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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

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Monday, March 18, 2013

BSNLEU Latest News by Ashok Hindocha m-9426254999 General Secretary addressed a largely attended election campaign meeting at Ahmedabad. On the evening of 15-03-2013, com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, addressed a largely attended meeting in Navrangpura telephone exchange at Ahmedabad. Com.Gurucharan Ghori, District President, presided over the meeting. Com.Datania, District Secretary, BSNLEU, welcomed all. com.J.M.Prajapati and com.K.V.Patel, senior leaders of BSNLEU and District Secretary, BSNL MS, were also present in the meeting. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, addressed the gathering and explicitly explained to the gathering, about all the achievements of BSNLEU during the last 8 years in which it has functioned as the Recognised Union of BSNL. He also exposed with details, how NFTE betrayed the employees in the matters of Corporatisation, VRS, Pension, Wage Revision, Promotions, etc. He requested the employees to vote massively for BSNLEU, to defend the future of the Company and the employees. V i e w o f t h e a u d i e n c e C o m . P . A b h i m a n y u , G S , a d d r e s s i n g C o m . D a t a n i a , D i s t r i c t S e c r e t a r y , A h m e d a b a d , a d d r e s s i n g M -94262 01999

BSNL Latest Information/News By Ashok Hindocha M -94262 01999 M -94262 01999 BSNL Employees Union – 12 years of Struggles and Achievements by vannamboodiri BSNL Employees Union – 12 years of struggles and achievements (Part-1) 22nd March 2013 is the 12th Birth Anniversary of BSNL Employees Union, the mighty organisation of the BSNL workers. It was formed at Visakhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, in the National Convention of Telecom Employees held on 21-22 March 2001 in the presence of late Com. E.Balanandan, President, CITU, one of the beloved leaders of the working class. P&T Workers have been unionised since the early part of the 20th century. It was not easy to organise the government employees under the British imperialist rule. It was with great courage and personal sacrifice that Babu Tarapada and Henry Barton organised Postal and Telegraph workers respectively. Despite much harassment and victimisation the unions strengthened, organised struggles and achieved demands. V.G.Dalvi organised the Postal Union in the second decade. The Postmen strike of 1946, which is also treated as part of the Independence struggle, was historic in all sense. Although started on 11th July 1946 as a Postmen strike, within two weeks the entire P&T workers became part of the struggle and also it got support from the freedom movement. 14 out of the total 16 demands could be achieved by the end of the successful strike. This strike gave a new dimension to the movement and the need for unity of the P&T workers was instilled in the mind of the leaders and the workers. Consequently, the leaders of the existing unions discussed and the Union of P&T Workers (UPTW) was formed in 1947 by merger. In 1954, the National Federation of P&T Employees (NFPTE) was formed by realignment by merging all the existing unions in to 9 All India Unions federated with NFPTE at the apex. Com. B.N.Ghosh, popularly called Dada Ghosh, was the first Secretary General of the united organisation. The 5 days glorious strike of 1960 of the Central government employees was brutally supressed by the central government by treating it as a ‘Civil Rebellion’ and imposing the draconian ‘Essential Service Maintenance Ordinance’(ESMO), putting thousands of employees in jail and also dismissing, suspending, terminating and victimising tens of thousands of employees. But his could not deter the Central Government employees movement from going on a successful one day token strike on 19th September 1968 facing similar victimisation, arrests and confinement. As a result of these struggles, the government was compelled to appoint II and III Central Pay Commissions and revise the wages of the employees, formulate rules for grant of dearness allowance when the cost of living index increases etc. In the 1974 strike for Bonus in which the railway workers participated in lakhs and were brutally victimised, in which a part of the P&T employees under the leadership of Com.K.G.Bose participated, though supressed, resulted in the grant of Bonus in 1978 after the Janatha Government was formed at the centre. The difference in NFPTE started mainly on the approach to the issues as also the method to be adopted. One section of the leadership was of the opinion that the government policies need not be opposed but should try to settle the demands through negotiations and compromise only. The other section led by Com. K.G.Bose, N.J.Iyer, Adinarayana and others wanted to organise struggles, if the demands are not settled by the government. In the stiff contest in elections in NFPTE in 1970, the KG Bose group was elected. But the group led by Com. O.P.Gupta floated a parallel list in the next Federal Council and with the connivance of the Minister got recognition. Two NFPTEs functioned for a few years, but the urge for unity resulted in bringing both the groups together and unity was restored by 1976. Consequent to the bifurcation of the P&T Department in to Postal and Telecommunications in 1985, NFPTE was also bifurcated in to NFPE and NFTE. The revisionists led by Com. O.P.Gupta were in the leadership of NFTE. Differences cropped up in the organisation on issues as well as the compromise being made by the leadership including agreement on ban on creation of posts, surrendering posts for promotion etc. As a result, some of the office-bearers in the unions affiliated to NFTE including Coms. Moni Bose, V.A.N.Namboodiri, M.N.Reddy and J.Renganathan resigned from the office bearer posts protesting against the wrong line of the leadership. In the Bhopal All India Conference of the All India Telecom Employees Union Class III, contest took place and OPG leadership was defeated and Coms.V.A.N.Namboodiri and Moni Bose were elected as President and General Secretary respectively with other office bearers. Though the defeat was gracefully accepted by OPG, after six months, in connivance with the DOT, a dispute was created. The two groups of the union continued functioning separately. After the collapse of the USSR, the global political situation changed. The imperialists led by US started dictating and imposing their decisions on the underdeveloped and developing countries. The economic and foreign policies of Indian government also changed. Instead of the socialist pattern of society, the shift started towards capitalist line. The government started implementing the neo-liberalisation policy of Liberalisation, Privatisation and globalisation(LPG). The PSUs, called the ‘Temples of Modern India’ by the first Prime Minister of the country Jawaharlal Nehru, was treated under the new dispension, as the cemeteries of India. PSUs were disinvested and privatised by handing over the same to private companies for paltry sums. Privatisation became the important mantra of the government. The neo-liberalisation policy has its impact on the telecommunications also. Under the New Telecom Policy 1995, for the first time, private telecom companies were formed and the government granted them licence to provide mobile service, while denying the same to the Department of telecom. This was a starting point of discrimination against DOT and later MTNL and BSNL., the telecom PSUs formed as per the new policy of the government. The unions led by Coms. Moni Bose, V.A.N.Namboodiri, P.S.Raman Kutty, Pabitra Chakroborty and others formed a National Action Committee and organised many struggles against the anti-worker policies and decisions of the government. They participated in all the struggles organised by the central trade unions on the demands of the common workers. They also organised two strikes against the proposal of the government to form a telecom corporation carving out of the Department of Telecom. NFTE kept away from these struggles. Despite opposition from the workers and their unions, BSNL was formed on 1st October 2000. The corporatisation was made easy after the revisionist leadership of NFTE agreed for the same on certain assurance like government pension etc. It was the unions which formed the National Action Committee and organised many struggles against neo-liberalisation and privatisation before and in 2000, that called for the National Telecom Convention at Visakhapatnam on 21-22 March 2013. And as stated earlier, BSNL Employees Union with Com. J.N.Mishra As President, V.A.N.Namboodiri as General secretary and P.S.Raman Kutty as Dy. General Secretary with other office bearers were elected unanimously. Seven unions merged together to form the new union. Thus BSNL Employees Union was born on 22nd March 2001 at the Vishakhapatnam Convention/Conference. (To be continued).

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Kabhi Pyase Ko Pani Pilaya Nahin New bhajan Haresh Khipro-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999

BSNL Latest Up dated information/News By Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999 CONTEMPT PETITION FILED AGAINST SECRETARY, DOT AND CMD, BSNL IN THE HON'BLE DELHI HIGH COURT. The Department of Telecom and BSNL Management have circumvented the judgment of the Hon'ble Delhi High Court, in the matter of ITS repatriation. They have made a mockery of the judgement of the Hon'ble Court by showing on paper, that all the unabsorbed IT'S officers are repatriated to DoT and again brought back on deputation to BSNL. BSNLEU, SNEA and AIBSNLEA, the three organisations which are legally fighting for the repatriation of the unabsorbed ITS officers, have filed a contempt petition in the Hon'ble Delhi High Court, against the Secretary, DoT, and the CMD BSNL on this matter. [14.03.2013]Meeting with GM (TF) on telecom factory issues. Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU and Com. Adhir Kumar Sen, Vice-President met Shri Rajesh Kumar, GM (TF), Corporate Office on 12th March and discussed in detail about the issues facing the Telecom Factories. Shri K.K.Sinha, CGM, Telecom Factory, Mumbai was also present. The BSNLEU representatives raised certain very important issues which were taken up in the last meeting of the National Council and which require urgent attention like modernising the factories and starting production of PLB HDPE pipes and CLIP instruments, manufacturing of VRLA Batteries and ADSL Modem, directing the CGMs / GMs to procure the towers only from the Telecom Factories where hundreds of towers have been manufactured and kept ready for issue, as per the indent of the concerned circles / SSAs etc. The union representatives also demanded that the 29 workers of TF Mumbai as also the Canteen workers be granted NEPP without further delay. GM (TF) assured that he will take up these matters with due importance. [14.03.2013]Meeting with Additional Secretary, DOT Com.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, BSNLEU along with Vice-President Com. Adhir Kr. Sen met Additional secretary, DOT, Smt. Rita Teotiaand discussed about the finance of the BSNL and requested for early release of the Rs. 1500 crore allotted both by USOF and DOT in lieu of the ADC which has been stopped. The union representatives alsostated that since BSNL has surrendered the BWA Spectrum, the charges paid already by it be returned. The present weak financial position of BSNL be considered and both the above amounts be paid to BSNL at the earliest, before 31st March, the end of this financial year. Additional Secretary appreciated our demands. She stated that with regard to the Rs. 1500 crore USOF allotment, the funds are with the Department of Expenditure and the DOT has already approached them for the release of the funds and the same will be actively persued. With regard to the refund of the charges for the surrendered BWA spectrum, the Additional Secretary stated that the government has so far not taken any decision since this is a policy issue and nobody has been given refund for surrender of spectrum so far. However the issue has already been taken with the government. The efforts being made by the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations for improvement of the services were explained by the Union representatives, which was appreciated by the Additional secretary. M -94262 54999

