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Friday, August 13, 2010

BSNL Latest news by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999
Recognised Union in BSNL
(Regiistered Under IIndiian Trade Uniion Act 1926.. Regn..No..4896)
CHQ:Dada Ghosh Bhawan,, Opp.. Shadiipur Bus Depot..,, New Dellhii – 110008
Emaiill:,, websiite:
P.. Abhiimanyu Phone:: ((O)) 011--25705385
Generall Secrettary Fax :: 011-- 25894862
BSNLEU/102(CircularNo.5) 12thAugust,2010
The Uniited Forum callll ffor agiitatiion and settllement
Dear comrades,,
The Uniited Forum iin iit’’s meetiing helld on 20..07..2010 deciided to giive callll ffor agiitatiionall
programme,, ii..e..,, holldiing demonstratiions on 05..08..2010 and holldiing dharna on 12..08..2010.. The UF
was compelllled to giive thiis callll,, due to the suffffocatiion created by the non--iimpllementatiion off the
Non--Executiive Promotiion Polliicy ((NEPP)).. Order ffor NEPP was iissued on 23..03..2010.. However,, iit
remaiined uniimpllemented iin most off the ciirclles.. The dellay was maiinlly due to the non--iissuiing off
cllariiffiicatiions by the BSNL CO,, whiich had been sought by most off the ciirclle offffiices.. BSNLEU had allso
requested the BSNL CO to iissue cllariiffiicatiion,, giiviing the riight to the emplloyee,, to exerciise hiis optiion
ffor pay ffiixatiion on the date off next iincrement ((DNII)),, iinstead off on the date off promotiion..
Our repeated representatiions and requests made wiith the BSNL CO ffaiilled to evoke any
response.. Under these ciircumstances,, the UF was compelllled to giive callll ffor agiitatiions.. However,,
on 05..08..2010 morniing,, Shrii Gopall Das,, who has newlly assumed charge as CMD,, iintervened and
iinviited ffor tallks,, wiith a request to deffer the agiitatiions.. As per hiis request the UF defferred the callll
ffor demonstratiions to be helld on the same day.. BSNL CO allso iissued notiiffiicatiion on the same day,,
iinviitiing the UF ffor tallks on 09..08..2010..
IIn the tallks helld on 09..08..2010,, management assured that the necessary cllariiffiicatiions on
NEPP woulld be iissued iin thiis week iitsellff.. They allso accepted our demand to giive the riight to
an emplloyee,, to exerciise hiis optiion ffor ffiixatiion off hiis pay on the date off next iincrement,,
iinstead off on the date off promotiion..
Management allso assured to wiithdraw the BSNL CO order to restriict the BSNLMRS to two
chiilldren.. Regardiing our demand ffor iimprovements iin BSNLMRS,, management assured to
fform a commiittee,, and a deciisiion to thiis effffect woulld be taken iin the comiing Natiionall
Counciill meetiing..
On ffiilllliing up off the back llog vacanciies off SC/ST posts iin variious cadres,, management tolld
that order iis allready iissued iin respect off TTA cadre and order wiillll allso be iissued ffor other
cadres,, affter assessment off vacanciies.. Regardiing our demand ffor iintroductiion off
reservatiion iin the NEPP,, detaiilled diiscussiion took pllace.. Fiinalllly iit was deciided that Staffff Siide
woulld giive a note to the management on thiis iissue..
On New Staffffiing Norms,, management assured that detaiilled diiscussiion woulld be helld wiith
the staffff siide beffore iimpllementatiion..
Regardiing reductiion iin emolluments off those who are appoiinted on or affter 01..01..2007,,
affter detaiilled diiscussiion,, management agreed to diiscuss our proposalls iin the comiing
Natiionall Counciill meetiing..
On the iissue off regullariizatiion off llefft out casuall llabourers,, affter diiscussiion iit was deciided to
holld separate diiscussiion on the subjject..
As regards the non--settllement off anomally,, management was not ablle to giive any concrete
replly.. We made iit cllear that thiis iissue was non--negotiiablle and that order shoulld be iissued
iimmediiatelly.. However,, on the next day,, ii..e.. on 10..08..2010,, management conveyed to us
that the order on anomally woulld be iissued beffore the fforthcomiing meetiing off the Natiionall
Counciill ((31..08..2010))..
On 10..08..2010 a meetiing off the UF took pllace.. The meetiing expressed satiisffactiion over the
iimprovements made on variious iissues and deciided to deffer the dharna programme,, schedulled ffor
Extended Centrall Executiive Commiittee meetiing
The Centrall Secretariiat has deciided to conduct the next meetiing off the CEC as an Extended Centrall
Executiive Commiittee,, consiideriing variious requiirements.. Apart ffrom the Centrall Executiive
Commiittee members,, allll our Diistriict Secretariies shallll allso partiiciipate iin thiis Extended CEC.. IIt wiillll
be conducted ffrom 27tth to 29tth off September,, 2010 at Nagpur.. CHQ requests allll the CEC members
and the Diistriict Secretariies to book theiir tiickets ffor the jjourney wellll iin advance.. The notiiffiicatiion off
the Extended CEC wiillll be iissued shortlly and the Centrall Secretariiat woulld determiine the dellegate
ffee to be paiid by the Diistriict Secretariies.. The Receptiion Commiittee off the Extended CEC at Nagpur
has iinfformed the CHQ that no viisiitor can be allllowed due to ffiinanciiall straiin..
tDhisesetRrRriectctceSpetciororentaCroiemsmairirtetereeeeq.uested kindlynottobringanyvisitorswiththem andTchchouos,peCririarctleleewaintdh
78..2% IIDA merger
The JJAC diiscussed thiis iissue wiith Shrii Kulldeep Goyall,, CMD,, on 20..07..2010.. The present CMD,, Shrii
Gopall Das was allso present iin that meetiing.. Affter protracted diiscussiions,, iit was assured by Shrii
Kulldeep Goyall,, CMD,, that the iissue woulld be pllaced ffor the approvall off the next Board meetiing..
Later on,, we came to know that the Board meetiing helld on 30..07..2010,, diiscussed the iissue but
postponed takiing a deciisiion.. The iissue wiillll be persued wiith allll seriiousness through the JJAC..
Thankiing you,,
Yours ffraternalllly
(G(GPE.ANbEhRhRiAmLaSnEyCuR)ETARY Copy to:: Allll CWC Members and Diistriict M-09426201999

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-9426201999

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BSNLEU CHQ NEWDELHI, 09th July, 2010 [14.00 Hrs]
Revolutionary Greetings & Congratulations. Joint Action Committee & CHQ BSNLEU Conveys its revolutionary greetings & thanks to all Comrades who made the strike a big success. CHQ also thanks all Central Trade Unions, Service Associations and all others who supported the strike and gave solidarity. V.A.N. NAMBOODIRI, CONVENOR, JAC.
Our Office-bearers

Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri


Com. P. Abhimanyu

[General Secretary]

Com. P. Asokababu

[Deputy General Secretary]

Com. S.C. Bhattacharya


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BSNL List of Holidays Calendar - 2010

Pioneers of the P&T Trade Union Movement : Coms. Henry Barton, Babu Tarapada Mukherjee, Dada Ghosh, K.G. Bose, N.J. Iyer & K. Adinarayana

Henry Barton Babu Tarapada Mukherjee Dada B.N. Ghosh Com. K.G. Bose Com. N.J. Iyer Com. K. Adinarayana
BSNL Employees Union (CHQ), New Delhi
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[12.08.2010]CHQ circular No.5 - The United Forum call for agitation and settlement <>

[12.08.2010]Do not send Local and Circle Council nominations through fax

CHQ is receiving many letters sent through fax, for nominations to Local and Circle Councils. Circle and District Secretaries are hereby requested to send nominations for Local and Circle Councils only by post and not by fax, to avoid misuse.

