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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Don’t increase FDI in Telecom--BSNLEU-President VAN Namboodiri---inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

New post on VAN Namboodiri's Blog M -94262 54999 Don’t increase FDI in Telecom The reported proposal of the Department of Telecom (DOT) to increase the FDI from the present 74% to 100 % is completely against the interest of the country. Even with 74% FDI, the control of many telecom companies have already passed to the MNCs. The government is completely unable to control any of these MNCs. Income Tax notice for about 14,000 crore has been issued to Vodafone, but not only it has not paid the same, but is threatening the government that it will go to international arbitration. The Finance Minister has meekly proposed for conciliation to reduce the taxes, but Vodafone does not want even to pay a single paisa. The decision of the government that at least 30% of the telecom manufacturing should be from India will be a mirage if 100% FDI is allowed. All the international telecom companies have opposed the decision and are putting pressure on the management to drop it. What is the role of these telecom MNCs in the reported espionage of all communications by the US Intelligence Agency is still to come out. But there can not be smoke with out fire. The security of the country, domestic manufacture and R&D can not be put at the mercy of the telecom MNCs. If 100% FDI is allowed, within no time, all the Indian companies will be grabbed by the MNCs. The present proposal for 100% FDI in Telecom is to be strongly opposed and defeated.

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