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Monday, April 25, 2016

 call centre: BSNL

S. No.
1MANTISI am not able to see all templates of a particular module in MANTIS.Login in the respective zone and click on 'View Activity'. In the filter click on severity and select respective SSA/Unit and click on 'Module' and select respective module and apply filter.
2ESS PortalNot able to access ESS Portal on Internet Explorer 8/9/10/11Settings of Internet Explorer/IE 11 for accessing ESS(Employee Self Service) portal ( ESS Doc
3SAP GUI1. No Server Connection appears in Logon Pad after SAP GUI installation 

2. Load Balancing Error occurs while accessing PRD/QAS/DEV server
1. Go through this document for Script Files settings. Script File 

2. First check your PC connectivity with ERP servers at Hyderabad, then follow the steps mentioned in above document.
4HCMConfirmation action procedurePlease refer Confirmation action procedure document. Confirmation Document
5HCMRetired Employee Data Creation in ERP?Please refer Retired Employee Data Creation in ERP Document
6HCMChronic Patient Entry in SystemPlease refer Chronic Patient Entry in System Document
7HCMProcedure for change of Medical Plan Option with Voucher schemePlease refer procedure for change of Medical Plan Option with Voucher scheme Document
8HCMGuidelines for PERNER generation for new employees joining BSNL/retired employees whose HRMS No./PERNER are not availableGuidelines for PERNER generation for new employees joining BSNL/retired employees Document
9HCMHow to Upload Personal Information through ESS (e.g. Mobile Number etc.)Guidelines to upload Personal Information through ESS Document
10PMFAQ on linking Maintenance Order during temp adv settlementLinking Maintenance Order during temp advance settlement.Document
11HCMHow to fill Immovable property Return (IPR)?Procedure for filling Immovable property Return (IPR) Document
12PMApproval mechanism in maintenance ordersDetailed clarification regarding procedure to be followed for Maintenance Orders in SAP ERP PM Module Letter
13HCMProcedure for Leave Encashment paymentLeave Encashment payment Proceedure Document
14HCMLeave (Time) quota updation procedureLeave (Time) quota updation procedure Document
15HCMGPF Advance to withdrawal conversion procedure through ESSPlease refer GPF Advance to withdrawal conversion procedure through ESS document
16HCMForm-16 generation procedure through ERP-SAPPlease refer Form-16 generation procedure document
17HCMCustomized HR related reports available in ERP-SAPCustomized HR related reports' information 
18HCMCustomized Payroll related reports available in ERP-SAPCustomized Payroll related reports' information HCM Payroll-Reports Document
19HCM-PayrollChallan Mapping & Form 24Q generation procedureChallan Mapping & Form 24Q generation procedure Document
20HCMOutdoor Medical Claims in ESS – Whether remaining eligibility of previous year will be considered in system irrespective of date of claim / payment in next year?Answer to this query is given in the attached document.Document
21HCMPay Slips – How GPF Balance & Income Tax Recoveries visible in ERP system?Salary Slips indicate GPF balances correctly in ESS. AO concerned with Pay Bill has to take care that the GPF balances from the old system are transferred properly at the time of migration / go-live.
All the recoveries are also shown correctly in the salary slip. 
Regarding income tax there are four rows in the Form 16 Summary column:

a) The first row is "Tax on total income" - It shows total income tax on projected annual income.
b) The second row is "Tax payable & surcharge" - It shows total income tax on projected annual income.
c) The third row is "Tax deducted so far" - It shows income tax deducted till LAST month.
d) The second row "income tax" - It shows income tax deducted in the current month.
22HCMOutdoor Medical Claims – When medical claims can be started in ERP system?Medical bills can be processed without any problem right from the next month after Go-live. For example, is a unit goes live in August, ESS gets commissioned in September, as ESS data is enabled only after the first pay bill is processed in the new system. For the first month, the pay run is done in ERP along with parallel provisional pay run in HRMS. The data is tallied and differences/anomalies, if any, between HRMS & ERP are settled. 

In fact all the personal claims except travel can be processed in the second month after go live when ESS is enabled.
23BasisOn which PCs ERP system can function?ERP works on any PC / LAPTOP having 512MB (Minimum) / 1GB (Preferable) RAM, on any OS like Windows-7, Windows-8, Window-XP, Vista etc.

Presently it works only on Internet Explorer and not on other browsers; the matter is taken up with SAP.

