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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

78.2% IDA fixation and NE 12 pay scale approved by BSNL Ashok hindocha M-09426254999

[28.08.2012]78.2% IDA fixation and NE 12 pay scale approved by BSNL Board
     \\\ M-          
CHQ informs with great jubilation that both the 78.2% IDA fixation, as well as the NE 12 pay scale, have been approved in the Board of Directors meeting, that took place today. The 78.2% IDA fixation issue will now go for the approval of the DOT, which we will try to get as early as possible.  

CHQ congratulates the entire Non-Executives and Executives of BSNL, whose unwavering preparedness to go on the indefinite strike clinched the 78.2% IDA fixation settlement. We also sincerely thank all the Directors of the BSNL Board, especially, shri R.K.Upadhyay, CMD, shri K.C.G.K.Pillai, Director (Finance) and shri A.N.Rai, Director (HR), for this approval by the Board.  

Undoubtedly, the 78.2% IDA fixation is a very big achievement. Such an achievement cannot even be dreamed of in any other company, whether in Public Sector or in Private Sector, under such a deteriorating financial condition. The total unity of the Non-Executives and Executives is the basis of this achievement. Let us strengthen this unity in the days to come. 

It may be recollected that ‘some of the so called trade union leaders’ criticized this settlement, and were declaring from roof- tops, that ‘Agreement on 78.2% IDA fixation’ will never be implemented, and that the Management has cheated the Forum Leaders. They stand exposed now. The employees should be cautious about such ‘elements’ in future. M-09426254999

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

BSNL Latest Updated News/Inf. By Ashok Hindocha M-09426254999 BSNL Board Meeting on 28-08-2012....

Last Updated on 19-08-2012 at 10.50 hrs]
 BSNLEU Wishes a very happy Id - Mubarak.

[18.08.2012]Holding of 6th All India Conference from 25th to 28th September, 2012 – Request for sanctioning of Special Casual Leave for CEC members and delegates - CHQ writes to Sr.GM (SR)<>    M-094262 54999 

[18.08.2012]CHQ writes to Corporate Office on disbursement of pension in Kerala Circle, in view of the Onam Festival<>

[18.08.2012]Minister Praful patel ruined Air India: Says the former chief of Indian Airlines.
Generally it is being believed that Air India has gone into loss, only because it is not able to compete with the private airline companies. But it is totally wrong. The former chief of the Indian Airlines, Sunil Arora, has accused that it was the forced decisions of the then civil aviation minister, Praful Patel, that ruined the Air India. In a letter written to the then Cabinet Secretary, B.K.Chaturvedi, on May 28,2005, Sunil Arora has accused that Praful Patel was forcing the Board to take decisions to purchase  more jet aircrafts than required and also to chose routes that are not viable, so that the profitable routes would go to the private companies. He has further accused that even the “seating configurations” were forced to be changed, to favour a particular aircraft manufacturer. In his letter, Sunil Arora has requested the Cabinet Secretary, not to disclose the contents of his letter to any one, except to the Prime Minister, since he was fearing threat to his life and also to that of his family members. However, it seems no action was taken at that time on the letter of Sunil Arora, by the then Cabinet Secretary. Now, two lok Sabha members, Prabodh Panda and Nishikant Dubey, have approached the CVC for a probe into the allegations of Sunil Arora. One thing becomes clear now. Whether it is BSNL or Air India, the public sector companies are being killed only by the pro-private policies of the Govt. as well as by the corrupt politicians.

[17.08.2012]Meeting with CMD BSNL
Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and Com. Swapan Chakraborty, AGS, met Shri R.K. Upadhyay and discussed a number of issues connected with the employees and the company. Since the Board meeting is to take place on 28.08.2012, the leaders requested the CMD to ensure approval of the Board, for 78.2% IDA fixation as well as the NE-12 pay scale. The CMD assured that he would ensure approval of the Board for both these issues in the meeting to be held on 28.08.2012. 

The leaders further requested the CMD to ensure early completion of supply of items like CLIP instruments, modems, OFC, cables and other materials, in respect of which purchase orders have already been placed. The CMD assured that the same would be done. He also informed that Corporate Office has floated one more tender to procure 25 lakh CLIP instruments. He also told the leaders that he would ensure continuous flow of supply in respect of all materials that are required for the maintenance of the services. 

Accepting the invitation of BSNLEU, to attend it’s forth coming AIC to be held at Ludhiana, the CMD assured that he would attend the same. 