[12.08.2010]25 members join BSNLEU at Indore

25 members of NFTE have left that union and have joined BSNLEU at Indore, under the leadership of Com. M.K. Tavrech and Com. S.A. Ali. They joined BSNLEU in the District Conference of Indore. They were welcomed and honoured by Com. S.R. Nayak, Circle Secretary.

[12.08.2010]Building fund received with thanks

S.No. Name SSA Circle Building Fund
1 Mizoram SSA Mizoram NE-I 46200
2 GMTD Branch Shillong NE-I 2700
3 Rourkela SSA Rourkela Orissa 30000
4 Telecom Stores Kolkata Circle Kolkata-CTS Telecom Store 38000
5 Biswanath Charali Branch Tezpur Assam 9600
6 Com. B.T. Melu Giraiah, President, BSNLEU Bangalore Karnataka 10000

[11.08.2010Limiting the extension period for exercising option for NEPP<>

[11.08.2010Implementation of the scheme for various Employees' Loan through Union Bank of India <>

[11.08.2010]List of donors who gave their donations for CHQ building fund, at the time of the 5th AIC held at Thiruvananthapuram <>

[10.08.2010]United Forum defers the Dharna dated 12-08-2010

In continuation of the talks between BSNL management and the United Forum yesterday, it was assured by the management today, that the order on Anomalies will be released before the forthcoming meeting of the National Council.

Thereafter a meeting of the United Forum took place. The meeting reviewed the discussions that took place with the management yesterday as well as the assurance that is given by the Management today. The United Forum meeting welcomed the decision of the management on the anomaly issue and expressed it's satisfaction on the improvements on issues and unanimously decided to defer the Dharna that is scheduled to take place on 12-08-2010. CHQ expresses it's hearty thanks to the constituents of the UF, as well as to all our Circle, District and Branch Unions for their mobilisation done for the agitational programme which has made the settlements possible. The National Council Meeting which is to take place on 27-08-2010 has now been postponed to 31-08-2010, on our request.

[10.08.2010]0.3% IDA increase w.e.f. 01.07.2010. BSNL Order <>

[10.08.2010]Details of donations received by CHQ towards building fund. CHQ expresses sincere thanks to all the Circle, District and Branch Secretaries.

S.No. Name SSA Circle Building Fund
1 D.K. Telecom District, Mangalore Mangalore Karnataka 218200
2 East Godawari SSA East Godawari Andhra Pradesh 200000
3 Guntur SSA Guntur Andhra Pradesh 200000
4 Srikakulam SSA Srikakulam Andhra Pradesh 60000
5 Dibrugarh SSA Dibrugarh Assam 48853
6 Dibrugarh SSA Dibrugarh Assam 48853
7 Dibrugarh SSA Dibrugarh Assam 46859
8 Bellary SSA Bellary Karnataka 45000
9 Dharmapuri SSA Dharmapuri Tamilnadu 45000
10 Kurnool Branch Kurnool Andhra Pradesh 45000
11 Barabanki SSA Barabanki UP(East) 30000
12 Adoni Branch Kurnool Andhra Pradesh 26700
13 Nandyal Branch Kurnool Andhra Pradesh 21000
14 Patiala SSA Patiala Punjab 20000
15 Sundernagar Branch Mandi Himachal Pradesh 16200
16 Satna SSA Satna Madhya Pradesh 15000
17 Circle Telecom Store Depot Branch, Guwahati Meghalaya NE-I 12900
18 Dronachalam Branch Kurnool Andhra Pradesh 9900
19 AO BSNL, Electrical Division-II, Bangalore Civil Karnataka 6600
20 MAX-I - Branch, Davangere SSA Davangere Karnataka 6000
21 Civil Division- Dimapur Civil NE-II 4200
22 Com. R.S Nagathan, SSS, O/o GMT, Bijapur Bijapur Karnataka 1000

[09.08.2010]Details of discussion between United Forum and BSNL Management<>

[09.08.2010]Aligarh gives Rs.1,39,200

Aligarh comrades, including Com. Nabi Ahmed, District Secretary and Com. Sukvir Singh, Organising Secretary (CHQ), Visited CHQ today and handed over a cheque for Rs.1,39,200, as donation for CHQ building fund. CHQ congratulates Aligarh District Union.

[09.08.2010]Leh cloud burst and Day light robbery <>

[06.08.2010]Extended Central Executive Committee meeting at Nagpur

An Extended Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU will be held at Nagpur, from 27th to 29th September, 2010. Apart from the Circle Secretaries and CHQ office-bearers, all the District Secretaries of BSNLEU shall also be attending this meeting. The District Union of Nagpur and Circle Union of Maharashtra have kindly consented to host the Extended CEC. All our Circle Secretaries, CHQ office-bearers and District Secretaries are requested to take note of this and book tickets for their journey well in advance. A formal notification for the meeting will be duly issued. The Reception Committee has strictly informed that due to financial strains, no visitors will be allowed. Circle and District Secretaries are requested to make note of this and cooperate with the Reception Committee.

[06.08.2010]Management invites United Forum for talks

United Forum had given call for trade union actions to be held on 5th and 12th August, 2010 for the settlement of pending issues. The demonstration to be held on 5th August, 2010 has been postponed due to the intervention and request made by the CMD, BSNL, Shri Gopal Das. Now BSNL management has invited UF for discussion, vide letter no. BSNL/7-10/SR/2010 dated 5th August, 2010. Accordingly United Forum representatives will hold talks with management on 9th August, 2010.

[05.08.2010]BSNL Corporate Office has issued notice for discussion on charter of demands with United Forum on 09.08.2010 <>

[05.08.2010]An upbeat 'Save BSNL' convention at Guwahati <>

[05.08.2010]CCS (LTC) Rules, 1988 - Relaxation for travel by air to visit J&K <>

[05.08.2010]Income Tax Dept. to avail 50,000 mobile and 21,000 landline connections from BSNL

It is a glad news that the Income tax department has decided to avail 50,000 mobile connections and 21,000 land lines from BSNL. The Income Tax Employee’s Federation and it’s leaders have taken great efforts to achieve this. Soon agreement will be signed between BSNL and Income Tax Department. BSNLEU expresses it’s gratitude to the ITEF and it’s leaders.

[05.08.2010]FLASH NEWS:- Demonstration call stands postponed.

Dear Comrades, based on the assurances given by the New CMD, Shri Gopal Das, to settle the issues through discussion and also in view of his appeal to defer todays demonstration programme, the United Forum has unanimously decided to defer todays demonstration. A meeting will be fixed within a few days with the management to discuss our demands.

[03.08.2010]An impressive JAC convention at Kolkata <>

[02.08.2010]Indian Security: Decision taken case by case or suitcase by suitcase? <>

[02.08.2010]CHQ building fund

During the recent visit of Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, to Kerala and Karnataka, building fund donations were handed over to him as follow. CHQ thanks and congratulates the district unions and the comrades.


Ernakulam District Union - Rs.1,50,000

Mysore District Union - Rs.1,50,000

Bangalore District Union - Rs.3,25,000

Com. V. Doraisamy, Bangalore - Rs.5,000

Com. K. Sivakumar, Bangalore - Rs.5,000

Com. C. Shankar, Bangalore - Rs.2,000

Com. Prakash, Bangalore - Rs.10000

CGM, Office, Bangalore - Rs.60000

[02.08.2010]News from Corporate Office

Shri Kuldeep Goyal, CMD, retired on 31-07-2010. Shri Gopal Das Director (HR), will look after as CMD till regular arrangement is made.

78.2% IDA merger is discussed in the BSNL Board meeting, held on 30-07-2010. However no decision is taken. A decision is expected to be taken in the next Board meeting.

