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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Due date extended to 5th Aug 2016 to e-File Income Tax Return FY 2015-16.-inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999a

Due date extended to 5th Aug 2016 to e-File Income Tax Return FY 2015-16.
TM Support
Inf by Ashok   Hindocha M=94262 54999
Dear TaxManager Tax e-Filers,
31st July 2016 is the due date to e-File Income Tax Return FY 2015-16.

If you have received your Form 16 and other TDS certificates Login to and e-File your tax return now.

Earlier you e-File your Tax Return, faster and sooner you will receive your Tax Refund.

Looking to e-File Accurate Income Tax Return or claim Maximum Tax Deductions or Tax Benefits while e-filing your Income Tax Returns Choose our CA Assisted e-Filing Package. provides various e-filing solutions for your tax returns:-
TaxManager Complete - CA Assisted - Let our CA do it for you - If you are unsure about your tax return or have a complex tax return and need a tax professional or a CA preparing and e-file your tax return then choose TaxManager Complete. In this package our CA prepare and e-file your tax return in sync with your 26 AS TDS PAN data with Department of Income Tax. It ensure 100% accuracy in your tax return and thus any chances of notices or demand is reduced to zero. We would ensure complete tax return process till your tax return is processed and assessed.

Recommended - To claim  Maximum Tax Refund  or  Tax minimal tax outgo  then Choose CA Assisted e-Filing. Let our CA e-File your Taxes....
TaxManager Basic - Do it yourself - If you are sure you can prepare and efile your tax returns yourself then you may choose TaxManager Basic. Why delay then, login now and e-file. Incase if you have not completed your tax return Login now and Click on Edit to the return you wish to e-file.

Now upload your Form 16 and e-File your Tax Returns in 10 minutes max yourself.
  For ITR 4 - Individual Business/ Professional Tax Returns e-Filing - Click here
  For Non Resident Indian Tax Return e-Filing - Click here
Annual Subscription Package - Appoint a CA for all your Tax Needs for entire year - If you are looking for a CA to take care all your tax needs - be it e-filing, tax advisory, tax savings or tax rectification we cover it all in this package. Pay once annually and have a CA within your click or a call away. All for Rs 2000 + ST annually

Looking to claim maximum tax refund in your last year's tax return and save maximum tax this year. Choose Annual Subscription Package. Subscribe now or speak with our Tax Agent at 09555331122 for more information.
File for your Family Members too in One Login - e-File your Family Member's Income Tax Return too in the same login and have all your family tax records at same account. Also enjoy the benefits of discounts you are availing while e-filing your income tax return with

4. Did you know: You can also file your tax return and keep track of your tax status from your android phone. Click here to download the app

Pls note:- Incase if you have e-filed your tax returns already you may ignore this communication.
If you are not sure about how to prepare or have a complex tax return then choose TaxManager Complete
**Please ignore if you have filed your tax returns for FY 2015-16 already with
**Please note discounts are only applicable on Tax Manager Basic and above with list price of Rs 250. Discounts are not applicable on any discounted price service.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Unlimited 3G Data Packs Introduced with Speed Throttling-inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999


 Unlimited 3G Data Packs Introduced with Speed Throttling-inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

Unlimited 3G Data Packs Introduced with Speed Throttling


As on date BSNL unlimited 3G data packs are available for all India except North Zone (Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu Kashmir, Punjab, Rajasthan, UP East, UP West, Uttaranchal). Now after clearing of all technical issues, PSU introduced BSNL unlimited 3G data packs in many for northern area in more quantity than already available for...

BSNL Speed Limit in Unlimited Plans Increased

We all know BSNL Broadband provides truly unlimited plans all over India. Many of the broadband users are thinking that, Can our ISP increased BSNL Speed Limit or not to overcome the specified FUP condition which gets finished on the starting days itself and thereafter with reduced speed. Making a full stop for these type of slow broadband...