It works best on IE8. For upgraded versions, please go to IE tools - Compatibility view settings; Add in the list;

Further in IE Tools, go to Popup blocker settings under tools and add *

In most of the cases, this will solve the problem. In case problem still persists, press F12 key after opening the session and select Browser mode - IE8.
24HCMHow to create / update Personal Information in ERP system?Refer this document
25PC Configuration for ERP/SAP GUI InstallationWhat is the PC pre requisites for ERP/SAP installationPC configuration for ERP/SAP GUI installation
26S&DFAQ of S&D ModulePlease refer this document
27HCMError: User does not exist in this period/ Personnel no: 00000000Please refer the Document
28HCMHow to credit un availed Joining Time to EL?For procedure refer this document.Joining Time credit in ERP
29HCMProceedure to Add /Delimit Dependent DetailsProceedure to Add /Delimit Dependent Details for an EmployeeDocument
30FICO-TaxWhat are various scenarios in REVERSE CHARGE MECHANISM reg. payment of SERVICE TAXAll the possible scnarios have been explained in a help document. (refer sheet Reverse Charge Document)
CAUTION :These scenarios are as per current budget (2014-15)the user of this FAQ may kindly refer the tax rule prevailing in the year of use. 
31FICO-TaxWhat are various TAX CODES available in SAP for these scenarios of Reverse Charge Maechanism reg. Payment of Service TaxTAX CODES available in SAP applicable in these scenarios are described in a help document (refer sheet Reverse Charge Document).
CAUTION :The user of this FAQ may kindly refer the tax rule prevailing in the year of use
32FICO-TaxWhether Service Tax under Reverse Charge have to be paid by BSNL in r/o all the VendorsNo Service Tax has to be paid as Reverse Charge in r/o Corporate Vendors (i.e. Limited Company ). Here the Corporate Vendor will bill for Service tax for the Full Amount (after claiming abatement etc. as applicable)
33FICO-TAXHow is deduction of TDS (Income Tax) & TDS (Work Contract Tax - VAT) is handled in SAPThe deduction withholding Taxes i.e. (i) TDS (Income Tax) & (ii) Work Contract Tax (VAT) is effected via, VENDOR MASTER. Here, the withholding Tax Code/s are attached to Vendor Master and the amount of TDS is automatically prompted for deduction at the time of MIRO/FB60.
34FICO-TAXIf more than one withholding (TDS) Tax Codes are attached to Vendor then whether mutiple deductions will be affected in invoice.The withholding Tax Codes can be handled by going to withholding Tax TAB. Here non-applicable Tax Codes can be removed manually.
35FICO-TAXWhat withholding Tax Codes are available in SAPThe List of withholding Tax Codes is provided (Withholding Tax List Document). But, for knowing latest List of Witholding Tax Codes please log in to BSNL SAP.
36FICO-TAXIf the Rate of Witholding Tax (TDS / WCT) is not available in SAP then how will i process the invoice.Please raise a mantis describibg your requirement of Withholding Tax Codes to Core Team.
37FICO-TAXWhether Certificate for deduction at lower rate u/s 197 of Income Tax Act can be handled in BSNL SAPYes, the deatils of Tax Exemption (i) Rate (ii) Date Range & (iii) Amount, can be updated Vendor Master by MDM (Master Data Management person taking care of Vendor Creation/Updation)
39FICO-TAXWhy two category of Witholding Tax Type & Codes are available for same Income Tax Section & Category in BSNL SAPOne Category of Withholding Tax Type/Code is for Invoices raised by the Vendor and the Second Category is for handling Payments made by BSNL on Amounts without invoice raised by Vendor.
40FICO-BUDGETHow the Budget of PO/ PO based invoices can be carried forward? 
What to do if, system gives error message "CARRY FORWARD BUDGET IS ALLOWED FOR AMOUNT is 0" while executing MIRO (mostly at the beginning of new Financial Year)?
