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Monday, November 2, 2015

BSNL best Group Calling Mobile Tariff Plan M-94262 54999

BSNL best Group Calling Mobile Tariff Plan  M-94262-54999
PAN India Mobile Service Provider has introduced BSNL best Group Calling Mobile Tariff Plan under postpaid CUG (Closed User Group) services exclusively for Corporate / Enterprises customers with Free Calling between the business group connections and lowest call charges outside group.

Now BSNL designed the best postpaid group calling plan with Free Voice Calling between business group connection and Free SMS along with 200MB Free 3G Data and Rs.149 as Free Talk value per month which is the most exciting thing.

BSNL has also offered cheapest call tariff for voice calling other than group at just Rs.0.3/min for local, Rs.0.5 per other network of local and Rs.0.6 for all STD calls. The most important factor in the plan is BSNL offers Free Mobile Roaming along with lowest outgoing call charges at Rs.0.6/Minute while in Roaming.
BSNL best Mobile Group Calling Plan
In this new Group Calling Plan, BSNL Mobile subscribers will be provided free incoming voice call facility while in national roaming upto 14.6.2016 on Pan India basis, where the call charges after 14.6.2016 will be 45 paisa per minute, and this newly introduced BSNL enterprise / corporate group connection plan will be provided with minimum of 30 connections on submission of requisite documents as per prescribed conditions.

Any organization / Business Units / Colleges or any Enterprise units can utilize this best Postpaid Plan offer to enjoy the great savings with the following tariff. According with the business volume, the size of the group may also be reduced / increased and to waive off Activation/ Security Deposit Charges by the circle CGM on case to case basis.

BSNL New Group Calling Mobile Plan for Enterprise / Corporate Users
ParticularsEnterprise / Corporate BSNL CUG Tariff
Activation ChargesRs.100
Security Deposit and Monthly Rent
Local + STDRs.500
Local + STD + ISDRs.2000
Local + STD+ISD+International RoamingRs.5000
Monthly ChargesRs.199
Free Usage and Other Charges
Monthly Free Talktime for Local / STD calls (Own and Other Network) in Minutes249 Minutes
Monthly Free Data Usage in Home LSA200 MB
Free SMS own other network200 Local Free SMS
Minimum Corporate Group Strength30 Mandatory
Local / VPN Group ChargesMothly Charges per Mobile Connection in Rs
30 to 24930
250 to 59920
600 to 99910
> 999Nil
Call Charges
With in CUGFree
Local CallsRs.0.3 for BSNL and 0.5 for Others per minute
STD CallsRs.0.6 / Minute for All
ISD Tariff and Data ChargesAs per Plan 99
Outgoing Usage charges in RoamingRs. 0.6 / Min
Incoming Call Charges in RoamingFree for one year from 15.06.2015
SMS Charges in Rs./SMS(Max 160character)
STD Calls Own and Other0.5
Outgoing with in CUG / Others25Paisa / SMS
Incoming Charges in RoamingFree

As on date BSNL allows the following Add On Group Calling Plans on subscription with the existing below mentioned GSM Postpaid Plans, which will be charged at higher for other calls other than Group Calling.
This new BSNL Best Value group calling postpaid mobile plan will be available in all BSNL Service areas with effect from 10.07.2015 as a regular plan, applicable for all Business / Enterprise customers who requires free unlimited calling in the group at any time round the clock.

So it’s the time for all Business / Entrepreneur customers, to accept this best deal with BSNL for utilizing the best Postpaid BSNL Mobile Unlimited Calling Plan option on subscription to avail free talk value and free calling between group and free sms, free 3G Data at lowest budget never given as a best choice with new Group Calling Mobile Tariff Plan from BSNL.
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