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Thursday, April 16, 2015

16.04.2015]Gujarat Circle M-94262 54999 M-94262 54999
16.04.2015]Gujarat Circle Convention.
Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations of Gujarat Circle conducted a marvelous “Save BSNL” convention at Ahmedabad, Gujarat Circle. Large number of employees including district secretaries and presidents of all the Unions/Associations attended the convention. Com. N.J. Bhatia presided over the convention. Com. A.M. Patil conducted the proceedings of the convention. He also delivered the key address on the forthcoming two days strike. Com. Balbir Singh, President, BSNLEU explained the 20 point charter of demands of the Forum. He also explained the reasons of debacle of the BSNL, decling market share and deteriorating financial position of the company. He also criticized the Neo-Liberal policies of the Government. He told that the govt. of India is totally anti-public sector and wants to kill all the public sector. He called upon the workers to make the strike call a grand success. Com. H.R. Tiwari, Vice President, NFTE CHQ, com. B.S. Khandeker, President, ATM, com.P.K. Rathod, CS, BSNL MS, com. Rakesh Mehta, CHQ member of SNEA(I), com. Kumar Lakhtarya, CS, SNATTA, com. S.R. Kshatriya, CS, ATM, com. H.J. Chauhan, CS, BTEU, com. R.M. Belani, CS, AIBSNLEA, com. P. Mathew, CS, AIGETOA, com. K.D. Maurya, CS, SEWA and com. J.K. Sutariya, CS, BSNLOA also addressed the convention. All the leaders of Forum of Gujarat assured that the strike will be complete in Gujarat Circle.<> M-94262 54999

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