The budget can be carried forward by using the TCODE FMJ2 using the FM AREA 1000 after updating the data fiscal year value type( 50 for PO and 54 for invoices) company code document no ( PO no for PO and invoice no in case of invoice)
Then press execute button first with check on test run . After verification of the result again rerun the same after removal of tick from test run.
Budget carry forward Process - FMJ2
41FICO-BUDGETHow to verify If the budget of the PO is carried forwarded to the subsequent years?The PO may be opened using Tcode ME23N
PLease use the MENU ENVIRONMENT Sub Menu
AC Commitment Document. There you will find the orignal budget allotted, budget utilised,budget reduced, budget carried forwarded. 
42FICO-BUDGETNot able to do MIGO in case of PO prepared for direct acqusition of assets?Please verify in the PO the account assignement
sub menu of PO
whether asset no is maintained
whether internal order is linked
whether internal order is released properly
if not please release the internal order using TCODE KO02.
43FICO-R&AHow to apply for roles and authorisation?The roles for approval can be applied by raising a docket in PIS. Following two document must be attached.
1) Approval of competent authority
2) proper filing of template. 
44FICO R&AHow to see the roles assigned to a User?Tcode SU01D is to be used
45FICO A&PHow to Check Vendor balances 
Line item wise
and for line item wise display FLN
46FICO-workflowHow to know that where the workflow is pending?USE TCODE ZMMR_REL
47FICO-Ty AdvHow to see the hierarchy of the initiator of Temporary Advance Request?Execute the tcode ZFI070_1 to see the hierarchy of an initiator.
48FICO-Ty AdvHow to see the Temporary Advance Claim officer of a Business Area?Tcode ZFI069_1_4 is to be used to see the Claim Officer.
49FICO-Ty AdvHow to see the status of Temporary Advance request / settlement?Report is available in Tcode ZFI070.
Various selection criteria are available for request / settlement which may be used appropriately.
50FICO-Ty AdvHow to see the request document number & settlement document number of a Temporary Advance?Report from ZFI070 tcode is to be used.
Report for request criteria is to be selected for getting request document and payment / clearing document numbers.
Report for settlement criteria is to be selected for getting settlement document number.
51REM - FICOHow to find the customer code while receiving payments from REM Customers (SQ, Land, Building, etc)?Execute the Tcode ‘RECN’ and give the company code and contract number to view the contract.
In the ‘General Data’ tab, the customer code is available in the Master Tenant field (or) in the ‘Partner’ tab, the customer code is available in BP Number.
52REM - FICOHow to see the Cost Settlement Rule, ie. Rule for settlement of expenditures incurred against the REM contract to the Cost Centers?Execute the Tcode ‘RECN’ and give the company code and contract number to view the contract.
Click on Edit on top and then go to ‘CO Settlement Rule’ from the drop down. CO settlement rule, if maintained for the contract, will be displayed.
53REM - FICOHow to find the contract number from the Customer / Vendor line items?Contract number is captured in ‘Assignment’ field of the documents posted through REM Tcode (RERAPP).
The details available in the assignment field in Customer line item (FBL5N) / Vendor line item (FBL1N) is the contract number provided that the document is posted through REM Tcode.
54REM - FICOIs it sufficient to maintain Withholding Tax details in the Vendor Master for deducting TDS from REM Vendor invoice payments?No, Withholding Tax Details are to be maintained in the REM Contract for deducting TDS from REM Vendor invoice payments.
55REM-FICOHow & where to maintain TDS (withholding tax) exemption details of REM Vendors?TDS exemption details shall be maintained in the vendor master of that REM Vendor against the respective Withholding tax type/code.
