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All District Secretary/ Finance Secretary are requested to submit their  Report  in the attached format in CEC at RAJKOT on 21-02-2016.

17-02-2016 CHQ NEWS

Update on TES Gr.”B” seniority case in Hon’ble Supreme Court:
The case CA No.4389/2010 (UOI & Ors. Vs. Sohan Lal Sayal), SLP (C) No.24303/2013 (K.S. Hegde Vs. UOI & Ors.), SLP (C) No.32284/2013 (Manoj Kr. Tripathi Vs. UOI & Ors.) and etc was listed for hearing on 16.2.2016 as Item No.34 as the matter could not reach, therefore the same was listed on 17.2.2016.
On 17.2.2016, the Hon’ble Court was pleased to de-tag the matters regarding the seniority case of 147 SDEs and matter with regard to promotion under Para 206 it is adjourned to 3 weeks and liberty is given to all parties to file their small submission if aggrieved by Expert Committee Report, but more or less except any small error they are going to accept recommendation of Expert Committee.


Sp. GB Meeting at Ahmedabad on 14.02.2016:
The special general body meeting of AIBSNLEA Ahmedabad Telecom District, Circle office branch and civil and Electrical unit branch of Ahmedabad was held at Western union Mazdoor Sangh Hall, Railwaypura, Ahmedabad on 14th February 2016.
It was well organized with a mammoth gathering & maximum members have attended. The proceedings commenced at 16.00 hrs. Shri N.P.Patel, DS, Ahmedabad Telecom District & Shri S.R.Mishra, Vice President, Gujarat Circle welcomed and escorted our beloved GS. Shri O.P. Sharma DS (Civil ) Branch and Shri V. P. Sharma, FS, Gujarat Circle presented bouquet to  Shri Prahlad Rai, GS AIBSNLEA and  Shri J.K.Patel, Circle Secretary Gujarat. Com B.K. Shah CWC Member has presided over the meeting.
Our Ex-Circle Secretary Shri Amlendu Guha attended the meeting on our request and addressed the house. 
Shri J.K. Patel, CS in his speech informed regarding various organizational activities held in Gujarat including district conferences at Junagadh, Jamnagar & Surendranagar in the month of Feb,16. He discussed regarding various HR issues, circle level development and suggestions given by AIBSNLEA for turnaround of Gujarat Circle. He also stressed on popularizing various landline and broadband plans & schemes recently launched for Gujarat Circle. He added that after implementation of free roaming, SIM Sale has increased month by month from July, 15 onwards. Moreover, Gujarat Circle added more than 66,000 GSM Net connections during Jan.16 itself. He further informed regarding next CEC to be held in Rajkot on 21.02.2016. Com. CS requested  General Secretary to take up the various pending HR issues pertaining to Gujarat Circle. He concluded the speech by thanking the GS for sparing his valuable time. 
General Secretary Com. Prahlad Rai addressed the mammoth gathering and explained in detail the latest developments at BSNL Corporate office. Com GS expressed his serious concerns regarding continuous trend of the losses in BSNL and emphasized that there is a great need to think over it. Com GS mentioned that all the dues of BSNL i.e. pending rural deficit charges Rs. 1250 crores, BWA refund etc should be cleared immediately by the Government. In his detailed address Com. GS also highlighted the issues showing the indifferent attitude of Government, Encroachment of Rule 37 A pension by introducing 60:40 issue, 78.2% pay fixation in case of BSNL pensioners,  exhausting BSNL reserve funds of 30,000 Crores has adversely affected the viability of BSNL. He informed that BSNL is spending huge amount on rural exchanges in rural areas telecom services. 
Com GS. further explained  the status of HR issues related to mainly CPCs from DE to DGM, CPC of SDE to DE(Regular ), JTO to SDE, JTO to SDE by LDCE,  JAO to AO, AO to CAO, CAO (Adhoc) to CAO (regular), DGM(Adhoc) to DGM (Regular)  & CAO to DGM(F), DPC in Civil/Electrical wing, AD(OL) case of pay equivalent to SDE/AO, DPCs of Telecom Factory and the issues of PA/PS, JTO (Officiating) regularization, PPS posts creation, E2-E3 pay scale , CPSU cadre hierarchy , 30% superannuation benefits issue etc. He informed that due to various court cases at Hon. Kerala high Court & CAT, Chandigarh, there is huge delay in issuance of promotion orders in various cadres. He added that promotion orders may be issued for more than 6600 JTOs, 750 SDEs, 600 AOs, 480 DEs will get promotion within 15 days upon the clearance of stay.  He informed that BSNL CMD has given assurance that all vacant DGM posts will be filled up by 31.03.2016 upon clearance on seniority issue from the Hon. Supreme Court. 
He discussed regarding various issues i.e. notional pay fixation of all upgraded pay scales  from1-10-2000, 5 advance increments benefit to JTO SRD, JAO 2013 batch and PA cadre, withdrawal of clarification on reversion of officiating JTOs while sending them to JTO phase II training and Pay fixation case of TTA to JTO outside quota etc.  
He highlighted about SWAS program and advised all comrades to work efficiently to make BSNL profitable. He informed that BSNL is about to get Rs. 11,000 Crores refund from Income Tax Department, out of which about Rs. 6000 Crores to be utilized for repayment of the outstanding loans and remaining Rs. 5000 crores to be utilized for various operational activities. 
Com GS further mentioned the dedicated efforts done by AIBSNLEA for the BSNL Executives’ viz. Implementation of EPP, Grant of Perks to Executives, Transparent Transfer Policy, 2nd PRC implementation, Mobile Connections to BSNL Executives’, BSNL MSRRs formation after 25 marathon meetings. 
Com GS informed that now BSNL is in operating profit status hence, AIBSNLEA has demanded for restoration of LTC, Children Allowance, Medical Allowance in Cash and revision of various perks like TA/DA etc. 
Com GS explained the role of AIBSNLEA in the viability of BSNL. GS mentioned the firm Commitment of AIBSNLEA towards the Viability of BSNL. He appealed all to follow the footsteps of Kerala and Orissa Circle for ensuring the viability of BSNL. At last he appealed the all Executives’ for make every effort with a team spirit and customer care for making BSNL a vibrant organization. GS replied the queries raised by CS GUJ and other comrades to their satisfaction. 
GS thanked Comrades of AIBSNLEA Gujarat Circle for holding meeting at Ahmedabad in short notice. Spl GB meeting was concluded with vote of thanks by Com B.K. Shah, CWC Member.


