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Saturday, May 7, 2016



                                (A GOVERNMENT OF INDIA ENTERPRISE)
SR    Cell, Corporate Office
8th Floor, Bharat Sanchar Bhawan,
 Harish Chander Mathur Lane,
Janpath, New Delhi-110 001


No. BSNL/ 5-1 /SR/2012/Vol.II                                                                 Dated,  the  11th April, 2016  

(7th Membership Verification Process)


1.         CANVASSING

i.                    No union will be allowed to hold any public meeting within or outside the premises of the establishment within 24 hours preceding the date of election.
ii.                  No person/official of the union will be allowed to canvass during working hours within the premises of the establishment of the company.
iii.                The participating Unions should do no canvassing for votes within the polling booth compound. 

2.         Updating of voters list:

i.                    Those employees who have retired / resigned / expired & those promoted to executive category will not be eligible to vote.  It may be ensured that their names are deleted from the Electoral Rolls.  Instructions were issued vide letter of even no. dated 1st February, 2016 for keeping in abeyance all transfer orders of non-executive employees till completion of 7th verification process. Accordingly, it is presumed that the work place of the non-executive employees is the same as has been shown in the revised electoral rolls prepared by the circles, so that the concerned employees can cast their vote where their names appear in the voters lists already finalized.

ii.                  Instructions already stand issued to the circles vide this office letter of even no. dated 1st February, 2016 to update the electoral rolls and complete the same within a period of one month under intimation to this office.

iii.        In addition, the following schedule for finalisation of electoral rolls has already been issued vide this office letter No. BSNL/5-1/SR/2015 dated 1st March, 2016 -

·         The revised electoral rolls may be displayed by 11.3.2016 and also a copy provided to the representatives of the participating unions at SSA/Unit HQrs. level to submit their objections, if any, latest by 16.3.2016.  The SSA/Unit level representatives shall be nominated by the Circle Secretaries or General Secretary/Secretary General, as the case may be, and the Circle representatives shall be nominated by the respective General Secretary/Secretary General.
·         In case no objections are received by the stipulated date, it will be presumed that the Union(s) is/are not having any objection on the electoral rolls provided to them.
·         The concerned local authority shall finalize revision of electoral rolls, after addressing the objections received from unions, if any, by 18.3.2016.
·         The Circles shall provide a copy of the revised electoral rolls to the union representatives and advise them to submit No objection on the revised electoral roll by 22.3.2016.  In case, no response is received by the due date from any union, it will be presumed that the concerned union is not having any objection on the revised electoral roll.   However, in case any objections are received, the same shall be suitably addressed and final voters’ lists prepared by 26.3.2016.
·         The Circles shall display the final voter lists by 28.3.2016 and simultaneously communicate a list indicating the final number of voters in a Circle, with SSA-wise break-up, to this office.

3.         Printing of Ballot Papers:

i.                    The Circles are to make necessary arrangements for printing of ballot papers locally taking due care of secrecy.  Each ballot paper shall have a counterfoil. The counterfoil, and not the ballot paper, should be serially numbered. Sufficient number of ballot papers (say about 10% more than required) may be printed to account for contingencies of the ballot papers getting inadvertently spoiled or crumpled or torn during handling in the actual process of conduct of Membership Verification.

ii.                  The names of the union on the Ballot paper should be in alphabetical order. Sample of ballot paper is being circulated shortly. Circles should get the Ballot paper printed by 22nd April, 2016 and make available to the SSAs by 24th April, 2016.