[30.07.2010]Save BSNL convention in Kerala <>

[30.07.2010]Eligibility criteria for allotment of BSNL-pool residential accommodations in IDA pay Scales to Executives/Non-executives in BSNL <>

[30.07.2010]Recruitment of Junior Hindi Translators through Limited Internal Competitive Examination to be held on 28th November 2010 <>

[30.07.2010]BSNLMRS - Guidelines for reimbursement of cost of appliances - Reimbursement of cost of Hearing Aids <>

[29.07.2010]Communal hatred, Terror Acts and the Working Class <>

[29.07.2010]Decision taken regarding restoration of disconnected RSTC/ Concessional phones of BSNL/MTNL employees <>

[26.07.2010]Bank loans - CHQ writes to BSNL CO <>

[26.07.2010]JF writes to DoT - Request for grant of HRA to BSNL employees on the pattern of Central govt. employees <>

[26.07.2010]Bon Voyage

Com.V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU, has left for the UK yesterday, on a family visit. He will be there for a month and will be returning in the last week of August. CHQ wishes our beloved president and his wife a pleasant stay at UK.

[26.07.2010]CHQ building fund

CHQ has received the following donations towards CHQ building fund. Hearty congratulations to all the comrades who had taken efforts to collect the amount.

S.No. Name SSA Circle Building Fund
1 Visakhapatnam SSA Visakhapatnam Andhra Pradesh 240000
2 Hyderabad Telecom District Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh 210000
3 Vizianagaram SSA Vizianagaram Andhra Pradesh 75000
4 CGMT Hyderabad Hyderabad-CGM Andhra Pradesh 72000
5 Gulbarga SSA Gulbarga Karnataka 65400
6 NE-1Circle Civil Wing NE-I 51000
7 Mahaboobnagar SSA Mahaboobnagar Andhra Pradesh 50000
8 CGMT, Bhopal Bhopal-CGM Madhya Pradesh 45600
9 Raigarh SSA Raigarh Chhattisgarh 17000
10 Huzurabad Branch, Karimnagar SSA Karimnagar Andhra Pradesh 12000
11 Jamikunta Branch, Karimnagar SSA Karimnagar Andhra Pradesh 3000
12 Gadchiroli SSA Gadchiroli Maharashtra 13500

[23.07.2010]United Forum - Notification for agitational programme <>

[23.07.2010]Pension Revision of pre 01.01.2007 BSNL Retirees

The Note on Pension Revision of BSNL absorbed employees who retired before 01.01.2007 has been submitted by DoT to Communications Minister. After approval the same would be forwarded to Dept. of Pension & Pension Welfare, Dept. of Expenditure, Dept. of law and also Department of Public Enterprises. After getting their comment Cabinet Note will be sent.

Earlier the Minister as part of strike agreement on 20.04.2010 has assured that the cabinet note will be submitted for decision by 4 months.

[23.07.2010]NFTE members join in Project Circle Delhi and in Jalgaon

60 members of NFTE have joined in the Northern Telecom Project, Delhi, under the leadership of Com.Jai Prakash Ram Chouhan. Similarly, 50 members of NFTE have joined BSNLEU in Jalgaon SSA, Maharashtra Circle. CHQ congratulates all these comrades and welcome them to BSNLEU.

[22.07.2010]ALTTC donates Rs.27,000 for building fund

The Circle Union of ALTTC, Gaziabad has donated Rs.27,000 towards CHQ building fund. CHQ congratulates the circle union and all the comrades of ALTTC.

[21.07.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.4 - Struggle ahead March on! <> <> List of Building Fund <>

[21.07.2010]Pune donates Rs.3,50,000 for building fund

Pune has donated Rs.3,50,000 towards CHQ building fund. It has already donated Rs.1,00,000 in the All India Conference. Thus, the total amount donated by Pune for building fund comes to Rs.4,50,000. So far, this is the biggest amount donated by any District Union. CHQ congratulates Pune District Union.

Tamil Nadu Circle Union has sent Rs.4,64,150 for building fund. This is the second installment sent by T.N. Circle. CHQ congratulates Tamil Nadu Circle Union.

[21.07.2010]United Forum decides struggle against the lethargy of BSNL management <>

[21.07.2010]78.2% IDA merger - JAC meets CMD <>

[20.07.2010]Massive 'Save BSNL' Convention at New Delhi <>

[20.07.2010]Meeting with PGM (SEA) on Second ACP for Sr. Accounts <>

[20.07.2010]Golden Jubilee of the Glorious 1960 strike of Central Government Employees—National Convention held at Delhi on 16-7-2010

The tremendous sacrifices made by the Central Government Employees in organizing that strike and what that strike achieved and how it changed the history of Trade Union movement and the necessity for struggles now to retain the rights achieved due to the 1960 strike and other struggles and sacrifices were detailed by the Leaders who addressed the Convention. Leaders from Railways. Comrades Umraomal Purohit (Railways), Rakhal Dasgupta (Defence-Civil), S.K.Vyas(Audit), Com V.A.N.Namboodiri and Pabitra Ranjan Chakraborty(Telecom) and several other leaders who lead and participated in the 1960 strike were falicitated. The house paid respectful homage to the martyrs who lost their lives due to Police firing during the 1960 strike.

[20.07.2010]47 NFTE and FNTO members join BSNLEU in Chhattisgarh

Com. R.S. Bhatt, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Durg SSA, Chhattisgarh Circle, has informed that 47 members of NFTE and FNTO have left those unions and have joined BSNLEU. Prominent among them are Com. A.K. Tiwari, former District President, FNTO and Com. H.L. Rawatre, Branch Secretary, NFTE. CHQ congratulates Durg District Union and welcomes the new members.

[20.07.2010]Building Fund.

Congratulations to Sangareddy District Branch —Sangareddy District Branch(A.P. Circle) collected building fund from 250 members out of 284 members and sent DD for Rs 75000/- to CHQ. The District Branch assured to collect the fund from the remaining members also. Com. Rajasekhara Sarma (Sangareddy) has separately donated Rs 5000/- for building fund and the DD for this amount was received by CHQ. CHQ congratulates him on this occasion.

[18.07.2010]Ludhiana donates Rs.2,20,000 for Building Fund

BSNL Employees Union, Ludhiana District (Punjab Circle) has presented a DD of Rs.2,10,000 to Com. R.L Moudgill, AGS (CHQ) at a function organised at Ludhiana. Ludhina District union has also contributed Rs.10,000 at the AIC in Trivendrum. Thus the total amount donated by Ludhiana District union comes to Rs.2,20,000. So far this is the highest contribution towards building fund by any district union. CHQ Congratulates the team of Ludhiana Comrades led by Com.Balwinder Singh District Secretary.

[18.07.2010]525 workers join BSNLEU in Rajasthan Circle

525 workers have joined BSNL Employees Union in Rajasthan Circle. These workers are mostly from NFTE. The district wise figures of the new members who have joined BSNLEU are as follows:

Jaipur-223, Bharatpur–65, Jothpur–46, CGM Office–40, Barmer–33, Bilwara–25, Kota–20, Sriganganagar–20, Udaipur–17, Sikar–10, Palimarwar–10, Ajmer–9, Alwar–5, Nagaur -2.

CHQ salutes the Rajasthan Circle Union of BSNLEU, under the leadership of Com.Motiram Choudhary, Circle Secretary.

[16.07.2010]Biggest ever trade union action after Independence <>

[16.07.2010]Hearty welcome to the new comrades

Com. Balbir Singh, CS, BSNLEU, Punjab has informed that 88 employees from Jallandher and 20 employees from Ludhiana have deserted NFTE and other unions and have joined BSNLEU. Similarly, Com. A. Dhupal, CS, BSNLEU, Orissa has informed that 43 members of NFTE and FNTO have deserted those unions in Sambalpur and have joined BSNLEU. Com. Santhosh Kumar Das, Circle Organising Secretary of NFTE is also one among those who have joined BSNLEU at Sambalpur. CHQ welcomes these comrades who have joined BSNLEU and also congratulate the Punjab and Orissa Circle Unions.

[16.07.2010]Rs.One lakh one thousand one hundred and one from Aurangabad District Union.

Aurangabad District union in Maharashtra circle has sent Rs. One lakh one thousand one hundred and one to the CHQ, towards building fund. CHQ congratulates the wonderful job done by the Aurangabad District Union.

