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Monday, April 1, 2013

Local Officiating promotion regarding... ALL INDIA BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED EXECUTIVES’ ASSOCIATION Central Headquarters New Delhi-110001 President P. Veneugopal Mob:9443200177 General Secretary Prahlad Rai Mob:9868278222 Financial Secretary B. Ravindranath Mob:9868101880 No. AIBSNLEA/CHQ/Dir(HR)/2013 Dated:01.04.2013 To, Sh. A.K. Rai, Director (HR), BSNL Board New Delhi-110001 Sub: Withdrawal of the system/practice of Local Officiating Arrangement or Local Officiating Promotion in BSNL and Introduction of Look After arrangement by Executives availing higher scales of pay w.r.t. temporary shortages in the grades/posts of SDE / DE/ DGM in Circles-reg. Ref:- Pers. Cell, BSNL Co letter nos. 412-13/2013-Pers.I (I) dated 22-03-2013 and 412-13/2013-Pers.I (II) dated 22-03-2013. R/Sir, We would like to draw your kind attention on the above cited references on the subject matter vide which it was communicated that withdrawal of local officiating arrangement and introduction of a new system of look after arrangement in executive cadres. In this connection, we would like to put forward the following practical suggestions before you, while implementing the new procedure vis-Ă -vis the exercise of inter-SSA transfer of executives going to be effected. (I) Certain SDEs/DEs (equivalent) when they got their officiating promotions were sent out side SSA and now completed tenure of 2 years there. An en-block transfer /repatriation to parent SSAs of all such officers may be allowed on their reversion to parent cadre. This is required essentially because they are not bound to serve out-side the SSA in the reverted lower cadre. Many of them will be entitled to function in the higher cadre as “look-after officers” as per the new scheme of C.O, in their parent unit due to their up-graded position gained by their time-bound promotion status. The remaining others also should not be retained outside SSA in a lower cadre without their willingness because they were sent out-sides only to officiate in a higher post. (II) There may be certain others, still officiating in the higher cadres such as D E/ DGM within their parent SSA itself, though they are not yet placed in the time-bound up-gradation status of E4/ E5. Such officers will immediately be reverted/ downgraded to their original cadre in view of the corporate office orders cited above. If any of them are found sufficiently long-standing in an SSA as per norms of transfer policy or not worked outside SSA so far, they should be included in the long-stay list for inter-SSA (III) As you are aware, an executive under orders of temporary/ regular promotions, deserves a right to refuse/ decline the position offered subject to certain conditions, even if he is enjoying a time-bound up-gradation in the scale of offered post. The refusal will not affect the time-bound up-gradation status of the officer, at any rate. Obviously this is applicable to the case of “look-after” arrangement also and a question to mandate “look-after” with a change of station will not be valid in this scenario. (An executive is not obliged to accept any additional charges in lieu of time-bound up-gradation, which was earned by him as per clear and unambiguous provisions in the EPP). [Policy to be followed in case where persons refuse promotion to a higher grade is decided by OM No. 1/3/69-Estt(D) dated 22nd November, 1975 from Cabinet Secretariat, Department of Personnel and A.R. which says that, “When a government servant does not want to accept a promotion which is offered to him, he may make a written request that he may not be promoted and the request may be considered by the appointing authority, taking relevant aspects into consideration”… …. “However, no fresh offer of appointment on promotion should be made in such cases for a period of six months from the date of refusal of first promotion.” But the OM further says that, when adhoc promotions against short-term vacancies are refused, even this penal provision is not applicable and he can be considered every time when short-term vacancies arise. We would therefore request you to kindly issue necessary guidelines for not making mandate look after arrangement willingness of all E4/E5 grade officers with choice of stations/ area preferred may be obtained before issuing an order of look-after by the competent authorities on the basis of All India seniority. Non-willing officers may be spared and the spare positions may be offered to the juniors in the eligible list and avoid unwanted litigations in this crucial stage of the PSU. Also ensure SC/ST roster implementation. With kind regards, Yours Sincerely, -sd- (Prahlad Rai) General Secretary Copy to:-  Sh. A.K. Jain, Sr. GM(Pers.), BSNL CO, New Delhi-110001  Sh. Neeraj Verma, GM(SR), BSNL CO, New Delhi-110001 M -9426201999

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