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Saturday, April 18, 2015

National ERP In BSNL w.e.f. JUly-2014........Some Important informaion M-94262 54999

 National ERP In BSNL w.e.f. JUly-2014........Some Important informaion M-94262 54999
FB08 Reverse Document 
F.80 Mass Reversal of Documents
FBU8 Reverse Cross-Company code transaction
F.81 Reverse Accrual/Deferral Documents
FBRA Reverse Accrual/Deferral Documents
FAGLB03 G/L Account Balance Display
FAGLL03 G/L Account Display Line items
FS10N G/L Account Balances Display 
F.08 G/L Account Balances
FB02 Change Document 
FB03 Display Document 
FB04 Display Document changes 
FB09 Change Line items
FBV2 Parked Document - Change 
FBV3 Parked Document - Display
FBV4 Parked Document – Change (Header)
FBV5 Parked Document – Display Changes
FBD2 Recurring Document – Change
FBD3 Recurring Document – Display
FBD4 Recurring Document – Display Changes
F.56 Recurring Document – Display Changes
F.15 Recurring Document – List
FBU2 Cross-Company-Code Transaction: Change
FBU3 Cross-Company-Code Transaction: Display
FB50 Enter G/L Account Document 
F-02 Enter G/L Account Posting
F-04 Post with clearing
FBS1 Enter Accrual/Deferral Document
F-65 General Document Parking
FBV0 Post Parked Document
FV50 Park G/L Account Document
FBD1 Enter Recurring Entry
F.14 Recurring document - Execute
KO88 Settlement on Production Order 
ZFI069_2_1 Temporary Advance Request 
ZFI069_2_2 Temporary Advance Settlement 
ZFI069_3_1 Work flow for Temporary Advance 
FB60 Vendor Invoice
F-43 Vendor Invoice General
FB65 Vendor Credit Memo
F-41 Vendor Credit Memo General
FK10N Display Vendor Balances
FBL1N Display / Change Line Items
F-44 Clear Vendor
FV60 Park or Edit Invoice 
FV65 Park/Edit Credit Memo
F-53 Outgoing Payments
F-58 Post + Print Forms for Outgoing Payments
F110 Payments
F-37 Down Payment-Request
F-29 Post Down Payment
F-39 Down Payment -Clearing
ZFIBGREPORT Bank Guarantee Report
MIRO Invoice against Purchase Order 
MIR4 Display Invoice Document
ME23N Display Purchase order
MIGO Display Goods Receipt. 
ML81N Display Service Entry Sheet
MIRO Enter MIRO ‘Subsequent Credit’
MR8M Cancel Invoice Document
ZFI030_E Electricity Expenses
ZFI030_1 Electricity/Generator Master Update
ZFI030_2 Create Parent Petro Card Master Update
ZFI030_3 Create Fuel Child Card Master Update
ZFI030_F Enter fule expense invocie : Generatior
ZFI030_F Enter fule expense invocie : Vehicle
ZFI030 Electricity/Generator COST DATA
ZFI057 Uploading the bank statement in the system 
SM35 Run batch processing
ZBANK_BRS Bank Reconciliation Statement
ZFI138 For Manual Bank Reconciliation
F.13 Clearing in bank clearing GL’s accounts(AUTOMATIC CLEARING)
F-03 Clearing in bank clearing GL’s accounts(MANUAL CLEARING)
FCHU entering the check no 
ZFI152 updating the challan number 
FBCJ Cash Journal
F-90 External Acquisition with vendor
ABZON External Acquisition-Acquis. w/Autom. Offsetting Entry
F-91 External Acquisition-Clearing Offsetting Entry
ABGL Credit memo in Invoice Year
ABGF Credit memo in Next Year
ABNAN Post Capitalization
AB02 Edit-Change document
AB03 Edit-Display document
AB08 Reversal-Other Asset Document
ABUMN Transfer of Assets within Company Code
Z T CODE Transfer of assets in Intercompany asset transfer
F-92 Retirement with Customer
ABAON Asset Sale without Customer
ABAVN Asset retirement by scrapping
ABNE Subsequent Revenue
ABNK Subsequent cost
AFAB Depreciation Run
ABP Depreciation Log
ABMA Manual Deprecation
ABSO Miscellaneous transactions
FB70 Customer Invoice
FB75 Enter Outgoing Credit Memo 
FV70 Customer Invoice - Parking 
FBV0 Customer Park Invoice Posting 
F-28 Post Incoming Payment
F-29 Down Payment  
J1INCHLN Vendor Challan-Post
J1INREV Vendor Challan - Reverse
J1INBANK Vendor Challan - Update Bank Challan Number
FCH5 Create Check Information
J1INCERT Vendor Certificate - Print
J1INCANC Vendor Certificate - Cancel
J1INQEFILE Quarterly TDS Returns
ZACKN Update Acknowledgement of Quarterly Return
ZFI013 CSC Location – Day Open 
ZFI003 CSC Location – Collection from Customers 
ZFI004 CSC Location – Receipt Print/Reversal 
ZFI007 Cancellation of Reversal Flag for CSC Counter Receipt 
ZFI013 CSC Location – Day Close 
ZFI006 CSC Counter Receipt report 
ZFI011 Collections Directly Deposited in Bank by CSC ( FOR SD AND PMS)
ZFI009 Collection as per PMS Report 
ZFI009 Actual PMS Collection Received 
ZFI009 Actual SAP Collection Received 
ZFI005 Report: Collection at CSC 
ZFI012 Document Reversal of Flagged Receipts 
ZFI016 CSC Location – Day Open/Close by AO 
FBV0 Post Parked Documents 
ZFI017 AO Location – Collection from Customers 

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