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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999
DoT to impose fine on infra companies
The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) will impose a fine of Rs 5 lakh on infrastructure firms if their base transceiver stations (BTS) had not received environmental clearance by November 15.
“All base transceiver stations, which have not been certified by November 15, 2010, or are not compliant, face a penalty of Rs five lakh each,” an official statement said here today.
BTS facilitates wireless communication between equipment and a mobile network. There are 560,000 BTS operational in the country, of which 416,000 systems have so far been self-certified for adherence to the standards prescribed by International Commission for Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), the statement said.
DoT had extended the deadline for self-certificates to the Telecom Engineering and Resource Monitoring (TERM) Cells of DoT to November 15 from May 15.
“Even though there is no direct evidence of negative health-related implication of these radiations, the government is seized of the concerns raised in this regard and, as such, made self-certification a basic minimum requirement that telecom companies must adhere to,” Minister of State for Communications and IT Sachin Pilot said in the statement.
In another development, a study released by the industry bodies Cellular Operators Association of India and Association of Unified Telecom Service Providers of India said the radiation levels in Delhi are much below the international safety standards, putting to rest the growing public concern over emission of harmful radiation and related health hazards from mobile towers.
The study further said cumulative emissions from the cellular mobile towers are much below the prescribed limit set by the ICNIRP. M-09426201999

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Saragam Club | RajkotSamachar.Com M-09426201999

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426254999 M-09426201999
5th membershiip veriifiicatiion
The process ffor 5th membershiip veriiffiicatiion iin BSNL,, to ellect the Majjoriity
Representatiive Uniion iis under way.. 13th December,, 2010 iis the llast day
ffor wiithdrawall off the applliicatiions.. None off the uniions has wiithdrawn..
Totalllly 15 uniions are iin the ffray.. NFTE and FNTO uniitedlly contested the
4th membershiip veriiffiicatiion by fformiing the BSNL Workers Alllliiance
((BWA)).. Thiis alllliiance has siince diisiintegrated.. FNTO,, whiich supported
NFTE iin the llast veriiffiicatiion iis contestiing separatelly iin the fforth comiing
veriiffiicatiion.. A triicornered contest has become certaiin now.. There may be
a ffew other non-seriious contestants allso.. Another devellopment iis that
NFTE has splliit.. Com.. R..K.. Kohllii,, a seniior lleader off NFTE has llefft NFTE
and has fformed a new uniion calllled Natiionall Federatiion off Tellecom BSNL
Emplloyees ((NFTBE)).. The fformer Secretary Generall off NFTE,, Com.. N..T..
Sajjwanii has jjoiined NFTBE.. Com.. R..K.. Kohllii,, Secretary Generall off NFTBE
has expressed hiis wiilllliingness to jjoiin the Uniited Forum alllliiance.. A fformall
agreement wiillll be reached wiithiin the next ffew days.. M-09426201999

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999 M-09426201999

BSNL NEWS BY ASHOK HINDOCHA-RAJKOT (M-9426201999): BSNL Latest News By AshokHindocha M-09426201999

BSNL NEWS BY ASHOK HINDOCHA-RAJKOT (M-9426201999): BSNL Latest News By AshokHindocha M-09426201999