BSNL FUP Speed Upgraded in all Broadband Plans

BSNL says goodbye to Kbps speed and welcomes to Mbps speed. As we all know, BSNL offers minimum of 2Mbps download speed in each plan according with some BSNL FUP speed limit. After that we will gets reduced speed at 512Kbps. Now BSNL closed this existing 512Kbps and issued new notification for high speed FUP data quota. BSNL is going...

BSNL Bhopal Broadband Plans 16Mbps Speed | New Launch

BSNL Bhopal broadband users who are waiting for improved speed and excess download limit in GBs can now have a chance to enjoy new BSNL Bhopal broadband plans at 16Mbps speed. This will be available with introduction of new VDSL technology promotional tariff. In this new launch, our telecom brand, ISP introduced three new promotional...

BSNL Roars into Profits by 2019 | Introducing 4G Technology

BSNL the giant is roaring back again. BSNL being the one and only one public sector which is coming back again. After a decade of troubles for sanctions and technology upgrades, BSNL is not in a mood to think about the past. Past is Past, yes BSNL is trying to coupe up its losses not by thinking of the old memories, just by learning a good...

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Taxation of salaried persons inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

Taxation of salaried persons

inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

By | 25 Jul, 2016, 05:14AM IST
A-   A+
Salary earners constitute large proportion of total taxpayers in India and contributes significantly to government treasury throughout the year without much efforts by the government due to mandatory monthly TDS deductions to be made by the employer. 
Salary earners have no scope to manipulate their income to avoid tax liability. However, there are certain provisions in Income Tax Act to reduce their tax liability through allowances, exemptions and deductions. 
Deductions for tax saving instruments
One prime provision which comes to the rescue of salaried persons to maximize take home salary, legally reduce income and lower tax liability is section 80C. This section allows a maximum limit of Rs 1.50 lakh across tax saving instruments ranging from Employees Provident Fund, Pension and Annuity Schemes, Life Insurance Premium, Tax Saving Mutual Funds (ELSS), Home Loan Principal Payment, Sukanya Samridhi Account, Public Provident Fund Account, National Saving Certificate VIIIth issue, interest accrued on NSC certificates, Tax Saving Fixed Deposits, tuition fees of children.
Each of these options has their own merits depending primarily on your financial goals, risk taking ability and income level. 
In case salaried person does not own his residential house, it is advisable to have one with borrowed funds. This has triple advantages of emotional security to the family, appreciation in asset value and tax benefit of deduction of interest of home loan with separate limit for salaried person to have their own residential house which has triple advantages of appreciation in value better than any other class of asset emotional security and tax benefit of deduction of interest component on home loan with a separate limit of Rs 2 lakhs U/s 24(b)  
You can arrange pension for you after retirement by contributing upto Rs 50,000 every year to New Pension Scheme u/s 80CCD (1B). This is tax deductible. 
One should have medical health policy to take care of hospitalization expenses of your family which is getting prohibitive day by day. Premium paid upto Rs 25,000 is tax deductible. Additional deduction of Rs 30,000 is available if senior citizen parents are covered. Every year you can have health checkup for your family by making payment of Rs 5,000 within this limit.
In case you are taking care of any dependent relative suffering from physical disability, expenditure from Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 can be claimed depending on severity u/s 80DD.
You can provide good higher education to your children by taking loan from financial institution. Entire interest is deductible u/s 80E. Note that loan repayment is not tax deductible.
If your employer provides you with rent free accommodation or car for personal use, same is liable for tax as perquisites which are valued as per Income Tax Valuation Rules.
Those who don’t get HRA from their employer and are staying in rented house can claim deduction upto Rs 5000 per month subject to conditions. To avail this benefit he should not get house rent allowance and should not own residential accommodation.
Deduction for special allowances
Salaried employee can avail benefit of exemption under section 10 of IT Act in respect of various specific allowances provided by his employer during tenure of service as component of salary package such as House Rent Allowances, Leave Travel Allowances, uniform allowances, helpers allowance for official purpose, academic allowance to pursue academic and research pursuits, travel allowances for official duties, medical allowances upto Rs 15,000, reimbursement of telephone charges for office use. House Rent Allowance and Leave Travel Allowances are subject to certain terms and conditions. To avail these exemptions, the employee should actually spend the amount and produce proof.
A ridiculous provision exists in I-T Act to provide education allowance of Rs 100 per child for maximum 2 and hostel allowance of Rs 300 per child upto 2 children, introduced long ago. Mandarins in Finance Ministry seem to have forgotten huge inflation taken place over the years.
Conveyance and transport allowances for commutation of employees upto limit of Rs 19,200 pa (Rs 1,600 pm) is tax exempt, irrespective to of actual expenses. No need to produce proof. However, this is permissible only if this allowance is part of the pay package.
If you wish to make charity for any noble cause, you should contribute to an institution which holds certificate u/s 80G. Deduction for eligible donations is upto 50% of the tax due and in some cases 100% is available.
Employers should structure pay package of the employees by suitably incorporating the allowances, to reduce tax burden of the staff without any loss to them since these are tax deductible. 
Relief for Salary Arrears
Receipt of arrears of salaries of past years are included in the year of receipts due to which total income assessed at higher rate than that at which it would otherwise have been assessed. In such a situation, section 89 comes to the rescue. Under this section, arrears of salaries can be spread in the respective years to calculate additional tax dues at each year in form 10E. The employer after taking this into account will deduct tax at source at lower amount. Government employees who expect to get benefit of tax arrears under 7th Pay Commission should take note of this.
A salaried person can set off income from salary against loss under other heads of income such as house property, business in the same year except capital gains.
Employers are required to deduct tax at source from your salary every month. The TDS is deducted according to estimated tax liability for that financial year. If you give your projected tax saving instruments to claim deductions late then employer may deduct more TDS than required which you may have to claim by way of tax refund by filing your income tax returns. It is advisable to make tax saving investment from beginning of the year to avoid big burden of investing at the end of the year or have big tax cut.

