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Saturday, February 21, 2015 M-94262 54999 BSNL Mobile New 3G Data STVs Launched with More Validity M-94262 54999

BSNL Mobile New 3G Data STVs Launched with More Validity

BSNL 3G has launched New Free 3G Data Prepaid Special Tariff Vouchers with extra validity to attract more customers with these new BSNL 3G Plans at cheapest rates for mobile users to enjoy the best 3G Data browsing at any where across India, by allowing Online BSNL Recharge.
BSNL 3G Mobile Data STVs
At this time, BSNL has launched one regular 3G Data STV and 2 types of promotional 3G Data STVs at cheapest prices with free bundled data usage of 2GB & 200MB / 300MB available in each prepaid 3G Packs with longer validity more than double available for present BSNL 3G Plans.
BSNL 3G New Data Special Tariff Vouchers
Where these Data Rate cutters will also be applicable for all BSNL 3G Prepaid Mobile Plan Customers and also for existing below mentioned longer validity 3G Plans as Top Up Data Vouchers for Prepaid Mobile Data.
These newly introduced BSNL 3G Data STVs at Rs.73 and Rs.105 will be available as a promotional offer for a period of 60 days from 20th February 2015 to 20th April 2015, where 2GB BSNL 3G Data Packs at Rs.451 will be available as a Regular 3G Data Special Tariff Voucher from 20.02.2015, and these new BSNL 3G Data STVs shall be used by all Smartphone, Tablet and Netsetter users.

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