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Take the Ptest! Its fun. - StumbleUpon

Take the Ptest! Its fun. - StumbleUpon

(for Younger Souls)
Dr. Parashkev Stoichev2
1. In the beginning........................................................................................................................ 3
2. Who is God? ........................................................................................................................... 3
3.The Word of God ..................................................................................................................... 4
4. Creation of the universes.......................................................................................................... 5
5. A touch.................................................................................................................................... 6
6. Back to God ............................................................................................................................ 7
7. How to go back to God ........................................................................................................... 8
8. A look ................................................................................................................................... 10
9. The normal human being......................................................................................................... 11
10. The one human nation........................................................................................................... 12
11. A call................................................................................................................................... 12
This booklet was born out of the real “God consciousness” book. In a simpler way it tells the
same thing - the Truth of God.
Also, it is an integral part of a system for moral and spiritual education: the “God consciousness”
Project. ( See the “God Prophecy” book. )3
There was no beginning. There was only God; and the Kingdom of God; and the Light of God.
And then God breathed out again. And once more, out of His breath the universe was born. And the
universe took the forms of God’s Kingdom. And the universe started to go in circles. The stars started to go
in circles. The planets started to circle around the stars. Life started its circle on the planets. And the lands
abounded with flowers - colorful and tender; and with trees - branchy and rustling. And other living creatures
multiplied - creeping, running, flying. And the nature, too, was breathing now.
And God looked at these manifestations of Himself; and He was pleasured.
And only then God decided to show His real image to this world. He created a human. He created
human in His own image. And He put into human’s heart His own heart. And let him live.
And God commanded human to rule over the world just like God rules over His Kingdom.
And God created a magnificent garden to house the human. And God populated the garden with multitudes
of playful animals, so that they may pleasure the eye of human; and filled up the garden with sweet bird songs,
so as to pleasure the ear of human; and gave the human other humans, so that they might pleasure each other
throughout the long human days and nights.
And God looked at these manifestations of Himself; and He was pleasured.
And only then God chose to plant a mighty tree amidst the delightful garden. And He adorned this tree
with tempting fruit. And God said to the human, “Of every tree in this garden you may eat, but of this tree you
shall not eat! For, you will lose the knowledge of Who I am...”
But God already knew human will eat of the fruit.
And God turned and went away; and He remained hidden for the human.
God is One.There are no other gods but Him.God is One and Only.He has created everything out of
Everything in existence is created by God. God is everything. God is each and all. All is God.
Everything in existence is just a manifestation of God. Each thing is just the face of God.Every little
flower, every little creature, stars and seas, winds and mountains, pebbles and pets, every human being is a
face, a manifestation of God. God is in everything. Eternally.
God is eternal. God existed before everything, God has never stopped existing. God will exist forever.4
God has never stopped creating. His might has no limits. He is all the Power and Energy. Everywhere.God
can do everything. God does everything beautifully.
God is the most Beautiful, the most Charming, the most Exciting. Everything that is beautiful is an evidence
of God. Everything that is created by God is beautiful. One day each of us is to see the Beauty of God.
God created everything through Love. God loves each and all of His creations. Limitlessly and eternally.He
loves us like a parent who is in a pure love with his children.God is the whole Love. God is wholly Love.
God is endlessly Patient and Compassionate. God could forgive all. God could forgive everyone. But He
is the most skillful teacher. He gives us punishment to give us knowledge.
God is the Guardian of everything. God is the Defender of everyone.God cares for each his Creature.He
cares for us like a loving parent cares for his beloved kids.
God knows all. All that has been and all that is to be.God knows each His creature completely.
God is endlessly Intelligent. God is the whole knowledge. Out of God every knowledge comes. He gives
us knowledge like a wise teacher who gives advice to his clever but absent-minded pupils.
God gives us all. All we have is given by God - the earth we walk, the air we breathe, the sea we adore,
our mom, dad, brother, friend, beloved dog or flower. God has created all these. And He gave them to us to
give us joy and delight.
God is the source of endless delights. Every our pleasure is a present from God. God is the whole
Pleasure. God is the whole Bliss. God is wholly Blissful. God is always in Bliss. God is in a constant Bliss.
One day each of us will behold the Bliss of God; and will be let into It. Forever.
God needs us near. God wants us to come to Him.This is why He constantly leads us and advises us. He
constantly waits for us. He awaits His beloveds. And our meeting Him will be a great Joy. This is the real
God tells about Himself through the Word He gives to us.
In the Old Testament ( a holy book of the Jews, Christians and Muslims ) God describes Himself
“I am the Beginning and the End, I am the First and the Last. I am the Lord of everything, I am
the Almighty. I am the Everlasting. I am your Lord God Who loves all, Who is merciful and patient,
kind and true. I gave you my Spirit and life, I gave you wisdom and reason, knowledge and every
In the New Testament (the holy book of Christians) God tells about Himself:
“I am the Way and the Truth and the Life. I am the Light of the world. I am the Good Shepherd.
I am the Gate and those who enter It shall be saved and will find comfort. Those who believe in5
Me have everlasting life. I am the bread of life and those who come to Me will never be hungry. You
are into Me and I am into you.”
In the Koran ( the holy book of the Muslims ) the archangel Gabriel tells the prophet
“Say: God is One God ; the eternal God. He gives no birth, He is not born and there is no one
alike Him.”
In Bhagavad Gita ( the holy book of the Vedic religion ) God says about Himself:
“I am the seed that gives birth to everything in existence. I am the power of life. I am the beginning,
the middle and the end of all things. I am the Spirit Who is in the hearts of all creatures. I am the time.
My manifestations are limitless. All beauty comes out of My Magnificence. I pervade and sustain the
whole universe. I am the supreme rule and Ruler of all.”
God has created everything. Everything in existence is created by God.
This Creation God disposes on three levels: Higher, Middle and Lower.
On the Higher level is the universe of the Bliss of God. Here live God Himself along with
those who really love Him: His sincere devotees. Here, amid magnificent gardens and ponds,
seas and skies, palaces and open fields dwell most beautiful creatures. Love reigns amongst them
and an everlasting happiness. Charmed they are by their Beloved: God. And they adore Him
ceaselessly and give Him their love in myriads of ways. And God gives to each and everyone of
them His love, filling their hearts with an endless sweetness and joy. Free they float across this
universe of Bliss and everywhere they find the Delights of God, the Love of God. Here everyone
is completely surrendered, completely devoted to God.
This universe is called by Christians “Paradise” or “God’s Kingdom in Heaven”, the Jews call it
“Gan Eden”, the Vedic religion: “Vaykhunta”.
Now, on the Middle level is situated the universe of the Light of God. This is the entrance
and the anteroom to the universe of God’s Bliss, to the Higher level of Creation. Through
this Entrance of Light only those might pass who love God with pure hearts. Through this
Light here everyone is purified of all one’s limitations and fears, all pain and suffering, hatred
and vice.6
This is why Christians call this universe “Purgatory”, Jews call it “the River of Light”, Muslims
call it “the Bridge of Sirat”, the Vedas call it “Brahmajiyoti”, Buddhists call it “Nirvana”.
And on the Lower level is our universe. Here God has situated our solar system, our planet Earth.
To this Earth He gave skies and seas, continents and mountains, rivers and woods. And He filled
them with countless species of plants and animals. Here God has created the human being. God
created human in God’s own image.And He gave human a physical body and gave it life.