[15.07.2010]Medicine to cure or to kill? <>

[15.07.2010]90 NTSU members join BSNLEU in Lucknow.

90 members of NTSU BSNL union in Lucknow have joined BSNLEU on 10.07.2010. These NTSU BSNL Comrades, under the leadership of Comrades V.N. Verma, D.R. Singh, Chandra Kesh Upadhyay, Ram Shabad, Ram Tirath, Ram Singh, Bhawani Fer Yadav, Shyam Lal, Sheetala Prasad, Azmal Khan, Afaq Ali, Sudha Rani, P.C. Ram, Suresh Prakash, Mod. Samid joined BSNLEU in a function attended by Com. K.R. Yadav, Vice-President (CHQ), Com. R.K. Mishra, Circle Secretary, UP(East) and Com. Ved Prakash Yadav, District Secretary. CHQ congratulates the Lucknow District Union and UP (East) Circle Union of BSNLEU.

[13.07.2010]National Convention by JAC at New Delhi on 19-07-2010.

As part of the nation wide campaign to save BSNL, a national convention is being held at New Delhi, on 19-07-2010, by the Joint Action Committee of BSNL unions and Associations. This is already intimated to the circle unions. The convention will take place in the Mavlankar Hall between 1000 hrs to 1400 hrs on 19-07-2010. Leaders of the Central Trade Unions, prominent MPs and leaders of the BSNL Unions and Associations will address the convention. As already intimated, all the circle unions are requested to send their representatives. Nearby circles, ie., UP (West), Haryana, Rajasthan and Punjab are requested to send delegates, as per quota already allotted to them. All the delegates are requested to take their seats in the hall latest by 0930 hrs.

[13.07.2010]During the recent tour of Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, to various circles, comrades have given building fund to him as per details given below. CHQ heartily congratulates all the comrades.

Chennai Circle : Rs. 1,00,000.00

Hassan : Rs. 30,000.00

Palanpur : Rs. 25,000.00

Jam Nagar District : Rs. 21,000.00

Surendra Nagar : Rs. 20,000.00

Com. M.B. Chaniara, ACS, Gujarat : Rs. 5,555.00

Com. G. Sambasiva Rao,

Dist. President, Khammom : Rs. 5,000.00

S. Rajasekhar, Medak, Sangareddy SSA : Rs. 5,000.00

[13.07.2010]Meeting between BSNLEU and SNATTA <>

[12.07.2010]Chennai convention- a massive show of unity and strength <>

[11.07.2010]Revolutionary Greetings on 11th July, the Historic day of strikes <>

[10.07.2010]JAC letter to Shri Pranab Mukherjee, Finance Minister requesting reimbursement of 3G and BWA Spectrum Charges paid by BSNL <>

[10.07.2010]BSNL unions oppose stake sale, retrenchment <>

[09.07.2010]Stand as one man to defeat the Pitroda Committee’s recommendations

The Telecom Commission has decided to form an internal committee to study the report of the Sam Pitroda Committee’s report. This committee will be headed by Shri S.C.Misra, Member (Services) of the Telecom Commission. It may be recollected that the Sam Pitroda Committee recommended cancellation of BSNL’s 93 million line tender. The BSNL Board immediately acted on this recommendation and has already cancelled the tender. This cancellation has aggravated BSNL’s capacity crunch and has done irreparable damage to BSNL. The Pitroda Committee has also recommended 30% sale of BSNL’s shares to a strategic partner as well as retrenchment of one lakh employees through VRS. Thus, it is needless to say that the Pitroda Committee’s recommendations should be thrown away lock stock and barrel. The JAC will closely monitor the developments. If necessary we will stand as one man to defeat the recommendations of the Pitroda Committee’s recommendations.

[09.07.2010]Massive JAC convention at Bangalore

Karnataka circle JAC conducted a massive convention at Bangalore on 08.07.2010. Com.K.S.Seshadri, President, JAC, Karnataka, cum Circle Secretary NFTE, presided over the convention. Com.C.K.Gundanna, Convenor, JAC, Karnataka cum Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, delivered the welcome address. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convenor, JAC, Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, Com.G.L.Jogi, GS, SNEA, Com.Prahalad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA, Com.R.Venkataraman, President, TEPU and Com.Chandeswar Singh, GS, NFTE, addressed the convention. Veteran leaders of Karnataka circle, Com.W.S.Seshagiri Rao (SNEA) and Com.Babu (NFTE) also addressed the gathering.

[08.07.2010]JAC Convention at Hyderabad - 07.07.2010 <>

[07.07.2010]78.2% IDA merger – JAC meets the committee – 06.07.2010

On 06.07.2010, the JAC leaders met the committee, which has been formed by the BSNL management to recommend on the 78.2% IDA merger. The JAC leaders vehemently argued for the immediate merger of 78.2% IDA, w.e.f. 01.01.2007 for both the Executives and the Non-Executives. The management side members accepted that 78.2% IDA merger is fully justified for the employees. However, they stated that the financial position of the company was not satisfactory for making the payment. But the JAC leaders told in no uncertain terms that management has no other option but to make the payment immediately.

[07.07.2010]JAC reviews the preparations for the National Convention – 06.07.2010

The JAC meeting took place on 06.07.2010 under the chairmanship of Com. Prahlad Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA. Almost all the General Secretaries of the constituent unions and associations participated in the meeting. The meeting reviewed the post card campaign and decided to extend the last date for posting till 19.07.2010. The JAC meeting reviewed the preparations of the National Convention to be held at New Delhi on 19.07.2010 and took decisions to effectively conduct the same. Apart from Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Convenor, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and Com. Swapan Chakraborty, AGS also participated in the meeting.

[07.07.2010]Pensioners convention and Dharna at New Delhi – 04.07.2010

Bharat Central Pensioners Confederation organized a National Convention and Dharna at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi, on 4th July, 2010. About 150 pensioners participated in it. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and Advisor, All India BSNL-DoT Pensioners Association addressed the convention. He explained the efforts being taken to revise the pension of BSNL retirees, who retired prior to 01.01.2007 and other issues.

[06.07.2010]Reimburse BSNL's 3G & BWA Spectrum Charges - Hon'ble MoC writes to the FM <>

[06.07.2010]Oil Price hike - Nation give fitting reply <>

[06.07.2010]Com. Moni Bose remembered <>

[03.07.2010]Building Fund.

Tripura District Union, under NE-I Circle has collected and sent Rs.1,51,200 to the CHQ towards building fund. Similarly Kolkata Telecom Factory circle union handed over Rs.1,36,200 to Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, on 01-07-2010, as Building Fund. CHQ congratulates the Tripura and Kolkata Telecom Factory District comrades for this excellent performance.

[03.07.2010]9th Meeting of BSNL Staff Welfare Board - regarding decision taken<>

[03.07.2010]BSNL Casual and Contract Workers' Federation calls for sustained struggles <>

[03.07.2010]Additional items given to the 24th National Council by Staff Side <>

[02.07.2010]CHQ Circular No.3 dated 01-07-2010 <>

[01.07.2010]CHQ Circular No.3 - JAC revives agitations <>

[30.06.2010]Maaya Bazaar <>

[29.06.2010]Designation Committee meeting - 29-06-2010 <>

[29.06.2010]Tamil Nadu Circle donates Rs. 2 lakhs as Building Fund

Tamil Nadu Circle Union has sent Rs. 2 lakhs towards the CHQ Building Fund. This is the first installment of donations given by five District Unions of Tamil Nadu Circle. CHQ congratulates the Tamil Nadu Circle Union.

