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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

BSNL employes cal two-day nationwide strike starting April 21- Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999 M-94262 54999

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By PTI | 20 Apr, 2015, 10.31PM IST Post a Comment
"Revival of BSNL is must for interest of consumers," Forum
of BSNL Unions and Asociations Convener VAN Nambodiri said. ET SPECIAL: Love visual aspect of news? Enjoy
this exclusive slideshows treat!
BSNL employes cal two-day nationwide strike starting April
NEW DELHI: Unions of state-owned telecom firm BSNL wil go on a 2-day strike from
tomorow to protest against government for not aking concrete action to revive the los
making company.
"BSNL has ben runing in loses to met government's commitment. In year 200, BSNL
had cash of about Rs 40,00 crore but al the money has ben taken by government in
form of interest and spectrum price. Revival of BSNL is must for interest of consumers,"
Forum of BSNL Unions and Asociations Convener VAN Nambodir told PTI. The forum
claims to represent over 2 lakh employes.
Consumers wil be impacted only in case there are major isues like cable cut or where
manpower is required, Nambodir said.
"Technology has improved a lot so there wil not be much impact on service except in few
cases," he added.
He said the asociation has requested Telecom Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad five times to
met he union on this subject but is yet o get an apointment.
Nambodir said that if BSNL fails then mobile cal rates wil go up in the range of Rs 10-16 as in foreign countries and it is because of
BSNL mobile tarifs are at lower levels.
DoT Secretary Rakesh Garg has agred to met he unions on April 25.
"It is already five months since the Forum isued the strike notice. However, the DoT did not get ime al these five months to hold talks
with the Forum. Now, the DoT has invited the Forum for talks on 25th April. Despite this invitation, the Forum, in its meting held today
morning, decided to go ahead with the strike cal," Nambodir said.
"Government made promises but did not kep it. It gave BSNL notional oan of Rs 7,50 crore in year 200 and tok back Rs 12,50
crore at interest rate of 14.5 per cent. In 2010 spectrum auction, al private operators were given choice to bid in circles of their choice but
BSNL was not given any choice," Nambodir said.
He said the government has not paid it Rs 6,70 crore for the spectrum that company surendered.
"An amount of Rs 1,250 crore, aloted to BSNL in lieu of aces deficit charges for providing los making connections for 2012-13, is stil
pending payment. We are losing about Rs 10,00 a year on rural andline conection just o met government's commitment. If
government bears the cost, BSNL wil turn profitable," Nambodir said.
The telecom minister has ben saying that BSNL was ruined under previous government but "no sincere work has ben done in last 10
months since he has taken over", he said.
The BSNL employes are also not against he merger of MTNL and BSNL but government should resolve liabilty of about Rs 20,00 that
exists on MTNL and it should not be transfered on to BSNL. Also, government should buy back 45 per cent stake divested in MTNL
before the merger, he aded.
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BSNL employes cal two-day nationwide strike starting April 21 - The. htp:/
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