[17.08.2012]Continuation of Telecom Stores and Inspection Circles – GS and AGS discuss with the CMD
Based on the information that the Corporate Office is weighing the option of closing down some circles, including the Telecom Stores and Inspection Circles, Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS and Com. Swapan Chakraborty, AGS discussed the issue with Shri R.K. Upadhyay, CMD, today the 17.08.2012. They insisted that the continuation of both these circles is very essential and gave the complete justification for it. CMD assured that the views of the Union would be duly considered while taking a final decision on this issue.

[17.08.2012]All India Conference of BSNL Employees Union will be held at Ludhiana from 25thto 28th September, 2012 - Notification <>

[17.08.2012]CHQ writes to Corporate Office on Disbursement of salary in Kerala Circle, in view of the Onam Festival<>

[17.08.2012]BSNL Board meeting to take place on 28.08.2012
It is learnt that the much awaited meeting of the Board of Directors will take place on 28.08.2012. It is expected that important issues such as 78.2% IDA fixation, NE-12 pay scale etc. will be discussed and decided in this Board meeting.

[17.08.2012]Filling up the seven vacant SSA head posts - CHQ writes to Director (HR)<>
[17.08.2012]CMD's appeal<>
[16.08.2012]Corporate Office letter on holidays to be observed in BSNL Offices during the year 2013<>
[16.08.2012]CHQ writes to Corporate Office on proposal for closure of Telecom Stores Circle<>
[16.08.2012]CHQ writes to CMD, BSNL on closure of Inspection Circle <>
[16.08.2012]Building Fund received at the time of Karnataka Circle Conference held from 10thto 12th August, 2012, at Kudal Sangam<>
[16.08.2012]Shri Tapan Sen, MP raises question in the Parliament on the issue of regularisation of left-out casual labourers<>
[16.08.2012]Health – care of the poor and the callousness of the Government <>
[16.08.2012]78.2% IDA fixation - Whom FNTO is trying to fool? <>
Happy Independence Day
BSNLEU conveys it’s hearty greetings to all the BSNL employees, friends and well wishers, on the occasion of the 66th Independence Day of India.
[14.08.2012]Problems connected with the Free SIM issued to out door staff  - CHQ letter to Corporate Office  <>
[14.08.2012]Chief Labour Commissioner to hold a meeting of all unions and Management, on 27.08.2012, on the issue of making changes to the Code of Discipline<>
[14.08.2012]30% fitment to post 01.01.2007 appointees: some facts <>
[13.08.2012]Saviour of Democracy sends farmer to prison for asking question.<>
[13.08.2012]The successful Karnataka Circle Conference <>

[11.08.2012]Massive Seminar held in the Karnataka Circle Conference
Nearly 1000 delegates and observers enthusiastically participated in the massive seminar, that is held at Kudal Sangam today, the 11.08.2012. The 3 day Karnataka Circle Conference of BSNLEU is being held at Kudal Sangam from 10.08.2012. The Circle Conference is inaugurated by Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS. A seminar on Customer Delight Movement is held today, which was inaugurated by Com. V.A.N. Namboodiri, President. Others who addressed the seminar are Shri P. Ragavan, CGM, Com. C.K. Gundanna, CS, Com. G.B. Salakki, AGS and Shri Shivsankara Reddy, GM. The Circle Conference is continuing.

[11.08.2012]A brief note on the important issues discussed in the National Council meeting held on 07.08.2012<>

[10.08.2012]Andhra Pradesh circle union conducted grand felicitation meeting to com.P.Asokababu <>

[09.08.2012]Decisions of the meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions held on 08.08.2012<>

[08.08.2012]Holding of Limited Internal Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion of UDC to the grade of Assistant Manager in BSNL C.O. <>

[07.08.2012]United Forum meeting held on 06.08.2012
A meeting of the United Forum was held at New Delhi yesterday, the 06.08.2012. Leaders of all the constituents of the United Forum attended the meeting, which was presided over by Com. Suresh Kumar, Chairman of the United Forum. The meeting discussed various issues connected with the organization, staff issues etc. The following decisions were taken unanimously. 

i) On pending staff issues, it was decided to have a discussion with the Director (HR). It is decided to give call for agitational programme, if improvement is not there. 

ii) It is also decided that within one month, circle level Steering Committing meetings of the United Forum should be conducted in all circles and discuss matters connected with coordination by alliance partners and other issues. A report on this should be sent by the circle secretaries to the CHQ.
[07.08.2012]Bogus medical claims in East Godhawari District: The frivolous statement by a corrupt officer <>
[06.08.2012]Building donation by officiating JTOs of Andhra Pradesh Circle
The officiating JTOs of Andhra Pradesh Circle, under the leadership of Com. Kabeer Dass, have donated Rs.55,000/- to the CHQ, towards building fund. The Demand Draft was handed over to Com. P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary on 05.08.2012, at the time of the Branch Secretaries Convention, held at Vijayawada. CHQ heartily congratulates the officiating JTO comrades of Andhra Pradesh Circle for the building fund.