4.         Polling Booths

i.                    Total number of voters in a polling booth should normally not exceed one thousand.  In case the number does exceed, the voters should be divided into two or more polling booths, as required.

ii.                  The Polling booths should be so located that minimum inconvenience is caused to the voters. The booths should be able to accommodate one Presiding Officer, 1 to 3 Polling Officers, one Group D Official and one polling agent of each of the unions participating in verification process (only BSNL employees), depending upon the Number of voters, which have to vote at that particular booth.  Sufficient number of tables and chairs should also be provided in the Polling Booths along with the Polling material viz. sealing wax, rubber stamp with SWASTIC mark, self- inking stamp pads, stationery, ball point pens etc. It should also be ensured that indelible ink is made available to the Presiding Officer for putting a mark on the finger of the voter at the time of casting of the votes.   

iii.                Based on the inputs received from the field units, the information relating to total number of polling booths and the total no. of voters in each Circle is as follows -

S. No.

Name of Circle
Number of Voters
No. of polling booths
A & N
Andhra Pradesh
Chennai Tele. District
Kolkata Tele. Dist.
Madhya Pradesh
T&D Jabalpur [Insp. Cir.]
Tamil Nadu
Telecom Stores, Kolkata
TF Jabalpur (incl. Bhillai & Richai)
TF Kolkata
TF Mumbai
West Bengal

Grand Total

5.         Procurement of:

5.1       Ballot boxes -

i.                    The Election Commission has already been requested to provide twice the number of ballot boxes compared to polling booths in each circle, vide this office letter of even number dated 4th April, 2016.

ii.                  The Election Commission is in the process of  issuing necessary instructions to its Chief Electoral Officers of the States for providing ballot boxes as per our requirement, a copy of which as and when received will be conveyed to the field units.  The field units are requested to make arrangements for collection of ballot boxes from Chief Electoral officers of their States by 21st April, 2016 and then arrange distribution to other units and to polling booths under their jurisdiction.

iii.                In some of the States, there is more than one circle.  In such cases, normally the territorial Circle should coordinate the requirements of all the circles/units in the State.  It is also likely that the required number of ballot boxes may not be available with one Electoral Officer.  In such circumstances, help of the adjoining Electoral Officer may be obtained to meet our requirements.  It is learnt from the Election Commission that the Chief Electoral Officers would be in a position to supply our requirements at the district headquarters itself.  The Liaison Officer appointed in the Circle for the purpose may approach the concerned Chief Electoral Officer indicating the requirements.  Before accepting the ballot boxes, it may be ensured that these are in good working condition. 

5.2              Paper Seals –

i.          Maharashtra Circle has already been authorized, vide this office letter of even number dated 6th April, 2016, to procure Paper seals twice the number of ballot boxes from the Nasik Govt. Press as has been done at the time of previous membership verifications. The CGMs can  either have the paper seals collected from GM, Nasik or alternatively request him to send the paper seals by Insured Post, if they so desire, and indicate the name and particulars of the officer to whom the letter along with paper seals need to be sent so that the concerned officer only opens the post carrying the seals. However, if we are not able to get supply of Paper Seals from Nasik Govt. Press or in case the paper seals fall short of the requisite quantity due to any reason whatsoever, then the Heads of Circle can get it made locally using a thick paper (chart paper) after ascertaining the size from the local office of the Election Commission. The paper seal is to be signed by the Presiding Officer, one of the polling officers and polling agents (not more than one of a union) before closing the ballot box for election.

ii.         The concerned officer/staff may also remain in contact with the Electoral Officer and get themselves fully conversant about the procedure of opening/sealing the ballot boxes etc.  Suitable training will have to be organized (in consultation with Election Commission Office) for the staff deputed on election duty in regard to proper opening and closing of the ballot box, sealing of ballot box after putting paper seal.

6.         Procurement of indelible ink:

During the last membership verifications, indelible ink was procured from M/s. Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited (A Government of Karnataka Undertaking), New Bannimantap Extension P.O. Mysore-570015.  Indelible ink is available in 5 cc and 10 cc bottles & a bottle of 5 cc may suffice for 300-400 voters whereas bottle of 10 cc would be adequate for 700-1000 voters. The CGMs are advised to take timely necessary action for the procurement of the same as has been done in the past. The details of contact person of M/s. Mysore Paints and Varnish Limited are

Mr. Hara Kumar,
Marketing Manager: Mob.9900557591
Direct :  0821-2497468
FAX 91-821-2499466
EPBX 0821-2493831, 2497469, 2492396

7.         Procurement of other Articles required in the polling:

The CGMs will arrange for timely procurement of other articles locally such as thread and needle (for stitching), stationery, ball point pens, scales, wax seal, sutli, self inking stamp pads, cloth for closing ballot box (dasuti bag) etc. including SWASTIC stamps required for the polling as was done at the time of earlier verification processes.

