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Wednesday, February 26, 2014 by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999 The 2nd Circle Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting of AIBSNLEA Gujarat Circle and Bi-annual Meeting of Ahmedabad District branch was held on 22.02.2014 at Sardar Patel Hall, Jilla Panchayat Bhavan, Ahmedabad in a grand manner. by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

The 2nd Circle Executive Committee (CEC) Meeting of AIBSNLEA Gujarat Circle  and Bi-annual Meeting of Ahmedabad District branch was  held  on 22.02.2014 at Sardar Patel Hall, Jilla Panchayat Bhavan, Ahmedabad in a grand manner.

The meeting was attended by Circle Office bearers, CWC Members, Advisor,  and Branch presidents and Secretaries of   Gujarat. Our dynamic and beloved leader Shri Prahlad Rai GS CHQ, Shri C.M. Saste, Organization Secretary (West) CHQ and Shri M.M.Kanani Advisor  CHQ were also  graced the  occasion.

Shri R.C. Dhala, Circle President welcomed the Chief Guest, Guests of Honour, CHQ leaders and all the delegates. He  briefed the members  of status of Revenue in Gujarat Circle, association activities and took the points as per agenda.  Shri. R. M. Belani, Circle Secretary  in his speech, heartily welcomed members and also newly joined members, and requested to work together actively in the interest of all disciplines of cadres and briefed activities related to HR and general issues taken up  with CGMT, Pr. GM(Fin.), GM(HR/Admin) and Pr. GM  Ahmedabad  and  with SSA Heads during the period.  

All the Branch Secretaries also submitted their branch report  and submitted  the pending present  issues to be taken-up at Circle as well as CHQ level.  

Shri.T. Raja, Finance Secretary requested all branches to ensure collection of subscription for CHQ & Circle Quota in time.

In CEC, it was discussed on unnecessary harassment  meted out  to executives by  creating fear of transfer  etc.. in Vadodara SSA on the pressure of representatives and leaders of other rival association. We have informed to take up such activities of other association in the notice of Pr. GM Vadodara for the defence and safe guard of executives without anybody favour in the interest of BSNL and stop the facilities availing for such activities.  Our CHQ leaders also viewed seriousness of such activities and suggested for immediate action to stop it by SSA head without any fear and same to be followed in all SSA. The issue was noted seriously  and  resolved to fight the case at appropriate authorities  including at CHQ level.

Com. C.M.Saste, O S (West) CHQ graced the occasion and in his address he assured to look into reported issues related to Gujarat Executives at CHQ level and viewed in all seriousness of rival association  leaders on  undesirable actions in Vadodara SSA and informed all executives to contact him any time for  cadre related issues and appealed to all members to  increase the membership and  support actively during membership verification and try to make AIBSNLEA number one position.
During the open session,
Shri. B.K. Sinha CGM Gujarat Circle,  Shri. Balraj, PGM Ahmedabad Telecom District, Shri. P.B. Parmar General Manager (Fin) graced the occasion  and addressed the gathering. During his speech, CGM  appreciated the efforts taken by Com. Prahalad Rai GS  for guarding the interest of executives and the development issues of BSNL.  CGM emphasized the  need  to work  together among all disciplines of cadres in the interest of  BSNL and take responsibility  of work for increase in  revenue  particularly in  broadband  and land line segment. Our staff should be alert when our cables are damaged  by keeping proper coordination with Local authorities. 
Shri. Balraj, PGM Ahmedabad Telecom District,  in his  address requested  the members to the attend the problems presented  by customers in field level and at CSCs. 
Shri P.B.Parmar GM (Finance) Gujarat Circle, also addressed the meeting and touched various revenue matters and urged the members for increase the revenue collection of billed amount.

Com  Prahlad Rai GS, AIBSNLEA, CHQ  addressed and briefed on going activities related to DPCs of various disciplines  and updated the status of court cases   pending in various courts relating to cadres. He has also explained the   efforts made for  Direct recruited JTOs/JAOs in settlement of EPF, Superannuation benefits and resolution of  2005 batch pay anomaly. He has also  explained the efforts made for grace marks for JAO Part II exam & option for pay fixation of JAO's from 07/05/2010 and details regarding the viability of BSNL payment of spectrum charges (3G & BWA) of Rs 18500 crores, non reimbursement of OPEX charges, withdrawal of ADC, payment of interest on notional loan of Rs 7500 crores etc,.. He has informed  that BSNL is spending more than 9000 crores in maintenance of all the rural exchanges in India. He has explained the efforts made by AIBSNLEA in getting approval of refund of Rs 6724 crores of BWA spectrums made appeal to all members to support actively during membership verification and try to make AIBSNLEA in number one position. The meeting concluded with vote of thanks given by   Shri. B.K. Shah. 
On this occasion , the bi-annual meeting of Ahmedabad telecom district also took place.   Com. Saste  guided  the proceedings.  Shri. S.R. Mishra  AO (Cash) RLP, Shri. N.P. Patel  DE (Extl),NVP and  C.K. Patel  JAO elected as President ,District secretary and Fin. Secretary respectively.
The hall was jam packed  and the conference was a grand success. by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

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