It must be ensured that the same Withholding tax type and withholding tax code is maintained both in REM contract and vendor master.
56HCMHow to update holiday calenderFor updation of holiday calender
57HCM-PayrollOutdoor (O/D) Medical payment procedureFor procedure refer document
58HCMHow to send bulk SMSFor procedure refer document
59FICO-AssetHow to transfer an asset from SAP circle to non SAP circlePlease follow user manual attached ABSO-SAP CIRCLE TO NON SAP CIRCLE ASSET TRANSFER 230
60FICO-AssetHow to receive an asset in SAP circle from Non SAP circlePlease follow user manual attached ABSO-NON SAP CIRCLE TO SAP CIRCLE ASSET TRANSFER 153
63FICO-Project SystemTransfer Asset Under Construction (WIP) to other Company CodeAsset_Under_Construction_(WIP)_TRANSFER TO OTHER COMPANY CODE
64FICO-AssetDirect Asset Procurement via Internal Ordera) DIRECT Asset Procurement Process
c) Procedure for Asset Master Creation
65FICO-TaxHow to get Reports of TDS & WCT for various purposeWITHHOLDING_TAX_REPORTS
66FICOACCOUNTING OF NOFN (BBNL) IN SAPPlease follow the documents attached
NOFN Instructions
Handling Inventory taken on loan basis - BBNL to or from BSNL utilized for NOFN work
1. Process Manual for BSNL Inventory Utilised by BBNL
2. Process Manual for BBNL inventory Utilised by BSNL
67FICO-TaxHow single TDS deduction can be achieved in case of multiple withholding taxcode?Please refer document attached Points on TDS in case of multiple witholding taxcode
68FICO-DocumentHow to see FI document posted when a Service Entry Sheet is released?Please refer document attached How to see FI DOC posted after SES is approved
69FICO-WorkflowHow to see status of the workflow initiated for payment block removal of a FI documentPlease refer document attached How to see status of Workflow initiated
70FICO-Spl IndicatorsAn amount is posted to a vendor with SPL GL indicator. Under which GL the amount will be posted ( in GL module)?Please refer document attached Knowledge of SPL GL INDICATORS FOR VENDOR
71FICO-Account PayablesHow to deduct TDS on Advance payment to Vendor?Please refer document attached HOW TO DEDUCT TDS ON ADVANCE PAYMENTS
72FICO-Vendor MasterImportant points in respect of Vendor Master RecordsPlease refer document attached USER Manual points related to vendor master
73MM-TaxProcess for Import procurement (involving Customs Duty paid by BSNL)Please refer document Import_Process_(involving Payment of Customs Duty)Ver_3.0
74FICO-Project SystemBooking of Over Head Cost on Project (WBS)Please refer document OVERHEAD_COST_BOOKING ON PROJECT(WBS)
1. External_Project_Guidance_Note_Accounting_ver1.1
4. CA CIRCULAR NO. 78 and Annexure
76FICOApplicable Profit Center Co Code wise specially for non Territorial CirclesPlease refer documents 
77HCMERP process clarification: HCM-1: Looking after arrangementPlese refer letter Clarification looking after_16.02.2015
78FICO-TaxMaintaining TDS(Income Tax) Exemption details for a Vendor [To be done by Vendor MDM Team Only]Please refer document MAINTAING_TDS(Income Tax)_Exemption_vide_XK02
79FICO-TaxView Vendor TDS(Income Tax) Exemption details maintained u/s 197 of Income Tax Act and other vendor master detailsPlease refer document View_Full_Vendor_details_and_TDS(Income Tax)_Exemption_maintained_vide_ZFI172
80FICO - Accounts PayableHow to intimate vendors through e-mail for NEFT / RTGS paymentsPlease refer attached document Payment Advice to Vendors
81MM-01Stock depletion of sale-able valuated material (like data cards etc till SD module Go-Live) and CDR Inventory (CPEs, Modems, CLIP etc) in ERPPlease refer attached document MM-01
82FICOWhat are the month end activities in SAP?A. For MONTH End activities kindly refer the following letters:
1. Month end Activities
2. Important Activities to be taken care of in SAP