BSNL Latest News By AshokHindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999 M-09426201999
Recognised Union in BSNL
(Regiistered Under IIndiian Trade Uniion Act 1926.. Regn..No..4896)
CHQ:Dada Ghosh Bhawan,, Opp.. Shadiipur Bus Depot..,, New Dellhii – 110008
Emaiill:,, websiite:
P.. Abhiimanyu Phone:: ((O)) 011--25705385
Generall Secrettary Fax:: 011-- 25894862
BSNLEU/506 ((NEPP)) 10..12..2010
The GM ((SR)),, BSNL CO,,
Bharatt Sanchar Bhawan,,
JJanpatth,, New Dellhii – 110 001
Sub:: -- IIntroductiion off NE--12 pay scalle Rs 9200--250--13200 ffor Non--Executiives iin BSNL—Reg
Reff:: -- Your lletter No.. BSNL/39--3--/SR/2006/Voll--IIIIII dated 08--09--2010
Wiith refference to the above ciited lletter,, the ffollllowiing iis submiitted ffor ffavor off consiideratiion::
1.. Whereas the reviised pay ffor NE--11 iis Rs 16370--30630,, you have proposed Rs 16380--30640
ffor NE--12 thus iincreasiing a meager Rs 10/-- iin the maxiimum off NE--12 compared to NE--11.. On
what basiis such a maxiimum was arriived at iis not known.. But iit iis most unreasonablle and
2.. As per the DPE guiidelliine,, the iintroductiion off non--executiive pay scalle has to be done wiithout
comiing iinto confflliict wiith the executiive pay scalle iin concerned CPSE.. Hence the NE--12 pay
scalle has to be iintroduced wiithout confflliict wiith the E1((JJTO)) pay scalle iin BSNL.. The E--1 pay
scalle iis Rs 16400--40500.. Thereffore iin case 16390--40490 iis deciided as the NE--12 pay scalle,, iit
iis cllear that iit wiillll not come iinto confflliict wiith the E--1 pay scalle..
3.. But iinstead off thiis,, you have proposed 16380--30640 as NE--12.. Your proposed maxiimum Rs
30640/-- iis totalllly iinadequate siince many offffiiciialls who wiillll be promoted to NE--12 wiillll
iimmediiatelly fface stagnatiion wiith such a meager maxiimum pay iin NE--12..
4.. Case off Srii P..Sriikriishna Sr Accountant Viijjayawada iis giiven here under as an iillllustratiion
regardiing thiis stagnatiion probllem::
He was at Rs 10275/-- on 1--7--2004 iin 7800--225--11175 scalle affter drawiing due iincrement on
1--7--2004.. He wiillll get 1stt upgradatiion as per NEPP and wiillll be ffiixed at Rs 10775/-- iin NE--11
scalle on 1--10--2004.. He wiillll be at Rs 11265/-- iin NE--11 scalle on 1--1--2007 and wiillll be ffiixed at Rs
24720/--.. ((He wiillll retiire on 31--5--2015)).. He wiillll get promotiion to NE--12 scalle on 1--10--2011at
Rs 29560/--.. He has to draw three more iincrements beffore retiirement and wiillll reach Rs
32320/-- beffore retiirement,, as detaiilled bellow::
1--10--2012=30450;; 1--10--2013=31370;; 1--10--2014=32320
But the maxiimum off the pay scalle proposed was Rs 30640/-- onlly.. Thereffore he wiillll reach
stagnatiion iin the second year affter he got promotiion to NE--12..
5.. Hence to avoiid stagnatiion probllem and to avoiid confflliict wiith the executiive pay scalle,, the
maxiimum proposed by you iis totalllly iinadequate..
6.. Even iiff the maxiimum off NE--12 reviised scalle iis to be deciided on the basiis off NE--11 scalle span
ii..e 22 years span,, wiith the miiniimum deciided by mulltiipllyiing 9200 wiith 1..91ii..e Rs 17580/--,, iit
wiillll be Rs 33830/--.. But siince the miiniimum Rs 17580/-- iis comiing iinto confflliict wiith Rs 16400/--
off E--1,, the miiniimum can be deciided as Rs 16390/-- as and the maxiimum can be ffiixed as Rs
7.. But there iis nothiing that prevents the fformullatiion off NE--12 pay scalle as Rs 16390--40490 as
proposed by us iin para2 above.. Very ffew emplloyees wiillll get promoted to NE--12 scalle and as
such there iis no worthwhiille ffiinanciiall iimplliicatiion iiff 40490/-- iis deciided as the maxiimum off NE--
12 pay scalle..
8.. Regardiing the date off effffect ffor the iintroductiion off the NE--12 pay scalle,, the DPE prescriibes
prospectiive effffect.. IIn the context off wage reviisiion iit means wiith effffect ffrom 1--1--2007.. As per
the wage reviisiion agreement,, viide para 1..2 off the terms off agreement the “new reviised IIDA
pay scalles under thiis agreement shallll be effffectiive ffrom 1stt JJanuary 2007”,, and as per the
para 6..1 off the preamblle iin the wage reviisiion agreement,, the “reviised pay scalles
correspondiing to pre--reviised pay scalles 9200--250--13200 & Rs 9850--250--14600 ffor non--
executiives wiillll be notiiffiied affter approvall by DoT”.. These two cllauses iin the wage reviisiion
agreement put together mean that the NE--12 pay scalle 9200--250--13200 iin iits reviised fform
has to come iinto effffect ffrom 1--1--2007..
IIn viiew off the ffacts and submiissiions mentiioned above,, iit iis requested to cause necessary actiion
ffor notiiffyiing NE--12 reviised pay scalle off non--executiives as Rs 16390--40490 wiith effffect ffrom 1--1--
We shallll be thankffull ffor an iimmediiate and ffavorablle response iin thiis regard..
Yours siincerelly,,
Generall Secretary M-09426201999

