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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

All Circle Secretaries, CHQ office-bearers and District Secretaries. The landmark two day strike. The 2 day strike by the 2.25 lakh BSNL employees, called on by the Forum, demanding immediate steps for the revival of BSNL, has successfully taken place on 21st & 22nd April, 2015.-inf by M-94262 54999
M-94262 54999
Recognised Union in BSNL
(Registered Under Indian Trade Union Act 1926. Regn.No.4896)
CHQ: Dada Ghosh Bhawan, Opp. Shadipur Bus Depot., New Delhi – 110008
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P. Abhimanyu Phone: (O) 011-25705385
General Secretary Fax : 011- 25894862
BSNLEU/102 (Circular No.05) 25th April, 2015
All Circle Secretaries, CHQ office-bearers
and District Secretaries.
The landmark two day strike.
The 2 day strike by the 2.25 lakh BSNL employees, called on by the Forum, demanding immediate
steps for the revival of BSNL, has successfully taken place on 21st & 22nd April, 2015. The strike was
almost 100% in all the circles and on both the days. Offices, Customer Care Centres, Telephone
Exchanges, etc. were deserted from Kashmir to Kanya kumari. The massive participation of the
employees, on both the days of the strike, only shows their concern for the future of BSNL, as well
as their determination to save and strengthen it. BSNLEU heartily congratulates the entire NonExecutives
and Executives for their total participation in the strike, and making it a historic success.
BSNLEU also appreciates the Forum, as well as all the Unions and Associations for organising this
landmark strike. Members of Parliament, belonging to the CPI(M), including Shri Shankar Prasad
Dutta, shri Jitendra Chowdhary, shri A. Sampath, shri A. Karunakaran and shri P.K. Biju raised the
issue of the strike by 2.25 lakh BSNL employees in the Lok Sabha on 22.04.2015. BSNLEU
expresses it sincere thanks to all these members of the Parliaments. Many organizations like the
CITU, Confederation of Central Govt. Employees, All India State Govt. Employees Federation
(AISGEF), All India Insurance Employees Association (AIIEA), etc. supported our strike. BSNLEU
heartily thanks all these organizations for their support and solidarity. All circle secretaries are
requested to send the strike particulars to the CHQ in the prescribed format enclosed herewith.
These particulars are necessary to assess our strength and weaknesses, for taking appropriate
future actions. Hence, it is requested that the particulars may be send to the CHQ, latest by
Next course of action.
The BSNL employees are on struggle almost for the past six months, demanding to take steps for
the revival of BSNL. The first notice for indefinite strike from 03.02.2015, was served on
18.11.2014. Later on, the dates were changed and finally the 2 day strike took place on 21st and
22nd April, 2015. When the 2.25 lakh employees of one of the biggest PSUs were on struggle, it is
a shame on the Minister of Communications and the Secretary, DoT, that they could not find time to
meet the trade union leaders and discuss the issues, all these 6 months. We proudly say that India
is the biggest democracy in the world. Can such a pathetic situation prevail for the workers in a
democracy? And fact remains that during all these 6 months the Minister and the Secretary, DoT,
had ample time to meet the corporates of the telecom industry. This attitude of the Narendra Modi
government only underscores the fact that the BSNL employees should get ready for more
sustained mobilisations and struggles to save and strengthen BSNL. The Forum will soon meet and
announce the future course of action.
Central Executive Committee meeting at Dalhousie.
The next Central Executive Committee meeting of BSNLEU will be held from 16th to 18th June,
2015, at Dalhousie in Himachal Pradesh. Notification for the CEC meeting has already been issued.
This is an important meeting taking place after the Kolkata All India Conference. All members of the
Central Executive Committee are requested to attend the meeting without fail. Himachal Pradesh is
a small circle. Inspite of this, the responsibility of holding the CEC meeting has been undertaken by
that circle union. While appreciating the Himachal Pradesh circle union, the CHQ requests the CEC
members not to bring any guest with them to the CEC meeting. This is because the ReceptionCommittee has informed that they are not in a position to provide accommodation and food
arrangements to comrades other than the CEC members.
Observe May Day.
CHQ requests all the circle and district unions to observe this year’s May Day in a befitting manner.
The working people of the country are in the midst of a serious attacks. The Narendra Modi
government is taking speedy steps to curtail the hard won rights of the working class, through
changes in the labour laws. Serious attack is being launched on the Public Sector through a
massive disinvestment programme. While the government is heaping concessions to the
corporates, it has launched an attack on the subsidies meant for the marginalised sections of the
people. The RSS is out to divide the working people on communal lines. Hence, this year’s May
Day should be utilised to highlight the anti-worker and anti-people policies of the Narendra Modi
government and also the necessity to strengthen the unity of all sections of the working people.
Thanking you,
Yours fraternally
(P. Abhimanyu)
General Secretary
District wise strike particulars.
Name of the Circle:
Total Strength On Strike Not on strike
Name of
Executives total
Executives total
Executives total

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