B. For YEAR End activities kindly refer the following letter:Year_End_Activities
83HCM-HRHow to assign position IDAssign Position Id to Perner
84HCM-HRHow to change Job-IDChange Job-ID
85HCM-HRHow to Create Org-IDCreate Org-Id
86HCM-HRHow to create position-IdCreate Position-Id
87HCM-HRHow to search Perner Position Org Id in ORG StructureSearch Perner_Position_Org Id in ORG Structure
88HCM-HRPayment Of Executive Health check up through SAPPayment Of Executive Health check up through SAP
89FICO-TaxHow to deduct "Building & Other Construction Welfare Cess" @ 1% against GL 1320802?Vendor MDM shall apply withholding Tax Code “W7” along with withholding Code “WC” in Vendor Master
90FICO-MMHow to deduct/retain amount from PO or Non-PO based InvoicesKindly go through the attached user manual User Manual_Workflow for PO and Non PO Invoice
91MM-FICOHow to pay the Vendor (having BSNL Contract) raising Commercial Invoice, where as the Excise Invoice raised by Original Manufacturer (having contract with Vendor but not with BSNL) and is in accordance with Central Excise Rules?Preparing Purchase Oder for Transit Sale
92FICO-Prepaid RevenueHow to book CMTS Pre Paid Revenue & Franchisee/DSA Commission.This is the Interim procedure for Pre-paid CMTS Revenue Booking & Accounting of Commission to Franchisee/DSA and handling TDS. In the Process, please use the Output Tax Code:- `VZ` from 15th Nov`2015, due to applicability of Swach Bharat Cess" instead of earlier Tax Code-43 / 42 . Please refer to the attached document.FICO_Prepaid Revenue Bkg
93FICO-MMHow to make the Price difference GL "234002" balance "Zero" ?Please refer the Price-difference-GL-2340002-Clearing
94HCM-PayrollHow to calulate GPF Interest & carry forward in next financial year (FY)Please refer the document GPF Interest calculation & carry forward procedure
95FICO-TaxUpdating withholding Tax Codes in Vendor MasterPlease use TCODE "ZFI205" for updating new/changes in Withholding Tax Codes in VENDOR MASTER
96FICOFunctions of Center Settlement Cell1. Central Settelement Cell Guidelines
2. related formats Annexures_17
97FICO Accounts PayableHow to refund EMD / SD to vendors?Thro` Tcode F-04. Kindly refer User Manual for refund of EMD and SD to Vendors
98FICOClearing the Pending Documents in “1311204 – HR Third Party Clearing Account” (PY Type)Please refer the document HR 3rd Party Clearing Account
99MMHow to view inventory reports( Stock Value and Consumption)Kindly refer the document Inventory Report
100MM-TaxPosting of Excise duty amount in accounts and Excise RegistersKindly refer the document
1. Excise Posting-Cenvat Utilisation-Excise Credit Balance Transfer-Excise Registers
2. detailed user Manual of J1IEX-Incoming Excise Invoice
3. detailed user manual of J1IEX-Incoming Excise Invoice Display
4. MM Activities involving Excise (TCODES)
5. Posting and Cancellation of Excise document for cancelled MIGO document
6. Please provide the details in"J1ID" Template attached herewith to "MM MDM L3" for maintain Excise Master Data of "Material" and "Vendor" in TEMPLATE FOR J1ID
7. To obtain list of cancelled material documents and Excise invoices (Part I / Part II), please refer Report for cancelled Material documents and Excise invoices
8. Posting of Addition Excise Duty "J1IH" for Matching Excise Posting Difference, MIRO vs J1IEX
101FICO Accounts PayableHow to make Security Deposit for Electricity Connections / Meter?Kindly refer the document Procedure for making Deposit for Electricity Connection
102MMInter Circle stock transfer from/to Non ERP Go-live unitsKindly refer the document Inter circle stock transfer
103MMGuidelines for APO-PO Creation for inter circle turnkey worksKindly refer the document APO-PO-guidelines-Inter-circle-Turnkey-Works-27052015
104HCMProcedure to Modify/ Delete/ Create Cost centres against PositionCost Centre Distribution Maintenance against Positions Document
105PSHow to execute cut over projects migrated through templatesPlease refer attached document Execution of Cutover Projects
106HCM-HRDiversion of PERNR based workflow in SAP in case of Leave or Tour to substitute officerPlease refer attached document Manual_Maintain Substitute SBWP_Look After_May_2015
107PSHow to handle NFS Project in ERPrefer attached documents NFS Project Execution
NFS Annexure I
NFS Annexure II
NFS Project Guidance Note Accounting
108FICOHow to transfer the balance lying in DOT Vendor/Customer as year end activity for preparation of Financial Statements from ERPPl refer documentTRANSFER OF BALANCE LYING IN DOT VENDOR & CUSTOMER AS YEAR END ACTIVITY FOR PREPARATION OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FROM ERP
109HCMProceedure to generate Form-16 with and without Digital signaturePlease refer attached document 1. DIGITAL_SIGN
110HCM-PayrollProcedure to send payslip on e-mailPlease refer attached document Payslip_Send_By_Mail_User Manual
111FICO-TaxHow to Reverse & Re-credit Service Tax (Input Credit) on InvoicesPlease refer attached document Service Tax Report for Reversal and Recredit
112FICOReport For Employees Remuneration based on location`Please refer attached document Emplyee_Remuneration_User Manual
113FICoUser manual for deleting Meter Reading Details Using Tcode ZFI030_E_1Please refer attached document User manual for delete function at ZFI030_E_1
114FICOCAPEX Budget distributionLetter-CAPEX Budget distribution
Annx-1 User Manual for Investment Management(CAPEX)
