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Monday, March 11, 2013

BSNL Latest information/News by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 01999 M -94262 01999 [09.03.2013]DPE letter on payment of wages under the Minimum Wages Act to contract/casual workers in CPSEs.<> [09.03.2013]Building Fund received at the time of Extended CEC meeting, held at Warangal. CHQ acknowledges with thanks, receipt of the following donations, for Building Fund. Sr.No. Name SSA Circle Building Fund 1 Calcutta Telephone Circle (CTD) Kolkata Kolkata Telephones 100000 2 Telecom Factory, Alipore SSA Alipore TF-Kolkata 8000 3 Telegraph SSA, Chennai Telephones (CTO) Telegraph Chennai Telephones 6000 4 Srinagar (Garwal) SSA Srinagar (Garwal) Uttarakhand 5000 5 Rudraprayag Branch Srinagar (Garwal) Uttarakhand 4800 6 Gopeshwar Branch Srinagar (Garwal) Uttarakhand 2000 7 Com. L. Penchalaiah, TA (retd.), Nellore SSA (AIBDPA) Nellore Andhra Pradesh 1500 [09.03.2013]Meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations to be held on 18.03.2013. A meeting of the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations will take place on 18.03.2013. It will review the implementation of the agreement signed between Forum and the BSNL Management on 12.06.2012, especially on 78.2% IDA fixation. The meeting will also decide on appropriate trade union action, for the implementation of the remaining items of the agreement. [09.03.2013]United Forum is meeting on 18.03.2013. The National Steering Committee of the United Forum will meet at New Delhi on 18.03.2013. The meeting will finalise the strategy and campaign programme for the 6th Membership Verification. [09.03.2013]Punjab comrades’ major achievement on the issue of contract workers. CHQ congratulates Punjab Circle Unions of BSNLEU and BSNL C&CWF. In the back drop of an agitation, by the Punjab Circle Unions of BSNLEU and BSNLC&CWF a major settlement is reached with the Circle Administration, for which order has been issued now. According to this, Minimum Wage as per BSNL CO orders, implementation of EPF & ESI, identity cards and job security are ensured. CHQ heartily congratulates both BSNLEU and BSNLC&CWF circle unions. <<> [09.03.2013]Hearty Congrats – BSNL issued order for Child Care Leave – a major achievement for the employees, and their united struggles. BSNLEU had long been demanding that the “Child Care Leave”, that had been implemented for the Central Govt. employees, should be implemented for the BSNL employees also. This demand had been there in many struggles of the JAC/Forum. In the agreement signed on 12.06.2012, between the Forum and BSNL Management, it was agreed to implement Child Care Leave. However, BSNL Management dilly-dallied and delayed implementation of the agreement. In the National Council meeting held on 30.01.2013, the Staff Side severely criticized the Management, for the non-implementation of the agreement on Child Care Leave. We are glad that the Management has issued order on Child Care Leave, on the International Women’s Day. Hearty congrats to all. <> [09.03.2013]Child Care Leave – Main order of the DoP&T and the clarifications issued thereon.<> <> <> <> <> <> <> Warmest Greetings on International Women's Day. CHQ conveys it's warmest greetings to all, on International Women's Day. It is time for us to stand up and raise voice against all injustices being meted out to women. [08.03.2013]The heroic struggles against corporatisation and NFTE's role of betrayal. We are not surprised that the present leadership of NFTE, either do not know what happened at the time of Corporatisation, or they have forgotten it. Hence, it has become necessary for us to tell, what happened at that time. The following are the facts related with Corporatisation.<> [08.03.2013]Corporate Office issued Clarification on Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LDCE) against 35% & 15% quota for promotion to the cadre of JTO to be held on 02.06.2013.<> [08.03.2013]Rajasthan Circle conducts a very successful Convention of Branch Secretaries.