8.         Polling Hours

i.                    The Polling hours should normally be from 9.00 A.M to 5.00 P.M except in West Bengal and North Eastern Circles where these timings may be revised suitably to suit the local conditions, with the prior permission of the Head of the Circles. These timings may also be revised in difficult areas in other circles with the prior approval of Head of Circle. However, it may be ensured that polling should be for precisely eight hours duration.

ii.                  Only the voters who are standing in queues at the appointed hour (closing hours) should, however, be permitted to cast their votes, and issued ballot papers, even after expiry of the prescribed Polling time.

iii.                Adequate security arrangements at the Polling booths, transportation of ballot boxes from the Polling booths to the SSA HQs., safety of ballot boxes in the SSA HQs and at the counting centers may be made. In case any problem or disturbance or unruly behavior is anticipated at any time in connection with the conduct of verification process, adequate steps should be taken before hand to guard against such eventualities. 

iv.                Only authorized officers/officials with valid passes issued by the SSA Heads in advance should be permitted to enter the Polling booths.

v.                  Suitable remuneration for duty in connection with the polling /counting would be paid to the staff so deployed, for which separate instructions shall issue separately.

9.         Distribution of Ballot Papers & Casting of Ballots

i.                    The number of ballot papers distributed for each polling booth should be marginally more than the number of voters in that polling booth to provide for contingencies viz. inadvertent mutilation, crumpling, spoiling etc.

ii.                  Proper record of unused / mutilated ballot papers shall be kept by the Presiding officer and handed over to the In-charge of Counting in the SSA, under receipt in a sealed cover along with other documents.  Necessary entry regarding the total number of unused / mutilated ballot papers shall also be made in the document enclosed as Annexure II of the procedure.

iii.                Ballot papers are to be signed by the Presiding officer at the back before issue.

iv.                On entry into the Polling booth, the first Polling Officer will check the voter’s identity card (in case identity card is not available for any reason, authority from SDE or equivalent level officer duly signed under official stamp) and tally relevant details with those available with him in the Electoral Rolls.  If the name and other relevant particulars given by the voter tally with those available in the Electoral Rolls, he will make a tick mark against the relevant entry in the Electoral Rolls and ask him to go to the second Polling Officer who will put a mark on his left hand forefinger (or left hand thumb in case forefinger is missing) with the indelible ink and advise him to go to the third Polling Officer for issue of a ballot paper. [In case municipality/assembly elections in some States have recently taken place or likely to take place in the immediate near future, in that case in order to distinguish between the two, the indelible ink mark shall be put on the middle finger of left hand (or thumb of left hand in case middle finger is missing), irrespective of the fact whether the employee has voted in the municipality / assembly elections and a mark is already there on his forefinger or not.  The concerned CGM shall issue suitable instructions in this regard.]   Presently, assembly elections in five States, viz. Tamil Nadu, Kerala, West Bengal, Assam and Pudduchery are scheduled in April/May, 2016.  As such, the procedure laid down as above may be followed in these Circles.  The concerned CGM shall issue suitable instructions in this regard.  The third Polling Officer would take signatures of the voter on the counterfoil of the ballot paper and issue the ballot paper. He would also guide the voter about folding of the ballot paper and tell him to cast his vote in the ballot box placed on a table in front of the Presiding Officer. The voter after suitably indicating his preference on the ballot paper in favour of the union towards which he wants to cast his vote shall put a mark by means of a rubber stamp with a SWASTIC mark thereon and put his ballot paper in the Ballot Box. 