Into this body lives everyone of us here, into it everyone of us lives through the hardships of life.
We go to school, we go to work, we create a family, we create children, we build our home, we build
our career. We live in this world - sometimes better, sometimes not - slowly we grow older and then,
one day, the death of the physical body comes. In death we undress this physical body like worn-out
old clothes and then our soul - a much finer body of ours - sets off into the beyond.
And there, into this beyond, we realize that we are still quite alive in a quite real world around us.
We realize our life has never stopped, will never stop. And death was just a passage from the place
we call “Earth” to the place we call “Beyond”. And in the “Beyond” our voyage continues.Back to
our Creator.
Once upon a time there lived a man. A simple man. A man like any man.
And one night, like every night, the man lay down in his bed and blew out his candle. And he closed his
eyes and started to revolve in his mind again the day that was gone and the day that was to come. And like
every night, soon tiredness overpowered thoughts. And the gates of sleep began to slowly open before the
eyes of his consciousness...
But then, all of a sudden, from behind these gates a powerful voice came. And the voice said, “Your time
has come. Enter!” And the gates stood wide open and a mighty light came forth and consumed everything
around, everything that existed.
And the little man said to himself, “So this is how sudden death was!”
And the soul of the man soared up into the Light; abandoning his body down there in the cold bed, by the
dead candle. And the soul sailed across the Light.
And the soul sailed for a long time. But the Light was all void. And soon the lonely soul thought, “How
wish I had someone to just touch!”
And then, at once, from within the Light, as if out of an effulgent mist shapes began appearing. The
shapes of tall trees surrounding a vast meadow. And at the far end of the meadow there was a great7
palace. And now the shapes became real and bright; and radiating light. And the soul saw the meadow
to become colored by countless shining flowers, and the trees - by myriads of sparkling blossoms, and
the skies - by motley flocks of birds and clouds. And here the soul became aware of other souls -
countless, too, and noisy and spirited. And their luminous faces were all turned to the palace. And
before the palace there stood a throne. And on it the soul beheld the Seated on the throne.
And the soul heard some of the creatures here to chant His holy name. And the soul heard others to
glorify the holy Bliss of Him. And the soul saw some of them to dance before Him, enchanted by joy; and saw
others fall before Him struck down by adoration; and saw some rise up into the skies, floating on their wings
of happiness; and saw others to just sit, and cry.
And the soul, too, realized its Love for Him; and cried. And the soul cried for a long time. Until its eyes
became pure and bright. And the soul looked through these eyes at the Seated on the throne. And He looked
back and smiled with delight.
And only then the Seated stood up and came close and knelt before the newly arrived soul; and bowed
and touched soul’s feet with forehead; and washed these feet and wiped them dry with the neat dress of His
own; and touched soul’s hands and kissed them...
And the soul only whispered, “I found you!”
We said: Everyone of us is a part of God, we are inseparable from God, we are one WHOLE with
God. We are One with God.
But alas, God had sent us here: on the Lower level of Creation. And here each of us feels separated
from God, severed from His Blissful Kingdom. This is the reason why each of us suffers and is slowly filled
up with the painful yearning to return to God, to be again One with God in his universe of Bliss, Love and
Happiness. And this passionate yearning makes us start on our way back to God. We start on the Path to
What is this Path?
This Path begins on the Lower level where we are at present. Then, the Path goes through all the
stages of life and death and, sooner or later, comes to the Middle level of God’s Creation. On this level, as
we said, our soul is purified of all fear and vice, the soul is liberated from all pain and suffering. And so, it
is ready to enter the Higher level of Creation : the universe of God’s Bliss. And there, at last, our soul meets
God. And engulfed into His shoreless Love the soul stays forever with Him, the soul becomes forever One
with Him.8
This is the Path to God.
This Path, though, could be walked only by those who deserve. Those who do not deserve to walk It
stay on in the Lower level and go on studying and suffering.
Who are those who deserve and those who do not deserve to come back to God?
The one who deserves is everyone of us who does Good and thinks Good. Everyone who is Good in
one’s heart and does Good to the other people may walk the Path to God.
But what is Good?
Good is every our act and thought which helps us desire God and helps us come closer to God. And
Good is every our act and thought which helps others desire God and helps them come closer to God.
And when our Goodness takes us closer enough, God opens to us and lets us into His Blissful Kingdom.
But now, who are those that do not deserve this Bliss?
The one who does NOT deserve to return to God is everyone of us who does evil and thinks evil.
Everyone of us who is evil in one’s heart and does evil to others may not walk the Path to God.
What is evil?
Evil is every our act and thought which impedes us from desiring God and from coming closer to
God. And evil is every our act and thought which impedes others from desiring God and coming
closer to God.
Those of us who are evil stay on here: in the Lower level of Creation. And after death we go to the
lower levels of the “Beyond”, as well. There, the same evil creatures like us make us pay all our evil acts
and thoughts by ceaselessly torturing us, by giving us all the evil they are able to.
These are the lower levels of Beyond which Christians name “Hell” or “the kingdom of demons”,
Jews call them “Gehenna”, Muslims: “Jehanama”.
This is where everyone of us stays until one pays off one’s evil deeds and thoughts, until one is purified
of all evil.
And only then one could be Good and start walking towards the highest level of Goodness: the
Blissful Kingdom of God.
For everyone who decides to walk the Path to God there are aids ,which help us in our coming back
home, back to God. God wants us home and this is why He created those aids for us.
What are they?
We already know the first aid: Goodness. Only one who does Good and thinks Good could start9
walking the Path to God.
The second aid is the Prayer. Only through Prayer we could talk to God into our hearts and tell Him all
our pain or all our passion to come to Him. Through Prayer we ask God to help us return to Him into His
Blissful Kingdom.Through Prayer we open to God into our heart and mind.
“Use these simple and easy aids: Goodness and Prayer,” says God, “and you will surely come back to
“Well, but what exactly Goodness and Prayer mean?” we shall ask. “What exactly do we have to do to
be Good? How exactly we have to Pray?”
To answer these questions God has created for us all the religions, all the religious books and the religious
servants: the priests. And they will give us these answers. They will give us the guidance on our way back
home, back to God.
For example, this is what we have to do to be Good, according to the Old Testament:
“Have no other gods but the only true God, our Lord. Do not bow down to idols or serve them. Honor
your mother and father. Do not kill. Do not steal. Do not commit adultery.Do not lie. Do not covet your
neighbor’s property. Help your neighbor. Do not put your hand with the wicked. Do not follow a crowd to do
evil. Do not take bribe. Aid the poor and those in need...”
And in the New Testament the Goodness is described as:
“God is Love. So, love God as yourself. Love each other as God loves each of you. Do good
even to those who hate you. Pray even for those who hurt you. Do to others what you want them do
to you. Forgive your neighbor. Blessed are the merciful and kind, blessed are the peacemakers, the
hungry for truth, the pure in their hearts, because they are to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. And when
you do good do it for God, our Lord, and not only to be praised by the people around ...”
In the Koran, also, God tells us what is Good:
“Believe only in the One God, the true God. Do all for God, and not for yourself only. Pray to God at
least five times a day. Give your riches as alms to the poor. Honor your guest and the stranger and the
foreigner. Be merciful to the weak.Do not gamble. Do not drink alcohol...”
And in the Vedas God advises us how to be Good :
“One has to devote every one’s act and thought to God. One has to first offer to God all that one
possesses. Often read the holy books and listen to the advice of holy men and women. Be friend with those
who need God and Good, and not with those who want evil. Do not take narcotic substances, such as drugs,
alcohol, cigarettes, not-prescribed medicines. No accidental sexual relations...”
And now, here is how God offers us to Pray in the different religions :
Christians pray:
“Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name.
Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.
And do not lead us into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one.
For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever.
Muslims pray :
“Praise be to God, the Lord of the worlds.10
 Praise to Him the All-Merciful, the All-Compassionate
 the King of the day of Judgment!
