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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

[04.06.2013]Organise daylong dharna massively tomorrow - Let message go to the Management and the DoT, that strike will be total from 12-06-2013. M -94262 54999 CHQ calls upon the District, Circle and Branch unions to organise massive daylong dharna tomorrow, the 05-06-2013, demanding immediate approval by DoT for 78.2% IDA merger. Let the maximum number of employees participate in the dharna. Tomorrow's programme should be so massive, that it sends a clear message to the BSNL Management and the DoT, that the indefinite strike from 12th June will be total, if 78.2% IDA merger is not settled by then. [04.06.2013]Reception Committee formed for the next CEC meeting, to be held at Kolkata. The West Bengal Circle Union is making all out efforts for successfully holding the next CEC meeting, to be held at Kolkata. A Reception Committee has been formed for the purpose. Com. Pijush Chakraborty is the President, com. Swapan Chand and com. Anindya Sarkar are the Joint Secretaries and com. Gobinda das is the Finance Secretary. 21 committees and 7 sub committees have also been formed to make the CEC meeting a grand success. [04.06.2013]Vodafone once again slapped a fine of Rs.1263 crore, for cheating the government. At the time when Telecom Minister, Kapil Sibal, was trying his best to bail out Vodafone, through an out- of-court settlement, in the Rs. 11, 200 crore tax cheating case, the DoT has slapped another fine on Vodafone, for Rs.1263 crore, for cheating license fee and spectrum charges. It has been found out by the DoT, that during the period from 2008-09 to 2010-11, Vodafone had cheated the government of license fee and spectrum charges, by under stating it's revenue. License Fee and Spectrum Charges are levied on Telecom companies, based on the Adjusted Gross Revenue of each company. To avoid paying License Fee and Spectrum Charges, Vodafone had under stated its revenue. Without showing any lenience, the government should ensure that Vodafone pays the fine amount. [03.06.2013]Grant of facilities to the recognized representative Union of non-executive employees in BSNL.<> [03.06.2013]CHQ took up the issue with Corporate Office regarding confusion in upper age limit for appearing Telecom Mechanic LDCE. The Corporate Office issued clarification in this regard. <> [01.06.2013]Massive victory celebrations in Kolkata. <> [01.06.2013]General Secretary addressed massive meeting at Jorhat, Assam, on 29-05-2013.<> [01.06.2013]BSNL is entrusted by the Govt. to erect 2199 towers in Naxal affected areas for mobile coverage. The central government has cleared the long pending proposal of erecting 2199 towers in the naxal affected areas in A.P., Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, M.P.,Odisha, UP and West Bengal in order to cover the so far not-covered areas by mobile connections. The proposal has been pending for some years. The recent drastic attack by the naxalites and killing of senior leaders of Congress in Chattisgarh have woken up the sleeping ministry which took the decision now. The 3,046.12 crore project will be funded from USOF and no tender need be floated. BSNL will be entrusted with the work. Of course, the government very well know that no private telco will take up this dangerous task in the naxalite areas. BSNL is dedicated to the nation and it will take up the responsibility. The Government should remember that it is only BSNL which it can depend upon any emergency and security of the nation and the people. [01.06.2013]Discussion held with GM (Estt.) on 30-05-2013, on important pending staff problems:- Com. P. Abhimanyu, GS, and com.Swapan Chakraborty, AGS, held discussion with Shri R. K. Goyal, GM (Estt.), on some important pending staff problems. The details of the discussion are as follow:- 1) Reduction of salary of the employees appointed on or after 01-01-2007:- Union representatives insisted that as per the assurance given in the National Council, the Establishment section should re-examine this issue afresh. After discussion, the GM (Esstt) stated that a further discussion can be held on the issue next week. 2) Introduction of E1 payscale to the Non-Executives:- Union representatives insisted that the decision of the National Council, to introduce E1 payscale to the Non-Executives should be implemented expeditiously. It was agreed to process the case expeditiously. 3) Settlement of anomalies:- Union representatives insisted upon the demand raised in the National Council, to implement the judgement of the Hon'ble CAT, Ernakulam, to all the affected seniors. Based on the inputs so far received from the circles, it was agreed process the case. 4) Promotion under NEPP should not be denied based on average entries made prior to the implementation of the NEPP:- Union representatives insisted that the above decision of the National Council should be implemented without further delay.It was agreed to take up the issue for the approval of the MC and the Board. 5) Revision of guidelines for compassionate ground appointments:- Union representatives demanded that revised guidelines should be issued for compassionate ground appointments, based on the decision of the National Council. It was agreed that the same can be discussed after 10 days. 6) Revision of Telecom Mechanic RR, for making industrial workers eligible for the exam (LDCE):- It was agreed to do the same, after the present exam is completed in the remaining circles also. 7) Raising the upper age limit for appearing the Telecom Mechanic exam( LDCE The issue was discussed at length. GM (Estt) pointed out the as per RR, there is no upper age limit for appearing the LDCE. However, the Union representatives pointed out that a number of circle administrations have taken a position that 40 is the upper age limit, and hence the Corporate Office should issue a clarification on this [31.05.2013]Review of results of JAO Part-II Examination held on 17th - 19th December, 2012 by granting relaxation in qualifying marks.<> [31.05.2013]Review of results of JAO Part-II Examination of Rajasthan Circle held on 17th -19th December, 2012 - CHQ writes to Director (Finance). <> [31.05.2013]Submitting of agenda items for the Sports and Cultural Board meeting.<> [31.05.2013]Notice for Central Executive Committee Meeting to be held at Kolkata on 7th – 9th July, 2013 issued. <> [31.05.2013]Granting of Special Casual Leave for CEC meeting to be held at Kolkata on 7th - 9th July, 2013 – CHQ letter to GM (SR), BSNL CO. <> [31.05.2013]CHQ writes to Corporate Office, to clear the confusion on age limit to appear TM LDCE.<> M -94262 54999

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