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Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 NORAD Tracks Santa (HD)-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999

Friday, December 28, 2012

Rectification of Faults on Sundays & Holidays.-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999 NWO- CFA Cell, 8 th Floor, Corporate Office, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, H.C. Mathur Lane Janpath, New Delhi-110001 Tel No 011-23716688, Fax No 23766033 Email: No. 8-23/2012-PHM Dated: 24.12.2012 To, All CGMs All Telecom Circles/Telephone Districts. Sub: Rectification of Faults on Sundays & Holidays. It has been observed that faults occurring on Sundays/holidays or on previous evening thereto, are not being attended on such closed holidays. This causes lot of inconvenience and irritate customers specially internet users of BSNL. CMD has directed to have a mechanism in place so that especially on such holidays faults are rectified on Sundays and holidays. Broadband being a premium segment of CFA, the above mechanism must immediately be used to rectify faults and must not be kept pending on account of holidays. A report on action taken on above may be sent to this office for the appraisal of CMD. (Rajesh Kumar) Addl. GM (NWO-I) CFA Copy to: 1. Dir (CFA), BSNL CO. New Delhi: - w.r.t. instructions contained in No. 51-Cordn-I/2012 dated 18.12.2012. 2. CGM (ITPC), Pune- For information and n/a please.

DOT moves for VRS to 1 lakh BSNL employees – A Press Report by vannamboodiri

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DOT moves for VRS to 1 lakh BSNL employees – A Press Report by vannamboodiri
I am reproducing below a report on the proposal of the DOT to initiate VRS in BSNL. Our view points are very clear. We are completely against VRS and the points raised in the report have already been answered by the union several times. The report is given to show that we have to be prepared for sustained struggles in the matter::The news report is given below:

Press Report
Government of India seems to have made up its mind on cutting the number of employees in state-owned BSNL by a third, or 1 lakh, in an effort to turn around the loss-ridden company.

Responding to a question about how BSNL and MTNL can "manage their affairs with such a huge reduction of staff", the Department of Telecom said they will be able to cope with the situation by adjusting their "business processes" and increased use of information technology.

"Both PSUs will be able to manage with reduced staff by way of greater utilization of Information Technology and re-engineering of business processes in tune with the current business environment," junior telecom minister Milind Deora said.

The company's losses have increased by about 30% in the last financial year to Rs 8,851 crore, largely on account of the unsustainably high number of employees. BSNL has a total revenue of about Rs 28,000 crore.

For example, its biggest competitor Bharti Airtel, which has a revenue of about Rs 72,000 crore, has only about 22,000 employees (some of whom may be part of its operations outside India). However, it may be noted that Bharti is not involved heavily in labor-intensive land-line operations and has outsourced the management of IT, towers and radio networks to IBM, Indus towers and telecom equipment makers like Nokia Siemens Networks.

However, even including employees that are possibly employed by these companies for Bharti, the total tally is likely to be only about 50,000-70,000, or about one-fourth to one-fifth of BSNL's.

Even after the voluntary retirement scheme is implemented, BSNL will still have an unusually large employee base of about 2 lakh. However, as a large section of BSNL's employees are in the 40-50 age bracket, unlike private companies', the number of employees are likely to decrease by natural retirement as well.

Asked if BSNL has been continuing to recruit employees despite being overstaffed, Deora said the recruitment was required to meet its operational requirements.

"During the last five years, BSNL has recruited 48 Deputy General Managers (DGMs), 628 Junior Accounts Officers (JAOs), 4171 Junior Telecom Officers (JTOs) and 7213 Telecom Technical Assistant (TTAs). The appointments are not in excess of BSNL’s requirement," he said.

MTNL hired 235 executives during the last five years.

BSNL is also in the process of 'repatriating' hundreds of Indian Telecom Officers (ITOs) back to the DoT.

