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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Brief of National Council Meeting:- The 33rd meeting of National Council took place on 16th October under the Chairmanship of Smt. Sujata Tapan Ray, Director (HR) of BSNL Board

Brief of National Council Meeting:- The 33rd meeting of National Council took place on 16th October under the Chairmanship of Smt. Sujata Tapan Ray, Director (HR) of BSNL Board. Initially Shri Shamim Akhtar, Sr. GM(SR) welcomed the members of official and staff side and appealed for smooth business of the meeting. Smt. Ray, Director (HR) in her introductory remarks appreciated the sensitivity of the floor and said we are trying to come upto the expectations. She expected from the staff side priorities of the issues that require urgent attention. Presently the financial position of PSU is empty. But maintained that the employees cannot be made unhappy. She felt the committees formed should work on time frame basis it will be monitored at her level. She appealed to work with cooperation and harmony. She appealed to work with cooperation and harmony. She assured problems will not be ignored. After chairman’s speech Com. Islam Ahmad, Leader, staff side said cooperation means it should be on reciprocal basis and not one way traffic. The employees are ready to cooperate for growth of BSNL but materials (Cables, Drop wires etc) are not available in the field. There is demand for landline connections after “Free Night Calls Facility” but connections are not being provided due to non-availability of materials. The growth and expansion of Wi – Max services are held up due to non-supply of CP. The adhoc PLI be paid to employees and amount be negotiated with the staff side. The payment of HRA on 78.2% IDA pay fixation benefit be considered as employees are loosing genuine financial benefit. Problems of ERP be resolved. The committee for review of Medical Policy has not been formed despite decision in the last council meeting. There should be respectability of the decisions of National Council. The service conditions of non-executive staff should not be changed without consulting the recognized unions. There should not be discrimination between executives and nonexecutive in the ensuing restructuring of official language Cadres. He drew the attention of Director (HR) how similarly placed non-executive staff have been discriminated in grant of one increment akin to TTAs. This be rectified. He vehemently demanded evolving of Pension Rule for Directly recruited employees. The proposed JAO Rectt Rule with five years service eligibility for departmental candidates be got delinked with the HR plan like JTO for clearance by Board. The recognized union should be allotted accommodation as per its status. Rejected cases of CGA but involving of severe hardships be reviewed. The officiating JTOs be exempted from basic phase I training. The management has not consulted staff side in formation of Tower Company and now management wants cooperation. It is not fair Com. Islam also drew her attention regarding difficulties in grant of GPF advances to the officials. While thanking the Chairman for local training to TTAs/TM for modern Technologies he wondered why they should not be sent to Telecom Training centers for training. Com. P. Abhimanyu, Secy staff side endorsed the views of Leader and vehemently criticized the policies of Govt due to which BSNL is suffering. He demanded adhoc payment of PLI. (I) CGA:- The staff side demanded the weightage points be reviewed in consultation with the unions. The cases of sons and daughters should not be rejected. The CGA cases involving deaths due to accidents and electrocution should get priority in CGA. (II) One increment to staff appointed between 01-01-2007 and 07-05-2010:- Matter is being referred to the same committee for re-examination. (III) No outsourcing without consulting the unions:- Official side said outsourcing is for better service and revenue. The staff side demanded that their suggestions be considered. (IV) Payment of arrears due 78.2% IDA merger:- DOT is again been reminded by according approval for provision of payment of arrears. (V) Payment of Gratuity to casual labourers as per act:- Matter in Board. (VI) Night Free Calls on rent free connections (retirees):- In principle it is accepted. (VII) Recruitment Rules for TTA:- Difficulties and problems be submitted within two weeks due to conversion of TTA into circle cadre. (VIII) Consolidation of SSAs into Business Areas etc:- Staff rendered surplus will be deployed in sales in same SSA. (IX) Making calls to MDF/Test Room landline number of TE free service from Rs. 200/- Sims:- Matter is under consideration. (X) Calendar for Deptl examinations:- Calendar supplied. (XI) Revision in rates of uniform etc:- A committee will be formed for this. (XII) Grant of HQR allowance on uniform basis:- The officers coming from the field get HQR allowance and not the CSS staff. Staff side sought time to come again with the facts. (XIII) Recoveries due to mistaken payments:- DOP guidelines will be followed. Specific cases be reported to corporate office. (XIV) Non-payment of encashment of leave at the time of retirement:- Circles have not reported such cases. (XV) Lifting of Ban in respect of Rule 8 transfers in r/o Sr. TOA(G), TTA and TM Cadres:- There is no ban. (XVI) Revision of allowances:- Not possible at present. OTA revision demand will be considered. (XVII) Implementation assurance given in NC of standing committee of NC for NEPP:- The committee will meet on 19-10-2015 and report within three months. (XVIII) Change of Designation:- Agreement will be sent again to the Management Committee. The proposals for left out cadres be submitted for change of designation. 

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