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Monday, October 28, 2013

BSNLEU CHQ New _Delhi Latest inf. by AShok Hindocha M-94262 54999 M-94262 54999 BSNL EMPLOYEES UNION Recognised Union in BSNL (Registered Under Indian Trade Union Act 1926. Regn.No.4896) CHQ:Dada Ghosh Bhawan, Opp. Shadipur Bus Depot., New Delhi – 110008 Email:, website: P. Abhimanyu Phone: (O) 011-25705385 General Secretary Fax : 011- 25894862 BSNLEU/102 (Circular No.05) 27 th October, 2013 To, All CEC members and District Secretaries, Dear Comrades, One day strike postponed. The one day strike, that was to take place on 25.10.2013, has been postponed following the settlement reached between the United Forum and BSNL Management. Originally the strike was to take place on 27.09.2013. However, based on the assurances given by the Management, in the talks held on 17.09.2013, the strike was deferred to 25.10.2013. Finally, a settlement was reached in the talks held on 18.10.2013. Based on this, the United Forum has postponed the strike. The decision to postpone the strike was taken, keeping in mind the settlements reached in the issues of NEPP, E 1 pay scale, change of designations, salary reduction of the employees appointed after 01.01.2007, regular promotion of the officiating JTOs, anomalies, revival of telecom factories, revision of pension based on 78.2% IDA merger, etc. However, no settlement is reached in respect of issues like stagnation, PLI etc. It does not mean that we have dropped these demands. We will continue to persue these demands vigorously and will try to settle them as early as possible. 12 th December ‘March to the Parliament’. All the Central Trade Unions of the country have given call to conduct a massive ‘March to the Parliament’, on 12-12- 2013, demanding settlement of the important demands of the working masses. This rally is in continuation of the two day General Strike, held on 20th and 21st February this year. BSNLEU, being part and parcel of this movement, has decided to fully participate in the rally. The All India Centre meeting, held on 23rd October, has decided to mobilise our comrades massively for this rally from the adjacent circles of UP(West), Haryana, UP(East), Punjab and Rajasthan. At the same time comrades from all other circles should also participate in this rally. Observe 'Demands Week' from 18 th to 23 rd November, 2013, to campaign on the demands of the March to Parliament. 'The All India Centre meeting held on 23rd October, has underscored the necessity to effectively campaign among the employees, on the demands of the Central Trade Unions, for which the 12 th December March to Parliament is taking place. Since continuous struggles are being called on this demands, it is expected that the Central Trade Unions will give call for the next phase of the struggle, after the forthcoming March to the Parliament. It should be self-critically accepted that the two day General strike held in February was not very successful in BSNL, because of the inadequate campaigning conducted among the employees on the demands. So, to overcome this shortcoming, the All India Centre has decided, that a 'Demands Week' must be observed from 18 th to 23 rd November, 2013. District and Branch level mass meetings should be conducted during this period and the demands of the Central Trade Unions, on which the 12 th December March to Parliament is being conducted, should be explained. This preparation will be really helpful for conducting the future struggles. Communal harmony and the role of BSNLEU. The issue of communal harmony and the role of BSNLEU was seriously discussed in the All India Centre meeting held on 23.10.2013. In fact, this discussion took place in the back drop of the recent communal riots that took place in Muzzafarnagar and in the nearby districts in Uttar Pradesh. 62 people were killed and thousands of people took shelter in refugee camps. Most of the affected people are not the rich, but ordinary working people. In many parts of the Country, like Bihar, Jammu & Kashmir etc. communal forces are trying to divide the people for their narrow political gains. As an organization of the working class, it is the duty of BSNLEU to maintain communal harmony, unity of the working people and fight against communal forces which divide the people in the name of religion. This is because, when communal riots break out only ordinary working masses belonging to different communities suffer. It is not the corporates or land lords or business tycoons who suffer. As such, trade union movement cannot close it’s eyes andremain silent when communal hatred is being spreaded. Trade unions have the responsibility to maintain communal harmony of the people and fight against communal forces. It was decided to discuss this issue in detail in the next meeting of the CEC and chalk out our course of action. Immediately complete collection of CHQ donation @ Rs.100 per member. It is the decision of the Ludhiana All India Conference, to collect Rs.100 from each and every member as CHQ donation, when payment of 78.2% IDA Merger is made. CHQ is extremely sorry to point out that, so far only a few district unions have completed this collection. It was amply clarified in the AIC itself, that this collection of donation is very essential for the CHQ to tide over it's financial crisis, that has been created because of the purchasing of union's own building in New Delhi. Hence, circle and district secretaries are requested to pay serious attention to this job and gear-up the collection of donation immediately. The collected amount should be promptly remitted to the CHQ. Next CEC meeting to be held at Rajkot, Gujarat, on 21 st , 22 nd and 23 rd February, 2014. The next Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU will be held at Rajkot, in Gujarat Circle, on 21st , 22nd and 23rd February, 2014. The Gujarat circle union has accepted the request of the CHQ to host the next CEC meeting. All members of the CEC are requested to book their journey tickets in advance. Thanking you, Yours fraternally (P.Abhimanyu) GENERAL SECRETARY

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