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale Calculator-inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

 7th Pay Commission Pay Scale Calculator

inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale Calculator

“This Pay Scale Calculator Based on the Recommendations of 7th Central Pay commission “

At first We would like to extend our gratitude for your over whelming response for our simple ‘Expected Pay Calculator as per 7th Pay Commission‘ provided here by us. This was done by assuming that how the Pay and Allowances will be recommended by 7th Pay Commission almost one year before.
Like it was done before, now we have prepared a New Pay Scale Calculator based on 7th Pay Commission recommendations and You can use this calculator to know your Revised Pay and Allowances with effect from 1.1.2016.
  • Enter Your Current (6th CPC) Basic Pay (Band Pay + Grade Pay) and Select Your Pay Band with Grade Pay
  • Select Your Present HRA% and Select your Transport Allowance and also select your city as per the recommendations of 7th CPC
  • Click the ‘Calculate’ button to get your 7th CPC Revised Basic Pay, Matrix Level, Index Level, Revised amount of HRA, Revised amount of Travelling Allowance and the Total Revised Pay per month as per the recommendations of 7th Pay Commission.
Write us your comments about this calculator.
7th Pay Commission Pay Scale Calculator
Basic Pay as on 1.1.2016
(Including Grade Pay)
Select Your Pay Band
and Grade Pay
Select Your
Transport Allowance
Select Your
House Rent Allowance
Select Your City
Details given below*
Non Practicing Allowance
Note*: 7th CPC refers 19 Cities as Higher TPTA Cities:Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Greater Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, Nagpur, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Patna, Kochi, Kozhikode, Indore, Coimbatore and Ghaziabad
Click to view the Bunching Increment Benefit Tables

Pay Matrix Table for Central Government Employees

Pay Matrix Table for Defence Personnel

7th Pay Commission Fixation of Pay Initial Appointment on or after 1.1.2016

[Disclaimer: This calculator gives only approximate value on the basis of the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission and also shown the estimate figures only basis on your inputs. Reader are requested to refer 7th Pay Commission Report]
7th cpc arrears calculator 2016
7 cpc pension calculatorEXPECTED DA FROM JULY 2016ceggis table finder7 cpc pay calculator 2016