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999
25thNationalCouncilItems Page1of 12/10/2010 7
1.. Anomally due tto accruall off iincrementt tto jjuniior earlliier tthan tthe seniior afftter ffiixattiion off pay iin tthe
reviised pay scalle on iimpllementtattiion off Non--Executtiives wage reviisiion w..e..ff 1--1--2007--seniior’’s
iincrementt datte be pre--poned tto tthatt off tthe jjuniior
AspertheBSNLCO’sorderNo.7-1/2010-PAT(BSNL) dated 31-8-2010inthecaseswherethesenior startsdrawinglespaythanjuniorduetoacrualofincrementtojuniorearlierthantheseniorafter fixationofpayaspertheordersisuedonwagerevisionfornon-executivesvideBSNLNo.1-16/2010- PAT(BSNL)dated7-5-2010,thepayoftheseniorhastobesteppedupatparwiththejunior,onthedate thejuniorhasdrawntheincrementandhisnextincrementwilbeoneyearafterthat.Thisproposalis notsolvingtheproblem sinceevenaftersuchsteppingup,theseniorwildraw morethanwhathe wouldhavedrawnasperhisoriginaldateofincrementforsomeperiod,butwildraw lesthanwhathe wouldhavedrawnasperhisoriginaldateofincrement,asdetailedbelow: a) TheseniorinTM cadrewasatRs6980/-inTM cadreinthepre-revisedpayscale5700-160-8100as on1-1-2007,withlastincrementdrawnon1-12-2006.Hispaywasfixedintherevisedpayscaleof 10900-20400on1-1-2007atRs15320/-.On1-2007hehasdrawn oneincrementof3% andwas fixedatRs15780/- b) ThejuniorinTM cadrewasatRs6820/-on1-1-2007inTM cadreinthepre-revisedpayscale5700- 160-8100,withlastincrementdrawnon1-3-2006.HispaywasfixedintherevisedpayscaleofRs 10900-20400on1-1-2007atRs14970/.On1-2007hehasdrawnoneincrementof3% andwas fixedatRs15420/-. c) Thusason1-3-2007thejuniorwasatRs15420/-whereastheseniorwasatRs15320/-only. d) Iftheseniorwastobesteppeduponparwithjunioron1-3-2007,hisbasicpayon1-3-2007would beRs15420/-onparwithhisjunior.Buton1-12-2007alsohewouldbeatthesamebasicpayofRs 15420/-andhewoulddraw hisnextincrementonlyon1-3-2007likehisjunior e) Butascanbeseenfrom para(a)above,theseniorhasalreadydrawnabasicpayofRs15780/-on1- 12-2007afterdrawinghisexistingdueincrementon1-12-2007.Thiswasmorethantheamounthe gotduetosteppingupofhispayonparwithhisjunior(i.eRs15420/-). f) Thereforeevenifthesteppingupofpaywastobealowedonparwiththejunior,theseniorwould bedrawinglespayfortheperiod1-12-2007to1-3-2008thanwhathewouldhavedrawnonthe basisofhisnormalincrementon1-2007. g) Thustheproposalintheabovereferedorderforsolvingthepayanomalybetweentheseniorand juniorisnotrealysolvingtheproblem andhenceitcannotbeanadequatesolutiontotheproblem. h) Itissubmitedthatthesolutionofsteppingupofpayonparwithjuniorwasadequateinthe contextofthepre-revisedpayscaleswherethescalesarehavingfixedstagesandhenceoncethe payoftheseniorwassteppeduponparwiththejunior,therewouldbenofurtheranomalysince everytimetheincrementisdrawnforthesenior,hewilbeonparwithjuniorandalsohewilnot loseanythingbysuchpre-ponementofhisincrementduetothesteppinguponparwithjunior.But therevisedpayscalesstructureisradicalydiferentinthattheyhavenofixedstagesbetweenthe minimum andmaximum.Hencetheseniorislosinghisactualbenefitforsomeperiodinayeareven aftersteppinguphispayonparwithhisjunior.
25thNationalCouncilItems Page2of 12/10/2010 7
i) Theonlyposiblesolutionforsolvingthisproblem istopre-ponetheincrementoftheseniortothe dateonwhichhisjuniorhasdrawnhisincrement,insteadofsteppingupofthepayofthesenioron parwithhisjunior. j) Aspertheclause6.2ofthewagerevisionagreementandclause10.3ofthewagerevisionorder dated7-5-2010alsuchanomalies/aberationsaretobesetled. Therefore isrequestedtocausenecesaryorderssothatinsuchcasesofpayanomaly,theincrementof theseniorispreponedtothedateonwhichthejuniorhasdrawntheincrement. 2.. Presiidenttiiall Orders iin case off tthe offffiiciialls whose ttraiiniing sttartted iin DoT and appoiinttmentt giiven iin
Thereareseveraloficials,eitherdirectlyrecruitedorappointedoncompasionategrounds,whowere selectedforappointmentinDoTandwhosetrainingstartedinDoT,butappointmenttookplaceinBSNL. TheyhavetobeconsideredasDoTrecruitedemployeesforthepurposeofisuingPresidentialOrders forabsorptioninBSNLandforprovidingpensionasperCCS(Pension)rules,onthefolowinggrounds: a) ThetrainingofsuchoficialsstartedinDoT(before1-10-2000) b) Asperrulesonthesubjecttheyareeligibleforincrementbycountingtheirtrainingperiodandthus trainingperiodispartofregularserviceandhencetheirregularservicestartedinDoT. c) InthePostalDepartmentandotherCentralGovernmentDepartment,fortheoficialsappointedon orafter1-1-2004,anew contributorypensionschemehasbeenimplemented.ButtheGovernment clarifiedthatincaseoftheoficialswhosetrainingstartedbefore1-1-2004,butappointmenttook placeafter1-1-2004,Governmentpensionrulesi.e.,CCS(Pension)Rulesareapplicable. ItisthereforerequestedtoinitiatenecesaryactionsothatPresidentialOrdersforabsorptioninBSNL areisuedfortheseoficials. 3.. Reviisiion off Famiilly Pllanniing iincrementt