[29.06.2010]Reduction in emoluments to the Non-Executives joining on or after 01.01.2007 - CHQ letter <>

[28.06.2010]Fight against this unjustified price hike <>

[26.06.2010]JAC letter to Communications Minister on 3G & BWA Spectrum charges to BSNL <>

[26.02.2010]Items for discussion in the 24th Meeting of National Council <>

[25.06.2010]Meeting with Honb’le MoC & IT Shri A.Raja - As decided in the JAC meeting held on 23-06-2010, at New Delhi, leaders of the JAC met the Hon’ble MOC&IT, Shri A. Raja at Coimbatore today. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, Convenor, JAC, and General Secretaries Com. P.Abhimanyu, (BSNLEU), Com. G.L. Jogi (SNEA), Com. Prahalad Rai (AIBSNLEA), Com. V. Subburaman (TEPU) and others were present. Even before meeting the Hon’ble MOC, JAC leaders came to know today morning, that BSNL has already paid Rs.8313 crore towards BWA spectrum charges yesterday evening itself. As such, JAC leaders strongly pleaded to the Hon’ble MOC that BSNL’s spectrum charges should be reimbursed. In reply, Hon’ble MOC assured that he would strongly take up the issue with the Prime Minister and the Finance Minister. JAC leaders also brought to the notice of the Hon’ble MOC that there is no much progress in those issues on which assurances were given to the JAC, at the time of the April 20th indefinite strike. Hon’ble MOC assured that all these issues could be reviewed shortly, on his returning to New Delhi. The National JAC will also meet within a day or two at New Delhi and decide about further course of action.

[24.06.2010]News Update <>

[22.06.2010]Will Arun Sarin will become the chief of BSNL ? <>


[21.06.2010]Historic decisions of the JAC held on 21-06-2010- <>

[21.06.2010]JAC meets Board of Directors of BSNL - <>

[21.06.2010]GS addresses NFPE Federal Council - The 8th Federal Council session of National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE) is being held at New Delhi for 3 days from 20th June, 2010. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU, attended the inaugural session on 20th June, 2010 and addressed. He informed the house about the on going developments in BSNL and emphasized the necessity for closer coordination between the postal and telecom trade unions. He assured the co-operation and solidarity of the BSNL Employees for the Indefinite Strike of the postal employees to start from 13th July, 2010.

[21.06.2010]Chattisgarh Circle Conference of AIBDPA - The Circle Conference of AIBDPA, Chhattisgarh Circle was held on 17th June 2010 at Gass Memorial Hall, Raipur under the presidium of Coms. R.L.Sreevastava and Bondarkar. Shri Ram Yagya, CGMT, Chhattisgarh addressed the Conference as the Chief Guest. Com. K.G.Jayaraj, General Secretary, AIBDPA participated through out the conference and addressed both Open Session and Delegates session. He mainly focused his speech on the main important issues confronting the DOT and BSNL Pensioners and the necessity to strengthen AIBDPA. Shri G.K.Padhi, CCA, Chhattisgarh Circle, Com.S.C.Bhattacharjee, Circle Secretary,BSNLEU and Com.R.P.Atmapoojya, All India Org. Secretary, AIBDPA spoke.

The Conference unanimously elected Circle Office Bearers with Com. R.L.Shrivastava as President and Com. R.P.Atmapoojya as Circle Secretary.

[19.06.2010]JAC meeting with Secretary, DoT on 18.06.2010 <>

[18.06.2010]Building fund - a new record by Warangal

District Secretary, BSNLEU, Warangal has informed that an amount of Rs.1,68,900 has been collected for building fund and sent to CHQ. All our members in Warangal SSA have given their donation for building fund. It is noteworthy that Warangal is the home district of Com. J. Sampath Rao, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, AP Circle. CHQ congratulates Com. Sampath Rao, District Secretary Com. Surender Reddy and all our members of Warangal SSA.

[18.06.2010]"Stop the loot" - JAC decisions <>

[17.06.2010]“ Bharat Strike Nigam Limited ” ? <>

[17.06.2010] Excellent response continues for building fund

The excellent response for CHQ’s call for building fund is continuing. Ujjain is a small SSA in M.P. Circle. The District Union of Ujjain has collected an amount of Rs.36,900/- as donation towards building fund and has sent to the CHQ. It is praiseworthy that all the members of BSNLEU in Ujjain have given the donation for building fund. CHQ congratulates Ujjain Comrades.

[16.06.2010]Massive Dharna at Corporate Office <>

[16.06.2010]Negative arrears - CHQ writes to BSNL <>

[14.06.2010]Demonstration at Corporate Office - Call of JAC <>

[14.06.2010]Building Fund - Hats off to the Bijapur and Belgaum Comrades.

Our District unions of Bijapur & Belgaum have set a very good example in the collection of Building Fund. Both the District unions have collected Rupees 1.5 lakh each (totally Rs. 3 lakhs) and have sent the DDs to CHQ. We congratulate the comrades of Bijapur & Belgaum for their exemplary performance.

[14.06.2010]Information on Bank loans <>

[08.06.2010]Rs. 30,000 sent as building fund. CHQ congratulates Baruch District Union:- Baruch in Gujarat circle is the first District Union to send building fund to CHQ, collected from the payment of wage revision arrears. An amount of Rs.30,000 is sent to the CHQ as building fund by the Baruch District union. Baruch is a small SSA. In spite of that our district union has meticulously carried out the call of the CHQ to collect building fund. We congratulate the District Secretary Com. Kamal Vasava and the all our members of Baruch District. Baruch is an example for the overwhelming faith that our members, have on BSNLEU and also the enthusiasm for the call of the CHQ to collect of building fund.

[17.05.2010]A landmark All India Conference

The 5th All India Conference of BSNL Employees Union, which was held in “Jyothi Basu Nagar” at Thiruvananthapuram, from 12th May, 2010, came to an end on 15th May, 2010. Even though more than 3000 delegates, observers and visitors participated in the conference, it took place in the most disciplined manner. Fruitful discussions took place on important issues concerning the employees as well as the company, and resolutions are passed. Kerala comrades have made wonderful arrangements for the conference, which will be ever remembered and cherished by all those who attended. As a grand finale to the conference, election of office bearers was held. The election took place unanimously, keeping in mind the requirements of the organization. It is needless to say that the list of office bearers is a blend of the experience of the seniors and the dynamism of the youngsters. The following are the new office bearers:-

President : Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri

Vice-presidents: 1) Com .J.N. Mishra - Assam

2) Com. Adhir Kumar Sen - Telecom Store, kolkata

3) Com. Sahadev Biswal - Orissa

4) Com. K.R. Yadav – UP (East)

5) Com. J.M. Prajapati - Gujarat

General Secretary: Com. P. Abhimanyu - Tamil Nadu

Dy. General Secretary: Com. P. Asokababu - A.P

Asst. General Secretaries: 1) Com. R.L.Moudgil - Punjab

2) Com. Saibal Sen Gupta - Kolkata

3) Com. R. Muralidharan Nair - Kerala

4) Com. Swapan Chakraborty - NE-1

5) Com. G.B. Salakki - Karnataka

Treasurer: Com. S.C. Bhattacharya - Chhattisgarh

Asst.Treasurer: Com. Gulapi singh - NE-2

Organising Secretaries: 1) Com. Biplab Das - West Bengal

2) Com. Sunithi Choudhary - Bihar

3) Com. Sukhvir Singh – UP(West)

4) Com. R.S.Chouhan - NTR

5) Com. Shriram Tiwari- M.P

6) Com. P.B.Dobhal - Uttarakhand

7) Com. A.S.Kaundal - H.P


[24.04.2010]Union Building Fund:- The BSNL workers are enthusiased that the union has decided to purchase a building for CHQ.

During his visit to Telecom Stores, Kolkata on 29.03.2010, Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri informed the meeting of the above decision. After the speech of General Secretary, Com. Adhir Kumar Sen, Circle Secretary, Telecom Store & CHQ Vice-President came forward and handed over an amount of Rs.10,000/- stating that this is only the advance payment and more amount will be collected after wage revision arrears payment and paid to CHQ. GS thanked all for the immediate response.