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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Latest BSNL News-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999 M -94262 54999 [26.12.2012]Corporate Office releases New Recognition Rules. Corporate office has issued order, introducing BSNL's New Recognition Rules. Many of the retrograde proposals, made earlier by the Management, have been dropped, based on the stiff opposition from BSNL Employees Union. Now, we hope that the 6th Membership Verification will be held without any further delay. <> <> [26.12.2012]The tragic death of com.Umesh Yadav, contract worker, Jabalpur. CHQ is shocked and deeply grieved to inform that com.Umesh Yadav, a contract worker and an active member of BSNL Casual and Contract Workers Federation at Jabalpur, met with a tragic death while on duty, yesterday the 25-12-2012. While a telephone post was being removed, in connection with the digging of a trench, for laying sewage pipeline, it fell and hit com. Umesh Yadav, who was engaged in cable maintenance work. The comrade sustained severe head injury and was declared dead when rushed to the hospital. We severely condemn the negligence of the Jabalpur Municipal and BSNL authorities, due to which the tragic death has occurred. Com.Umesh Yadav is survived by his parents, wife and two sons. We pay our heartfelt condolence to all of them. [26.12.2012]While the poor languish in hunger, 'mantris' make crude jokes - Article Telecrusader January, 2013< [24.12.2012]Corporate Office letter on rectification of faults on Sundays and Holidays<> [24.12.2012]CHQ writes to GM (SR), BSNL on 28th Meeting of National Council – submitting additional items for discussion <> [24.12.2012]CHQ writes to Director (HR), BSNL on issue related to the 52 TSMs of Chennai Circle, reinstated based on Hon’ble CAT order<> [22.12.2012]The Circle Conference of Madhya Pradesh at Guna<> [21.12.2012]BSNL order on issue of grant of 5 (five) advance increments on the minimum of revised E1 IDA pay scale of Rs.16400-40500/- to JAO (Departmental) at par with directly recruited JTOs/JAO<> [21.12.2012]Massive March to the Parliament held. A massive March to the Parliament was held yesterday, the 20-12-2012. The Rally was organized by the Central Trade Unions, as a precursor for the upcoming two days strike, that will be taking place on 20th and 21st February, 2013, and to press upon the demands contained in the Charter of Demands for the strike. BSNLEU members participated in the rally in a large number. From the CHQ, com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, com.Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS, and com.Saibal Sengupta, Asst.General Secretary, participated in the rally. CHQ congratulates all the comrades who participated in the rally. [21.12.2012]CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on Holding of the JTO LDCE immediately<> [20.12.2012] BSNL floated tender for bank loan. BSNL has floated a tender for availing Bank loan of Rs.18,000 crore. This is the first time that BSNL is going in for availing such a huge loan. However, the purpose of availing such a huge loans is not known. [20.12.2012]Items for discussion in the 28th Meeting of National Council submitted<>

Baroda Branch Conference held on 22nd December, 2012 at Baroda Management Association Hall, Baroda. Shri R.M.Belani - CS, Shri R.S. Parihar - Advisor, Shri M.K.Ramchandran - VP & Rashmin-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999,
22-12-2012 Baroda Branch Conference held on 22nd December, 2012 at Baroda Management Association Hall, Baroda. Shri R.M.Belani - CS, Shri R.S. Parihar - Advisor, Shri M.K.Ramchandran - VP & Rashmin Gohel -AFS, attended the meeting and addressed the gathering. Shri. S.S.Chitre, Shri D.H. Aradhye, Smt. Sowmya Ganesh elected as Branch Secretary, Branch President & Branch Finance Secretary respectively. Click here for Glimpses