ThefamilyplanningincrementhasbeenrevisedinalPSUsandinCentralGovernmentDepartments alongwithwagerevisionthatcameintoefectfrom 1-2007. Duringwagenegotiation,theBSNL managementtoldthatthemanagementcommiteehasnotagreedfortheproposaltorevisethefamily planningincrementofexecutivesinBSNLandhenceitwouldnotbeposibletoreviseitinisolationfor thenon-executivesandthereforeitwasagreedtoaddtheclauseinthenon-executiveswagerevision agreementthatthefamilyplanningincrementforthenon-executiveswouldberevisedasandwhen suchrevisiontakesplaceforexecutives. Non–revisionofthisincrementcreatesanuntenablesituationsinceasperthewagerevisionorder,the familyplanningincrementhastobepaidaspertheexistingamountcorespondingtothepre-revised scale.Butinthecaseofanoficialappointedafterwagerevisionandbecameeligibleforfamilyplanning increment,itisnotposibletograntthe“existingamount”corespondingtothepre-revisedscalesince hehasnotdrawnpayinthepre-revisedscale.Insuchcasehehastobegiventhefamilyplanning incrementaspertherevisedscale.Butitisnotposibleasperthewagerevisionorder.Thisisan unwarantedsituation. Thereforeitisrequestedtocauseimmediatenecesaryactionforrevisingthefamilyplanningincrement oftheexecutivesandnon-executivestogether,asperthewelestablishednorms.
25thNationalCouncilItems Page3of 12/10/2010 7
4.. Settttllementt off Pay Anomalliies/Aberrattiions tthatt have ariisen att tthe ttiime off conversiion ffrom CDA tto IIDA
pay scalles
AspertheAgreementsignedbetweenmanagementandunionsforimplementingIDApayscalesforthe BSNLabsorbedemployeeswithefectfrom 1-10-2000,itwasagreedtosetleanomalies/aberations arising out of the implementation of that agreement.Acordingly a commitee consisting of management and union representatives was appointed to study and recommend on these anomalies/aberations.ThatCommitee submited itsreportin 2005 itwassentto DoT for approval.SinceDoTdidnotapproveitandmadecertaincommentsonit,basedonthosecomments, anotherCommiteewasappointedconsistingmanagementandunionrepresentatives.TheCommitee submited itsrecommendationsin December2009forsetling these aberationsby treating the diferencebetweenthepayoftheseniorinhigherscaleandthejuniorinlowerscaleaspersonalpayto bepaidtothesenior,foralcadresandforalcases.Butintheorderisuedbythemanagementon30- 8-2010,thiswasonlypartlyimplemented.Protestingagainstthis,wehavesubmitedadetailedleterto theSrGM(Est)videNo.BSNLEU/422(W age)dt8-9-2010demandingimplementationofthispersonal pay benefituniformlyto aloficialswithoutany discrimination.Such discrimination isagainstthe recommendationsofthiscommiteeandalsoagainsttheArticle14oftheConstitutionofIndia.Inspite ofthis,noactionistakensofarforimplementingthisbenefituniformlytoalconcernedoficials.Hence itisrequestedtoimplementthebenefitofpersonalpaytoaloficialsidenticalyplaced,irespectiveof theircadre,asperthereportofthecommiteeandstoptreatingidenticalyplacedoficialsdiferently. 5.. Granttiing off opttiion ffor rettaiiniing CDA pay scalle ttiillll promottiion/rettiirementt tto offffiiciialls absorbed iin BSNL
As perpara 4 of DoP&PW’sOM No.4/18/87-P&PW (D)dated 5-7-1989,option is available for GovernmentemployeesseekingpermanentabsorptioninPSU toretainGovernmentpayscales, til theirpromotion orretirement(whicheverisearlier).Keepingthisinview,inthe case ofabsorbed executives,theBSNLCO isuedorderNo.1-37/2004-PAT(B)dated24-9-2004clarifyingthatthepayof suchexecutiveonpromotionhastobefixedinCDA payscalesunderFRandthereaftertheenhanced payhastobeconvertedintoIDA payscalesonpointtopointbasis.Butthisoptionfacilitywasnot extendedtonon-executivesabsorbedinBSNL.Thisisanunwaranteddiscriminationandhenceitis requestedtoextendthefacilityofthisoptionfornon-executivesalso,sincetheBSNL/DoTcannot treat executivesandnon-executivesdiferentlyinsuchmaters. 6.. Reiimbursementt off expendiitture iincurred ffor outt--pattiientt ttreattmentt wiitth/wiitthoutt voucher,, based on
reviised pay+DA
Thereimbursementofexpenditureincuredforout-patienttreatment,with/withoutvoucherisstil continuingonthepre-revisedpayfornon-executives,eventhoughrevisedpayscaleshavecomeinto efectfrom 1-2007.Hence itisrequestedto revisethe limitforreimbursementofexpenditure incuredforout-patienttreatmenttoonemonthrevisedpay+DA admisibleforthemonthofAprilfor thefinancialyear(withvoucher)and toanamountequalto15daysoftherevisedpay+DAadmisible forthemonthofAprilforthefinancialyear(withoutvouchers).Thelimitsfortheretiredemployeesalso aretoberevisedacordingly.
25thNationalCouncilItems Page4of 12/10/2010 7
7.. Giive offffiiciiattiing promottiions tto JJTO((T)) tto tthe non executtiives who are elliigiiblle as per JJTO RR 2001 under
JJTO under 35% & 15% LIICE quotta..
Ithasbeen almostover10 yearsthatno examination hasbeen conducted under35% and 15% LICE/LDCEquotaforJTO(T).Thustherearelargenumberofunfiledvacanciesavailableunder35% & 15%JTOLICEquota. AsperJTO RR2001theeligibilityconditionsforJTO LICEunderdepartmentalquotaisB..Sc iin Physiics
and Matths,3 years Diiplloma iin Engiineeriing wiitth 7 years off serviice iin Group--C.Thusthose non executiveswhofulfilstheaboveeligibilitycriteriatositintheJTOLICEaspertheJTORR2001shallll be