District Conference of AIBSNLEA  Junagadh  held in grand manner on 13-02-2016 at Premavati Hall, Swaminarayan Mandir, Junagadh.  A Large numbers of Executives attended the meeting. 
Our beloved General Secretary, Shri Prahladrai  was on personal tour to Gujarat and as per our request he  graced the occasion and addressed the gathering.
Chief guest of this Function , Shri S M Bhatambre, GMTD Junagadh  attended this conference and addressed the large gathering. 
Shri J. K. Patel, Circle Secretary, Shri M M Kanani Advisor CHQ ( West),  Shri A.R.Dave, CWC Member ,  Shri R.P. Kalaria, DP Rajkot ,Shri R A Vyas DS Rajkot   attended the conference.
Shri Y.M.Saiyed, Shri S.R.Gupta, Shri H.H.Mahavadia are unanimously elected  as Branch President, Branch Secretary & Finance Secretary  respectively.  


Joint District Conference of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA  Surendranagar held in grand manner on 11-02-2016 at Hotel President,  Surendranagar. A Large numbers of Executives attended the meeting. 
Chief guest of this Function Shri  J M Sanaliya, TDM  Surendranagar  attended this joint conference and addressed the large gathering. 
Shri J. K. Patel, Circle Secretary, Shri C R Ranga, Circle President,Shri B K Shah and   Shri A.R.Dave, CWC Members , Shri D O  Sharma, Circle  Vice President and  Office bearers of AIGETOA has  attended the  conference and addressed the house.  From Rajkot AIBSNLEA Branch Shri R.P. Kalaria DP Rajkot ,Shri R A Vyas DS Rajkot has also attended the conference.
Shri P S Khakhar, Shri J. S. Solanki,  Shri N M Joshi  is unanimously elected as Branch President, Branch Secretary & Finance Secretary  respectively.  


Special General Body Meeting of Ahmedabad Telecom District, Circle Office Branch, Civil & Electrical branch is arranged on 14.02.2016. The date, time & venue is as under:-
Date & Time:- 14.02.2016 at 15.30 Hrs to 18:00 Hrs
Venue:- Western Railway Majdoor Sangh Hall, Near Old  DRM office, Opp. Old Alankar Cinema,Railwaypura, Ahmedabad
Our Beloved Leader Shri Prahald Rai, GS, AIBSNLEA CHQ will chair the meeting.
All the members are requested to attend the meeting positively. 