Saturday, December 22, 2012

The Hindu---BSNL Latest inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999
BSNL on life support as Pitroda’s
recommendations gather dust
Shalini Singh
Once India’s leading telecom operator and a Navratna, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd.’s (BSNL)
finances now paint a scary picture of a company on critical life support and in the absence of
immediate attention, with very little hope of survival.
BSNL’s losses for the last three years already exceed $3 billion at Rs.17,058 crore. This is in
spite of the fact that it registered a whopping income of Rs.89,667 crore or $16 billion but
outclassed that with an expenditure of Rs.1,07,095 crore or nearly $20 billion, far in excess of
this income. [See chart].
Ironically, in the same period that BSNL has seen a steady decline, the telecom sector, in the
last decade has gone on to produce several new billionaires. When contacted, Telecom
Minister Kapil Sibal told The Hindu that the main crisis was on account of 45 per cent of
BSNL’s income going towards salaries as against a 4-5 per cent-level in the private sector.
“We are working on an attractive VRS scheme and will eventually boost incomes by
leveraging BSNL’s real estate bank, renting out its telecom towers and fibre optics capacity”.
The perfect prescription for BSNL’s revival remains elusive. Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime
Minister, had headed a committee to review BSNL’s operations in 2009-10. The committee
had recommended selection of the best professionals from the private sector at market rates,
and appointment of an eminent person from the private sector as chairman. It suggested
separating the post of Managing Director/CEO from CMD and a change of the board’s
composition to seven directors — one internal MD/CEO, one non-executive chairman, two
government nominees and three external directors.
Mr. Pitroda had recommended providing three-year contracts with specific targets for all key
management team members and establishing four independent business units for Fixed
Access, Mobility, Enterprise and New Businesses. On the human resource side, the committee
had recommended completing the Indian Telecom Service (ITS) absorption process while
inducting significant young talent in technology, IT, marketing and sales. A sharp reductionwas also suggested through retirement or transfer of one lakh employees through processes
such as voluntary retirement scheme (VRS).
Mr. Pitroda had further recommended disinvesting 30 per cent stake through a strategic
Indian investor and an initial public offering (IPO) of which 10 per cent should be returned to
the government and 20 per cent used for BSNL’s employee VRS, expansion and operations.
He had targeted providing 30 million new high-speed broadband connections in the next
three years and significantly, unbundling local loop for public and private companies. He also
recommended setting up of two separate subsidiary companies for tower-related
infrastructure and land bank and other real estate assets.
No to Sam
The Telecom Commission deliberated these recommendations and then set up an Internal
Committee led by Member Services. The Internal Committee submitted its recommendations
on October 29, 2010, based on which the Telecom Commission decided that taking 30-50
professionals from the market at market rates, changing the board constitution or separating
the posts of chairman and MD may not be feasible in only one public sector undertaking
(PSU) as it may simultaneously trigger protests from BSNL and demand for similar treatment
by other PSUs.
Further, the Telecom Commission felt this was not the opportune time for listing and
disinvestment of BSNL, as the company was on a downward performance path and
disinvestment might not realise the true value of the company. In the absence of listing,
option of giving stocks as incentive to key management is also not available. On the issue of
VRS, the panel said that VRS across the board might not be required; BSNL could examine
option of VRS for select categories, examining financial burden and cost/benefit of the
On issues of adopting a managed capacity or managed services model — the view of the
Internal Committee that the BSNL Board may take a view — was endorsed, while unbundling
of the local loop was a commercial decision, which should be decided by BSNL board after
critically examining the issue. On all other issues relating to BSNL’s operational and
commercial issues, the Committee has left the decision to the BSNL board. The Telecom
Commission also said that it might revisit its decisions relating to disinvestment, VRS and
unbundling of local loop “if the need arose in the context of any major policy decisions
involving restructuring and repositioning of BSNL”.