7th Pay Commission Pay Scale Calculator
Basic Pay as on 1.1.2016
(Including Grade Pay)    
Select Your Pay Band
and Grade Pay    
Select Your
Transport Allowance    
Select Your
House Rent Allowance    
Select Your City
Details given below*    
Non Practicing Allowance    
Note*: 7th CPC refers 19 Cities as Higher TPTA Cities:Delhi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Greater Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat, Nagpur, Pune, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kanpur, Patna, Kochi, Kozhikode, Indore, Coimbatore and Ghaziabad
Click to view the Bunching Increment Benefit Tables
Pay Matrix Table for Central Government Employees
Pay Matrix Table for Defence Personnel
7th Pay Commission Fixation of Pay Initial Appointment on or after 1.1.2016


[Disclaimer: This calculator gives only approximate value on the basis of the recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission and also shown the estimate figures only basis on your inputs. Reader are requested to refer 7th Pay Commission Report]

7th cpc arrears calculator 2016

7 cpc pension calculatorEXPECTED DA FROM JULY 2016ceggis table finder7 cpc pay calculator 2016

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Important Telephone Numbers of BSNL Officers-Rajkot Dist- inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

Note :-Please contact SDE(Comml.) Smt S. N. Chaudhary on Mob.No 9427314477 and E-Mail : for any correction/modification
inf By Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