ANNEX II-Correction in Roles for Capital Budget mentioned in the Letter-CAPEX Budget distribution
Annexure IM_Letter31082015
116PSCan an additional WBS be created at Level 2 after approval(PEAP/AAES No, It should be planned before approval of estimate.
117PSCan the user status be set to PEAP/AAES through user status updation tabNo, The Project should be approved (PEAP/AAES) through notesheet ("approve project estimate" tab) only i.e. status change from PEFI to PEAP/AAES should not be done manually.
118PSAt what user/system status the WBS shall be releasedIt should compulsorily be released at PEAP/DEAP user status and BUDG,AVAC system status only.
119PSIn case of WBS of Project type FA/CI/CW/EW/EC/EE ,why WBS is not getting released even status is PEAP/AAES,BUDG and AVACIn case of FA/CI/CW/EW/EC/EE it will be released when status is DEAP in addition to BUDG and AVAC
120PSIn case of civil and electrical estimates when Level 3 WBS is to be created.It should be created after approval of Level 2 WBS and after cost adjustments in this Level 2 WBS.
121PSCan we use project typ FA/BB/Cm be used at Level 2.No, The project type FA/BB/CM shall be used at Level 1 only.
123HCM-HRGuidelines for applying Temporary AdvanceTemporary Advance Document
124HCM-HRHow to run relieving action? How to run Joining action? How to change payroll Area? How to run posting action?Transfer Process Document
125PMI want to create notification and Maintenance Order for the fault but the concerned equipment is not available in SAP. Can I create PM Notification/MO without equipment?No. PM Notification should be created with reference to equipment and for that, equipment should be available in SAP (ERP).
126PMWhat should I do to make my existing equipment available in SAP?Pl read this Document
127PMNew equipment (say new Battery set or new BTS) is installed and commissioned after ERP go live in my exchange and is ready for maintenance. How the same will be made available/shown in SAP?Pl read this Document
128PMNew equipment (say new BTS) is installed and commissioned after ERP go live at new NBSNL Site and is ready for maintenance. How the same will be made available/shown in SAP?Pl read this Document
129PMSome direct to use new IT or Office equipment (say new PCs or new LAPTOPs or new Photocopiers, new printers) are procured, commissioned and issued to different exchanges/officers after ERP go live. How the same will be made available/shown in SAP?Pl read this Document
130PMI want to change/modify some parameters/details or all the parameters/details of some equipment (within circle/company). What should I do?Pl read this Document
131PMHow EBOM of equipment can be created/changed where the SAP Codes for the Material exist?Pl read this Document
132PMHow EBOM of equipment can be created where the SAP material Codes does not exist in MM Material Master Dump in ERP Portal under MM Module?Pl read this Document
133PMHow the SAP material code for EBOM of equipment can be extended in respective Plants/BAs where it is needed?Pl read this Document
134PMHow a new Main. Work Center can be created?Pl read this Document
135PMWhat is a Work center(called Main Work Ctr in SAP)?What to do if the name& perner of an executive, who is responsible for carrying out the maintenance activities of an equipment , is not available in the Work Centre attached with this equipment?Pl read this Document
136PMI am creating a PM notification on an equipment but the screen, for selecting the name of the executive responsible for maintenance of this equipment, is not appearing. What to do?Pl read this Document
137PMCan we create a single Maintenance Order for one month for R&M Purpose?Pl read this Document
138HCMGPF Advance to withdrawal conversion procedure through R3Please refer GPF Advance to withdrawal conversion procedure document through R3
139FICOHow to settle the MO using T-Code K08G in bulk (by FI Person)Please refer document
140FICOCan we take Bank Book report from system? If so, how?Yes, Bank Book report can be taken from system using tcode ZFI256. Input fields are Company Code, House Bank, Account Id & Date range. Alwayrs execute the report only in background as it takes more time.
ZFI256 Manual
141SDHow can I cancel the retail sale Invoice?Pl refer FAQ- Cancellation
142SDHow can I book the sale of Vanity/Fancy Numbers in retail sale in SAP?Pl refer FAQ- Vanity and Fancy
143SDHow can I sell the material at Zero price for replacement ?Pl refer FAQ- Zero price sale
144SDHow can I maintain the variable price of Data cards in retail sale ?Pl refer FAQ-Data Card Variable price
145MM-FICOList of General Ledger`s (Account Heads) of Expenses to which posting can be made vide Service PO (Purchase Order)Please refer Expenses GLs -Service PO - Mandatory
146FICOHow to view “Zero/Clearing GLs Report ?Please refer Report Manual
147SDDocument on Settlement of Return of sales prior to Go live of SD Module in the CirclePlease refer Document
148PMHow to get my REM objects (Building, IQ, Hostel and staff quarter, compound etc.)Please refer Document
149FICOWhat is the procedure for carrying out BRS in ERP and what the related precautions?BRS process in ERP - A brief process summary & precautions 

Bank statement upload format
150FICOHow to post PMS Collections in ERP?Process of PMS Collection uploading in SAP 

1_ZFI009_Collection as per PMS Report
2_ZFI009_Actual PMS Collection
3_ZFI011_Direct Bank Deposit by CSC
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