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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BSNL Latest inf. by Ashok Hindocha M -94262 54999 M -94262 54999 Corporate Planning & Monitoring Cell' BSNL CorPorate Office, 6th floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan, H. C. Mathur Lane, Janpath' New Delhi - 110001 1et. 91-11-23716482 Fax: 91-11- 23351291 qrtd{qnffiqftfi{is ( !m.d {{flI ql 3c*q ) BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED lA Govl oi lndLa EnterPrrse) l , E-mail: !Ip-1@!9nles.rn ---.**o98 Standinq Commiftee Time Bound Sub:- Forty-third report of the Standing Gommittee on Information Technology (2012-2013|on.o".*a"forGra-nts(2013.14|'re|atingtotheMinistryof communications & lnformation Technology (Department of Telecomm u nications)' Kindly find enclosed, herewith, a copy ^of extracts of Recommendations / OUr"*"tion', oi if'" +e'o ii"p"tt-"i tf'" Standing Committee on lnformation Technology Q012-2013) on 'O"tuni' to' Grants (2013-14)'pertaining to Department of ielecommu nications. The paras of the recommendation/ observations in the report have been marked to the units responsibte to. trini.ninl i6" ATN / Repty. Though the related recommendations/ observations have been ,rrr"o ior convenience, still the complete report may please be read carefully and reply to any other point even not marked but concerntng your unlt may also be sent to avoid delay in this matter. ltisrequestedtofurnishanupdatedinformationontheRecommendations/ Observations tb CP&M cell positively by 30.05.2013 to enable this office to send a compiled ATNs /Replies to Dbr. The soft copy of the same may please be mailerl at with copy to Kindly ensure that the replies / ;ffients io the CommitteeJ- recommendations are comprehensive & are not inconclusive, vague or couched in general terms like'Noted'or'Accepted', etc' Encl: As above (V.K.Sharma) GM (CP&M) 1. PGM / Sr GM / GM - (BP-cFA) / (BP-cM) / (NWP-GSM) / (NWP-OFA)/ (NWP-BB) / (lnfra-Sales) / (BFC&I i (NWP-CDMAMIMAX) / (NWO-CM) / (CNP) / BP-Ent/ ILD / (Restg) / EB-l / EB-ll / BW/ / (VAS) rlNWo-CFA)/ (S&M-CMy (P&P-cMy(F''cM) t i'rw, r" ' u.o. No. 1-2412013 -CP&M Copy to: 1. Director - (CFA) / (Ent) / (cM)/ (HR) / (Fin) Dated: 20.05.2011!f,:7 Part-u Recommendations / observations - !L-' tLa oa+rilerl Demands for Grants (2013-X4) o f ,1 z,l- lne comrnittee note that the Detailed Demar the DePartment of Telecorr'rnLtnications were iaid in Lok Sabha on 18th March' 2013, The Committee observe that for the 12th Five year plan against an amount al Rs.77 22!'23 crore under Gross Budgetary Support (GBS) sought by DoT, the GBS approved by the Planning Cornmission is onlY Rs' 29825 N n'F(511 crore. For the year 2af3'.. 4t the Department has been allocated a plan outlay --' . rjr"'t_ B ll of Rs. tr2,239'93 crore cornprising of both the GaS and IEBR components' The committee endorse the sarne. Hourever, an anarysis of the inform"t'"" ll"i t;;, l furnished by the Department reveals that the Flan allocation is Rs' 2/991'4 S '-Cfl I crore resser than the ouflay artrocated at aE stage for the previoEls year' The , -r? .i + analysis further reveals huge varlations in the BE' RE and Actuals und€i IiBR V( Ctf + GBS outlay of the Department during each of the last twc years" During zgL!-Lztthe allccation at BE was Rs' i9'881'09 crore which rras redueed to Rs. 11,878.02 crore at the RE stage and the actual utilisation was only Rs. 6,290.81 crore' During the year 2Of2-L3' again the allocation at RE was; reduced to Rs. 8,286'48 crore from R9' 15f231'39 crore of th€ BE allocatio!-r and the actual utilisation was only Rs' 4&1'g 'L'l' crore (t':pto February' 2013)' llz\ rrr" committee find that the u nder-u tiiisation of rEBR during 2012-13 was mainly on account of lower expenditure by the PsUs' An analysis af the performance of IEBR during 2012-13 indicates poor performance bY botlh BSNL and MTNL. For BSNL' IEBR at BE stage was Rs' 9'504 crore which was reduced to Rs. 5,409 crore at the RE stage and the actual utilisation upto February, 2013 was only Rs' 2'!4a 'a5 crore i'e' 39'72 percent w'r't' RE' In the^l .ure of MTNL' IEBR at BE was Rs' 887'39 crore which was reduced to t - +rra r.tual utilisation up to February' 2013 i *t. 444'48 cro(e at RE stage and the actual u I - -^ . t RE. The main reasons cited bY the J *u, Rs. 224 crore i'e' 50'39 percent w'r't' RE' Department for under-utilisation by BSNL includes lower capital :xqelgiture \ tt un anticipated on expansion of capacity for GSM equipment' procurement of t " 'i r.rcn equipment, uG cables & Telephone instrument' broadband equipment I 4arket conditions and hYPeri anA Cable & Transmission equipment' I.' '\ ----- -r-^ -.lwerselv affected the generation t '"- --, has also adversely affected the generation INWP C'!11 competitio;in the telecom::"-- :-1;=- f tA- of internal resources of BSNL' rn the case of MTNL' the committee observe NN V- --T , -- tr--^..^h

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