# क्रम संख्या एसएसए यूनिट पदनाम अधिकारी का नाम एसटीडी कोड कार्यालय फोन नंबर मोबाइल नंबर ईमेल आईडी
1 RAJKOT  Administration  GMTD Rajkot महाप्रबंधक दूरसंचार जिला,राजकोट 
श्री के शशीधर  
0281  2378800  9490203355 
2 RAJKOT  Administration  DE VIGILANCE 
श्री जोशी  एम  जे  
0281  2383311  9426203838 
3 RAJKOT  Administration  AGM ADMN 
श्री परमार एम बी. 
0281  2378833  9427214411 
4 RAJKOT  Administration  SDE EB 
श्री क्‍याडा  सी  वी  
0281   2371111   9426201010 
5 RAJKOT  Administration  SDE ADMN 
श्री जानी  वी  जी. 
0281  2378839  9427200222 
6 RAJKOT  Administration  SDE EO to GMTD 
श्री जोशी पी. एन. 
0281  2378808  9427214511 
7 RAJKOT  Administration  PS to GMTD 
श्रीमती देवी  के  टी  
0281   2378801   9426673500 
8 RAJKOT  Administration  SDE LEGAL 
श्री पंड्या  दीपक आर 
0281  2381770  9427221220 
9 RAJKOT  Administration  राजभाषा अधिकारी 
श्री पंड्या  दीपक आर. 
0281  2381380  9427221220 
10 RAJKOT  Administration  A,G.M. OP/MIS/EB 
श्री पटेल  के  एन  
0281  2391199   9426783783 
11 RAJKOT  Administration  SDE HR PACKAGE 
श्री परमार डी. एच. 
0281  2378836  9427214528 
12 RAJKOT  Administration  SDE GENERAL 
श्री परमार डी. एच. 
0281  2391080  9427214528 
13 RAJKOT  Administration  SDE OP 
श्री पाडलिया आर. के. 
0281  2381200  9427209555 
14 RAJKOT  Administration  SDE HRD 
श्री पानसुरिया एन. आर 
0281  2378837  9427214500 
15 RAJKOT  Administration  PA to DGM (A) 
श्रीमती  नायर  लतिका  - 
0281   2378812   9428004233 
श्री  पटेल  एस  बी  
0281   2371071   9427209588 
17 RAJKOT  CMTS  SDE Provisioning-II 
श्री गुंगला जे. डी. 
0281  2229449  9427214510 
18 RAJKOT  CMTS  SDE Provosioning-I 
श्री  भंखोडिया  बी  एल  
0281   2221777   9427214999  
19 RAJKOT  CMTS  Commercial Offi. CMTS 
श्री व्‍यास  पी बी 2  
0281  2238800  9427213264 
श्री आशिष कौशल  - 
0281  2241000  9408704354 
21 RAJKOT  Finance  IFA Rajkot आईएफए राजकोट 
श्री  आर  नरसिम्‍हा  
0281  2379595  9449058590 
22 RAJKOT  Finance  AO Claim 
श्री गुप्ता  ओ  पी  
0281  2228018   
23 RAJKOT  Finance  AO TR -I 
श्री डैया  एम  एन  
0281  2228005  9427214428 
श्री डैया  एम  एन  
0281  2233031  9427214428 
25 RAJKOT  Finance  CAO (CITY) 
श्री पठान  आई एच 
0281  2230802  9427213786 
26 RAJKOT  Finance  AO W&F 
श्री परमार  के  वी 
0281  2378824  9427214341  
27 RAJKOT  Finance  AOTR II 
श्री मढवी  सी  आर  
0281  2228145  9408611777 
28 RAJKOT  Finance  AO (C-TRA) 
श्री मढवी  सी आर 
0281  2230804   9408611777 
29 RAJKOT  Finance  AO A& P/ TA 
श्री मेहता  जे  जे  
0281  2228062  9427214451  
30 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO W&F  
श्री  उपाध्याय  आर  बी  
0281   2378828  9428211442 
31 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO Collection 
श्री  जोशी  पी  पी  
0281   2228124  9428816896 
32 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO WF & LA civil & Electrical 
श्री  परमार  अमित  पी  
0281   2378825   9409383833 
33 RAJKOT  Finance  अवर लेखा अधिकारी वित्त 
श्री  परमार  अमित  
0281  2378825  9409383833 
34 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO C-TRA 
श्री  पारेख  एम  ए  
0281   2230802  9427725588 
35 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO TR-I 
श्री भट्ट  आर  आर  
0281  2228078  9428816916 
36 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO claim 
श्री मावाणी  पी  एच  
0281  2228073  9408663399 
37 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO Banking 
श्रीमती मिराणी पूजा जे. 
0281  2228106  9428212999 
38 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO CMTS & TR-II 
श्री  मिराणी  एम  जे  
0281   2233043  9428816898 
39 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO TA 
श्रीमती वोहरा आर. एम. 
0281  2228023  9427214798 
40 RAJKOT  Finance  JAO CASH  
श्री सुचक एम. के. 
0281  2455800  9426430201 
श्री हिंडोचा  ए  के  
0281  2228013  9426201999  
42 RAJKOT  Development  DGM(CM) Rajkot उ.म.प्र.(सीएम) 
श्री  रैयाणी यू. के 
0281  2378811  9426712777 
43 RAJKOT  Development  AGM (Plg) 
श्री धनानी एस पी  
0281  2378814  9427214721 
श्री  पटेल  जे  जे  
0281   2378818   9427214450 
45 RAJKOT  Development  SDE EP 
श्री  वसानी जे  आर  
0281   2378829   9427732555  
46 RAJKOT  Marketing  AGM PR CITY 
श्री परमार  एच  डी  
0281  2240240  9427201717 