 It is You we worship, You we beg for help.
 Guide us on the right Path,
 the Path of those to whom You are kindly disposed
 and not of those with whom You are wrathful, and of those who stray.”
In the Vedic and Buddhist religions prayers are used called “mantras” which have to be repeated ceaselessly
in order to purify one’s mind of all evil. The most popular Vedic mantra is “Hare Krishna”.
So, this is how - according to the religion we follow - we have to do Goodness and Prayer in our
everyday life. This is how God wants us to walk His Path. This is how God advises us to live our life here. This
is how God offers us to be NORMAL human beings.
And this is how only, He will meet us back.
Once upon a time there was a man. And he was so handsome that everybody felt pleasure looking at
him. But he was so proud of himself, that he never looked at anybody.
And in the same village a young woman lived. She was not beautiful, she was not ugly, she was just in
love with the handsome man. And as days went on and on, her love grew deeper and deeper. And one day,
she gathered all the courage she could find in herself and went to meet him.
And she met him in front of his house. And she stood before him and looked into his eyes. And she said
simply, “I love you!”
But the handsome man did not look up. He just laughed and joked, “Do you deserve to love a beautiful
god like me!”
“Only love can make you God,” she replied, her eyes still bright. But still blind he was.
And not even looking at the woman, the handsome man entered his house. And he left the lover outside.
And he went on living his proud private life.
And days went on passing by, and months and years passed by and passed by. But one day, suddenly,
as if coming out of a dream, the once-handsome man found out he was a no-more-handsome old man now.
His skin was thin and wrinkled, his hair was thin and white, his hands were tired and wavering. And he was as
lonesome as an old man could be.
He was forgotten by everybody.
And, as he felt his pride come out of him and fly away, a memory appeared in his mind. And the memory
was strangely sweet and touching. And, as if following this memory, the old man went out of his house and11
stood there and looked around, his heart strongly hoping for something. For someone.
And yes! She was there, waiting - the woman whose love he had rejected once. And she was still young
and tender. And a caressing smile was once more on her lips.
Now at last the lonesome man did look into her eyes. And he looked with thirst, and looked, and
looked. And soon he felt he was being engulfed into these eyes. And he felt entering a large limitless space.
And in this space he saw all the planets and all the stars and all the cosmic winds of Universe. And the whole
of Earth was here and all its lands and all its oceans and all its living things and cities. ..
And he saw that, in here, they all shone with a pure peaceful light.
And in this light they all became One.
What is a normal human being ?
The normal human knows that if one follows the Rules and Laws of God one will follow the Path to
God. But the normal human knows, also, that by obeying those Laws one could live well even here on
the Lower level of Creation. These Laws God gave us for our convenience.
In fact, the Laws of God are the laws of our society, too. We live within this our society because we
obey its laws. Our laws tell us not to kill, not to steal, not to lie, not to destroy our neighbor’s property,
not to take bribe, not to oppress other people. All these wrong acts are called crimes. The laws forbid
crime in order to help us live calmly, securely and freely. To live normally.
This is why, everyone who follows these laws is a normal human being. The normal human understands
that if one breaks the laws one breaks one’s own interests, security, calm and freedom. Because, anyone
who kills could easily be killed, too. Anyone who robs could easily be robbed by one’s robber-comrades.
Anyone who lies and gives false evidence soon earns enemies who might be even more skillful in lying.
Anyone who destroys or steals other’s property will, before long, be taken to prison, where one will
have to pay back all one’s crimes, and will receive in return nothing but suffering.Crime gives only
suffering. Who gives evil receives evil only.
This is why the normal human restrains from committing crime.
But if one is committed to Goodness only, one knows that this helps oneself live a normal life:
calmly, securely and freely. Who gives Good is given Good back. The Good one is usually loved by
everybody around and could usually count on everybody’s help and advice. This is why the Good one is
usually successful in life. And a successful one is even more loved and helped to by everybody. Because,
everybody knows that the good one will surely return back these love, help and advice.
And indeed, the Good one helps everybody, respects everyone, has an understanding and compassion12
for every soul. The Good one works along with everybody for the common good. And this is how all
Good and Normal people build up and sustain a one whole society. This is how all normal societies are
built up. The societies of security, peace, freedom, justice, prosperity and common wealth.
And these normal societies, in their turn, build up a one whole normal human society on our planet.
We already know: God is One, and only His manifestations are different. This is why different people give Him
different names and different faces. The Truth of God is also One. But in the different ages God had offered It in
different ways to the different people. This is how different religions were born.
The normal human knows these facts and respects one’s own religion, respects the religions of others around,
the religions of all people all over the world. The normal human knows that:
“Just like myself everyone else is a child of the One God. And so, everyone is my brother or sister. We are one
whole family. My family.”
In this family, God has created every individual to be different. Everyone of us has one’s own individual specific
character and appearance, face and eyes, fate and life, specific way of living, specific way of thinking, specific way
of loving and doing good. To each and everyone of us God has given the right and duty to live in one’s own way.
But the evil and ignorant one knows not these simple facts. The ignorant one thinks everyone who is different
is an enemy. And this is why people hate and fight each other. They are ignorant of the clear truth that we all are
children of One Father: God. We are one family. We are one whole human nation.
But the Good and Normal human knows the Truth of God and respects and protects the rights and the duties
of each and every individual, of the whole society, of the whole humanity. Regardless of all differences. Because, the
Normal human knows: In all differences we are One.
Once upon a time there was a village. At the side of the village there was a placid lake; across it
fishermen sailed at sunrise. At the other side of the village green-grass meadows lay; along them herdsmen13
drove their herds. At the third side of the village a mighty mountain stood; in its woods hunters chased their
prey; in its caves hermits chased Truth in their prayers. And at the fourth side there began a great desert;
across it tradesmen led their caravans.
This was how the village lived.
And this was how time passed by.
But one day, while everybody was busy living their everyday lives, over the village a sweet music rose
and floated across the clear skies. And everybody looked up and listened.
The music was so peaceful, so profound that, soon, everybody abandoned everything; and went to seek
the source of this music.
And when they arrived at the centre of the village they realized the music was coming out of the humble
temple there. The temple was small and somewhat untended, but now the villagers could see it shine from
And all the villagers went into the temple.
The fishermen went in, forgetting about their nets. The herdsmen went in, forgetting about their herds.
The tradesmen went in, forgetting about their trade. The hunters went in, forgetting about their prey. Even the
hermits went in, forgetful of their seclusion.
And strangely enough, the temple took them all in.
And more people came, and more...
And in there, they saw something they had never seen before. At the centre of the temple a beautiful
youth was sitting. And out of his body a mighty light was radiating. And on the beams of this light the music
was coming out. And his face shone with a gentle delight; and his eyes were emanating love; and his sweet lips
were chanting a peaceful prayer.
And all that had come here just stood and stared, not knowing what to do. Some were silent, some were
whispering in awe, some were asking questions, some were trying answers. But only an insignificant girl
stepped forward and came close to the Shining One; and sat down at His feet; and looked deep into His eyes;
and started to chant in prayer, too.
And soon her eyes, also, began to emanate the rays of love; and her face shone with gentle delight; and
her body radiated the same mighty light. And on the beams of this light the same music came out of her.
And only now the Enchanting One stood up; and rose His hand.
And there, above the heads of all them here a passage of light opened. And the Compassionate One
took the girl by the hand. And the two of them soared upward into the blinding brightness.
And the two of them disappeared.
And the passage disappeared, too.
But the light did not disappear.
For, it shone in the eyes of all them called away here.
(end of the booklet)