<> [07.03.2013]Truth is bitter. But NFTE should accept it. NFTE has stated in it's website that BSNL is making Rs.10, 000 crore loss and that BSNLEU is responsible for it. We really sympathise with NFTE. They are searching for reasons to blame BSNLEU. Any way, we are thankful to them for starting a very good debate. But, NFTE friends should tell, how BSNLEU is responsible for the present pathetic condition of BSNL. On the other hand, we have ample evidence to prove that NFTE is responsible for the present condition of the BSNL and it's employees. Govt. created this corporation only with a view to privatise it. Hence, the present BSNLEU leadership fought against corporatisation tooth and nail. In the year 2000, we went on strike twice, opposing corporatisation. We warned the employees well in advance, as to what would happen to them if corporatisation is done. Whatever warning we gave, has proved to be correct today. But, what is the role of NFTE in the matter of corporatisation? NFTE supported it. NFTE helped the Govt. to bring in the corporation. After the formation of BSNL, as per it's agenda, Govt. has taken steps, one after another, to kill BSNL. Still BSNLEU is mobilising all the unions and associations and is fighting against the anti-BSNL policies of the Govt. BSNL employees know all these facts very well. That is why they are giving rock- like support to BSNLEU for the last 8 years. [07.03.2013]Congrats - Child Care Leave approved by Management Committee It is learnt that the Management Committee has approved the Child Care Leave, in it’s meeting, held yesterday the 07.03.2013. It has been the long pending demand of the JAC/Forum, that the Child Care Leave, implemented for the Central Govt. employees, should be implemented in BSNL also. Finally, agreement was signed on 12.06.2012, for settlement of Child Care Leave. However, it’s implementation had been delayed. Now, we are glad that the Management has decided to implement it. Again, this is a big achievement of the united struggle. [06.03.2013]A report on the Extended Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU, held at Warangal, from 26th to 28th February, 2013.<> [06.03.2013]JTO LDCE - Including Instrumentation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering as eligible qualifications and age relaxation for Ex-Service man. Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, discussed with GM (Estt.) and GM (Rect.) today, and urged upon them to take expeditious decision on allowing Instrumentation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering as eligible qualification for JTO LDCE and also the issue of age relaxation for Ex-Service Man. Some decision is expected soon. [06.03.2013]CHQ writes to GM (BFCI) BSNL on Non-allotment of funds to Karnataka Circle for payment of GPF advance <> [06.03.2013]Hugo Chavez passes away Comrade Hugo Chavez, the revolutionary leader of Venezuela, has passed away. He was 58 years old and was suffering from cancer. After becoming the President of Venezuela, he took firm action, against the multi national companies that were exploiting the oil resources of that country. Natural resources of Venezuela were brought under the government control by him. The revenue from those natural resources were utilized by Chavez to alleviate the poverty of the common people of that country. All those actions of Hugo Chavez, annoyed the US imperialism. It did every thing to remove Chavez from power. But with the massive support of the people of Venezuela, Chavez got elected as the President for four consecutive times. Today, most of the countries in the world are implementing the economic policies being dictated by the US imperialism. But, Chavez rejected those economic policies. He showed an alternative economic policy for the betterment of the working class. He successfully implemented it in his own country. Inspired by him, the entire countries in South America have rejected the dictates of the US imperialism and are following the alternative policies shown by Chavez. BSNLEU dips it’s banner and pays it’s respectful homage to comrade Hugo Chavez. He will ever remain as an inspiration for the working class movement, in it’s struggle against exploitations. [05.03.2013]Haryana conducts an upbeat convention of the Branch Secretaries<> [05.03.2013]Symbols of the applicant unions for 6th Membership Verification.<> [04.03.2013]CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on Forwarding of resolutions passed in the Extended Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Employees Union, held at Warangal, from 26th to 28th February, 2013.<> [04.03.2013]CHQ writes to Secretary, DoT on forwarding of resolution on 78.2% IDA fixation, passed in the Extended Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNL Employees Union, held at Warangal, from 26th to 28th February, 2013.