v.         After sufficient number of votes have been cast and put in the ballot box, the Group D Employee on duty would push the ballot papers coming out, if any, with a scale, from time to time, and see that these do not come out and also do not get torn in the process.   If necessary, the Presiding Officer would arrange placement of second ballot box, if it is found that no more ballot papers could be put in the first ballot box.

vi.        If a ballot paper is mutilated or crumpled or gets otherwise inadvertently spoiled, a fresh ballot paper may be issued to the voter. At the end of the polling, the Presiding Officer will prepare proper accounts giving details of all the ballot papers received and utilized during the polling and hand over the same to the designated authority at SSA HQrs along with the ballot box(es).

vii.       After the ballot box is full and more ballot papers can’t be put therein or it is otherwise difficult to put the ballot papers in the box, it will be sealed by the Presiding Officer with the paper seal & put his signature thereon and also obtain the signatures of one of the Polling Officers and the available polling agents. After the polling is over, each sealed ballot box is to be wrapped in a stitched white cloth and sealed with a WAX seal again. Ballot boxes are to be sealed and signed by Presiding Officer, One Polling Officer and Polling agents.

viii    At the time of completion of the voting, after all the voters present at the appointed time (closing time) have cast their votes & the polling is over, each sealed ballot box is to be wrapped in a stitched  white cloth and sealed with a WAX seal . The sealed Ballot boxes are to be  signed by Presiding Officer, One Polling Officer and Polling agents &  will be taken by the Presiding Officer and his team to the Head Quarter of the SSA and handed over to the designated officers (not below the Rank of STS) under dated acquaintance along with the time of handing over of the ballot boxes preferably on the same day and if not possible due to some exceptional and unforeseen circumstances latest by the next day (only relaxable with the approval of Head of the Circle).

ix.        Casting of Votes by Staff on Polling Duty

The staff on polling duty may exercise their vote at the polling booths where they are put on duty. They may, however, do so immediately before commencement of polling. The indelible ink mark, relevant entries etc. will be done by the Presiding Officer in such cases.
x.                  Casting of Votes in Difficult Areas identified by CGMs

In difficult/remote areas, the circles may make transport arrangements, if possible, to enable the voters to cast their votes.

xi.                Casting of Votes by Postal Ballot

The employees on training / deputation can cast their votes through postal ballots in their parent SSA / circle where their name is listed in the voters list. Further few employees posted in the difficult areas of A&N, Assam, HP, NE-I, NE-II, J&K Circles and Lakshadeep SSA, who cannot cast their votes in person, can also cast their votes through postal ballots. The list of those employees posted in difficult areas of above circles will be approved by the concerned CGMs.  Further, the non-executive employees, who are on deputation to ALTTC shall cast their votes in ALTTC.  However, the employees on leave of any kind cannot be permitted to cast their votes through Postal ballot.

The ballots to these employees will be sent by registered post by name in a cover by the Asstt. Returning officer of the SSA latest by 15 days prior to the Polling date. A self addressed (Asstt. Returning Officer by name) stamped envelope will also be enclosed along with the ballot paper. The concerned employee will put a CROSS with a pen against the symbol/ name of the union and then fold the ballot. This ballot will be put in the enclosed stamped envelope and pasted by the concerned employee. On the day of counting, the Asstt Returning Officer will open all the ballots received through posts in front of all present in the counting and will be mixed with the other ballots for counting.

10.       Instructions regarding Counting of Votes

i.                    There should be separate teams for conducting voting and counting of votes.

ii.                  All the ballot boxes, duly sealed, should reach the counting center of the SSA on the same day and if not possible due to some exceptional and unforeseen circumstances latest by the next day of polling (relaxable only with the approval of Head of the circle). The sealed ballot boxes should be delivered by the Presiding Officers, to the officer-in-charge (an STS level officer) entrusted with the job of counting, under receipt.  The Head of the SSA will regularly monitor the timely and safe transportation of ballot boxes to the place of counting in order to ensure that there is no undue delay.  In case due to any unforeseen situation, the ballot boxes from any polling booth do not reach the place of counting by 5 P.M. of the next day of polling, the matter should be brought to the notice of this office with detailed reasons by fax.