giiven offffiiciiattiing promottiion tto JJTO((T)) tiltheconductoftheJTOLICEexam. 8
8. IImmediiatte necessary stteps tto be ttaken tto sttop tthe harassmentt off tthe Diirectt recruiitted TTAs by tthe SSA
and Ciirclle admiiniisttrattiion..
Eachdaythereissomedevelopmentinoneortheanothercirclewhereinsomeveryhypotheticaland whimsicaldecisionsaretakenbytheSSA/CircleadministrationvictimisingthedirectrecruitedTTAs. Afew examplesare. ii)) OrdersisuedbytheW estBengalandCalcutaTelecom DistrictaskingDRTTAstoperform each andeverytechnicalworkinhisStationofposting. iiii)) OrdersisuedbytheGujaratTelecom CirclewhereinSSAheadsareaskedtochangethereporting oficeroftheDRTTAsfrom JTO'stoSDE'sandinsomeSSA'sforeg.BhavnagarsomeDRTTAsare askedtoreportdirectlytotheDE'sandeventofileFIRincaseofcabletheft. iiiiii)) EightDRTTA'sinGOA arenotyetrelievedbytheSSA headunderRule-8evenafterthetransfer ordersisuedbytheCGM (MH).Thecaseispendingforovertwoyearsnow. 9. Amend tthe JJTO RR 2001 tto iincllude M..Sc ((Ellecttroniics)) iin addiittiion tto B..Sc ((Physiics & Matths)) and 3 years
Diiplloma iin Engiineeriing..
M..Sc ((Ellecttroniics)) isoneoftherequiredqualificationintheDirectRecruitmentofTTA cadre.Thusit becomesimperativetoexplicitlymentiontheM.Sc(Electronics)asoneoftherequiredqualificationin theJTOLICEunder35% and15% quotatoavoidanyconfusionandomisionoftheeligiblecandidatein theJTOLICEbytheSSAadministrations. 10. Amendmentt iin tthe recruiittmentt rulle off JJTO ((E)) and JJTO ((C)) and JJAO..
AmendmentintheRRofJTO (E)/JTO (C)andJAOtoreducethequalifyingserviceconditionto7years from existing10yearsasisdoneinJTO(T). 11. Frame separatte rulles ffor TA/DA iin case off broadband maiinttenance..
ThenonexecutiveemployeesmostlytheDRTTAswhoareinvolvedinthebroadbandmaintenanceare usingtheirownvehicle asmode ofconveyancewhile atendingthefault.Althoughthere isclear guidelineintheTA/DA rulesofBSNLtoreimbursethesuchexpendituresfieldunitsarenotapproving theTA/DAofsuchemployeesonsomeortheotherpretext.Thisnecesitatesthatthereshouldbesome separateguidelinesforBroadbandMaintenanceasitrequiresextensivetravelingwithintheStationof postingtoavoidfinanciallostotheseemployees. 12. Rebuiilldiing off brand BSNL by aggressiive markettiing off our productts LL,, BB,, 2G,, 3G,, EVDO,, NIIC,,MNP
25thNationalCouncilItems Page5of 12/10/2010 7
DuetothepoortechnicalandcustomercareservicesofBSNLitsbrandvalueisnow notvisibleinthe market.Ourmain streswhile marketing ourproductsisonthe safetywhichwe providetothe customerson being agovernmentorganisation.W e nowhere boastofournetworkcoverage in hoardings,TV advts.,New Papers.Itisto ouruterdisbeliefthatBSNLhasstilnotlaunchedthe marketingforMNP((Mobiille Number Porttabiilliitty)).. Thiis shows tthe ttottall llack off belliieff iin our nettwork
qualliitty tthatt we are nott encouragiing custtomers tto come tto BSNL.. We have tto work hard ffrom our imageofacompanywhereincustomerswaittogetsomefreeschemestobuyourGSM connectionsand utilisethem asstandby.IItt has become iimperattiive ffor us tto rebuiilld brand BSNL by some otther name off
13.. Mediicall Advance ffor rettiirees ffrom BSNL Banksaregivingloansequaltotwelvemonthsfortheirpensionerstomeetthemedicalexpenditure. TheBSNL/DoTpensionersarenothavingsuchfacility.TheBSNL/DoTpensionersareembarasedwith financialhardshipforpayingadvancetohospitalsfortheirtreatment.Itisrequestedtoprovidethe facilityofmedicaladvancetotheBSNL/DoTretirees,equalto12monthspension.
14.. Enhancementt off concessiion tto BSNL/DoT emplloyees and pensiioners ffor Broad Band iin case off Rs
750/-- scheme
Atpresent20% concesionintarifisalowedtoGovernmentandPSU employeesforBSNLbroadband connection.Itisrequestedtoincreasethisconcesionto50% incaseofBSNL/DoT employeesand pensioners,incaseofRs750/-plan.
15.. Non--holldiing off Haryana Ciirclle Counciill meettiing
TheHaryanaCircleCouncilmeetingisnotbeingheldforthepast8moths.StafSideSecretarygavethe itemsfortheCircleCouncilmeetingon26.03.2010.However,themeetingisnotconvened.Several remindersgiventotheoficialsidehavenotyieldedanyresult.Thereafter,thiswastakentothenotice oftheGM (SR)BSNLCO,aswelasDirector(HR)BSNLCum Chairman,NationalCouncil,videleterno. BSNLEU/310 HAR)dated 17.06.2010 and Lr.No.BSNLEU/310 (HAR)dated 12.07.2010,respectively. Insteadoftakingactionforconveningthemeeting,BSNLCO, September,2010hasjustifiedthenon-conveningofthemeeting.Thisisueisalsoraisedinhisinitial remarks,bytheSecretary,StafSide,intheNationalCouncilmeetingheldon31.08.2010.Despitealthe above mentioned efortsbytheStafSide,the HaryanaCircle Councilmeeting hasstilnotbeen convened.Hence,immediatestepsmaybetakentoconvenethemeeting.
16.. IImpllementtattiion off tthe JJudgmentt datted 27..8..2010 off CAT Priinciipall Bench,, iin OA No:: 282/10 by
granttiing off JJTO Pay Scalle and Fiixattiion under FR 22 ((1)) ((a)) ((ii)) ffor Offffiiciiattiing JJTOs..
