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Saturday, June 6, 2015

BSNL Roaming Free, New Game Changer Trump Card for M-94262 54999 M-94262 54999

BSNL Roaming Free, New Game Changer Trump Card for BSNL

Now-a-days after having addiction to online shopping, Deal of the day phrase is a hit word. This just applies to BSNL as BSNL top management with the guidance of vibrant Telecom minister Shri Ravi Shankar have declared “Free Roaming Facility for all its subscribers from June 15th Onwards”. Just as the momentum of the landline sales had increased with a catalyst offer “Free Calls from BSNL landline”.

This BSNL Free Roaming Offer is also going to conquer the GSM subscriber base. As in Roaming most of us generally uses less mobile services, This is because of the roaming charges levied on the customer. Roaming for BSNL customers are not going to hit your pocket because of this BSNL Free Roaming Facility.

BSNL landline free calling facility which was introduced from May 1st 2015, really made ripples in the telecom world. BSNL is receiving more and more requests to have new BSNL landline connection and also a major hit was, Old BSNL customers are returning back to BSNL.
BSNL Mobile Roaming Free all India for Voice, SMS, Data
And this time BSNL organizational behavior is all set to change. All these times BSNL is carrying a retro type of culture, like chalege, ayage, hoyage… all geees, but this era will not support for this culture. For bringing a change with in BSNL also, BSNL TOP Management have different combinations and strategies to make and prepare its employees for a change.

Any plan you implement on first hand you need a person at bottom level to make it successful. This is nothing but planned vs actual. So BSNL is working on with many options and ways to empower the working hands to make its plans a big success with a new beginning.

BSNL is going to offer Free Roaming Facility for its mobile customers from June 15th, this was the statement given by our Telecom minister for BSNL Mobile Users across India which is going to start from 15.06.2015.

This is how being a minister Mr Ravi Shankar is closely watching and implementing the new plans to revive BSNL to taste profits again. For the last financial year the revenue was up by 2.4%, this revenue has to reach the breakeven point to get positive revenue.

In a nut shell if you see how BSNL is gearing up to come back is, It is investing on infrastructure to add more count to its subscriber base, It is investing on Next Generation Networks, Its optimizing its investments on the requirement infrastructures and withdrawing technologies like WiMAX in the areas which it is not going to add any value addition.

Attempting on WiFi hotspots to offer high speed data and further more diverting 3G traffic and offering better services to 3G users who are on board at that moment. Furthermore joining hands with franchisees to come close to the customers. This is really a big change with in BSNL.

This plan, BSNL Free Roaming services from June 15th, will definitely is going to be a big hit and to be a New Game Changer Trump Card for BSNL, as momentary small revenue loss will be there, but as a long term plan BSNL will attract a huge customer base, this is a smart move ( BSNL free Roaming + BSNL Free Call ) from BSNL with upgraded facilities to create a new history in this Indian Telecom Market.
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