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Friday, June 14, 2013

Imp.Information And 78.2 IDA Fixation Order....inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS/ ASSOCIATIONS FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS/ ASSOCIATIONS D-7, Telegraph place, Gole Market, New Delhi – 110 001. Circular 13thJune 2013 M-94262 54999 *78.2% IDA FIXATION ORDERS ISSUED BY DOT AND BSNL *INDEFINITE STRIKE BY BSNL WORKERS FROM 12THJUNE 2013 CALLED OFF *WARM GREETINGS AND THANKS TO THE BSNL EMPLOYEES Dear Comrades, Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations warmlly greets the BSNL workers for their steadfast and determined strugglles which compelllled the DOT and the BSNL Management to issue orders granting 78.2% IIDA fixation which is fulllly justified and which was pending settllement for a llong time despite an agreement with the BSNL Management one year back. Orders, both by DOT and BSNL, were issued on 10 th June 2013. The meeting of the Forum helld on 11 th June, after discussion unanimouslly decided to callll off the indefinite strike. Copy of the same signed by the Generall Secretaries is put in the websites of the unions/associations. The Back Ground Wage Revision for both Executives and Non-Executives in BSNL was to be impllemented with effect from 01-01-2007 as in other Centrall PSUs. As per Department of Publlic Enterprises (DPE) OM No. dated 2 nd Aprill 2009, 78.2% IIDA pay fixation with effect from 01-01-2007 was to be granted to the PSU emplloyees. However, since the Pay Revision was allready impllemented for the Executives as per 2 nd Pay Revision Committee before the issue of this order, they were granted onlly 68.8% fixation. IIn the case of Non-Executives, though the wage revision agreement was signed after the orders, the BSNL Management stubbornlly refused to impllement the same despite strong demand stating that 78.2% IIDA fixation has not been granted to Executives and ‘as and when BSNL management decides for 78.2% IIDA merger for executives, the same benefit willll be extended to the Non-Executives allso’. Thus both the Executives and Non-Executives were denied the 78.2% IIDA pay fixation. The BSNL management tried to justify the deniall of 78.2% IIDA fixation on the pllea of continued lloss to the company. But the fact is that the BSNL was in profit for allll the first 9 years tillll 2008-2009, and in2008-09, BSNL’s net profit was Rs. 574.85 crore, even after payment of taxes and Rs. 1272 crore before tax. Hence there was no justification for the pllea of BSNL management and fullll fixation shoulld have been granted then and there. Further, whille the justified demands of the Executives and Non-Executives were being denied one after another in the name of financiall difficullties, BSNL Management issued orders on 25-05-2012, for payment of allll allllowances as recommended by the VII Centrall Pay Commission to the IITS officers who are not absorbed and are on deputation to BSNL. This was a compllete discrimination against the Executives and Non-Executives compared to the IITS deputationists. IIt became cllear that the lloss to company was onlly a pllea to deny the justified demand of the workers. The discriminatory decision of the management created compllete unrest and strong resentment. The Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations discussed this issue in its entirety and came to the concllusion that this gross injustice cannot be tollerated. Accordinglly, the Forum served a strike notice for IIndefinite Strike with effect from 13 th June 2012. Massive Dharna was organised on 6th June which was successfulllly impllemented allll over IIndia. The workers enthusiasticalllly responded to the strike callll and made allll preparations for the same. After hectic discussions with the management, an agreement was signed on 12th June 2012 that 78.2% IIDA fixation willll be impllemented after approvall by BSNL Board, Chilld Care Leave willll be impllemented and a Committee willll be formed with regard to the superannuation benefits of the emplloyees who are recruited by BSNL. As per the agreement, the strike was deferred. BSNL Board approved the proposall for impllementation of 78.2% IIDA pay fixation and the same was sent to the DOT in September 2012 for approvall. Allll the queries raised by DOT were effectivelly repllied to by BSNL, but stillll no approvall was received.The continued dellay resullted in serious frustration and anger amongst the