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Wednesday, August 7, 2013 M-94262 54999-Latest Updated information M-94262 54999 Central Trade Unions organise National Convention in Delhi to fight against the govt... policies... All the Central Trade Unions and Industrial Workers Unions and Federations have come up again on the road of struggle to change Central Govt. policies. They have announced the programme of ‘March to Parliament’ on 12th December, 2013. This programme was chalkedout in the very big gathering of the workers who have come to the convention at Mavalankar Hall on 6 th August 2013. This convention was organised by all the Central Trade Unions and independent federations. More than 1000 delegates have welcomed the decisions of the leadership in the convention for March to Parliament on 12th December and Demonstration / Satyagraha on 25th September, 2013. The presidium of the convention consisted of all the presidents of the participating organizations and it was addressed by S/ShriB.N.Rai (BMS), K.K.Nair (INTUC), GurudasDasgupta (AITUC), Harbhajan Singh and UmraomalPurohit (HMS), TapanSen (CITU), Satyavan Singh (AIUTUC) S.P. Tiwari (TUCC), Smt. LathaBahan (SEWA), Rajiv Dimri(AICCTU), Ashok Ghosh (UTUC) and Pachimuthu (LPF). At the concluding part of the meeting the president announced the declaration as unanimously passed amidst thunderous applause from the house. The speakers of the convention have congratulated the workers for the historic 48 hrs. strike on 20 –– 21, February, 2013. The convention has given a call to organize the sectoral programme of joint actions for effectively opposing Restructuring, Outsourcing etc. and on sector-specific issues/demands and against Divestment of shares in Public Sector Enterprises. The leadership has also expressed their views to conduct exclusive joint action Programmes on the demand of Minimum Wage and Contract Workers related other demands which was very much appreciated by the house. Some of the speakers in the convention have also appreciated the role of BSNL Employees to conduct joint struggle to survive the Company. Coms.V.A.N.Namboodiri, President, Animesh Mitra, Acting GS, S.C.Bhattacharjee, Treasurer, K.G. Jayaraj, GS, AIBDPA and other leaders of BSNL Employees Union were present in the convention. View of the audienceView of the dias Com. Tapan Sen, General Secretary, CITU, addressing M-94262 54999

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