BSNL Employees April 2013 Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) Rates to be increased... | BSNL TeleServices

Monday, March 11, 2013

BSNL Latest information/News by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 01999 M -94262 01999 [09.03.2013]DPE letter on payment of wages under the Minimum Wages Act to contract/casual workers in CPSEs.<> [09.03.2013]Building Fund received at the time of Extended CEC meeting, held at Warangal. CHQ acknowledges with thanks, receipt of the following donations, for Building Fund. Sr.No. Name SSA Circle Building Fund 1 Calcutta Telephone Circle (CTD) Kolkata Kolkata Telephones 100000 2 Telecom Factory, Alipore SSA Alipore TF-Kolkata 8000 3 Telegraph SSA, Chennai Telephones (CTO) Telegraph Chennai Telephones 6000 4 Srinagar (Garwal) SSA Srinagar (Garwal) Uttarakhand 5000 5 Rudraprayag Branch Srinagar (Garwal) Uttarakhand 4800 6 Gopeshwar Branch Srinagar (Garwal) Uttarakhand 2000 7 Com. L. Penchalaiah, TA (retd.), Nellore SSA (AIBDPA) Nellore Andhra Pradesh 1500 [09.03.2013]Meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations to be held on 18.03.2013. A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations will take place on 18.03.2013. It will review the implementation of the agreement signed between Forum and the BSNL Management on 12.06.2012, especially on 78.2% IDA fixation. The meeting will also decide on appropriate trade union action, for the implementation of the remaining items of the agreement. [09.03.2013]United Forum is meeting on 18.03.2013. The National Steering Committee of the United Forum will meet at New Delhi on 18.03.2013. The meeting will finalise the strategy and campaign programme for the 6th Membership Verification. [09.03.2013]Punjab comrades’ major achievement on the issue of contract workers. CHQ congratulates Punjab Circle Unions of BSNLEU and BSNL C&CWF. In the back drop of an agitation, by the Punjab Circle Unions of BSNLEU and BSNLC&CWF a major settlement is reached with the Circle Administration, for which order has been issued now. According to this, Minimum Wage as per BSNL CO orders, implementation of EPF & ESI, identity cards and job security are ensured. CHQ heartily congratulates both BSNLEU and BSNLC&CWF circle unions. <<> [09.03.2013]Hearty Congrats – BSNL issued order for Child Care Leave – a major achievement for the employees, and their united struggles. BSNLEU had long been demanding that the “Child Care Leave”, that had been implemented for the Central Govt. employees, should be implemented for the BSNL employees also. This demand had been there in many struggles of the JAC/Forum. In the agreement signed on 12.06.2012, between the Forum and BSNL Management, it was agreed to implement Child Care Leave. However, BSNL Management dilly-dallied and delayed implementation of the agreement. In the National Council meeting held on 30.01.2013, the Staff Side severely criticized the Management, for the non-implementation of the agreement on Child Care Leave. We are glad that the Management has issued order on Child Care Leave, on the International Women’s Day. Hearty congrats to all. <> [09.03.2013]Child Care Leave – Main order of the DoP&T and the clarifications issued thereon.<> <> <> <> <> <> <> Warmest Greetings on International Women's Day. CHQ conveys it's warmest greetings to all, on International Women's Day. It is time for us to stand up and raise voice against all injustices being meted out to women. [08.03.2013]The heroic struggles against corporatisation and NFTE's role of betrayal. We are not surprised that the present leadership of NFTE, either do not know what happened at the time of Corporatisation, or they have forgotten it. Hence, it has become necessary for us to tell, what happened at that time. The following are the facts related with Corporatisation.<> [08.03.2013]Corporate Office issued Clarification on Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) against 35% & 15% quota for promotion to the cadre of JTO to be held on 02.06.2013.<> [08.03.2013]Rajasthan Circle conducts a very successful Convention of Branch Secretaries.<> [07.03.2013]Truth is bitter. But NFTE should accept it. NFTE has stated in it's website that BSNL is making Rs.10, 000 crore loss and that BSNLEU is responsible for it. We really sympathise with NFTE. They are searching for reasons to blame BSNLEU. Any way, we are thankful to them for starting a very good debate. But, NFTE friends should tell, how BSNLEU is responsible for the present pathetic condition of BSNL. On the other hand, we have ample evidence to prove that NFTE is responsible for the present condition of the BSNL and it's employees. Govt. created this corporation only with a view to privatise it. Hence, the present BSNLEU leadership fought against corporatisation tooth and nail. In the year 2000, we went on strike twice, opposing corporatisation. We warned the employees well in advance, as to what would happen to them if corporatisation is done. Whatever warning we gave, has proved to be correct today. But, what is the role of NFTE in the matter of corporatisation? NFTE supported it. NFTE helped the Govt. to bring in the corporation. After the formation of BSNL, as per it's agenda, Govt. has taken steps, one after another, to kill BSNL. Still BSNLEU is mobilising all the unions and associations and is fighting against the anti-BSNL policies of the Govt. BSNL employees know all these facts very well. That is why they are giving rock- like support to BSNLEU for the last 8 years. [07.03.2013]Congrats - Child Care Leave approved by Management Committee It is learnt that the Management Committee has approved the Child Care Leave, in it’s meeting, held yesterday the 07.03.2013. It has been the long pending demand of the JAC/Forum, that the Child Care Leave, implemented for the Central Govt. employees, should be implemented in BSNL also. Finally, agreement was signed on 12.06.2012, for settlement of Child Care Leave. However, it’s implementation had been delayed. Now, we are glad that the Management has decided to implement it. Again, this is a big achievement of the united struggle. [06.03.2013]A report on the Extended Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU, held at Warangal, from 26th to 28th February, 2013.<> [06.03.2013]JTO LDCE - Including Instrumentation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering as eligible qualifications and age relaxation for Ex-Service man. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, discussed with GM (Estt.) and GM (Rect.) today, and urged upon them to take expeditious decision on allowing Instrumentation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering as eligible qualification for JTO LDCE and also the issue of age relaxation for Ex-Service Man. Some decision is expected soon. [06.03.2013]CHQ writes to GM (BFCI) BSNL on Non-allotment of funds to Karnataka Circle for payment of GPF advance <> [06.03.2013]Hugo Chavez passes away Comrade Hugo Chavez, the revolutionary leader of Venezuela, has passed away. He was 58 years old and was suffering from cancer. After becoming the President of Venezuela, he took firm action, against the multi national companies that were exploiting the oil resources of that country. Natural resources of Venezuela were brought under the government control by him. The revenue from those natural resources were utilized by Chavez to alleviate the poverty of the common people of that country. All those actions of Hugo Chavez, annoyed the US imperialism. It did every thing to remove Chavez from power. But with the massive support of the people of Venezuela, Chavez got elected as the President for four consecutive times. Today, most of the countries in the world are implementing the economic policies being dictated by the US imperialism. But, Chavez rejected those economic policies. He showed an alternative economic policy for the betterment of the working class. He successfully implemented it in his own country. Inspired by him, the entire countries in South America have rejected the dictates of the US imperialism and are following the alternative policies shown by Chavez. BSNLEU dips it’s banner and pays it’s respectful homage to comrade Hugo Chavez. He will ever remain as an inspiration for the working class movement, in it’s struggle against exploitations. [05.03.2013]Haryana conducts an upbeat convention of the Branch Secretaries<> [05.03.2013]Symbols of the applicant unions for 6th Membership Verification.<> [04.03.2013]CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on Forwarding of resolutions passed in the Extended Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Employees Union, held at Warangal, from 26th to 28th February, 2013.<> [04.03.2013]CHQ writes to Secretary, DoT on forwarding of resolution on 78.2% IDA fixation, passed in the Extended Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Employees Union, held at Warangal, from 26th to 28th February, 2013.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on issues of Casual and Contract Workers<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on congratulating the workers for successful 2 day General Strike on 20th - 21st February, 2013 and significance of the strike <> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on settlement of 78.2% IDA fixation, implementation of Child Care Leave and introduction of superannuation benefits to BSNL recruitees.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on union recognition election to be held on 16.04.2013.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on the wage reduction being faced by the employees appointed after 01.01.2007.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on settling of burning issues.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on Customer Delight Movement.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on thanking the Reception Committee.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on the ghastly murder of Com. Sukendar Pal Singh, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Ghaziabad.<> [04.03.2013]CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on decentralisation of the power to procure cables and OFC to the territorial Circles.<> [04.03.2013]Hon’ble Delhi High Court dismissed petition filed by DoT on ITS repatriation issue. On 15th February, 2013, Hon’ble Delhi High Court ordered that ITS repatriation should be completed within six weeks. Thereafter, DoT has filed another petition in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. After repatriating the ITS officers as per Hon’ble Court order, again DoT wants to bring them back on deputation for 10 years, as per the decision of the Cabinet. Hon’ble Court rejected this petition of the DoT today, the 04.03.2013. [02.03.2013]Branch Secretaries Convention of Haryana Circle to be held at Rohtak, on 05.03.2013. Haryana circle is holding it's Branch Secretaries Convention at Rohtak on 05.03.2013. Circle Union is taking all out efforts to make the Convention successful. Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, as well as the circle level leaders are attending the Convention. [02.03.2013]Branch Secretaries Convention of Rajasthan Circle to be held at Jaipur on 08.03.2013. Rajasthan circle union is holding it's Branch Secretaries Convention on 08-03-2013, at Jaipur. The Circle Union is mobilising branch secretaries from all over the circle for the successful conducting of the convention. Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, together with the circle level leaders are attending the Convention. [02.03.2013]Tour programme of CHQ leaders - Circle and District Secretaries to note please. CHQ leaders are allotted with tour programme for the 6th Membership Verification, and the same is going on successfully. However, it is observed that some circle/ district unions are not sending the report and photos immediately, for uploading the same on the CHQ website. Hence, circle and district secretaries are requested to kindly send the reports and photos of the programme, attended by CHQ leaders promptly, for uploading on CHQ website. [02.03.2013]International Women's Day - Observe it in a befitting manner. 8th March is International Women's Day. It is the tradition of the Working Class movement to observe the Day, conducting seminars, meetings and similar such programme, for raising voice for the liberation of women. In our country, women are denied equal rights from time immemorial, and are being treated as second class citizens. Every day media report the atrocities being meted out to women, such as molestation, rape, dowry killings, etc., etc. The recent gang rape and murder of the Delhi para-medical student is only the tip of the ice-berg. Trade unions cannot remain insensitive to such atrocities being committed on women. Hence, the forthcoming International Women's Day deserves to be effectively observed by us. CHQ calls upon the Circle and District unions to plan and effectively conduct seminars, meetings, etc., to observe the Day. Reports and photos may be sent to CHQ for uploading the same on the website. [01.03.2013]BSNLEU will win with more than 50% votes - BSNLEU leaders declared in the upbeat Open Session.<> [01.03.2013]Corporate Office letter on Compassionate Ground Appointment cases<> [01.03.2013]6th Membership Verification posters released in the Extended CEC.<> [01.03.2013]Campaign Material for the 6th Membership Verification released in the Warangal Extended CEC.<> [01.03.2013]BSNL letter on furnishing of information in connection with rectification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01.10.2000.<> M -94262 01999

Thursday, March 7, 2013

On the Eve of International Womens Day...Sp. Information from Ashok Hindocha M -94262 01999 M -94262 01999 M -94262 01999