[19.04.2010]JAC unanimously decides to go ahead with the Indefinite Strike from 0600 hrs. on 20.04.2010

A meeting of the JAC was held today at New Delhi, at 1000 hrs, under the Chairmanship of Com. N.T. Sajwani. Representatives of all the unions and associations of the Non-Executives and Executives participated in the meeting. The meeting reviewed the discussions held with the Hon’ble Minister of Communications and CMD, BSNL on 16.04.2010. After taking all the aspects into consideration, the meeting came to a unanimous decision that the strike shall start as per the schedule. The indefinite stay out strike will start from 0600 hrs on 20.04.2010. All the CHQ Office-bearers as well as Circle, District and Branch Secretaries are requested to make all-out efforts to make the strike 100% successful.

[10.04.2010]Insurance Workers support BSNL Strike <>

[06.04.2010]photograph of joint strike convention held at Kolkata on 30-03-2010 <>

[31.03.2010]Strike Convention at Kolkata:- A Convention to explain the demands and mobilize the workers for the Indefinite Strike from 20th April 2010 was held at CTO Conference Hall on 30th March 2010 at Kolkata. Hundreds of workers participated although the convention was held at short notice. A large number of comrades were sitting outside as the hall was overcrowded. The Convention was presided by the Circle Presidents of W.Bengal, Kolkata, Telecom Stores and Telecom Factory.

Comrades, Animesh Mitra, Saibal Sen Gupta, Adhir Kumar Sen, Om Prakash, Circle Secretaries of BSNLEU, Circle Secretaries of SNEA, AIBSNLEA, NUBSNLW, Com. Mihir Dasgupta, AGS, BSNLEU and other leaders addressed the Convention. Com. V.A.N.Namboodiri, Convener, Joint Action Committee and General Secretary, BSNLEU, explained in detail the demands of the strike and stated that the workers will jointly defeat the anti-worker policies of the government and the management.

The Convention in a resolution declared to make the Indefinite Strike a complete success in W.Bengal, Kolkata, Telecom Factory & Telecom Stores.

[30.03.2010]Secretary, DoT invites JAC leaders for talks:- A meeting has been fixed between the leaders of the Joint Action Committee and the Secretary, DoT, on 01.04.2010, to discuss the issues contained in the notice for indefinite strike. The meeting will take place at 1500 hrs in the Sanchar Bhawan.<>

[27.03.2010]JAC meets Hon'ble Minister of State for Communications Shri Gurudas Kamat :- The Hon’ble Minister of State for Communications, Shri Gurudas Kamat invited the leaders of the JAC for talks on 26.03.2010. The meeting took place at Sanchar Bhavan at 1100 hrs. BSNLEU was represented by Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary and Com. P. Abhimanyu, Dy. General Secretary. The issues contained in the strike notice served by the JAC were discussed.

At the outset the Hon’ble Minister stated that he was a votary of the Public Sector. He said that he wanted a strong BSNL so that the whole country need not depend upon the private telecom companies for communications.

The leaders of the JAC conveyed their strong opposition to IPO, VRS and Unbundling of last mile copper in BSNL. They urged upon the Minister to ensure uninterrupted equipment supply, immediate absorption of the ITS, revision of pension in IDA scales etc. In his reply the Hon’ble Minister stated that the issues raised by the JAC in it’s strike notice were receiving the attention of the govt. and that appropriate actions would be taken.

While we appreciate the gesture of the Hon’ble Minister of State, for inviting the leaders of the JCA for talks, within a few days of issuing the strike notice, we would like to inform our Comrades that he was not able to offer solution to any of the issues raised by the JAC. Hence, CHQ requests our Comrades to go ahead with the preparations for the indefinite strike in full swing and unleash a powerful campaign together with other constituents of the JAC to make the indefinite strike a success.

[19.03.2010]CITU Conference Supports BSNL Strike: - CITU Conference being held at Chandigarh from 17th March 2010 has extended its full support and solidarity to the strike of BSNL Workers proposed on 20th April 2010. Earlier, Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, General Secretary, BSNLEU, spoke in detail about the struggle against BSNL disinvestment, retrenchment under VRS etc. and sought support from the Central Trade Unions.


Reports have been received from circles about the massive lunch hour demonstration held jointly as per the call of Joint Forum of Associations/Unions of BSNL Executives & Non - Executives against recommendations of Sam Pitroda Panel on Disinvestment, VRS, Unbundling of last mile copper, outsourcing and demanding Settlement of ITS Absorption, purchase order for 93 million GSM Tender and IDA Pension revision.

Hundreds of Workers participated in the lunch hour demonstration in front of Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, Corporate Office, New Delhi

Coms. V.A.N. Namboodiri (Convener, JF),Prahlad Rai (AIBSNLEA), A.A. Khan (SNEA),J.N. Mishra ( BSNLEU),V. Subburaman (TEPU), M.P. Singh (NFTE), B.C. Pathak (FNTO), S.P. Sharma (BSNLWRU),Suresh Kumar, (BSNLMS),R.S. Yadav (BSNL ATM),N.D. Ram (SEWA BSNL), A.D. Patil (AIBCTES) and Hari Singh (BSNL BTU) addressed. Coms. R.S. Chauhan, Circle secretary welcomed and Aravind Kumar, Circle Secretary BSNLEU, Corporate office proposed vote of thanks.

Our Hearty Congratulations to all Workers for making the programme a complete success. <>

[02.03.2010]Tamil Nadu Circle Conference delegates donate Rs.75,000/- for CHQ building fund:- The Tamil Nadu Circle conference is being held at the port city of Tuticorin, from 27th February to 2nd March,2010. In his address to the conference, com.V.A.N.Namboodiri,GS, announced the decision of the Bhopal CEC meeting to purchase a new building for our union at New Delhi, as well as the decision to collect a building fund. Immediately after his speech, delegates attending the conference started voluntarily pouring donation for the building fund. An amount of Rs.75,080 was handed over to the General Secretary in the conference it self. CHQ salutes and congratulate the Tamil Nadu comrades for their spirit and good gesture.

West Bengal Circle union donate Rs.60,000/- for CHQ building fund:- Earlier West Bengal Circle Union in its conference held from 8th to 11th Jan’2010 had donated Rs.60,000/- only towards BSNLEU Building Fund as a first installment of the Circle Union.



[12.06.2010]Before it is too late <>

[11.06.2010] Yesterday, today and tomorrow <>

[09.06.2010] Meeting with Director HR on 08-06-2010. <>
[08.06.2010]78.2% IDA merger - some facts <>
[07.06.2010]National Trade Union Convention on 15th July 2010 <>
[05.06.2010] TTA Exam (LDCE) - certain facts <>
[05.06.2010]Government on Disinvestment Spree <>

[03.06.2010]Meeting of Corporate Social Responsibility Board -Decisions <>
[02.06.2010] Editorial - Telecrusader June 2010. <>

[31.05.2010] A Brief Report of All India Conference-Thiruvanathapuram<>
[26.05.2010]Meeting with CMD on procurement of equipments and 78.2% IDA merger <>
[24.05.2010] Homage to com. Moni Bose - Photos <>

[21.04.2010]Agreement Reached with Communications Minister<>
[17.04.2010] Note on the Meeting between the JAC leaders and Hon’ble MOC Shri A. Raja, held on 16-04-2010 << click here>>
[12.04.2010]Minutes/record of discussion of the meeting held on 1st April, 2010 under the chairmanship of Secretary (Telecom) with the representatives of BSNL Associations/Unions <>
[10.04.2010]Why BSNL Workers resort to Indefinite Strike? <>
[06.04.2010]BSNL needs no such Surgery - Scrap Sam Pitroda Panel Recommendations <>
[01.04.2010] A Brief Report on the meeting of Secretary, DOT with the Joint Action Committee on 1st April 2010 <>
[31.03.2010]A letter to Director (HR) - One time Relaxation / concession in JAO Part-II Departmental Examination <>
[30.03.2010]Defeat the retrograde recommendations of the Sam Pitroda Committee <>
[20.03.2010]A letter to GM (SR) - Personal up gradation of qualified and officiating JTOs — Submission of additional note to the item No. 10 in the agenda of the 23rd National Council <>
[20.03.2010]A letter to GM (SR) - Regularisation of left out casual labour—Submission of additional note to the item No. 9 in the agenda of the 23rd National Council <>