AsnostaywasgrantedbyHonorableHighCourtofKeralaagainsttheJudgmentdated17.7.2009,ofCAT Ernakulam BenchinOA84/2008,JTOPaywithbenefitsunderFR22(1)(a)(i)weregrantedtoOficiating JTOsofKeralaCirclealone. Representationsofsimilarly placedOficiatingJTOsaswelasthatoftheirAsociationforuniform implementationofCATErnakulamJudgmentwasnegatedbytheManagement,resultinginthedeprived oficialsfilinganappealunderSection19ofAdministrativeTribunalAct1985,requestingtoquashand
25thNationalCouncilItems Page6of 12/10/2010 7
tosetasideBSNLleterNo:3-2/2009-Pers.IV dated5.1.2010andtoorderforextendingsimilarbenefits asthatoftheircounterpartsinKeralaCircle. PrincipalCATinOANo:1282/2010,beforepasingitsordershasobservedasunder: Para2:“In asmuchas,presentmateriscovered infavouroftheapplicantsbythedecisionof Ernakulam Bench ofthisTribunalin OA No:84/2008and otherconnectedTAsdecided on 15.7.2009,therewilbenoneedtogivefactsindetails.” Para3:“W ehavegonethroughthejudgmentpasedbyErnakulam BenchofthisTribunalandarein respectfulagreementwiththesame……………………………………..Ifperhaps,therespondentswould haveobtainedthestay,wemayhaveadjournedthecasesinedie.But,inasmuchas,oncethere isno stayand,therefore,theapplicantsinTAsaregetingreliefgrantedtothem,therewil benoneed whatsoevertostaytheproceedingsofthiscase.” CATPrincipalBenchhaspasedthefolowingJudgment: “For pariitty off reasons,, we allllow presentt OA iin tterms off tthe deciisiion off Ernakullam Bench off tthiis
Triibunall iin tthe matttter off M..V..Salliillakumar & Ottrs.. V/s The Chaiirman & Managiing Diirecttor & ottr
((supra)).. However,, we make iitt absolluttelly cllear tthatt tthe ffatte off tthe applliicantts hereiin woulld be
dependentt upon tthe wriitts ffiilled by respondentts iin Keralla Hiigh Courtt.. Thatt beiing so,, iiff tthe wriitts are
allllowed,, tthe respondentts may wiitthdraw tthe beneffiitts giiven tto tthe applliicantts and,, tthereffore tthere wiillll
be no need ffor tthe respondentts tto ffiille separatte wriitt iin tthiis case..”
InspiteofaspeakingorderofPrincipalBenchofCATdeliveredasearlyason27.8.2010,implementation partisabsentfromthesideofthemanagement. Toendwiththeintroduceddisparity,inequalityanddiscrimination,the JudgmentofCAT Principal BenchmayimmediatelybeimplementedinleterandspiritbygrantingJTOsPaywithfixationbenefit underFR22(1)(a)(i)toaloficiatingJTOsonthesameconditionsashasbeenextendedtoothers in concurencewiththeordersofCAT,Ernakulam.
17.. IImmediiatte iimpllementtattiion off tthe Orders off Governmentt off IIndiia on Offffiiciiattiing Pay under FR 35
ExistingcriteriaonBasicPayregardingimpositionofrestrictionofPayunderFR35hasbeenrevisedby theGovernmenton8.3.2010.Subsequently,orderswereisued by BSNLon10.9.2010videNo:1- 14/2010-PAT(BSNL)revisingtheceilingofPayunderFr35andmadetheorderofDOP&Tapplicableto BSNLEmployees.AcordingtothisorderoficialsdrawingrevisedBasicPayuptoRs.24,900/-areeligible for15% ofrevisedBasicPaysubjecttoamaximum ofRs.2000/-. It is unfortunate that the extended benefit had not gone to the benefit of eligible oficials, predominantlyforthoseoficiatingJTOs,ineverycircle,onthepretextofexpectedclarificationsfrom CorporateOfice. Necesary clarification sought by field unitsmay be isued expeditiously and ensurethe benefit extended.
25thNationalCouncilItems Page7of 12/10/2010 7
18.. LDCE ffor TTA cadre under 40% Quotta – Conffiirmattiion off sellecttiion off tthe successffull candiidattes decllared
as proviisiionalllly sellectted..
Asperthenotification ofCorporateOfice,Examinationwasheldforselection ofTTA under40% Departmentalquota.Oficialswereadmitedfortheexaminationwiththeisueofhaltickets.W hile declaringtheresults,quiteafew namesweredeclaredasprovisionalyselected.Itisunderstoodthat these provisionaly sucesfulcandidates are holders ofgraduation through variousGovernment approvedInstitutions,withoutpasing10+2.Asthequalificationposesedbythem wasdirect,itis understoodthattheCircleshavekepttheirnamesunderprovisionallist,pending clarificationfrom CorporateOfice. Inthepast,eventhosewho havenotheldtherequisitequalificationhavebeensubjectedto pre- qualifyingexaminationandthenpermitedtoappearinLDCEagainstthe40% DepartmentalQuota, declaredsucesful,selected andappointed. Intheinstantcase,suchofthoseoficialsplacedunderprovisionallistmaybedeemedasqualifiedin considerationoftheirhigherqualificationandtheprovisionalselectionmaybeendedbydeclaringthem sucesful. 19.. Arrangiing Dr B..R..Ambedkar’’s photto iin Confference Hallll,, 9th Flloor,, BSNL Corporatte Offffiice
ItisrequestedtoarangeDrB.R.Ambedkar’sphotointheConferencehal,9thfloor,BSNLCorporate Ofice.ThisisimplementedinseveralotherPSUs. 20.. Proviisiion off GSM mobiille hand sett tto allll non--executtiives
The executivesare providedwith GSM mobile handsetsby BSNL.Similarlythe non-executivesbe providedwiththesamefacility.AlsotheBSNL/DoTretireesbegiventhisfacility. 21.. Vacantt Sttaffff quartters be proviided ffor recogniized uniion
Inseveralstationsthestafquartersarevacant.Incasewherevertherecognizedunionrequeststo provideastafquarterforunionoficepurposeinadditiontotheacommodationprovidedfreeofcost, M-09426201999