श्री चौहान  एन  वी  
0281  2364080  9427214555  
48 RAJKOT  Marketing  SDE RMC 
श्री  त्रिवेदी  पी  जी  
0281   2478747   9426201717 
49 RAJKOT  Marketing  SDE FM 
श्री  भालाला वी  सी  
0281   9427214477 
50 RAJKOT  Marketing  JTO CMTS  
श्री सावलिया एल. डी. 
0281  2220191  9427214499 
51 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  DGM (CFA-Rural) उ.म.प्र.(सीएफए-ग्रामीण) 
श्री  रतनपरा  के  एच  
0281  2378380  9427212872 
52 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  DGM(CFA) City उ.म.प्र. सीएफए (शहेर) 
श्री  विरडिया  टी  डी  
0281  2445500  9427214811 
53 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  Commercial Officer 
श्री अनारकट  के  आर  
0281  2476475  9427214700  
54 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  EO AM RURAL 
श्री कपूरीया के. डी. 
0281  2378378  9427221822 
55 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  SDE E/O to DGM CFA City 
श्री कुंडलिया के. एन. 
0281  2477011   9426666699 
56 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  SDE CSC RR 
सुश्री खजुरिया एच. एच. 
0281  2571122  9427206555 
57 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  SDE CSC DRJ 
श्री गजेरा टी. आर. 
02824  224000  9427217083 
58 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  SDE CFA Sales Rural 
श्रीमती दुबल डी. के 
0281  2381912  9427236888 
59 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  SDE PR 
श्री मांकड  एस  जे  
0281  2242408  9427214421  
श्री मेनपरा बी. ए. 
0281  2476969  9426661888 
श्री सोयेलिया के. एम. 
02825  227100  9426472572 
62 RAJKOT  Marketing-CFA  JTO CM /VTM 
श्री जागाणी  ए  के  
0281  2221777   9427207147  
not available 
श्री कालरिया आर पी. 
0281  2378816  9427727027 
64 RAJKOT  MM  JTO store 
श्री  मेहता  जी  बी  
0281   2706463   9427217028  
श्री व्‍यास  पी  बी  
0281  2378819  9426006455  
66 RAJKOT  Operation  DET GONDAL 
श्री खिंसुरिया  सी  पी  
02825  224380  9427214688  
67 RAJKOT  Operation  DE Transmission 
श्री छत्राला  वी  डी  
0281  2479715  9427214521  
68 RAJKOT  Operation  DE I/M - E/M J.B. 
श्री जिवाणी  बी  डी  
0281  2231477 / 2479200   9427203722 
69 RAJKOT  Operation  DE I/M KR 
श्री जिवाणी  जी  एम  
0281  2444000  9427727788 
70 RAJKOT  Operation  DE Computer 
श्री  जीवाणी बी  डी  
0281   2241241   9427203722  
71 RAJKOT  Operation  DE T Dhoraji 
श्री परमार  ए  एम  
02824  222134  9427214505 
72 RAJKOT  Operation  DE BSS 
श्री  पिपलिया  एन  एन  
0281   2475811   9426201008  
73 RAJKOT  Operation  DET MORVI 
श्री फूलतरिया  वी  के  
02822  232000  9426712444 
श्री मादलिया आर के 
0281  2478383  9427214545 
75 RAJKOT  Operation  DE E/M KR 
श्री रोकड़  जे  डी  
0281  2443344  9427214914 
76 RAJKOT  Operation  DE Bkt. 
श्री  वाढेल वी  पी  
0281   2374599   9427205192  
77 RAJKOT  Operation  AGM CFA SALES  
श्री  सरवैया एम. बी. 
0281   2446700  9427720277 
78 RAJKOT  Operation  DE RR 
श्री साकरिया  एन  जे  
0281  2587676  9428211633 
79 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE OCB - II BKT 
श्री  अकबरी  जी  पी  
0281   2377777   9427214744 
80 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE E/M West-I KR 
श्री अकबरी  डी  के  
0281  2444122  9427201001  
not available 
श्री कंसारा  पी  एम  
0281  2322222  9427217008  
82 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE EM-I & Tnk Grp.  
श्री  कालरिया  एन  एन  
02822   230550   9427207334 
83 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE KLD RD 
श्री कालरिया  डी  एन  
0281  2562222  9427214626 
84 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE EM-I JB 
श्री  कालरिया  आर  डी  
0281   2444422   9427214888 
85 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE TX-III 
श्री कालरिया बी. एच. 
0281  2479749  9427214625 
not available 
86 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE EM-II MRV 
श्री गढवारा ए एस. 
02822  240200  9427200886 
87 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CDOT MRV 
श्री  गामी  आर  जी  
02822   231044  9427561061 
88 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE OCB JB 
सुश्री गुप्‍ता एस. एस. 
0281  2224444  9427214455 
89 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE GRP-BKT 
श्री गेडिया  एम  वी  
0281  2378381  9427218550  