[12.03.2010]BSNL Union to go on strike against Board's move to accept Pitroda Panel's Recommendations - Report from Economic Times <>

[09.03.2010]Com. M.K. Pandhe, President, CITU writes to Shri A.Raja, Minister of Communications & IT opposing Disinvestment and VRS in BSNL <>

[08.03.2010]BSNL workers on agitational path against delay in wage revision etc. <>
[06.03.2010]BSNL union opposes recommendations <> <>
[06.03.2010]Sam Pitroda Panel to BSNL - 30% Disinvestment and VRS one lakh employees <> <>
[20.02.2010]Resolution on Price Rise of essential commodities adopted in Bhopal CEC Meeting <>

[19.02.2010]Resolution on Wage Revision adopted in Bhopal CEC Meeting <>
[19.02.2010]Resolution on 5th March, 2010 countrywide satyagraha / Jail Bhoro programme adopted in Bhopal CEC Meeting <>

[03.01.2010] The report in The Economic Times dated 01-01-2010 << click here>>
[03.01.2010] Editorial of The Economic Times on 01-01-2010 <>
[02.01.2010]A letter to Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD) BSNL - Minimum wages of casual labourers with and without temporary status and labourers engaged intermittent on seasonal work <>

[02.01.2010]Joint Forum Calls for agitation to save BSNL - BSNLEU Circular No.01 dated 02.01.2010 <>


[11.06.2010] AIBDPA Circular<>
[11.06.2010]AIBDPA writes to Secretary, DOT <>
[11.06.2010] AIBDPA writes to CMD, BSNL<>

[20.04.2010]AIBDPA extend full support and help for the successful conduct of the strike <>
[12.04.2010]AIBDPA GOT REGISTRATION ! :- All India BSNL-DoT Pensioners' Association has got Registration from the Registrar of Societies, Govt. of Delhi. Registration No. S/68836/2010 dated 12.03.2010. <>

[06.04.2010]AIBDPA Application for Membership <>
[19.03.2010] CONTINUOUS STRUGGLE TO SAVE BSNL - AIBDPA Circular No.01 <>
[28.11.2009]Pensioners problems taken up with DOT and CMD BSNL by AIBDPA<>
[15.12.2009]AIBDPA Circular No.3 <>
[19.11.2009]All India BSNL-DoT Pensioners' Association (AIBDPA) - A letter to Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT <>
[19.11.2009]All India BSNL-DoT Pensioners' Association (AIBDPA) - Circular No.1 <>


[27.05.2010]CHQ Circular dated 27-05-2010 (Circular No. 2) <> <>
[24.05.2010]CHQ Circular dated 24-05-2010 (Circular No. 1) <> <>
[21.04.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.14 dated 21.04.2010 <>
[14.04.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.13 dated 14.04.2010<>
[06.04.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.12 dated 05.04.2010<>
[06.03.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.8 dated 06.03.2010<>
[06.03.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.7 dated 06.03.2010 <>
[26.02.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.6 dated 26.02.2010 <>
[06.02.2010] BSNLEU Circular No.4 dated 06.02.2010<>
[04.02.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.3 dated 04.02.2010<>
[18.01.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.2 dated 16.01.2010 <>
[04.01.2010]BSNLEU Circular No.1 dated 02.01.2010 <>
[31.12.2009]BSNLEU Circular No.21 dated 31.12.2009 <>


[26.03.2010]PRESS RELEASE:- Dharna on 26.03.2010 <>
[16.03.2010]PRESS RELEASE:- One Day Strike by BSNL Workers on 20.04.2010 <>
[12.03.2010]PRESS RELEASE:- BSNL Workers against 30% Disinvestment and VRS <>
[06.03.2010]Press statement by the Central Trade Unions for making Jail Bharo and Satyagraha on 5th March, 2010 a grant success throughout the country<> <>
[04.03.2010]PRESS RELEASE:- BSNL Employees Oppose Disinvestment / VRS <>
[08.01.2010]PRESS RELEASE:- Joint Forum Oppose IPO in BSNL <>
[04.01.2010]PRESS RELEASE:- Joint Forum calls for Agitational Programmes to Save BSNL<>
[13.11.2009] PRESS RELEASE :- Protest against wrong press report regarding Gr. C&D Employees of BSNL <>

[06.11.2009]BSNL Employees Union oppose Disinvestment / IPO of BSNL <
[20.08.2009]BSNL Strike Continues for Second Day - press release dated on 20.08.2009 <>
[19.08.2009]Massive Strike by BSNL Employees - press release dated on 19.08.2009 <>
[18.08.2009]48 Hours Strike by BSNL Workers on 19-20 August'09 - United Forum press Release dated on 18.08.2009 <>

[11.08.2009]One lakh BSNL Workers Observed Dharna - UF press Release dated on 11.08.2009 <>


[17.03.2010] High Lights of the National Council meeting held on 16-03-2010 <>
[11.02.2010]Items for discussion in the 23rd Meeting of National Council <>
[06.11.2009] High lights of National Council Meeting held on 05-11-2009 <>
[04.11.2009]Meeting with CMD, BSNL, Additional Secretary, DoT and DDG (TDF), DoT – 04.11.2009 <>
[10.10.2009] Brief Report on the outcome of BSNL-DoT-BSNLEU Committee Meeting held on 09.10.2009 <>
[30.07.2009]National Council decisions - BSNLEU protests improper minutes <>

[30.07.2009]Minutes of the 21st meeting of the National Council held on 23rd June, 2009 under the chairmanship of Director (HR), BSNL Board <>

[24.06.2009]A note on the discussions / decisions of the National Council meeting, held on 23.06.2009<>
[16.06.2009]8th Meeting of BSNL Staff Welfare Board - Regarding decision taken <>

[27.05.2009] Items for discussion in the 21st meeting of the National Council <>
Items for discussion in the 20th meeting of the National Council <>
Items for discussion the National Council meeting, to be held on 2nd September, 2008 <>
Minutes of the 18th National Council Meeting
Minutes of the 17th National Council Meeting
Draft Non-Executive Promotion Policy given by the Management & Our reply
Transfer Policy - Important Modifications accepted by Management after discussion
BSNL Employees Transfer Policy - Modifications & Suggestions


[25.01.2010]BSNL Non-Executive Wage Agreement - A Great Achievement despite Adverse Circumstances <>
[14.01.2010] Wage Meeting on 15.01.2010 <>
[17.11.2009]Major Achievement on Wage Revision <>
[17.11.2009]Meeting with Communications Minister on Wage Revision <>
[16.11.2009]BSNL Workers Alliance meeting with Wage Negotiation Committee draws blank<<>>

[16.11.2009] Meeting of Wage Committee with unrecognized unions on 16-11-2009 - A letter to Shri S.R. Kapoor, Chairman, Wage Negotiation Committee <>

[07.11.2009]Letter written to NFTE and FNTO for joint action on wage revision etc.<>


Casual / Contract Labour issues - letters to CMD BSNL <> <> <>
[17.04.2010]Statutory wages to Contract Labours and Non-implementation of Labour Laws and other Social Security Measures in BSNL - Letter of Com. Brinda Karat, MP to Hon'ble MoC <>

[13.04.2010]Issues of Casual and Contract Workers engaged in BSNL - A letter to Hon'ble MoC & IT <>

[26.02.2010]BSNL Casual & Contract Workers' Federation [Circular No.4]

[08.08.2009]Casual & Contract Workers Federation Joins 19-20 August Strike <>

[16.05.09] BSNL Casual & Contract Workers Federation issues Strike Notice for 19-20th May along with United Forum. <>
BSNL Casual & Contract Workers' Federation [Circular No.3]
BSNL Casual & Contract Workers' Federation [Circular No.2]
BSNL Casual & Contract Workers' Federation [Circular No.1)


