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Friday, August 30, 2013

BSNL Latest News/inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

29-08-2013 Circle President, Circle Secretary, Vice President-I & II and CWC Member met PGM (F) and discussed following issues: 1. Relieve of JAO from Bhuj on his inter circle transfer. PGM (F) directed IFA Bhuj to make arrangement for relieve of JAO. 2. Review of LKLB scheme. We have narrated the discussion we had with CGMT on the issue and requested PGM (F) to use her good office for early review of LKLB scheme. PGM (F) assured us to look into it in the interest of BSNL. 3. Relieve of JAO from Bharuch SSA. We requested PGM (F) to instruct IFA Bharuch to relieve the executive under intra circle transfer. PGM (F) assured us to look into it. 4.Multiple reporting in CSC. We have pointed out the discussion we had on the issue with CGMT and requested PGM (F) to use her good offices to ensure optimum utilisation of staff by following existing instructions. PGM (F) assured us to look into it. 5. Dual reporting of Accounts Personnel in ATD. We have pointed out that it is a practice introduced in ATD in the recent past, which is creating lot of inconvenience to accounts personnel. PGM (F) assured us to look into it. 26-08-2013 GENERAL SECRETARY, Com. Prahlad Rai, Gujarat Circle President, Com. R.C Dhala, Gujarat Circle Asstt. Finance Secretary, Com. Rashmin Gohel and other delegates from Gujarat Circle today met GM(Estt.), Corporate Office, New Delhi and discussed allowing option to exercise to depttl. JAOs joined after 07.05.2010: We requested to allow deptt. JAOs to exercise option on promotion who joined after 07.05.2010 as per DPE guidelines. We also pleaded that the JAOs exam result was declared in the month of March-April, 2010 itself but these JAOs were sent in training centers after 07.05.2010 and on completion of the training they joined as JAO. This training process continues for more than a year and after their joining as JAO after 07.05.2010 they are not allowed to exercise option for pay fixation which is putting them in great financial loss. Hence, we requested that where JAO exam result was declared before 07.05.2010 should be allowed to exercise option of pay fixation. GM(Estt.) after detail discussion assured to re-examine the case. We provided all the relevant documents to re-examine the case. 24-08-2013 President, CS, VP-I & II and CWC Member met Shri B.K. Sinha, CGMT, Gujarat Circle on 24th August, 2013. Shri V.K. Sajnani, Sr.GM (Admn.) was also present in the meeting. Association had a detailed discussion on following issues: 1. Review of LKLB scheme in view of heavy revenue loss. After a detailed discussion, CGMT decided to form a committee to make suggestion for review of LKLB scheme. 2. Optimum utilisation of staff. We have pointed out improper utilisation of staff in various wings. CGMT assured to take immediate necessary action for optimum utilisation of staff. 3. Multiple controlling in CSC. We have pointed out that CSC should work in single window concept and there should not be multiple reporting, as in Ahmedabad Telecom. District three different wings are operating in CSC i.e. CM, CFA & Accounts. CGMT assured to give direction to PGMTD, Ahmedabad to review the working of CSCs. 4. Seat tenure transfer. We have pointed out some executives are working in the same seat for many years and they are not ready to work in out door resulting non availability of willing staff in fields. We further suggested that seat tenure transfer should be from one unit to another unit and not in the same unit. CGMT also confirmed our point and directed Sr.GM (A) to issue reiterating instruction on seat tenure transfer. 5. Inter circle & intra circle transfer cases of JTOs. CGMT assured to relieve the JTOs on inter circle from the panel already approved. As far as intra circle transfer, CGMT on the stand that these executives are on their initial posting at the present station and hence they should work atleast 5 years in the present station. We further requested that since these executives had already completed 4 years in their respective SSAs, they are eligible for intra circle transfer as per transfer policy. CGMT on our demand assured that if substitute of similar caliber are made available, their case can be considered. 6. Intra SSA transfer of Accounts personnel in Bhuj SSA. We have pointed out illogical transfer of JAO from Gandhidham to Bhuj without considering the interest of BSNL as well as the hardship of the executive. Gandhidham is one of the highest revenue earning areas of Bhuj SSA and at present only one JAO is posted at Gandhidham to give services to our valued customers to deal with their TR related issues. Transfer to this only JAO may create hardship to our customers and therefore the present action of GMTD, Bhuj is against the interest of BSNL. Moreover, the person presently posted at Gandhidham has also served at Bhuj for more than two years and recently he got his transfer back to Gandhidham. We further pointed out that the instant transfer is to implement a long pending inter circle transfer of a JAO working at Bhuj and he can be relieved by giving additional charge to other JAO/AOs working at Bhuj. We demanded immediate relieve of JAO on inter circle transfer by giving the charge to other JAO/AO working in Bhuj SSA. CGMT assured to discuss the issue with PGM(F). 7. Recovery of more than Rs. 2 Cr from DoT & dues from Postal Dept. We demanded immediate action at CGMT level to recover the above amount as finance wing of Circle Office had already made their effort but all in vain. CGMT assured to discuss the matter with PGM (F) and to take necessary action. We also demanded installing separate electric meters in Khanpur building to avoid heavy electricity bill. CGMT assured to look into it. 8. Non relieving of executives on their transfer to their parent circle on completion of their tenure in Gujarat Circle. We have pointed out that executives joined in Gujarat Circle from other circles are facing difficulty in getting relieved and the same is creating a bad image of Gujarat Circle. Such delay in relieve on transfer is not only discouraging others to join in Gujarat Circle but also office bearers of this Association are being criticised by other Circles' Office beareres. We demanded immediate relieve of executives on their transfer after completion of tenure, to build confidence in others to join Gujarat Circle on their posting. 24-08-2013 Circle President & Other Circle Office Bearers will be in Corporate Office, New Delhi to take up important HR issues on 26th & 27th August,2013. 21-08-2013 Circle president, Circle Secretary, ATD District President & District secretary met PGM ATD, & Sr.GM (CMTS/ Admn) ATD on 16.08.2013 and discussed following HR & development issues. To review and possibility to stop dual reporting of account staff to DGM Technical & DGM (Fin.) M-94262 54999 To review the possibility of single window concept at CSC for proper utilization of man powers as staff working is CSCs are controlled by different officers like CO-CM, CO-CFA and AO TR. Timely implementation of seat/SSA tenure transfer policy. We pointed out that most of the executives are not ready to work in outdoor and they continuously working in Indoor in one section. In some cases from their appointment and also even after transfer & posting. We have suggested to change at least section / unit by timely implementing seat/local transfer within SSA in the interest of BSNL. Maintaining transparency in transfer & posting in SSA. Non availability of Wi-Fi modem and other required materials for the clearance of complaints. We have also pointed out that one of the main reasons for revenue loss in Circle is implementation of LKLB facility and the same was agreed by PGMTD, Ahmedabad. We also informed PGMTD, AM that this issue we had taken-up CGMT & PGM(Fin.) and will ensure review of LKLB scheme at Circle level. M-94262 54999

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