iii.                After the sealed ballot boxes are received at the SSA HQs, the designated officer will open these in the presence of representatives of the union(s), Assistant Returning Officer and Observer from the Ministry of Labour/BSNL on the 2nd day after the polling day and mix them thoroughly before counting.  These would then be counted by the designated team of officers headed by the ARO and under the supervision of SSA Heads.  The votes polled by each participating union in the SSA would then be compiled, totaled and figures immediately faxed to the Returning Officer of the Circle concerned by name by the Assistant Returning officer after obtaining the signature of the Observer from the Ministry of Labour/BSNL, Assistant Returning officer and one representative each of the participating unions available there in the Performa as per Annexure-I. The counting of votes will start from 9.00 AM and will be completed as soon as possible, and latest by 1500 hrs.

iv.                After the results of the counting of votes are received by the Returning Officer of the Circle concerned from all the SSA HQs., these would be compiled and totaled at the HQs. of the Circle Office under the supervision of Returning Officer, Observer from the Ministry of Labour/BSNL and faxed to the Chief Returning Officer, BSNL HQs, New Delhi (duly signed by the Returning Officer, Observer from the Ministry of Labour/BSNL and representatives from the participating unions (one from each union present there), in the Performa attached as Annexure-II by 1700 hrs. for appropriate action for announcing the results of the membership verification and announcing the majority recognized union.

v.                  The counting will be done in the presence of the representatives of the participating unions (only BSNL employees), one from each union.

11.       Appointment of Officers for supervision of Verification Process:

i.                    A Junior Administrative Grade officer in the circle would be nominated by the CGMs as the Returning officer. Similarly, SSA head would nominate a STS level officer (DE or equivalent) as Assistant Returning officer in the SSA. CGMs to oversee the conduct of membership verification and ensure its peaceful, unbiased and transparent manner.

ii.                  Presiding Officer - preferably of the rank of SDEs or equivalent / JTOs wherever SDEs are not available.

iii.                There would be one Presiding Officer, one Polling Officer and one Group ‘D’ staff, where the number of voters is less than 100.

iv.                There would be one Presiding Officer, two Polling Officers and one Group ‘D’ staff, where the number of voters is between 100 and less than 500.

v.                  There would be one Presiding Officer, three Polling Officers and one Group ‘D’ staff, where the number of voters is 500 and above.

vi.                Polling Officers-

·                     JTO or equivalent at booths where voters are 500 and above.- 3 Polling Officers will be utilized.
·                     JTO or equivalent at booths where voters are 100 to 499 - 2 Polling Officers will be utilized.
·                     JTO / Sr. TOAs or equivalent at booths where voters are less than 100 - One Polling Officer will be utilized.

vii.              Counting teams -

·                     In-charge of counting team - DE or equivalent.
·                     Members of counting team (3-5 as the case may be) – SDEs/JTOs or equivalent.

Note: Officials / Officers of impeccable integrity only should be deputed in connection with the verification process.

viii.      Polling Agents -  District Secretaries / Circle Secretaries / All India General Secretary may nominate one polling agent and one Relief agent (only BSNL staff) for each polling station by 22.4.2016  to the SSA/Circle Heads. The polling agents should be BSNL employees only and not outsiders.

12.       Appointment of Observers:

i.                    Request has already been made to the Ministry of Labour to extend the services of CLC(C) & observers for supervising the 7th verification process as was provided at the time of earlier membership verification processes.  As far as possible, efforts will be made to post the observers of Labour Ministry in larger SSAs and Circle HQs. In the remaining SSAs, BSNL officers will be deputed to function as Observers by the respective CGMs (SDEs or equivalent or above preferably of STS rank) as was done in the past and intimate the same to this office by 30.04.2016.  List of observers from the Ministry of Labour and areas assigned to them will be sent shortly in consultation with the Ministry of Labour.