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on issues of Casual and Contract Workers<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on congratulating the workers for successful 2 day General Strike on 20th - 21st February, 2013 and significance of the strike <> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on settlement of 78.2% IDA fixation, implementation of Child Care Leave and introduction of superannuation benefits to BSNL recruitees.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on union recognition election to be held on 16.04.2013.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on the wage reduction being faced by the employees appointed after 01.01.2007.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on settling of burning issues.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on Customer Delight Movement.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on thanking the Reception Committee.<> [04.03.2013]Extended CEC meeting resolution on the ghastly murder of Com. Sukendar Pal Singh, District Secretary, BSNLEU, Ghaziabad.<> [04.03.2013]CHQ writes to CMD BSNL on decentralisation of the power to procure cables and OFC to the territorial Circles.<> [04.03.2013]Hon’ble Delhi High Court dismissed petition filed by DoT on ITS repatriation issue. On 15th February, 2013, Hon’ble Delhi High Court ordered that ITS repatriation should be completed within six weeks. Thereafter, DoT has filed another petition in the Hon’ble Delhi High Court. After repatriating the ITS officers as per Hon’ble Court order, again DoT wants to bring them back on deputation for 10 years, as per the decision of the Cabinet. Hon’ble Court rejected this petition of the DoT today, the 04.03.2013. [02.03.2013]Branch Secretaries Convention of Haryana Circle to be held at Rohtak, on 05.03.2013. Haryana circle is holding it's Branch Secretaries Convention at Rohtak on 05.03.2013. Circle Union is taking all out efforts to make the Convention successful. Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, as well as the circle level leaders are attending the Convention. [02.03.2013]Branch Secretaries Convention of Rajasthan Circle to be held at Jaipur on 08.03.2013. Rajasthan circle union is holding it's Branch Secretaries Convention on 08-03-2013, at Jaipur. The Circle Union is mobilising branch secretaries from all over the circle for the successful conducting of the convention. Com.P.Abhimanyu, General Secretary, together with the circle level leaders are attending the Convention. [02.03.2013]Tour programme of CHQ leaders - Circle and District Secretaries to note please. CHQ leaders are allotted with tour programme for the 6th Membership Verification, and the same is going on successfully. However, it is observed that some circle/ district unions are not sending the report and photos immediately, for uploading the same on the CHQ website. Hence, circle and district secretaries are requested to kindly send the reports and photos of the programme, attended by CHQ leaders promptly, for uploading on CHQ website. [02.03.2013]International Women's Day - Observe it in a befitting manner. 8th March is International Women's Day. It is the tradition of the Working Class movement to observe the Day, conducting seminars, meetings and similar such programme, for raising voice for the liberation of women. In our country, women are denied equal rights from time immemorial, and are being treated as second class citizens. Every day media report the atrocities being meted out to women, such as molestation, rape, dowry killings, etc., etc. The recent gang rape and murder of the Delhi para-medical student is only the tip of the ice-berg. Trade unions cannot remain insensitive to such atrocities being committed on women. Hence, the forthcoming International Women's Day deserves to be effectively observed by us. CHQ calls upon the Circle and District unions to plan and effectively conduct seminars, meetings, etc., to observe the Day. Reports and photos may be sent to CHQ for uploading the same on the website. [01.03.2013]BSNLEU will win with more than 50% votes - BSNLEU leaders declared in the upbeat Open Session.<> [01.03.2013]Corporate Office letter on Compassionate Ground Appointment cases<> [01.03.2013]6th Membership Verification posters released in the Extended CEC.<> [01.03.2013]Campaign Material for the 6th Membership Verification released in the Warangal Extended CEC.<> [01.03.2013]BSNL letter on furnishing of information in connection with rectification of anomaly in pension of BSNL employees retired within ten months of their absorption in BSNL w.e.f. 01.10.2000.<> M -94262 01999

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