21.12.2012]Massive March to the Parliament held.-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999

21.12.2012]Massive March to the Parliament held.
A massive March to the Parliament was held yesterday, the 20-12-2012. The Rally was organized by the Central Trade Unions, as a precursor for the upcoming two days strike, that will be taking place on 20th and 21st February, 2013, and to press upon the demands contained in the Charter of Demands for the strike. BSNLEU members participated in the rally in a large number. From the CHQ, com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, com.Animesh Mitra, Dy.GS, and com.Saibal Sengupta, Asst.General Secretary, participated in the rally. CHQ congratulates all the comrades who participated in the rally. M -94262 54999

[19.12.2012]November, 2012 witnessed sharpest fall in GSM Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

[19.12.2012]November, 2012 witnessed sharpest fall in GSM customers
GSM operators have lost a whopping 9.68 million customers in the month of November, 2012. The number of GSM customers lost by the four private operators is as follows:-

          Bharati Airtel         - 2.8 million
          Vodafone             - 2.38 million
          Idea Cellular         - 1.56 million
          Aircel                   - 1.46 million

There figures are released by the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAI)

- Economic Times – 19.12.2012          
  M -94262 54999

Friday, December 21, 2012

Women’s Organisations March to Rashtrapathi Bhawan for justice-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999

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Women’s Organisations March to Rashtrapathi Bhawan for justice

 by vannamboodiri
Hundreds of young men and women gathered near Parliament House, at Rail Bhawan, to protest against the brutal rape of the young girl still battling for her life at Safdarjang Hospital. Carrying placards, “My Body My Right” the protestors shouted “We Want Justice”, “Home Minister Istifa Do” as they marched up Raisina Hill to Rashtrapati Bhawan. They were all wearing black badges, head and arm bands to register their protest.
The anger was palpable as the students led the demonstration making it clear that they would no longer tolerate the apathy of the government, the complicity of the police force and the inaction of the authorities that had made Delhi so completely unsafe for women. The demonstrators stopped at Rashtrapati Bhawan, halting briefly at both the Home Ministers office and the Prime Ministers Office to raise their demand for action.
The police, and the Government must send out a strong message of zero tolerance on cases of violence against women. The protests will continue until our demands are met.
1. Take immediate steps to enact the Sexual Assault Bill.
2. Increase patrolling and deployment of police, including police women in public places so that such incidents can be prevented, and women’s safety assured;
3. Improve infrastructure to make cities safer for women.
4. Fast track courts to deal with rape cases, hearings to be held on a day to day basis, so that sentence can be delivered within a period of 6 months. Police investigation to be conducted in a time bound manner.
5. Standardized investigation procedures be 
M-94262 54999

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

BSNL Latest News-Information By Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999 M -94262 54999
[18.12.2012]Second Day of the Dharna
The second day of the Dharna, as called on by the Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions, is successfully taking place throughout the country today. At the Corporate Office, a big gathering participated in the Dharna, which was addressed by all the General Secretaries, including Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, BSNLEU. CHQ congratulates all the leaders and comrades for successfully implementing the call.

[18.12.2012]ITS repatriation case came up for hearing in the Hon'ble Delhi High Court today
ITS repatriation case came up for hearing today in the Hon'ble Delhi High Court. ASG gave copy of the minutes of the meeting of Committee of Secretaries and told the Hon'ble Delhi High Court that Cabinet will take decision on ITS repatriation by mid January. On this Hon'ble Delhi High Court fixed 01.02.2013 as the next date of hearing.

[18.12.2012]Telephone Subscribers' Base in India for the month of October 2012<>

[17.12.2012]Two Day Dharna programme started successfully<>

[17.12.2012]UPA govt. uses CBI to ‘black mail’ Mulayam - Samajwadi Party accuses
It is known to everyone that the UPA 2 govt. is not having majority in Parliament. However, when voting took place on the FDI issue in both houses of the Parliament, the govt. got majority votes. Especially, the Samajwadi Party and BSP, which severely opposed FDI when the debate took place, finally supported the same when voting took place. How? UPA govt. uses it’s influences to manufacture majority. The influences are of two type. 

(i)          Money power: - Walmart has confessed that it has spent Rs. 125/- crore, to promote it’s business interests in India. It is not difficult to understand who would have received this amount. 

(ii)       The UPA uses the CBI to promote it’s interests. There are reasons to suspect that govt. has used CBI to make Mulayamji and Mayawatiji to ‘fall in line’. 