ii.                  Necessary transport facility to the observers deputed by Ministry of Labour/ BSNL may be provided to enable them to supervise the election in the area under their jurisdiction.  An official fully conversant with the topography of the area, the local conditions and the location of the polling booths may also be attached to assist the Observer.  It should be ensured that the attached officials are neutral and of impeccable integrity. 

iii.                The CGMs may take necessary action for appointment of the officers/ staff like Returning officer/ Asstt. Returning officers, Presiding / Polling officers, Counting in charge in the SSAs etc. required for election duty and counting and compilation of results as per the election procedure circulated by SR Cell,  BSNL C.O.

iv.                It is re-iterated that only officers/staff of impeccable integrity are put on election duty. The names and telephone/ FAX numbers of Returning Officer appointed in the circle, may be intimated to SR Cell of BSNL HQrs. as well as to the CRO.


13.       Duties of Presiding Officers:

i.                    Superintendence and conduct of free, unbiased, smooth and peaceful election.

ii.                  Allocation of work among various Polling officers.

iii.                To ensure that there is no discrimination with any union or favouritism towards any one.

iv.                In case of any difficulty, seek instructions/guidance from the Assistant Returning Officer / Returning officer.

v.                  To keep a proper account of all ballot papers.

14.       Duties of  Polling Officers :

i.                    To abide by the instructions and follow the guidance given by the Presiding Officer.

ii.                  To check the identity cards of the voters.

iii.                To make a mark by indelible ink on the left hand first finger (or left hand thumb in case first finger is missing) of voters, at the time of issue of ballot papers.

15.       Duties of Observers from Ministry of Labour / BSNL:

To oversee the conduct of membership verification (including counting and declaration of results) and attend to disputes arising, if any.

16.       Disposal of election papers

i.                    The unused ballot papers with counterfoils deposited by the respective Presiding officers in sealed covers to the In-charge of counting, shall be preserved at SSA headquarters / Circle HQrs (as the case may be) for a period of six months after declaration of the election results & then destroyed.

ii.                  The stock of undistributed ballot papers, cancelled ballot papers with Circle / SSA shall be preserved for a period of six months after declaration of the election results and then destroyed.

iii.                The used ballot papers and counterfoils of used ballot papers whether valid, tendered or rejected, electoral rolls, should be preserved for a period of one year, subject to the provisions of sub-para (v) below, after declaration of the election results and then destroyed.

iv.                The paper should be destroyed through shredding and if shredder is not available, then by burning, in the presence of any one of these officers, viz. Returning officer or Assistant Returning officer or Presiding officer nominated for this election process.  In case, it so happens that all of these nominated officers have since been transferred or retired, then the destroying process may be carried out in the presence of an officer of minimum of D.E. or equivalent rank.  The officer in whose presence the surplus and waste ballot papers are destroyed shall prepare a certificate giving details of papers, which have been destroyed in his presence.

v.                  In case, an election petition or any other matter in respect of this election is filed and pending adjudication by a Court, the papers relating thereto as mentioned above should not be destroyed until the expiry of three months from the date of disposal of such petition or matter finally.


17.       Security arrangements:

The CGMs may make necessary security arrangements for peaceful conduct of elections and security of ballot boxes including help from local police authorities.  In this connection, the Circles shall be kept informed of the request made to the State DGs Police / Police Commissioners of Union Territories by the CMD, BSNL.


18.       Other Important Guidelines:

i.          The CGMs will hold meetings with the Circle Secretaries of the participating unions in connection with the conduct of membership verification so as to facilitate its smooth conduct.  Afterwards, the SSA heads will hold similar meetings with the District Secretaries of the participating unions.

ii.         A check list & calendar of date of activities is enclosed at Annexure III & IV for guidance. It may be noted that the dates mentioned against the various activities are the last date by which these activities are to be completed. These dates may be modified suitably to suit the local conditions. However, the CGMs should personally monitor these aspects to avoid any problem at the last moment.

  iii.         The employees may be granted half a day leave for casting the vote and Polling agents nominated by the Unions may be granted full day’s leave on the days of voting as well as counting.

iv.                The use of telephone - mobile, land-line or any other form of communication shall not be permitted in the rooms where polling / counting of votes takes place by any official on duty, viz. the Assistant Returning Officers, Presiding Officers, Polling Officers, Counting teams, Polling agents etc., except Observers.  Use of telephones by Observers is permitted.

v.                  The names of employees under suspension may be included in the voters lists and made eligible to cast their votes in the membership verification.

vi.        No TA/DA /Conveyance Allowance is to be paid to the employees for going to Polling Station for casting their votes.