Free roaming services likely before October: Sibal....inf. by Ashok Hindocha

Free roaming services likely before October: Sibal S. RONENDRA SINGH SHARE · COMMENT · PRINT · T+ Minister for IT and Communications Kapil Sibal, along with IT Secretary, J. Satyanarayana, at the launch of National Internet Registry services, in the Capital on Thursday . Photo: Ramesh Sharma Ads by Google QuickBooks Online - World's Best Online Accounting Tool is Now in India. Get it Now! RELATED NEWS TRAI says existing tariff regime to continue Free roaming: TRAI to begin public consultation soon Mobile roaming charges will go next year: Sibal TOPICS computing and information technology telecommunication service NEW DELHI, MARCH 7: The Government on Thursday said that it will try to start national free roaming services for mobile consumers before October. Speaking on the sidelines of an event, Communications and IT Minister Kapil Sibal said: “Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has floated a consultation paper on it (national free roaming). So when TRAI 's recommendations come, we will try to start free roaming before October.” As telecom operators have to pay various charges like termination charge, interconnect charge, for completing the call of their customers on to other networks, the burden has to be passed on to the end-consumers. Pre-consultation paper TRAI had in December floated a pre-consultation paper seeking inputs from stakeholders on the aspects of national roaming services like the cost component of call rates, and tariff for video calls and SMS, while roaming. National Internet Registry Meanwhile, Sibal launched the National Internet Registry (NIR), which will reduce the cost of processing IP addresses. The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) had earlier endorsed the operations of NIR to National Internet Exchange of India (NIXI), which was recognised by the Asia Pacific Network Information Centre in March last year. NIR has been named as Indian Registry for Internet Names and Numbers (IRINN), similar to the global Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Internet protocol address IRINN is a division under NIXI that provides allocation and registration services of Internet Protocol Addresses (IPv4 and IPv6) and autonomous systems numbers to its affiliates to the Indian Internet communities. NIR is entrusted with the task of coordinating the IP address allocation with other Internet resource management function at national level in the country that will also enable users to create Web sites by using their own domain names. Keywords: Roaming charges, free roaming, national free roaming, TRAI, National Internet Registry, Kapil Sibal, spectrum auction, spectrum licence, 2

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Imporatnt Telephone No. of BSNL Officers....

FOR BSNL EMPLOYEES ONLY BSNL INTRANET ADMINISTRATORS Please send your requests for opening accounts through the reqest form only. In case of any difficulty you may contact your Administrator, details given below Circle Name Mail-id of the Mail Administrator Name of the officer Designation Phone Fax Address ALTTC, Ghaziabad DEEPAK TAYAL DGM(Computers) 0120- 4728213(O) 4728234(R ) 0120- 4704601 DGM(Computer Cources)ALTTC,Ghaziabad A&N Telecom Circle ANIL KUMAR AGRAWAL ADE(M&I) 03192- 46677 20010 03192- 32000 %CGMT A&N Telecom Circle, Port Blair-744101 AP Telecom Circle S. SUBRAMANYA SARMA SDE(BSNL PORTAL) 040-23236475(O) 23236616(O) 24540921 ( R ) 040-3236154 %DGM(DotSoft),Telephone Bhavan, Saifabad Hyderabad-500004 Assam Telecom Circle N. PEGU DGM(IT) 0361- 530530(O) 269299(R ) 0361- 451352 %Chief General Manager Telecom,Assam Telecom Circle, Ulubari,Guwahati - 781007 Bihar Telecom Circle, Atul Sinha DGM(IT) 0612-2236700(O) 0612-2250033 O/o CGMT Bihar Telecom Circle, Patna-800001 BRBRAITT, Jabalpur M.K.Nema DGM(C ) 0761- 2603885(o) 0761- 2600301 %CGM, BRBRAITT, Ridge Road, Jabalpur Calcutta Telephones R.N. PAUL DGM(IT-I) 033- 2258811(O) 033- 2253777 Calcutta Telephones,P-10, New CIT Road, 5th Floor,Calcutta - 700 073 CGM Data Networks SIDH KUMAR ADET 011- 3738732(O) 3755208(R ) 011- 3322704 %DGM(NE), Data Networks, New Delhi - 110 001 Chhattisgarh Telecom Circle V.K.Chhablani DGM(Plg) 0771-2222900 0771-2222901 %Chief General Manager Telecom,Chhattisgarh Telecom Circle,2nd Floor, Auto Exchange Building,G.E. Road, Raipur-492001. Chennai Telephones N. PALANISAMY DGM(HRD&NIB) 044- 8203456 044- 8204747 %DGM(HRD & NIB),20, Haddows Road, Chennai - 600 006 N.VEERARAGHAVAN DE(NIB) 044- 8202299 044- 8204646 %DE(NIB),20, Haddows Road,Chennai - 600 006 Eastern Telecom Region ALI EHTESHAM DGM(RNMS) 033- 2103999 033- 2487200 % Dy.G.M (RNMS),Eastern Telecom Region, 7th Floor, Telephone Bhavan,34,B.B.D Bag, Kolkata-700001 Electrical Zone, New Delhi V.P. GUPTA CE(E) 011- 6441133(O) 6002160(O) 011- 6002159 %Chief Engineer(Electrical) Electrical Zone New Delhi1501, Devika Tower, Nehru Place, NEW DELHI Gujarat ASHUTOSH GUPTA DGM(IT) 079- 7542600 079- 3236134 Gujarat Teleom Circle Old PMG Building, Ahmedabad-380 009 Haryana Circle RAJEEV NARANG DGM(NS&MOBILE) 2645819 %Chief GMT Haryana Telecom Circle Ambala-133001 H.P.Circle, Shimla Rishi Prakash Arya JTO(Comp) 0177-2627953(o) 2622244(o) . %CGMT H.P Circle Shimla-171009 IT Project Circle, Pune Vineet Mathur DGM(IT) 020-7443100(O) 020-7443100(O) O/O CGMIT Project Circle, Pune Jharkhand Telecom Circle PANKAJ KUMAR DGM(OP & IT) 0651- 2210055(O) 2253345(R) 0651- 2210021 %Chief General Manager Jharkhand Telecom Circle, Ranchi. J&K Telecom Circle D.K. AGRAWAL DGM(O) 0191- 477177 477100 0191- 477176 %CGM BSNL, J&K Circle,4th floor, North Block Bahu Plaza,Rail Head Jammu-180012 Karnataka Telecom Circle Anil Kumar Wagh DGM(VAS) 080- 25561202 080- 25511280 O/o Chief General Manager Karnataka Telecom Circle, No.1, S V Road, Halasuru, Bangalore - 08. Kerala Telecom Circle R. SAJIKUMAR DGM(O) 0471- 304400(O) 0471- 303138 %Chief General Manager Telecom,Kerala Telecom Circle, Thiruvananthapuram - 695033 Maharashtra Telecom Circle B D Badhe Asst. Director (Computer) 022- 26467308 022- 26600943 %CGMT,MH-Telecom Circle, BSNL,Administrative Building, Juhu Tara Road, Shatacruz (W), Mumbai-400001 MP Telecom Circle S.C. SHARMA DGM(SWP&IT) 0755- 557676(O) 489696(R ) 0755- 772663 %CGMT, MP Telecom Circle,Bhopal NATFM, Hyderabad P.V.VIJAYAN CAO [IT&Comp] 040-23006598[O] 23006533[r] O/o CGM, NATFM, Hyderabad-32 NCES, New Delhi VINAI KUMAR KANAUJIA AGM(OCB) 011- 23638148 011- 23552387 %C.G.M.T., National Center for Electronic Switching,E-2, handewalan Extension, New Delhi - 110 055 NE - I Telecom Circle, C. LALHMACHHUANA DGM(OP) 0364- 506900(O) 520807(R ) 0364- 505783 %Chief General Manager Telecom NE-I Circle,Shillong- 793001 (Meghalaya) NE-II Telecom Circle, K.D.VIZO DGM(Admin & Plg.) 03862- 33377(o) 03862- 33544 %CGMT NE-II Telecom Circle, (Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur and Nagaland states) Telephone Exchange Building, Dimapur-797112, Nagaland Northern Telecom Project Circle P.K. PANDEY DGM(P&A) 011- 3722720 011- 3722736 %CGM, Northern Telecom Project Circle, Room No. 551,Kidwai Bhavan, Janpath New Delhi - 110001 North Eastern Telecom Region K.B.GUPTA DGM(P&A) 0361- 540334 0361- 636177 %CGM,NETF,Guwahati, Dr.N.N.Burman Building 4th floor,S.C.Goswami Street, Pan Bazar, Guwahati 781001 NTR ALOK SHUKLA DGM(Mtce) 011- 3326221 011- 3324589 %DGM(Mtce.), NTR,2nd Floor, Kidwai Bhavan,Janpath, New Delhi. Orissa S. NAIK DGM(PMMIT) 0674- 541222(O) 588100(R ) 0674- 543399 %C.G.M.T., Orissa Circle, Door Sanchar Bhawan, Bhubaneswar Punjab Telecom Circle RAHUL JOHRI DGM(C&R) 0172- 647575(O) 667997(R ) 0172- 608173 %CGMT, Punjab Telecom Circle, SCO 102-103, Sector 34-A,Chandigarh-160022 Rajasthan Telecom Circle SANJAY KUMAR DGM(IT&BD) 366400 373626 %CGM Telecom, Rajasthan Telecom Circle,Jaipur Southern Telecom Region,Chennai K. NARENDER DGM(Sys)NMS, CNL 044- 5512244(O) 6152222(R ) Divisional Engineer Computer,Computer Centre,Southern Telecom Region,7, Jaffar Serang Street,Chennai - 600 001. Tamilnadu Telecom Circle B. Ramachandran DGM(IT) 044- 8420505(O) 3723695(R ) 044- 8420506 %CGMT, Tamilnadu Telecom Circle 80, Anna Salai,Chennai 600002 T & D Circle, Jabalpur NAMRATTA TIWARI DGM(T) 0761- 623720(O) 0761- 322322 %Chief General Manager,T&D Circle,Sanchar Vikas Bhavan,Residency Road,JABALPUR-482001 Telecom Factory, Jabalpur Imran Ahmad AGM(Computers) 0761- 311640 0761- 318401 %Chief General ManagerTelecom Factory, Wright Town,Jabalpur - 482 001 Telecom Factory, Mumbai T.KALIPRASAD DGM (MM&Comp) 022- 25563480(O) 022- 25563878 %CGMT, Telecom Factory, Deonar, Mumbai-400088 Telecom Factory, Kolkata Saikat Dutta SDE(IT) 033-22234290(O) 033-22234462(Fax) BSNL Telecom factory, 248,AJC Bose Road,Alipore,Kolkata - 700027 Telecom Projects, East Zone ARUN MICHAEL DGM(HQ) 033- 4488833 4488800 033- 4486005 %Chief General Manager Telecom,Telecom Projects, Eastern Zone,2/5A, Judges Court Road, Kolkata - 700 027 Telecom Quality Assurance C.V.N. VARA PRASAD DGM(QE) 080- 5547400(O) 080- 5564291 %Chief general Manager, Telecom Quality Assurance Circle,61, Cockburn Road, Bangalore - 560 051 Telecom Stores MUKUL SARKAR DGM(Plg) 080- 2228-2476 080-22286375 Telecom Stores 3A, Chowringhee Place Kolkata - 700 013 Uttaranchal Telecom Circle A.K.GARG DGM(IT) 0135- 669000(O) 0135- 679080 %CGMT Uttaranchal Telecom Circle 7-B, Laxmi Road,Dehradun-248001 UP (West ) Telecom Circle RAJEEV GUPTA DGM(IT) 0135- 713377 %PCGMT, UP(W) Circle,Windlass Complex, Rajpur Road, Dehradun U.P(East) Telecom Circle SANJEEV KUMAR NIGAM DGM(IT) 0522- 231144(O) 380848(R ) %C.G.M.T. UP(East) Telecom Circle Hazratganj, Lucknow-226001 West Bengal Telecom Circle S.K.MAITRA AGM(IT-I) 033- 2107124(O) 5656000(R) 033- 2482537 IT Cell 8, Red Cross Place, 4th floor, Kolkata-700001 Western Telecom Projects,Mumbai VIJAY KUMAR NAYAK DET 022- 26611460(O) 26611420(O) 022- 26611671(O) %Chief General Manager Western Telecom Projects, B'Wing, Admin Bldg,Telecom Complex, Juhu Road,Santacruz(w), Mumbai Western Telecom Region,Mumbai PRASHANT P. SINGH DGM(Admin) 022- 4221162(O) 4308822(R) 022- 4326829 %Chief General Manager Mtce.Western Telecom Region12th Floor, Telephone House,Prbhadevi, Veer Savarkar Marg,Dadar(West), MUMBAI-400 028