Proof: - Samajwadi party has now openly accused that the UPA govt. is blackmailing Mulayamji through the CBI, to make him support the quota bill in the Parliament. [The Hindu dated 17.12.2012]

[17.12.2012]JTO LDCE to be held in the 1st week of June
Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, held a detailed discussion with the Sr.GM (Rect.), today the 17.12.2012, on holding the JTO LDCE earlier than July 2013. This was in continuation of the discussion already had with Director (HR), on the subject. The GS abundantly impressed upon the Sr.GM (Rect.) that holding the exam in July 2013 will be too late, in view of the fact that the employees are denied the opportunity for the past so many years and strongly pleaded that the exam should be held earlier. Sr.GM (Rect.) explained that a minimum of 3 months’ notification is required to hold the exam. He further explained that the exam for Direct Recruitment of TTAs is already scheduled to be held in the last week of May 2013 to fill up 2600 posts and it could not be postponed. In view of the above circumstances and considering the request of the Union, he agreed to hold the JTO LDCE in the first week of June, 2013, for which notification will be issued in February, 2013.

[15.12.2012]Discussion with Management on New Recognition Rules
Discussion took place yesterday the 14.12.2012, between BSNLEU and the Management, on the issue of New Recognition Rules. We firmly told that the retrograde proposals of the Management, such as conducting future verifications under check off system, reducing the number of office bearers at various levels, restrictions in making nominations to the councils etc. cannot be accepted. We have strongly told the Management that the existing facilities should not be curtailed. Management has also assured to look into some of the proposals made by us. Com. P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President and Com. Saibal Sengupta, Asst. General Secretary participated in the meeting. From the Management’s side, Shri Neeraj Verma, GM (SR), Shri Mukesh Meena, DGM (SR) and Shri Wadwa, AGM (SR) participated.

[14.12.2012]Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) holds conciliation on the call to hold dharna on 17th & 18th December, 2012
The Deputy Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) held conciliation today the 14.12.2012, between the leaders of the Joint Forum and BSNL Management. Leaders of the Joint Forum firmly told the Chief Labour Commissioner that it will not be possible to defer the dharna programme without any improvement on the demands contained in the notice for the struggle. The next conciliation will take place on 03rd January, 2013. Following is the copy of the minutes of the meeting.<>
[14.12.2012]8th General Convention of the Telecom Employees Association of Nepal<>
[12.12.2012]Hold solidarity demonstrations supporting the strike of the Central Govt. Employees.                                                                                                                 
The Central Govt. Employees are on a One Day strike today the 12-12-2012, as per the call of the Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and Workers.  The strike is against the PFRDA Bill, demanding Universal Public Distribution System, Wage Revision, etc. (See website updating dated 07-12-2012). CHQ has already given call to conduct solidarity Lunch Hour Demonstrations today, in support of the strike. Circle and District secretaries are requested to ensure the effective implementation of the call.

[12.12.2012]8th General Convention of Telecom Employees Association of Nepal
The 8th General Convention of Telecom Employees Association of Nepal (TEAN) is being held atKathmandu today and tomorrow, i.e., on 12th and 13th December, 2012. BSNLEU and TEAN is having fraternal relationship for the past so many years. Com. P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary and Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President are attending the Convention. BSNLEU conveys it’s revolutionary greetings to TEAN, for the success of it’s 8th General Convention.

[12.12.2012]Two day Dharna on 17th & 18th December – Circle & District Secretaries are requested to convene meeting of the Forum
The Joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions and Associations have already given call to conduct 2 day dharna on 17th and 18th December, 2012, on the issues of ITS repatriation and viability of BSNL and MTNL. Circle and District Secretaries of BSNLEU are requested to ensure the immediate holding of the Forum meetings at each and every circle and district level, to plan the successful implementation of the 2 day dharna. 