90 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE MDF / PP BKT 
श्री गोविंदिया के पी. 
0281   2386111  9427214345  
91 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CC KR 
श्री चावड़ा जे. वी - 1 
0281  2448622  9427214570 
श्री चुड़ासमा जी. जेड़. 
0281  2312345  9427214898 
93 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CSC-II JB  
श्री  चोपड़ा  एन  के  
0281   2224533   9427214413 
94 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Gr. Drj & CDOT 
श्री  जादव बी  एन  
02824   220250   9427218099  
श्री जेथलोजा  ए  टी  
02820  233001  9427214884 
96 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE MKT-YARD 
श्री टांक ए ए 
0281  2704000  9426400999 
not available 
97 RAJKOT  Operation  SDO Phones Drj  
श्री  ठाकर ए  डी  
02824   220200   9427200799 
श्री ठाकर पी  एम  
02821  220101  9427214460  
99 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE MIS 
श्री ठाकर बी. डी. 
0281  2362626  9427214541 
100 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Phones GDL 
श्री ठुम्‍मर आर. आर. 
02825  226222   9427213252 
101 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Intra. 
श्री  डढानिया सी  जी  
0281   2440707   9427214788  
102 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE OCB Bkt. 
सुश्री डांगर आर आर 
0281  2377777  9427214340 
103 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Tax KR/Bkt. 
श्री डोडिया  आर  के  
0281   2455700   9426971900 
104 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE AJI 
श्री  तलरेजा  एम  एल  
0281   2387000   9427214470 
105 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE E/M-1 MRV 
श्री थोरिया  ए के  
02822  226400  9427213999 
106 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE VTM 
श्री दवे एन. आर 
0281  2221777  9427214828 
107 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE WEST-2 KR 
श्री दवे  ए  आर  
0281  2443514  9427214441 
108 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE GR. Jetpur 
श्री  दुधरेजिया  एन  के  
02823   225000   9427200858 
109 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Gr. Gdl 
श्री  पंडया एन  एम  
02825  226955  9426783583 
not available 
110 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE LATI PLOT 
श्री पटेल  के  एल  
02822  251000  9427216026  
श्री पटेल  के  एल  
02829  266500  9427216026 
112 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Trns. I 
श्री पटेल ए. के. 
0281  2440251  9427207336 
113 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Tx-v Rj 
श्री पागडार  एल  पी  
0281   2459755  9427214643 
114 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Shastrinagar 
श्री पारखी ए. के. 
0281  2331331  9427219955 
115 RAJKOT  Operation  SDOP Upleta 
श्री  बुखारी  ए  के  
02826   220300   9427214933 
श्री बोसिया  जी  डी  
02828  222000  9427252444 
117 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE E/M WEST RR 
श्री भालोडिया  ए  ए  
0281  2582020  9427214311 
118 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE STORE 
श्री  भिमानी आर  एम  
0281   2706800   9427217088 
119 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE E-10-B 
श्री  भोरनिया एम  एल  
0281   2474555   9426680888 
120 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE FTTH 
श्री  मकवाना  जे  जी  
0281   2440251   9427217012 
121 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Trans Morbi 
श्री  मेरजा  डी  के  
02822   228066   9427213988 
122 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE E/M-II JB 
श्री मेहता  के  टी  
0281  2455262  9427218008 
श्री मेहता  एन  आर  
0281  2479494  9427216644 
124 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CM KR 
श्री  राठोड  सी  बी  
0281   2441689   9427732632 
125 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CFA Sales  
श्री  रादड़िया ए  जे  
0281   2477044   9427111800  
126 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE E/M East RR 
श्री राबड़िया  एच  एम  
0281  2586666  9427214420 
127 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE BSS  
श्री रामाणी पी सी 
0281  2475811  9427214614 
128 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE TRNS-II Jetpur 
श्री  रामानी एन  जे  
02823   230111  9427213388 