       Note :       Above Procedure is also available at SR Cell’s
           BSNL C.O. Intranet site                   

(Ram Shakal)
                                                                                       Addl. GM (SR), BSNL C.O.

1.      All CGMs BSNL – With a request to give wide publicity to this document & make available copies to All SSA heads under their control.
2.       GMs -  (Pers.)/(Admn.),  BSNL C.O.
3.      General Secretaries of all the 19 eligible Participating Unions

Copy for Information to –

1.      Sr. PPS to CMD, BSNL
2.      All Directors, BSNL Board.
3.      CLC(C), Ministry of Labour, Shram Shakti Bhawan, New Delhi.
4.      Chief Returning Officer -  GM (Restg.), BSNL C.O.








Annexure- I


Performa for compiling polling data
Name of the Circle:
Name of the SSA:
Total Number of Voters:
Serial Numbers of the Ballot Papers issued to SSA:
Total Number of Ballot Papers:
Total Number of Votes Polled:
Total Number of Valid Votes:
Total Number of Invalid Votes:
Total Number of unused Ballot papers.
Total Number of spoiled/mutilated/crumpled ballot papers.

Name of the Union
Number of Votes




Performa with regard to votes polled

Name of the Circle:
Total Numbers of Voters:
Total Number of Votes Polled:

Name of the Union
Number of Votes

Annexure - III

Progress of issues related to verification of majority union.

Name of the
 of Voters
Print-ing of Ballot
Procurement of

Identifica-tion of staff
Ballot boxes
Paper seals
Indeli-ble Ink
SWASTIC Stamp and other articles of stationery


Performa giving targets for completing the various verification related activities




Last Date for completion of the activity

Finalisation of Voters list
Procurement of Paper Seals & Indelible ink by the Circles
Procurement of Ballot boxes by the Circles
Printing of Ballot Papers by the Circles 
Procurement of ballot papers, paper seals and indelible ink from the Circle office by the SSA.
Nomination of one polling agent and one Relief agent (only BSNL working staff) for each polling station by District Secretaries/ Circle Secretaries/All India General Secretary of the participating unions to the SSA/Circle Heads.
Briefing to Circle Secretaries of all the participating unions regarding various Do’s and Don’ts and polling procedures by CGMs.
Dispatch of ballot papers for postal ballots purpose
Nomination of  staff for election duties i.e. Observers, Presiding & polling officers etc. by SSA / Circle Head
Procurement of polling material such as paper seal, sealing wax, Rubber stamp of SWASTIC mark, self-inking stamp pad, pad - ink, stationery, ball point pens, wooden/steel scales, white cloth (Dasuti Bag), thread, needle, sutli etc. by the SSAs.
Procurement of ballot boxes by the SSAs from Circles
Briefing to District Secretaries of all the participating unions regarding various Dos and Don’ts and polling procedure etc. by the SSA Heads
Making packet of polling material polling booth-wise by the SSA
Briefing regarding polling procedures etc. to all the polling teams by the SSA Heads.
Handing over of packet of polling material to the Presiding Officer by the SSA.
Movement of entire polling team along with polling material to the respective polling stations
Date of Election/Polling
Transportation of ballot boxes to the counting centers
Counting of votes
Sending of compiled results by the Asstt. Returning Officer of the SSA to the circle office by Fax.
(by 1500 hrs.)
Sending of compiled results by the Returning Officer of the Circle to the Chief Returning Officer BSNL HQs by Fax.
(by 1700 hrs.)

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