Friday, December 10, 2010

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999
Com.S.Chandrasekharan passed away – our condolences

Com.S.Chandrasekharan, veteran leader of the P&T Trade union movement and former Asst. General Secretary of Administrative Union passed away yesterday at Chennai. He was at present working in CITU, Chennai. He was 80.

He was one of the leaders who was in the forefront fighting against the reformist policies of the NFPTE leadership. He was circle Secretary of both Administrative Offices Employees Union as also Line Staff Union, Chennai. He organised the Central Government employees movement there. Perhaps he and Com.A.K.Veeraraghavan might be the leaders who organised the Casual workers for the first time. For this and his other trade union activities, in 1977 he was compulsorily retired from service. But due to sustained efforts of the union he was reinstated. In 1979 he took voluntary retirement for full time trade union work and started working in CITU.

He was well studied and used to take regular trade union classes for the workers. He was always with the workers and for solving their problems. He was discussing a case with his advocate yesterday evening when all of a sudden there was serious heart attack and he succumbed to the same within minutes. He has got two daughters and one of them is working in BSNL.

We Convey our Heartfelt Condolences to the bereaved family, friends and comrades.

Red Salute to Com. Chandrasekharan !

[09.12.2010]BSNLEU’s election campaign.

Ø On 11th December, 2010 Gujarat Circle Union conducts it’s Circle Executive Committee meeting at Ahmedabad. A massive election campaign meeting will also be held at Ahmedabad on the same day. Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, president and Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS, will address both the meetings.

Ø Punjab circle union conducts two massive meetings – one at Amritsar on 13th December, 2010 and another at Jallandar & Ludhiana on 14th December, 2010. Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS addresses both these meetings.

Ø Karnataka Circle Union conducts it’s Extended Circle Executive Committee meeting on 18th and 19th December, 2010 at Bangalore. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS addresses it.

Ø Kerala Circle Union is conducting three conventions at Calicut, Ernakulam and Trivandrum on 20th, 21st and 22nd December, 2010 respectively. Com. P.Abhimanyu, GS addresses these conventions.

Ø Tamil Nadu Circle Union is conducting it’s Extended Circle Executive Committee meeting on 23.12.2010 at Coimbatore. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS addresses it.

[08.12.2010]The glorious two day strike - Circular No.10 <>

The glorious two day strike - Hindi Circular <>

[07.12.2010]Punjab Circle Union launches the 5th membership verification campaign.

Com.Balbir Singh, Circle Secretary, BSNLEU, Punjab circle has reported that the 5th membership verification campaign of our circle union is launched from Ludhiana today. The star campaigners of NFTE-BSNL Punjab in the last membership verification, Coms. Tarlochan Kaur, Avtar Singh Sahi, Rajiv Sharma and Atul Sharma have since joined BSNL Employees union with more than 100 members of NFTE-BSNL. During the last verification campaign, they toured entire Punjab alongwith Com. M.L. Sharma, Circle Secretary, NFTE-BSNL. In addition Com. Paramjit Singh, Branch President, NFTE-BSNL and Com. Om Parkash, Ex-Branch Secretary, Khanna Branch have also joined BSNLEU. Com. Raj Kishore Shukla, Branch Treasurer, RBN Branch, Ludhiana also joined BSNLEU.Com. Balbir Singh, Circle Secretary welcomed all the leaders to BSNLEU. Com. Balwinder Singh, District Secretary, Ludhiana and Sat Pal Badhan, District Secretary, Jalandhar addressed the mammoth gathering alongwith Circle Secretary, Com. Balbir Singh.

[07.12.2010]Parliament questions & Answers <>

[06.12.2010]JAC circular - Historic Strike - Magnificent Achievement <>

[06.12.2010]5th Membership Verification of non-executives' unions in BSNL - Extension of facilities regarding <>

[06.12.2010]5th Membership Verification of non-executives' unions in BSNL - Election Notification <>

[03.12.2010]CHQ conveys revolutionary greetings

CHQ conveys it’s revolutionary greetings for all the comrades who organized and participated in the strike. This was a glorious struggle to save BSNL. The strike was very successful with the whole hearted participation of the Non-Executives and Executives. The 3 lakh workforce has told in one voice and with determination that the game plan of the government and other vested interests to weaken BSNL will not be tolerated any more.

Comrades, viability of BSNL was the main demand of our struggle. As all of us know that it is not a demand which can be settled in a single day. Rather, it is a continuous process to be persued with the government. Our strike has given out a strong massage to the government that BSNL workers and officers are very serious in restoring the viability of BSNL. Taking the message in right perspective, the new Secretary, DoT has assured his whole hearted support to strengthen BSNL. JAC will seriously pursue this issue through the Secretary, DoT. BSNL management has assured us that it would procure equipments for another 15 million lines, in addition to the 5.5 million lines for which tender is almost finalized. JAC will continue to pressurise both the BSNL management as well as govt. of India to take appropriate steps to strengthen BSNL. The record of discussion given by the BSNL management is placed herewith for information. <>

[03.12.2010]Building Fund

Chennai Circle Union has sent another Rs.72,450/- as CHQ building fund. We congratulate Chennai Circle Union.

[01.12.2010]NFTE in doldrums <>

[01.12.2010]The historic strike has started

The 3 day historic strike has started and is taking place successfully in all the circles. As per the reports received from various circles, the strike has received tremendous response from the 3 lakh Non-Executives and Executives. The work force has given a fitting reply to the arrogance of the govt., which did not even invite the leaders for talks. CHQ salutes and congratulates all the comrades who have joined the strike. The strike will continue up to 0600 hrs on 04.12.2010. M-09426201999

Vedio News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Vedio News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999