[14.06.2010]Anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior -CHQ writes to BSNL <>
[08.06.2010]Immediate absorption of ITS officers in BSNL - Letter to Secretary, DOT.<>
[07.06.2010]CHQ writes again to Director (HR) for relaxation in JAO part-II exam <>
[04.06.2010]IDA Pension Revision for BSNL absorbees retired before 01.01.2007 - Letter to Secretary, DOT. <>
[04.06.2010]Procurement of additional 10 million mobile lines for BSNL - Letter to CMD, BSNL <>
[03.06.2010]Grant of 78.2% IDA w.e.f. 01.01.2007 - Letter to CMD, BSNL. <>
[03.06.2010]Removal of Anomaly in Pension for those retired during October 2000 to July 2001 - Letter to Shri P.J. Thomas, Secretary, DOT. <>

[18.05.2010] A letter to GM(Estt), BSNL - Implementation of the Non-Executive Promotion Policy(NEPP)-Exercising option for switching over to NEPP or for continuing in the existing OTBP/BCR/Gr-IV/ACP scheme—Reg <>

[18.05.2010] A letter to CMD, BSNL - List of office bearers of BSNLEU elected at All India Conference held at Thiruvananthapuram from 12-15 May 2010. <>

[23.04.2010]A letter to GM (Estt.), BSNL - Implementation of the Non-Executive Promotion Policy (NEPP)—Exercising option for switching over to NEPP or for continuing in the existing OTBP/BCR/Gr-IV/ACP scheme <>
[20.04.2010]Indefinite Strike started - Big Success <>
[19.04.2010] BSNL Workers Strike from 20th April 2010 <>
[15.01.2010] A letter to CMD, BSNL - Reduce unnecessary expenditure by shifting BSNL offices from Statesman House and Chandralok Building to Bharat Sanchar Bhawan or Eastern Court <>
[11.01.2010]CHQ letter to CMD BSNL on HRA and Allowances <>

[26.12.2009]Wage Revision - Avoiding the humiliating situation of not granting due promotion or granting promotion with benefit of a meagre Rs.10/- or so - A letter to Shri S.R. Kapoor, Chairman, Wage Negotiation Committee <>

[26.12.2009]Serious problems arising in implementation of 30% fitment benefit, 3% increment, fixation benefit on promotion, due to the shorter span and consequent maxima in the proposed revised pay scales-Request for urgent reconsideration to avoid crisis in the process of wage revision agreement - A letter to Shri S.R. Kapoor, Chairman, Wage Negotiation Committee <>
14.12.2009]BSNLEU Writes to Shri. S.R.Kapoor, Executive Director (Finance), Chairman Wage Committee on increasing of span of pay scales to avoid stagnation. <>

[14.12.2009]BSNLEU demands on Skill Upgradation Allowance (Professional Upgradation Allowance, Compensatory Allowances etc. to be increased on par with executives. <>
[08.12.2009]Note submitted to Chairman Wage Negotiation Committee on 7th December, 2009 <>

[08.12.2009]Note submitted to CMD BSNL regarding pay structure dated 7th December, 2009 <>

[02.12.2009]One time 2 years relaxation in the qualifying service condition in the ensuing 35% and 15% JTO LICE - A letter to GM (Estt.) <>

[23.11.2009] On the issue of Multiplication factor and span of the pay scale in the wage revision - A letter to Shri S.R. Kapoor, Chairman, Wage Negotiation Committee <>


Order No. Subject

File No.27-7/2008-TE (BSNL) dated 22.7.2010 Non-Executive Promotion Policy (NEPP) for employees in the IDA pay scales of NE-1 to NE-10 of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. - Extension of period of exercising option <>

No.10-6/2010-DE (BSNL) dated 08.07.2010 Review of result of JAO Part-II 40% quota held in the year 2010 <>

No.10-1/2010-R-II (BSNL) dated 07.07.2010 Special Recruitment for filling up the backlog vacancies reserved for SCs, STs, OBCs and Persons with Disabilities in TTA cadre <>

No.1-10/2010-PAT (BSNL)/ Com. Trans. Grant dated 01.07.2010 Payment of Composite Transfer Grant on revised pay in respect of all employees working in BSNL <>

No.1-33/2008-PAT (BSNL)/ Trg. Allowance dated 01.07.2010 Grant of Training Allowance on revised rate in respect of all employees working in BSNL <>

No.1-10/2010-PAT (BSNL) /Transport Allowance dated 01.07.2010

Grant of Transport Allowance to the employees having official accommodation within one km of office or within a campus housing place of work and residence <>

No.1-10/2010-PAT (BSNL)/ Hindi personal pay dated 01.07.2010

Admissibility of Hindi Personal Pay for passing the examination of Hindi Teaching Scheme in respect of all categories of employees working in BSNL <>

No.1-13/2010-PAT (BSNL)/ encashment of HPL dated 01.07.2010 Encashment of HPL against shortfall in Earned Leave of 300 days on retirement in respect of Executives/Non-Executives absorbed/directly recruited in BSNL <>

No.1-16/2010-PAT (BSNL) dated 30.06.2010 BSNL order on eligibility criteria for interest bearing advances <>

No.1-18/2010-PAT (BSNL) dated 23.06.2010 Encashment of leave on revised pay - BSNL order<>
dated 11.06.2010 Corporate Office issues order for compassionate Ground Appointment of 420 persons. <>

No.27-7/2008-TE-II dated 02.06.2010 Non-Executive Promotion Policy (NEPP) - Last date for option extended up to 22-07-2010 << order>>
No.4/25/2008-P&PW(D) dated 26.05.2010
Medical Allowance for Government Pensioners increased from Rs. 100/- to Rs. 300/- from 01-09-2008 - Orders<>


Circular/Letter Subject

[10.06.2010]JAC revives agitational programme <>
[10.06.2010]Agitational programmes - Notice to CMD, BSNL and Secretary, DOT <>

[20.04.2010]JAC Press release - Indefinite strike of BSNL Employees called off after agreement with Minister <>
[19.04.2010] JAC PRESS RELEASE: BSNL Workers' Strike starts from 20th April 2010 <>
[07.04.2010]Extending support to united Forum of BSNL Non-Executive Unions <>
[09.04.2010]Joint Action Committee formed in Haryana, Maharashtra & Assam <> <> <>
[06.04.2010]Indefinite Hunger Strike from 12th April, 2010 <>
UF/AGN dated 05.04.2010 [05.04.2010]Notice for Indefinite Hunger Strike from 12th April 2010 for early wage revision orders <>
[05.04.2010]UF PRESS RELEASE:- BSNL Workers on Hunger Strike >
[01.04.2010]BSNL WORKERS ON INDEFINITE STRIKE FROM 20TH APRIL 2010. Strike Poster <>
JAC/2010 dated 23.03.2010 [23.03.2010]Notice for Indefinite Strike from 20th April, 2010 Called by JAC & Note on the Demands <>
UF/Circular 23.01.2010 [23.01.2010]United Forum Circular No.1 - On Wage Revision <>
JF/CHQ/MoC&IT/2009 dated 08.10.2009 [10.10.2009] Immediate absorption of ITS officers in BSNL - Joint Forum letter to CMD, BSNL <>
JF/CHQ/MoC&IT/2009 dated 08.10.2009 [10.10.2009] Undue interference of BCG in day to day working of BSNL - JF letter to CMD, BSNL <>
JF/CHQ/MoC&IT/2009 dated 08.10.2009 [10.10.2009]Appointment of SAG officers of Indian P&T Accounts & Finance service Gr. A in BSNL/MTNL on deemed deputation basis - our protest against - JF letter to Hon'ble MoC & IT <>
JF/Strike dated 05.10.2009 [05.10.2009]Letter to CMD on discussion with Joint Forum <>

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