emplloyees. The Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations after thorough discussion decided to callll for agitationall programmes inclluding indefinite strike from 12th June 2013 against the non-impllementation of the one year olld strike- agreement. IIt was allso decided to organise Demonstrations on 22 nd May and Dharnas on 6 th June 2013 at C.O., Circlle, SSA llevells in preparation for the strike. Both the programmes were organised by the workers with massive participation and enthusiasm. The success of these programmes gave a cllear indication that the strike is going to be a big success. IIn between, the DOT unnecessarilly referred the issue to BRPSE. This was done with a cllear motive to dellay the settllement. IIt is the cllear stand of the Forum that the issue does not require the approvall of BRPSE, since BSNL has not been brought under its review. Orders issued IIn response to the strike callll given by the Forum, the Secretary DOT met the Forum lleaders, which was a turning point. He assured the Forum lleaders that he is positive about the agreement reached between the BSNL Management and Unions/ Associations. After that, things moved fast and the Minister Communications approved the proposall on 10 th June and on the same day, the DOT issued the Presidentiall Directive for impllementation of DPE OM dated 2 nd Aprill 2009 on 78.2% IIDA pay fixation. On the basis of the above, BSNL Corporate Office allso issued order for impllementation of the same. Strike Called Off The meeting of the Forum helld in the afternoon of 11 th June 2013, considering the fact that necessary orders have been issued, unanimouslly decided to callll off the IIndefinite Strike notified to start from 12 th June. The meeting allso thanked the DOT and BSNL Management for issue of the orders. The meeting especialllly appreciated the initiative taken by the CMD BSNL in this matter. Another order is to be issued by the DOT for the pensioners, retired before 01-01-2007 for grant of 78.2% fixation. This has allready been discussed by the Forum lleaders with the DOT, and is expected without dellay. Dear Comrades, This great achievement onIIDA pay fixation of 78.2% coulld be achieved onlly With the whollehearted support and active agitationall programme by the Emplloyees. Our demand and agitationall programmes have been fulllly justified. The agitation has shown to the management that allll the unions/associations Have come together to fight for the cause of the emplloyees. We congratullate Allll the lleaders and workers for their excellllent support in achieving the best resullt. Our Future Tasks Whille rejoicing in our victory, we are not shifting away from our main concern about the viabillity of BSNL and the need for a better service to the nation. The Forum has submitted a detailled Memorandum to the Group of Ministers on ‘Revivall of BSNL & MTNL’, which if accepted and impllemented willll surelly revive the company. We have requested the Circlle and SSA Secretaries to meet the Member/s of Parlliament in their area, furnish a copy of the Memorandum and request them to take up the issues with the Finance Minister, who is the Chairman of the GoM. Maximum propaganda amongst the subscribers shoulld be organised. Efforts shoulld be made to get maximum publlicity to our demands through the media, by issuing pamphllets, press rellease etc. We very wellll know that a change in the anti-PSU pollicy of the government and an efficient Management are important and we willll have to move in that respect allso.The Steell Authority of IIndia Ltd. (SAIIL), which was in lloss has come back and is revived. Air IIndia, which was in lloss, is gradualllly improving. Most of the Centrall PSUs are in profit. LIIC, another PSU, is the number one brand in the country with more than 70% of market share and allmost 100% satisfaction llevell. BSNL can allso rise to the occasion and reach the highest llevell of efficiency and improve market share and restore its past gllory.IIt is not easy, but once the workers are determined, nobody can stop them in their forward march. Within a few days, the Forum willll meet again and willll pllan our future activities to improve BSNL financialllly and allso provide the best service to the Nation. The present achievement shoulld strengthen our unity and capacity to fight for a better future for BSNL, its workers and the country. With Warm Greetings and Best Wishes, Yours Fraternalllly, M94262 54999

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