[12.12.2012]Joint Forum notice to Secretary, DoT, CMD BSNL and CMD MTNL for two days dharna on 17th & 18th December, 2012 <>
[11.12.2012]Assam Circle Executive Committee meeting held at Dibrugarh <>
[11.12.2012]NE – I Circle conducted successful Branch Secretaries Convention at Shillong<>
[11.12.2012]Walmart used money power for gaining entry in India. 
A few days back, both the houses of our Parliament have voted in favour of allowing FDI in the multi-brand retail trade. Even such of those MPs and parties which opposed FDI in the multi-brand retail trade, did not vote against it when actual voting took place in the issue. What was the reason? Undoubtedly, those parties and MPs were influenced to vote in favour of allowing FDI. They were influenced in many ways. One way was using money power. Now the Walmart itself has made a disclosure that it spent $25 million (Rs. 125 crore), on lobbying, which includes efforts to gain foot hold in the Indian market (Times of India- 11-12-2012). It is not only Walmart, but all the multi national companies use their enormous financial muscle to capture market in the 3rd World Countries. Now, Walmart itself has made the disclosure. What more evidence is required? Walmart might have won the battle in the Parliament. But the people of the country should fight the battle on the streets to chase Walmart, etc., out of the country. Yes, it is possible.

[11.12.2012]Respectful homage to com. K.G. Bose
It is today, 11th December, that com. K.G. Bose left us 38 years ago. The ideological path shown by the great leader, who dedicated his entire life for the cause of the working class, is still guiding thousands and thousands of leaders in the trade union movement. BSNLEU dips it’s banner and pays it’s respectful homage to com. K.G. Bose.

[11.12.2012]DoT's direction on payment of pension contribution by BSNL<>

[08.12.2012]Conference of the West Bengal State BSNL Coordination Committee.<>

[07.12.2012]Corporate Office letter on application of reservation roster for SC/ST employees in the Non-Executive Promotion Policy (NEPP) - Circulation of CAT, Madras Bench Judgment and Hon'ble High Court of Madras judgement.<>

[07.12.2012]Central Govt. Employees go on one day strike on 12-12-2012. Organise solidarity demonstrations.
The Confederation of Central Govt. Employees and workers has given call for one day strike on 12-12-2012, on the following demands:-

    1)     Scrap the New Pension Scheme and withdraw the PFRDA Bill.
    2)     Reintroduce the Universal Public distribution system.
    3)     Stoppage of outsourcing and contractisation.
    4)     Regularisation of the Casual, Contingent and Daily Rated Workers, as well as the
        Grameen Dak Sewaks.
    5)      Set up the 7th Central Pay Commission, for wage revision of the Central Govt.
    6)      Remove the arbitrary restrictions on Compassionate Ground Appointments.
    7)      Revive the Negotiating forums, i.e., the JCM etc. 

CHQ calls upon the Circle and District Unions to organize Lunch Hour Demonstrations on 12-12-2012, to extend our solidarity to the struggle of the Central Government Employees and Workers, for their justified demands. 

[07.12.2012]6th Membership verification and the New Recognition Rules. 
CHQ  has demanded that the recognition period of BSNLEU should be extended beyond 13-02-2013 and until the 6th Membership Verification is conducted, if the Management is not in a position to conduct the verification on time. Without prejudice to this demand, BSNLEU has given it’s views on the proposals of the Management, for framing BSNL’s Recognition Rules. The Sr.GM (SR) assured com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, on 05-12-2012 that the Management has no intention to delay the Verification. He further told the GS that the notification for the Verification would be issued soon and for that matter he wants to finalise the Recognition Rules without delay.

[07.12.2012]Settlement of 78.2% IDA fixation.
Every day our comrades are eagerly making calls to the CHQ and enquire as to when the approval of DoT would be given for the 78.2% IDA fixation. CHQ of BSNLEU as well as the Forum are very eager to settle this demand without delay. CHQ has written to the Secretary, DoT, in this regard. Further, the Joint Forum has given call to conduct two days dharna on 17th and 18th December,2012, on this issue also. BSNLEU and Forum will ensure that there is no undue delay in the settlement of this issue.