BSNL MRS Scheme Emphalled Hispital List in BSNL- for Ahmedabad-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 01999 List of hospital empanelled by the Gujarat Circle under BSNL MRS for Ahmedabad SSA 26/12/2009 Sr. No. Name of empanelled Hospital Address and website ,if any Approved for treatment Contact telephone & Fax no, if any 1. T.R. Memorial Hospital (Laxmi Heart & Medicare) Opp. Mehsana Society, New Wadaj Road, A’bad General purpose treatment & diagnostic procedures. Hospital No. 079 27641815 2 Gujarat Research & Medical Institute (Rajasthan Hospital) Camp Road, Shahibagh, Ahmedabad General/Specialized treatment & diagnostic procedures Operator Tele .No 079 22866311 to 13 Emergency No 22850239 3 Sterling Hospital, Gurukul Road, Behind Drive-in-Cinema, Ahmedabad 380 052 General purpose/ specialized treatment in cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery Emergency No 079 27418282 Contact person Mayur Trivedi 9879140504 079-27437770 4 Karnawati Hospital Pvt. Ltd. Opp. Twon Hall Elisbridge, Ahmedabad Specialized treatment & diagnostic procedures for Dialysis, Echo, TMT & Holter Hospital No.26576527 PRO No. 079 26575500 To 079 26575505 5 Parekhs Hospital, 132, ft Ring road Shyamal cross roads, Nr. Jivraj over bridge, Ahmedabad All Purposes Dr. Ketu Parekh 079-40219999 FAX 079-40219998 6 Kirshna Heart Institute, 319, Green City, Ghuma, Nr. Chaurasia Nursing Home, Ahmedabad Specialized treatment in Cardiology Cardiac, Thoracic surgery and diagnostic procedures. Rajshree Madam (A) Tele No 02717 230881 PRO No. 9898635070 Hospital No. 02717 230877 to 81 02717 234660 02717 234666 FAX 02717 230876 7 Usmanpura C.T. Scan Center, 30, Ambica Society, Usmanpura, Ahmedabad Specialized diagnostic procedure in MRI CT Scan, Sonograpghy, X- ray and EEG Hospital No. 079 27552777 079 27552886 8 Apollo Hospital, Plot No1-A, Bhat GIDC Estate, Dist. Gandhinagar. Cardiology & Cardiothoracic surgery, Nephrology, Orthopedic & plaster work, Radiological procedures & Investigation (X-ray, CT Scan, MRI etc.) Gastroenterology & Surgical Gastroenterology, Laparoscopy, Oncology (Cobait therapy), Urology, Skin, ENT, ECG, Abdomen Genitourinary. Rahul Bajpai (Manager Marketing 9227401107 Emergency No. 66701826 66701822 Ambulance No.66701066 Operator No.66701800 66701801 66701803Sr. No. Name of empanelled Hospital Address and website ,if any Approved for treatment Contact telephone & Fax no, if any 9 Aditya Orthopedic Hospital, 201,202, Aditya Plaza, Jodhpur Gam Road, Nr. P&T Colony, Satellite, Ahmedabad Orthopedic Trauma including plaster work and surgery, Spine surgery and Joint replacement surgery Dr. Amit Agrawal 9898161920 Dr. Maharshi Bhatt 9825574365 Hospital 079- 29297979 10 Samved Orthopaedic Hospital, Nr. Sopan Flats on stadium Circle to commerce college Six Road, Navrangpura Ahmedabad Orthopedic, Urology, ICU,CCU, Radiology Kinner Shah (Marketing Consultant) (O) 079 26562993 079 26465292 (M) 9979149048 FAX No.079 26562232 11 Sabarmati Development Society Sanchalit “ Sheth Shri Pukhraj Raichand General Hospital Ramnagar, Sabarmati, Ahmedabad-380005 All types of specialized services available (except Angiography, angioplasty & Open heart surgery) Chairman Dhanraj M Rathod 079-27506861 079-27508781 12 Sanjivani Super Speciality Hospital, 1. Uday Park Soceity Nr. Sunrise Park Vastrapur, Ahmedabad 380 015 General and Emergency surgery, Orthopedic, Cardiac, Laparoscopic, Gynac, Pediatric, Skin, CATH LAB Dr. Mamta Bhomia 079-26306341 079-26306431 079-26300176 FAX-079-26307165 13 Kansara ENT Surgical Hospital, 16, 1st Floor, Shalimar complex, Mahalaxmi Panch Rasta, Paladi, Ahmedabad-380 007 EAR, NOSE, THROAT, Diagnosis & operation Dr. Atul H. Kansara 079-26600550 079-26631542 (R) Mob:9825034050 14 Dr. Jivraj Mehta Hospital, Ratubhai Adani Arogya Dham Dr. Jivraj Mehta Marg, Ahmedand All purpose Dr. Himanshu Shah, 079-26639839 079-26601411 (FAX) Mob:9825005840 15 Sanjeevani Heart & Medical Hospital, Sanjeevani Complex, Opp Mehsana Society, Nava Vadaj Road, Ahmedabad 380 013 Physician, Cardiology, diabetology, Gastro Intestinal, Infectionsu, Disease, Neurological, Disorders, Dental, Harmatology, Eye Dr. Bharat I Patel 079-27642397 079-27640742 079-27641742 Mob:9426409412 16 Diva Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. 17, Parimal Society, Core House Lane, Parimal Gardens, Ahmedabad-6 Complete Eye care under one roof, Gynecological cancers & other Gynaec Surgery, Joint replacement, All Laparoscopy GI, Neuro, Dental, Orthopedic, Plastic surgery, Surgical Oncology. Dr. Dipan Desai 079- 26562006 079-26569596 079-40042040/1/2/3 www.divaeyeinstitute. comSr. No. Name of empanelled Hospital Address and website ,if any Approved for treatment Contact telephone & Fax no, if any 17 Siddhi Vinayak Hospital, Nr. Jaldhara Water Park, Balvatika, Kankaria, Maninagar, Ahmedabad Urology, URO-Oncology, Nephrology, Critical care, Neuro Surgery, Arthroscopy, Orthopedic Surgery, Joint replacement, Infectious disease, Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery, Gastro, ONCO Surgery, Geriatric care, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Gynecology, Pediatrics, Pathology, Radiology, Physiotherapy, Bariatric Surgery. Dr. Abhay Khandekar 079-25465128 079-25471025 079-25471427 FAX079-25453440 www.siddhivinayak 18 SHALBY HOSPITAL, Opp. Karnavati Club, S.G. Highway, Ahmedabad 3800 054 Joint replacement Spine Surgeries, Cardiology & Cardio Thoracic Surgery, Neurology & Neuro Surgery, Cosmetic, Plastic, Endoscopy & Laparoscopic Unit, Urology & Nephrology, Gastro Medicine & Surgery, Dental, Trauma, General Surgery, Ophthalmology, Physiotherapy, Casualty & emergencies, Pain clinic for chronic pain, Clinical pathology, ICCU on Wheels, Health check plans, Home health care Neeraj Lal, Vice President Mob: 9824368800 079-40203000 Fax-079-40203109 Email 19 Trisha Trauma Centre & I.C.U., A/2 & 3 Shantaram Complex, Nr. Nirnayanagar Garnala Nirnaynagar, Ahmedabad- 382481 Radiology, Plastic Surgery, Traumatology, Uro surgery, General Surgery, ENT, Orthopedic spinal surgery Dr. Alpesh M. Patel (MS Ortho) 079- 27623762 FAX 079-27623763 20 Kidneyline Healthcare, 1st Floor, Harikkripa Tower, B/h. Gujarat Collage, Nr. Govt. Ladies Hostel, Ellsbridge, Ahmedabad-6 Urology, Andrology & Nephrology Dr. Shailesh A Shah 079-26560028 079-26401145 079-26561155 FAX079-26401296 21 Eye Care Hospital, Polytechnic Road, Ahmedabad 380 015 Eye Surgery Cataract Dr. Shashank Rathod 079-2644 6133, 079-2643 0503 FAX 079-26561276 22 Nagri Eye Hospital, Ahmedabad. Eye 079-26466724 079-26460176 23 V.S. Hospital, Ahmedabad All purpose 079-26577621 079-2657762524 L.G. Hospital, Ahmedabad All purpose 079-25461380 079-25461384 25 Shardaben Hospital, A’bad All purpose 079-27540009 26 Mental Hospital, Ahmedabad Mental 079-25622485 079-25624583 27 Akhandanand Ayurvedic Hospital, Ahmedabad All purpose Ayurvedic treatment. 079-25507796 28 Bapunagar General Hospital, Ahmedabad All purpose 079-22742681 29 Civil Hospital, Asarwa Ahmedabad All purpose 079-22683721/22 079-22123721 30 Civil Hospital Sola Road, Ahmedabad All purpose 079-227474355 079-227474359 31 Civil Hospital, Gandhinagar All purpose 079-23221931 079-13221932 079-23221913 32 Sadvichar parivar Eye Hospital, AM Eye 079-22680450 079-22685600 33 Indian Red Cross (Blood Bank) AM Blood bank 079-26579068 079-26579067 Paldi Tele: 079-26643833 34 Victoria Jubilee Hospital, A’ bad All purpose 35 Public Charitable Hospital, Vehlal ,A’ bad All purpose 36 All other Govt./Municipal hospital situated in AM SSA M -94262 01999

