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Monday, January 4, 2016

Free BSNL Modem Offer launched by BSNL Broadband-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

Free BSNL Modem Offer launched by BSNL Broadband-inf. by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

Good news from BSNL. Free BSNL Modem Offer launched by BSNL Broadband Services applicable for every new broadband consumer, Yes you are going to get ADSL WiFi Modem as FREE from BSNL on subscription for new BSNL broadband connection, which is now available as a Promotional scheme with any applicable BSNL broadband plan.

BSNL customers, who wants to have new broadband connection can get their ADSL broadband modem as FREE of COST, but this is available on some conditions, i.e. If we are opting for annual/higher payment of BSNL broadband connection with face value of Rs 600 and above and less than Rs 1000, PSU going to going to provide BSNL Modem at a sale price of Rs 500 (inclusive of taxes).
BSNL Broadband Free WiFi Modem Offer
Our Telecom brand is having a selective menu of BSNL Broadband Plans with high speed internet at lowest monthly charges with in Rs 600 to Rs 1000, those you can select best suitable BSNL broadband plans which suits as your internet usage.

If you are going with a plan to subscribe with yearly / 2 year / 3 year payment option for broadband subscriptions with a Face value(Monthly Rental Charges) of Rs. 1000 and above, you are going to get WiFi BSNL Modem at absolutely “FREE of COST”.

If the subscribed BSNL Broadband Plan customer, who has committed for Yearly / Higher Payment Option and availed ADSL WiFi BSNL Modem at reduced Sale Price / FREE of COST as above, and if closes/surrenders his broadband connection before expiry of committed period, the below mentioned charges is to be paid for modem, and this shall be adjusted from the advance rental/ security deposit as follows.
  • If BSNL Broadband subscriber has availed WiFi modem at reduced sale price, Rs. 1000 shall be adjusted.
  • If customer has availed BSNL WiFi Modem at 'FREE of COST', Rs. 1500 shall be adjusted in the final refund amount of BSNL broadband connection.
For having an idea BSNL also provides a tool to calculate your future usage with broadband usage checking tool. Know your data usage limit and go with your desired speed limit and select a plan which suits you.

To increase the Broadband customer base, This BSNL Free Modem Offer is going to be available for next 90 days starting from December 25th 2015 and upto to 13th March 2016, where this offer is available only for new consumers, who are going to subscribe for annual and higher payment option of BSNL broadband plans, and this Free BSNL Modem Offer launched by BSNL Broadband Services is available across India in all BSNL Service Areas.

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