[06.12.2012]Holding the JTO LICE at the earliest possible date
BSNLEU is continuously taking up the issue of holding the JTO LICE at the earliest possible date. This has already been discussed with the Director (HR). This issue is further discussed by com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, with the Sr.GM (Rectt.), today the 06.12.2012. The Sr.GM (Rectt.) acknowledged that the Director (HR) has already discussed the issue with him. He further assured that he is trying to fix a time schedule earlier than July, 2013 for holding the exam. CHQ will continue with it’s efforts to hold the exam at the earliest.

[06.12.2012]Corporate Office letter on preparatory exercise for All India Eligibility List of JTOs(T)<>

[06.12.2012]CHQ letter to CMD BSNL regarding the shut down of the West Zone Call Centre<>

[06.12.2012]Joint Forum decides to conduct enmasse dharna on 17th and 18th December, 2012 
The Joint Action Committee of BSNL and MTNL Unions, which met on 04.12.2012 reviewed the ongoing agitational programme and took the following decisions. 

(1)   The ongoing agitation on ITS repatriation issue is to be intensified. In addition to the ITS repatriation issue, the following issues connected with the viability of BSNL and MTNL are also to be included in the charter of demands. 

a)    Repayment of BWA spectrum fee.
b)   Adequate compensation for BSNL’s rural land line operations.
c)  Immediate releasing of fund from USO fund.
d)   Exempting BSNL and MTNL from payment of fee for the 2G spectrum they are holding
    beyond 4.4 MHz.
e)   Procurement of equipments and materials.
f)    Exempting BSNL and MTNL from spectrum refarming.
g)   Exempting BSNL and MTNL from payment for Spectrum Liberalisation.
h)   Payment of pension by the government in respect of MTNL employees.
i)     Immediate issuing of Presidential Directive for 78.2% IDA fixation to BSNL employees. 

(2)   Highlighting the above demands, it is decided to conduct a two day nationwide ‘enmasse dharna’ on 17th and 18th December, 2012. 

[05.12.2012]BSNLEU's views on Management's proposals for New Recognition Rules<>

[04.12.2012]Joint Forum is meeting today
The Joint Forum of BSNL & MTNL Unions is meeting today, to take decision on the future course of action in ITS repatriation issue.

[04.12.2012]Supreme Court Reimposes the ceiling of 200 SMSs per day 
The Supreme Court has set aside the order of the TDSAT, which had earlier quashed the order of the TRAI, which had imposed a ceiling of 200 SMSs per day. The TRAI first imposed a ceiling of 100 SMSs per day. Later on this limit was raised to 200. However, the TDSAT quashed that ceiling. With the order of the Supreme Court, the ceiling of 200 SMSs per day is once again coming into force.
[03.12.2012]CHQ writes to GM (Admn.) on issuing of free SIM cards to the staff- Non-implementation of the decision of the National Council meeting held on 07-08-2012<>
[01.12.2012]Tamil Nadu Circle  Executive Committee meeting held at Chennai.<>
[01.12.2012]Orissa circle conducts successful Branch Secretaries’ Convention.<>
[26.11.2012]Joint Forum leaders meet MoS, Communications 
Leaders of the Joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions, met Dr. Kruparani Killi, Minister of State for Communications, on 24.11.2012 and presented a memorandum, demanding the immediate repatriation of the non-optee ITS officers. 

[26.11.2012]Personal upgradation of the officiating JTOs 
While taking all out efforts to ensure the early conducting of the JTO LDCE, CHQ is also taking efforts so that BSNLEU’s demand of personal upgradation of the officiating JTOs is settled without any further delay. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, has already held discussion with the GM (Estt.) and has demanded to take appropriate action for bringing the Chandigarh Court case to an end, so that the issue of personal upgradation of officiating JTO’s can be taken up.  