Friday, December 3, 2010 M-09426201999
Bharat Sanchar Nisam Limited
Representatives of BSNL's Employees Associationsfunions met with
Secretary (Telecom), DoT today where CMD, BSNL was also present. A follow-up .,
meeting with BSNL Management under the Chairmanship of CMD, BSNL was held
at 1500 hrs. on 2no December, 2010 in which Representatives ofJAC as well as from
the management side were also present.
In the cowse of meeting, the unions emphasized on the following issues -
r Procurement of GSM equipment
r Benefit of 50% IDA merger in pay fixation
The management side clarified that action is under way for procurement of 5.5
million lines to meet immediate demand,for North and East Zones. In addition, a
proposal is also being considered to procure l5 million lines for the next year.
On tle issue of Benefit of 50% IDA merger in pay fixatioh(effectively amounting
Io 78.2%), CMD BSNL informed that the case has been deliberated in the 130u
meeting ofthe Board held on 25.8.2010 wherein the Board taking into account all the
pros and cons decided to defer the implementation of the benefit of 50% of IDA
merger for pay fixation till the Company's financial position improves considerably
and there are visible signs of recovery. On further insistence by the JAC members,
CMD requested the union leaders to provide fresh inputs on this issue which could be
examined by the management before submitting the case to BSNL Board for its
On the remaining issues, the position is given in Antexure-I.
With this, CMD BSNL again requested the JAC members to withdraw its ongoing
shike, to which the JAC members agreed.
Manaeement Side Joint Action Committee
r \ r. Sf-l--o-^a.
lssues taken up by the Joint Action committee in support of their strike from
1"t to 3d December, 2o1O
S.No. lssue raised Current status
l Refund of Rs. 18500
crores to BSNL paid to
Government towards 3G
and BWA spectrum
The management has already taken rip this
issue with the Government and the
Government has made it clear that with a
vtew to provide level playing field to all the
service providers, it is not feasible for the
Government to refund spectrum charges. In
case, spectrum charges are refunded to
BSNL, similar demands shall arise from other
service providers. as well.
lmmediate settlement of
ITS Group A absorption
Basically the issues relates to the
Government. The consultation process with
the Ministries has already started and it will
take some more time. lt is understood that
the Cabinet Note is being finalized.
3. No disinvestmenUlPO of
The Government has not taken anv decision
on these issues so far.
4. No VRS
5. No unbundling of last mile
copper cable
The Government has not taken anv decision
in this regard and BSNL has also opposed
unbundling of last mile copper cabte.
6. lmplement the
Government's commitment
on financial viability of
BSNL at the time of
corporatization by
continuing exemption from
licence fee and
continuation of ADC, USO
fund etc.
The Government has already charged licence
fee on account of 3G and BWA soectrum
charges. Further. BSNL is already in receipt
of subsidv from USO Fund
7. Effective and expedilious
implementation of
programmes and projects
like ERP, NGN etc.
lmmediate fool proof
measures for smooth
change over to CDR
POC for ERP project is likely to be rolled out
by the end of December 2010 and the CDR
project has been implemented in 230 SSAs
out of 334 SSAs. The project shall be
implemented in the remaining SSAs very
8. Government deoartments
and PSUs should be
mandated to take telecom
services from BSNL/MTNL
BSNL has taken up with the Government. At
the same time, BSNL has to improve its
services so that customers come to us and
we have not to approach various agencies.
Although some of the organizations have
given business to BSNL, still we have to
make rigorous efforts to procure more
9. Revision of Pension on
IDA along with wage
revision. lmmediate
revision of IDA pension of
orc-2o07 BSNL retirees.
The Government has already sent a Cabinet
Note on which certain queries have been
raised. lt is understood that DOT is in the
process of furnishing requisite information.

BSNL News By Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999 M-09426201999
[03.12.2010]CHQ conveys revolutionary greetings

CHQ conveys it’s revolutionary greetings for all the comrades who organized and participated in the strike. This was a glorious struggle to save BSNL. The strike was very successful with the whole hearted participation of the Non-Executives and Executives. The 3 lakh workforce has told in one voice and with determination that the game plan of the government and other vested interests to weaken BSNL will not be tolerated any more.

Comrades, viability of BSNL was the main demand of our struggle. As all of us know that it is not a demand which can be settled in a single day. Rather, it is a continuous process to be persued with the government. Our strike has given out a strong massage to the government that BSNL workers and officers are very serious in restoring the viability of BSNL. Taking the message in right perspective, the new Secretary, DoT has assured his whole hearted support to strengthen BSNL. JAC will seriously pursue this issue through the Secretary, DoT. BSNL management has assured us that it would procure equipments for another 15 million lines, in addition to the 5.5 million lines for which tender is almost finalized. JAC will continue to pressurise both the BSNL management as well as govt. of India to take appropriate steps to strengthen BSNL. The record of discussion given by the BSNL management is placed herewith for information. <> M-09426201999

Thursday, December 2, 2010

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999


30.11.2010: THREE DAYS STRIKE CALL - MAKE IT A GRAND SUCCESS - CMD BSNL called JAC Leaders & discussed about Three days strike & JAC demands. During discussion he mentioned that 78.2 % IDA fitment benefit issue has been discussed in the BSNL Board Meeting two months before but the BSNL Board advised to implement DPE Order only when BSNL starts earning profit and regarding procurement of GSM equipment he mentioned that 5.5 Million GSM lines tender is going to be finalised very soon because evaluation of Techno-commercial bids is completed and the evaluation of Financial Bids of this tender is in process. Regarding other issues i.e Refund of 18,500 Crores Spectrum Charges, 30% Disinvestment of BSNL, VRS to 1 Lakh Employees, Unbundeling of BSNL's last mile copper conductor, ITS Officers absorption, IDA Pension revision of BSNL Pensioners, Issuing instructions to all Govt. Departments /PSUs to take Telecom Services from BSNL, Reimbursement of license fee and USO charges etc. he mentioned that all these issues are under the consideration of DoT and he advised to meet DDG(SU) DoT to discuss further the status of all these issues. M-09426201999

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

BSNL Latest News by Ashok Hindocha M-09426201999

CMD BSNL called JAC Leaders and discussed about Three days strike & JAC demands. During discussion he mentioned that 78.2 % IDA fitment benefit issue has to be decided by BSNL Board based on BSNL profitability. Regarding other issues, he advised to meet DDG(SU), DoT. After meeting the CMD, in view of the casual treatment of BSNL Management / DoT Administration, JAC decided to make three days strike call a Success . Strike call holds good. M-09426201999