[06.08.2012]Telephone Subscribers' Base in India for the month of June 2012 <>
[06.08.2012]Andhra Pradesh Circle Union conducted a three day, massive convention of Branch Secretaries, at Vijayawada<>
[04.08.2012]Status of 78.2% IDA fixation
78.2% IDA fixation has been approved by the Management Committee, in it’s meeting held on 01-08-2012. The issue will now go to the approval of the BSNL Board. Meeting of the Board is likely to take place within this month. Meanwhile, the DoT is learnt to have sent a letter to the CMD BSNL, objecting the clause of the agreement signed with the Forum leaders, in respect of payment of pension, consequent to the fixation of 78.2% IDA. However, we are hopeful that this letter will not stand in the way of the Board giving it’s approval for the 78.2% IDA fixation. 

[04.08.2012]Rs.14,000 is the minimum price for 5MHz of 2G spectrum.
The Union Cabinet has yesterday decided that Rs.14,000 crore will be the minimum price for 5MHz of pan- India 2G spectrum, for auctioning the spectrum to be vacated by the companies whose 122 licences were cancelled by the Supreme Court on 02-02-2012. This is Rs.4,100 crore lesser than the minimum price recommended by the TRAI. In respect of the CDMA spectrum, the minimum price for 5MHz spectrum is fixed as Rs.18,200. Winners in the auction are required to pay just 1/3 of the total bid amount for GSM spectrum and 1/4 for the CDMA spectrum. The remaining amount is to be paid in 10 equal annual instalments, after a moratorium of 2 years.

[04.08.2012]AP circle Union holding Branch Secretaries convention
BSNL Employees Union of Andhra Pradesh circle is holding a three day convention of the Branch Secretaries, at Vijayawada, starting from 03-08-2012. The convention is being presided over by com.G.Mohan Reddy, circle president. Com.J.Sampath Rao, circle secretary, submitted a report, based on which Branch Secretaries are deliberating. A convention titled“Making BSNL financially viable” is also taking place in the convention. Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President and com.P.Asokababu, Dy.General Secretary are attending the convention from the CHQ.

[04.08.2012]Furnishing of yearly expenditure statement to release 25% adhoc welfare grant for the year 2012-13 - Request for <>

[04.08.2012]Expenditure on rent on hiring of  private buildings by BSNL, BSNL C.O. written letters to all CGMs <>

[03.08.2012]Delegates and observers for the AIC – Circle and District Secretaries to note please
All Circle and District Secretaries to note please. CHQ has already announced the number of eligible delegates and observers for each district for the 6th AIC. However, it brought to the notice of the CHQ that many districts and circles are bringing more number of delegates and observers than what is eligible for them. This will create a lot of problems in providing accommodation and food arrangements in the AIC. Hence, CHQ requests all district secretaries and circle secretaries to bring only the number of delegates and observers allotted to them and not to exceed the allotment. It is also to be informed that the Reception Committee will not be held responsible for not providing arrangements to the delegates and observers, who have come in excess of the allotment.

[03.08.2012]Law Ministry says DoT can terminate 3G permits of Bharti, Idea, Vodafone and claim amounts earned by companies for providing these services
The law ministry has said the telecom department can initiate action, including terminating mobile permits of Bharti, Vodafone and Idea, for allegedly violating licence conditions and entering into bilateral roaming agreements in areas where they did not have 3G permits. 

Responding to a telecom department (DoT) query, the Additional Solicitor General has said the DoT was 'well within its rights to claim the amounts earned by companies by providing 3G services for which they did not have any authorisation, permission or license from the DoT'.