CS, CP, VP along with Branch Secy( Civil) met Shri P. K. Jain C.E. (Civil), Ahmedabad on 10-02-2016 and discussed some HR and development issues of civil wing. The meeting was very fruitful.

10-02-2016 CHQ NEWS

GS, FS met GM (FP) and discussed regarding:
A. CPC from AO to CAO: We requested to expedite the CPC from AO to CAO. GM (FP) mentioned that the court case in the Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh is coming for hearing on 23rd February 2016 wherein BSNL has already submitted the reply. AGM (SEA) along with Jt. GM (Pers) will attend the hearing. In case the stay order on promotions is vacated CPC will be expedited. All the cases regarding JTO to SDE promotions, SDE to DE promotions have been tagged with this case.
B. Consideration of Request/tenure transfer cases of AOs/CAOs: We requested for consideration of request/tenure transfers of AOs/CAOs. GM (FP) mentioned that all the pending cases are under consideration and after the approval of Director (Finance) the transfer orders in this regard will be issued by the end of this week.
C.  Diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to the seniority quota: We requested to prepare a Board Memo for diversion of 50% MT quota CAO posts to the seniority quota posts in the next BSNL Board meeting. GM (FP) assured to take up the matter in the next Board meeting itself.

10-02-2016. CHQ NEWS

GS, FS AIBSNLEA along with AGS(HQ), OS AIGETOA met Director (HR) following issues were discussed :
1.    DE to DGM (Engineering)promotion : We expressed our serious concern against non-filling of the vacant DGM Posts. The CPC is being dragged on the pretext of pending court case whereas there is no stay on the issuance of promotion orders of DE to DGM (Engg). Director (HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that a certain group of the SDEs/DEs have been sending representations/SMSs which has created confusions but however, the CPC is under consideration and shortly promotion orders will be issued for 217 DGM posts.
2.    CPSU Cadre Hierarchy:  DIR (HR) directed DGM (Pers) to have a meeting with the representatives United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA and prepare a detailed presentation on CPSU cadre hierarchy for submission to CMD on 22ndFebruary 2016 and thereafter final discussions will be held on 25th February 2016 with the United Forum.
3.    E2-E3 pay scale: On the pay scale issue, Director said that the file is with her and she directed GM (Establishment) to hold a meeting with United Forum of AIBSNLEA & AIGETOA. The meeting has been fixed on 16thFebruary 2016 at 15:00hours wherein all the pending points will be discussed and showstoppers if any shall be taken care of.
4.    In regard to 30% Superannuation Benefits to BSNL Recruited Employees, it was informed that the issue is in active consideration and it has been agreed in principle that benefits are to be extended. However the quantum and date of implementation is to be decided by the remuneration committee of BSNL Board which is likely to meet either on 22nd or 23rd of the February 2016.
5.     Rule-8 transfer cases: The process for special recruitment in deficit circles has been expedited and GM recruitment is being posted exclusively so that the process can go in fast track mode.
6.    Date of Effect of Implementation of Upgraded Pay Scales w.e.f. 01.10.2000 to the JTOs/SDEs Civil/Electrical/Arch/TF Engineering wings and PA/PS Cadre: Director (HR) assured further to discuss the matter with GM (Estt) for an early resolution. Director (HR) appreciated our concern and mentioned that these may be taken up with CMD BSNL for a decision on the same.
7.    Restoration of LTC/Leave Encashment on LTC, HRA on 78.2 % instead of 68.8 percent fitment, Payment of 50% Medical claims without vouchers etc.: We requested for restoration of these benefits which were linked with the profit of BSNL and now that BSNL has shown operating profit, the benefits which were put on hold should be restored.
From the above, it is very clear that though management has been giving assurances and trying to resolve the issues but HR managers down the line are perhaps creating hurdles on the way. We have decided to wait till February 29th 2016 for resolution and clarity on the issues. Thereafter, United Forum shall be once gain resuming the deferred agitation Program and this time nothing less than final orders will lead to withdrawal or deferment of the Program. We request members to be prepared for the decisive struggle if need arises in future.


Gujarat Circle office issues stay particulars of the officers in the cadre of Addl. GM / DGM / DE/ SDE/PS / JTO/PA/Rajbhasha Adhikari.