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Thursday, June 11, 2015

BSNL Free Roaming for Mobile Users | Queries, Clarifications N-94262 54999

BSNL Free Roaming for Mobile Users | Queries, Clarifications N-94262 54999

As we all know, BSNL already announced about Free Roaming to their Mobile Customers of Prepaid and Postpaid Services across India with effect from 15th June 2015. With this statement announced by our dynamic telecom minister Shri Prasad Ji, crores of existing as well as new BSNL Mobile users feels very happy for hassle free Roaming charges.

Now BSNL mobile customers will not need to carry multiple SIMs and handsets during roaming. They are now free to talk as long as they want without worrying of any charges during incoming calls. In fact it is like a dream of "ONE NATION ONE NUMBER" come true. This will specially benefit the people having transferable jobs and student community who have to change their mobile numbers very frequently owing to transfer liability
BSNL Free Roaming for Mobile Users | Queries, Clarifications
Even though feeling happy, BSNL Mobile Plan Customers of Prepaid and Postpaid services, in millions are having many doubts in their minds about PAN India BSNL Free Mobile Roaming in many ways. For all mobile subscriber queries, our mobile operator BSNL has clarified the queries with out any confusion as follows

1. BSNL Free Roaming is a Permanent Offer or a promotional offer
  • At present BSNL Roaming Free Offer (free incoming voice call facility while in national roaming) will be available as an offer for a period of one year one PAN India basis from 15.06.2015.
2. Is it applicable for Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile users too or Not.
  • Yes, BSNL Free Roaming will be available for all Prepaid and Postpaid customers.
3. Can Free Roaming is applicable across India or in for some areas only.
  • It is applicable across all over India except Mumbai & Delhi (service areas of MTNL).
4. What are the outgoing call charges in Roaming? Can BSNL home area plans applicable or not?
  • In Roaming all outgoing call charges will be as per their subscribed plan (No Change in Roaming Tariff).
5. Whether all STVs (Voice / SMS / Data / ISD) can work in Free Roaming across India.
  • No, STVs will not work in Roaming areas except BSNL ISD STV.
6. Will Mobile Users can recharge with any Special Tariff Voucher / Plan to avail Free Roaming? If yes how much?
  • No, Mobile Customers do not recharge with any BSNL Roam Free STV, it available as default feature. Free incoming voice calls while in national roaming will be implemented by creating Prepaid STV / Postpaid Add-on of Rs. 101 (+/-3) under BSNLmobile services. STVs/Add-on plans will be automatically added to all the BSNL mobile customers account notionally at Free of cost(without any additional charge) initially for a period of one year as a goodwill gesture.
7. Is there any Roaming charges for a customer, who receives ISD call in Roaming.
  • No Charges for a customer who receives ISD Call in Roaming.
8. Whether existing Roaming Free STVs / Plans are still in alive after 15.06.2015.
  • Existing BSNL Roaming Free STVs (5,33,67,90) under prepaid mobile services and Add-on plan with FMC of Rs. 61 under postpaid mobile services are withdrawn.
9. If a customer already recharged with Roaming STV having certain validity, and after discontinuing roaming STVs from 15.06.2015, he is eligible for Free Roaming or Not.
  • Yes, he is eligible for Free Roaming.
10. After One Year, Can Subscribers will recharge with any Roaming STVs.
  • At present BSNL Offers Free Roaming for all Mobile Users for One Year, after that, this may be extended / discontinued according with Govt Decisions.
In 2002 when BSNL entered into mobile services, BSNL started free incoming calls for the first time within License Service Area (State). Prior to that, the customers had to pay for incoming calls also, at the rate as high as Rs.16/- per minute. Today the tariff in Indian Telecom Industry in India is the lowest in the world, This credit also goes to BSNL because before entry of BSNL in mobile telephony, the call rates charged by private operators were as high as Rs.24/- per minute.

Now, it’s the time again to create a new history by offering Free Incoming Calls, while in National Roaming for all BSNL Mobile Users with effect from 15.06.2015, and also the operator BSNL may also sending the SMS conveying the BSNL Free Roaming facility to their customers, and the customers can check the above Queries & Clarifications abut BSNL Free National Roaming.

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