[26.11.2012]Hold JTO LDCE at the shortest possible time – BSNLEU writes to Director (HR) 
CHQ of BSNLEU is trying it’s best to ensure that the JTO LDCE is held at the shortest possible time. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, discussed the issue with the Director (HR) today, who has assured to do the needful.<

[26.11.2012]Renewal of MoU with Canara Bank 
CHQ has already written to Corporate Office (on 05.11.2012) on the renewal of MoU with Canara Bank, for availing of loans by BSNL employees. Corporate Office has already initiated action in this regard. However, Canara bank authorities are still awaiting approval from their Corporate Office at Mumbai, for renewal of the MoU. CHQ is persuing the case.

[24.11.2012]Joint Forum decides to intensify the struggle.
The Joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL Unions and Associations met yesterday the 23-11-2012. The meeting congratulated all the unions and associations and their leaders, for making the March to Parliament, held on 22-11-2012, a grand success. As regards future course of action on the ITS repatriation issue, the following decisions are taken.

(1) The struggle is to be intensified further. For deciding the future course of action the Joint Forum will meet on 04-12-2012.

(2) The Joint Forum leaders will meet the ministers and secretaries, connected with the ITS repatriation issue and discuss.

[22.11.2012]Massive march to Parliament - 22.11.2012<>

[21.11.2012]March to Parliament on 22-11-2012 on ITS repatriation issue Conduct demonstrations throughout the country.
As per the decision of the Joint Forum of BSNL and MTNL unions and associations, a massive March to Parliament is being organized on 22-11-2012, demanding immediate repatriation of the non-optee ITS officers. It has also been decided that Nation-wide demonstrations should be conducted on the same day. Hence, circle and district secretaries are requested to contact the other constituents of the Forum and organize the demonstrations effectively.

[20.11.2012]Conciliation conducted by Dy. CLC on the demands of the strike held on 16-11-2012.
In continuation of the conciliatory proceedings held on 16-11-2012, shri S.K. Chand, Dy. CLC, conducted conciliation today between the United Forum and the BSNL Management. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President, Com. Animesh Mitra, Dy. GS, Com. R.L. Moudgil, AGS, Com. V. Subburaman, GS, TEPU, Com. Suresh Kumar, GS, BSNL MS and Com. Thomas, AGS, BSNL MS Participated in the meeting. Union leaders strongly pressed for taking action against Adesh Kumar Gupta and others, as demanded in the strike notice. After hearing the views of both sides, the Dy. CLC ordered that next meeting will take place on 06-12-2012, before which BSNL Management should hold a meeting between Director (HR)/ CMD and the Unions.

[20.11.2012]Notification issued for holding JTO LICE and Telecom Mechanic LDCE. 
Due to our consistent efforts Corporate Office has issued notification for holding JTO LICE, for the vacancies upto 31-03-2012. Similarly, the notification for holding Telecom Mechanic LDCE is also issued. We sincerely thank the administration for taking a positive decision on these.

[19.11.2012]All Union meeting on Recognition Rules.
The All Union meeting, convened by BSNL Management on Recognition Rules, took place today the 19-11-2011. Com.P.Abhimanyu,GS  and com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, represented BSNLEU. Management gave it’s proposals for framing it’s Recognition Rules. It contains many retrograde proposals, which requires in depth discussion. It will take a least a few more months to finalize the new recognition rules, based on these proposals. Since the recognition period of BSNLEU will lapse on 13-02-2013, there will not be any recognized union for the Non-Executive employees thereafter. Such a vacuum will be detrimental to the interest of the employees. It seems that Management also wants such a situation. We cannot allow such a situation to arise. .Hence, Management has to immediately start the process for conducting the 6th Membership Verification. In view of this, BSNLEU demanded that the 6th Membership Verification should be conducted based on the existing Code of Discipline and thereafter the new recognition rules can be finalized by holding threadbare discussions. On hearing the views, Management side stated that unions can give their view points in writing within the next ten days. The following is the proposals given by the Management for new recognition rules.<>