Business Line : News / International : China ready to issue 4G licences this year-inf. by AShok Hindocha M -94262 54999

Business Line : News / International : China ready to issue 4G licences this year

China, which has about 1.11 billion mobile phone users, will start licensing telecom operators to offer services on fourth-generation (4G) mobile phone network this year, a Minister said today.

“China has made breakthroughs in R&D of 4G technologies, but is still facing restrictions in commercial use,” Miao Wei, Minister of Industry and Information Technology, said on the sidelines of the ongoing annual session of the country’s national legislature.

China’s mobile users’ numbers last year went up to 1.11 billion, according to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The mobile phone users represent 80 per cent of all phones users in the country.

There is still scope for development as China’s population stood at 1.354 billion at the end of 2012.

Miao said China needs to speed up base station construction and provide more terminal products, which require greater financial and technological input for 4G.

“We will promulgate supporting policies at an appropriate time to guide the construction and development of the 4G network,” Miao added.

In early February, two cities in east China’s Zhejiang Province launched a 4G mobile phone network for commercial use on a trial basis, marking a new age of high-speed mobile Internet in the country.

With a 500-yuan (approx $80) deposit, subscribers of China Mobile in Hangzhou, capital of Zhejiang, and Wenzhou, can access the service.

China Mobile, China’s largest mobile operator, employs TD-LTE technology, or Time Division Long Term Evolution, one of two international standards, for the 4G network. Its maximum Internet speed is up to 10 times faster than 3G.

A 4G user should be able to download a 10-megabyte piece of software in two seconds, and a two-gigabyte HD movie in just several minutes.

With the advancement of 4G technology, 4G wireless cards and 4G mobile phones are expected to be ready for commercial use this year, state-run Xinhua news agency reported.

State-run China Mobile, the country’s biggest mobile phone operator began building a trial 4G network in several Chinese cities, including Hangzhou, in 2011.

The city is currently home to over 2,400 4G base stations, covering an area of around 500 square km. The Minister also said China will further encourage private investment in the telecom industry.

Keywords: 4G mobile phone network, China, 4G technologies, Miao Wei, 4G licences

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BSNL Employees April 2013 Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) Rates to be increased... | BSNL TeleServices

BSNL Employees April 2013 Industrial Dearness Allowance (IDA) Rates to be increased... | BSNL TeleServices

Resolution on Customer Delight Movement...
BSNLEU is continuously taking initiative to conduct united struggles to safeguard and strengthen
BSNL. Incessantly, it is going on struggles against the anti-BSNL and pro-private policies of the
government, which is weakening BSNL.
At the same time, it is also very essential in a competitive environment, to urgently improve the
quality of the services being provided by BSNL. BSNL’s market share has dwindled to 14%. It is
an emergent need to increase the same. Keeping all these in mind, the Chennai CEC, held in
March, 2011, decided to launch a movement to improve the quality of our services, through
greater involvement of the employees. It was in this background that the Joint Action Committee
gave call for the Customer Delight Month. Later on, this was converted into a Customer Delight
Year. Many meetings were conducted in various Circles to impress upon the employees about the
importance of this programme.
Based on the feed back got from the employees, the JAC and BSNLEU, took up the demand for
procurement of GSM equipments, modems, CLIP instruments, cables, OFC etc. The
Management has responded and has procured them to a certain extent. The JAC and BSNLEU
as still pressurising the Management to procure these items as per the requirement.
This Extended CEC meeting call upon the employees to come forward and involve themselves
fully, to improve the quality of the services upto the satisfaction of the customers. This meeting
also calls upon the Forum to take all steps for the vigorous implementation of the Customer
Delight Movement.

Friday, March 1, 2013

BSNL Latest News-inf. regarding 78.2 % IDA Pay Fixation Benifit in BSNL-inf by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 01999 M -94262 01999 GS, AGS(HQ) and CS, BSNL Corporate Office met Secy(T), DoT and discussed regarding (a) Implementation of 78.2% IDA pay fixation benefit in BSNL: We requested Secy(T), DOT for kind intervention to the approval of DOT on 78.2% IDA pay fixation case as approved by BSNL Board. We also informed that on the query raised by DoT, BSNL is going to submit their reply shortly. We also informed that it is a part of the our salary and as on the day of issuance of DPE order on 2nd April'2009, BSNL profit was more than Rs. 574 Crores, therefore, in this regard, DoT should issue presidential directives at the earliest. We also mentioned that due to non implementation of the same, the pension of the BSNL pensioners is also affecting. Secy(T), DoT appreciated our concern and assured to look into the matter. (b) Absorption of ITS Officers in BSNL/MTNL issue: Secy(T) confirmed that Cabinet has approved the Cabinet Note submitted by DoT and he mentioned that the necessary steps will be taken for early implementation. AIBSNLEABHUJ M -94262 01999