[03.08.2012]Corporate Office letter on arresting the disconnections of telephones<>

[02.08.2012]CHQ writes to CMD on opening of contact centres and outsourcing of works, being done by existing BSNL Staff <>

[02.08.2012]Implementation of Hon'ble CAT order on payment of pension to the widow of a TSM who has expired - CHQ writes to Corporate Office <>

[02.08.2012]Helping others is the biggest religion 
The communal riots that took place in Gujarat are still fresh in our minds. However, from that land, a news has come which will help to promote communal harmony. Rafiq Khokhar is a taxi driver in Ahmedabad, who is suffering from kidney failure, and requires kidney transplantation. His wife Ruksana cannot donate kidney to him since their blood groups do not match. Similarly, Gautam, who works in a collage in Ahmedabad requires kidney transplantation. His wife, Kashmira Bhatt, cannot donate kidney to her husband since their blood group also do not match. Now Ruksana is going to donate her kidney to Gautam, since their blood groups match. Similarly, Kashmira Bhatt is going to donate her kidney to Rafiq Khokhar, since their blood groups also match. The Director of Ahmedabad Kidney Hospital says “to help others is the biggest religion”. 

[02.08.2012]Inequality rising in India – says findings of the 68th NSSO 
India’s economy is growing. But it’s fruits are being garnered by the rich, while the poor continue to languish in near destitution. This is what the 68th survey of the National Sample Survey Organisation (NSSO) says. Compared to the previous survey done in 2009-10, the monthly expenditure of the poorest 10% of the population has risen only by 11.5%. But the monthly expenditure of the richest 10% of the population has gone up by 38%.

[01.08.2012]The two day Gujarat Circle Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Employees Union started in Ahmedabad <>  M-094262 54999

Friday, August 17, 2012

BSNL Lates updated news/inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-09426254999

17.08.2012 new M-09426254999 

CAG slams Government in its reports tabled in Parliament on Coal, Power and Delhi Airport: CAG says Coal Mines allocation caused the exchequer a loss of Rs 1.86 lakh crore, much bigger than what the 2G scam cost, Tata and Reliance Power favoured where Reliance alone was benefited to the tune of Rs.29,033 crores and GMR favoured in Delhi Airport thereby causing a loss of Rs.3750 crores to exchequer.

17.08.2012 new

BSNL Board is scheduled to meet at 11.30 hours of 28.08.2012.

16.08.2012 new
Message from CMD., BSNL on Independence Day: Click here.

15.08.2012 new
New mobile radiation norms from September 1: According to the new radiation norms coming into effect from September 1, the radio frequency (RF) exposure limits are to be lowered to 1/10th of the existing level. It will also become mandatory for the specific absorption level (SAR) — the rate at which RF energy is absorbed by the body — to be embossed and displayed on the mobile handset by the manufacturer. SAR level for mobile handsets will also be restricted to 1.6 watt/kg, averaged over a mass of 1 gram of human tissue. Click

BSNL plans revamp of landline services; to invest Rs 400 crore: "We have started process of converting all our exchanges in to NGN (Next Generation Network) exchanges. This will bring to landlines all facilities that are currently available on mobile phones like video calling, call transfer, directory among others," BSNL Chairman and Managing Director R K Upadhyay said. Click

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vilasrao Deshmukh: Vilasrao: The face of the Congress in Maharashtra-inf. by Ashok Hindocha

Vilasrao Deshmukh: Vilasrao: The face of the Congress in Maharashtra M-094262 54999

Mumbai: Vilasrao Deshmukh's rise from a humble background in home town Latur to the Centre was driven by his fierce ambition and sharp political instincts. The two-time chief minister of Maharashtra, Vilasrao aligned himself with the anti-Pawar lobby in the state.
The strength of Vilasrao is borne out by the fact that despite Shinde leading the party to victory as Chief Minister in 2003, it was Vilasrao who was made Chief Minister in 2004.
Despite being a known Pawar adversary, Vilasrao was able to run a coalition government in the state as long as he was the Chief Minister - taking his rivals along while asserting himself.
NCP chief Sharad Pawar said, "He was a person who was committed and proved his mettle as an effective administrator. He could not get sufficient time and now we are missing him."
BJP leader Nitin Gadkari said, "Vilasrao was a good politician and his leadership and character was an example to all of us. Maharashtra will always remember him."
But it was one wrong error of judgement which led to his downfall. When Vilasrao was seen touring the Taj hotel - the hub of the 26/11 Mumbai attacks - with film maker Ram Gopal Verma, an angry top Congress leadership asked him to step down.
Yet, the power of Vilsarao was such that he was instantly placated at the Centre.
Current state Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan said, "We have lost a great leader. He started from the lowest level as Sarpanch and became the Chief Minister of Maharashtra."
He was soon involved in another controversy - Adarsh Housing scam and favouring money lenders. It was no surprise that his last public appearance in the state was to defend his role in the Adarsh Housing scam.
Yet through good times and bad, few can deny he was one of the last of a dying breed of Congressman - those with grassroots support and a ruthless ability to practise real politics.
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