSNL which is blocked by BSNL Board. The demonstrators demanded the Prime Minister to intervene and ensure supply of Mobile Lines to BSNL to provide to the People.

In the meeting held in the Corporate Office premises New Delhi, Leaders of the Joint Forum addressed and called upon the BSNL Executives and non-Executives to be ready for sustained struggles to save BSNL.

A Memorandum signed by the General Secretaries of Executive and Non-Executive Unions was submitted to the Prime Minister seeking his urgent intervention in the matter.

A meeting will held on today 06th January, 2010 called by Prime Minister to discuss issues connected with BSNL.

05.01.2010: Revised the syllabus of Paper II (Advance Technical Paper [special]) of LDCE for promotion to SDE under 33% quota for the years 2007-08 and 2008-09. Click Here for Letter

05.01.2010: Payment of leave encashment on revised pay w.e.f 01.01.2007 Click Here for order copy

05.01.2010 : Maternity leave enhancement from 135 days to 180 days Click Here for order copy

01.01.2010 : GS, AGS (HQ), AGS (F), FS, AFS met Jt. Secy. (Telecom) DOT, Govt. Nominee, Board of Directors of BSNL Board and discussed :

(a) Non-finalisation of 93 million GSM lines tender : We expressed our serious resentment against non-finalisation of 93 million GSM lines tender of BSNL. JST appreciated our concern and explained that the BSNL processed the tender for procurement of 93 million GSM lines and was recently discussed in the BSNL Board meeting. It is found that only one bidder M/s Ericsson is technically qualified bidder which has quoted 60% higher rates in phase-VI tender in comparison to phase-V tender. Presently, BSNL is estimated to need about 20-25 million GSM lines only for next 2 years according to present BSNL?s growth and the same can be procured from existing phase-V tender from M/s Ericsson itself. Hence in our opinion, procurement of 93 million GSM lines on 60% higher rates in phase-VI tender is not justified. Regarding intervention of CVC and seizing of phase-VI tender records, on our concern against further delay, he mentioned that CVC will examine the matter with in a month period only. It will not be delayed. He also mentioned that BSNL?s reserve should be utilised based on actual market demand otherwise BSNL may face financial crises. We further expressed our concern for early procurement of GSM equipment for BSNL?s growth.

(b) Absorption of ITS officers in BSNL : JST mentioned that the issue is now being routed through Economic Advisor instead of JST. He advised to discuss the matter with Sect (T).

01.01.2010 : JOINT FORUM OF BSNL ASSOCIATIONS / UNIONS OF EXECUTIVES AND NON-EXECUTIVES CALL FOR TELEGRAM CAMPAIGN TO PRIME MINISTER AND DEMONSTRATION ON 5TH JANUARY 2010 TO ENSURE FINALISATION OF 93 MILLION TENDER FOR GSM LINES : An urgent Joint Forum meeting convened today and discussed this serious development. The JF unanimously decided to launch organisational actions to seek the intervention of Hon. Prime Minister of India to "SAVE BSNL". As part of organisational actions it was decided to implement the following programmes :

1. Telegram campaign on 2nd to 4th January, 2010 to Dr. Manmohan Singh, Hon. Prime Minister of India by Circle/SSA/ Branch Secretaries.

2. Mass demonstration at CHQ/Circle/ SSA level on 05.01.2010.

All the Circle Secretaries are requested to make the organisational action programmes great success.

Draft Telegram :


Dr.Manmohan Singh,Prime Minister of India,South Block,Raisina Hill,New Delhi-110011.


AIBSNLEA ---------------- Circle / SSA / Branch


05.01.2010 : REGULERISATION OF ADHOC STS(CAOs) OF TELCOM FINANCE AND PROMOTION AND POSTING IN THE GRADE OF CAOs (LEFT OUT CASES): Congratulations! BSNL has issued an another order of Regularisation of 41 Adhoc CAOs(STS) of Telecom finance and promotion Click here.

01.01.2009 : 3rd Circle conference of West Bengal Telecom Circle held from 29.12.09 to 31.12.09 at Kiran Chandra Bhavan, Siliguri. Delegates from all parts of West Bengal have attended the conference.

Com. Prahlad Rai, G.S. and Com. P. Venugopal, AGS (F) attended the conference. They addressed the Delegates and highlighted on various cadre related issues and their present status. They also highlighted all the aspects on the Viability and Growth of BSNL.

An Open Session was organized on 29.12.09 at Siliguri Telephone Exchange premises. Hon?ble Mayor of Siliguri Municipal Corporation, CGM/ETP, GMT Siliguri, C.S. & President of AIBSNLEA of CTD and Leaders of various Associations & Unions addressed the Open Session. Com. GS & Com. AGS (F) addressed the huge gathering in Open Session on various issues pertaining to the Viability and Development of BSNL. Com. GS also emphasized the need to realize the reality and take all possible steps for the growth of BSNL, for Customer Satisfaction and left no stone unturned to increase the subscriber base, for the survival of BSNL.

CGM/ETP reiterated the inherent theme of the views of our Association for Growth of BSNL. Open session Concluded with vote of thanks given by Com. M. K. Roy, Advisor (East).

Click here for glimpses : Photo 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29

01.01.2010 : Stay granted for DE adhoc promotion by Hon'ble J&K High Court - Status : The case was again adjourned today without arguments. The Hon'ble court is closing for winter vacation for approximately one month from 3RD JANUARY, 2010.

01.01.2010 : BSNL Board puts world's biggest tender on hold - ET's news clip

01.01.2010 : Rival's pride, owner's envy - BSNL Done In By The Government - ET's news clip dated 31.12.2009 M-9426201999

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