129 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE DIR/BLDG JB 
श्री रावल एम. के 
0281  2222835  9427209898 
130 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE MDF/AMR JB 
श्री रावल एम. के 
0281  2231055  9427209898 
131 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE GROUP Upleta 
श्री रुपापरा एम. के. 
02826  220757  9427208399 
132 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE C-C BKT 
श्री लुणागरिया  ए  टी  
0281  2230567   9427200847 
133 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CM JB 
श्री वागडिया  वी  डी  
0281  2228682   9427214799 
134 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO E/M EAST RR 
श्री वाला पी. बी. 
0281  2582020  9427666565 
not available 
135 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE BTY & PP KR 
श्री  वैष्णव  बी  आर  
0281  2445603  9426669797  
not available 
136 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CFA Mktg. 
श्री  संघानी बी  के  
0281   2446700   9427726535 
137 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CSC Mrv & CSR & FM 
श्री  सरडवा पी  एल  
02822   221601   9427721555  
138 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE Lease Line 
श्री सरवैया  एम  बी  
0281  2457575  9427720277  
139 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CDOT Jetpur 
श्री साटोडिया  डी  एम  
02823  220000  9426782424 
140 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO MIS  
श्री सिरोदरिया के एम. 
0281  2362626   9427217016 
141 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE II Bkt. 
श्री  सुदानी वी  एम  
0281   2360576  9427216100 
142 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE IM RR 
श्री  सेरठिया  ए  एन  
0281   2573000   9426737306 
143 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE CDR  
श्री सोनबंदी  एस  आर  
0281  2237171   9427216633 
144 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO E/M-I MRV 
श्री सोनाग्रा  बी  के  
02822  240200   9427200861 
145 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE GROUP JTP 
श्री सोनीग्रा एच. पी. 
02823  225000  9427112433 
146 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE BKT-O/D-1 
श्री सोलंकी वी. एच. 
0281  2386454  9427214696 
147 RAJKOT  Operation  SDE COMPUTER  
श्री हडिया  आर  एन  
0281  2241111   9426045595 
148 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO CM 
श्री  ककानिया पी  डी  
02822   9427200883 
149 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO Jkn. 
श्री  कछोट आर  एम  
02824   271499   9427214951 
150 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO E/M-II JB 
श्री  कनेरिया  के  एन  
0281   2231288   9427217047 
151 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO INFRA 
श्री  कालरिया डी  एम  
0281   2440707   9426716006 
152 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO E/M J.B. 
श्री काशियाणी पी. जी. 
0281  2235051  9427217090 
153 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO CSC & FM  
श्री  गजेरा  टी  आर  
02824   222422   9427217083 
154 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO EM SHAPAR 
श्री  गोटी जे  सी 
02827  252222  9427230599 
155 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO I/D SHAPAR 
श्री गोटी जे  सी 
02827  253499  9427230599 
156 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO Mkt.Yard 
श्री गोहिल आर. एच. 
0281  2704000  9427214909 
157 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO Phones Drj 
श्री  गढ़वी  के  ए  
02824   9427721399 
158 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO E-10B KR 
श्री  चावडा  वी  डी  
0281   2474555   9427214748  
not available 
159 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO II west - II KR 
श्री चोक्‍सी  जे  जी  
0281  2456000/2488888  9427208058 
160 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO OD-II BKT 
श्री  जाडेजा एफ़  एच  
0281   2364343   9427216116 
161 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO OCB JB 
श्री जितेन्‍दर - - 
0281   2224444  9428211644 
162 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO EM-I Mrv. 
श्री  जेठवा  जे  जे  
02822   220895   9428214888 
श्री जोशी एच. एस. 
02827  221312  9427205190 
164 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO-I west - II KR 
श्री  ठकरार जी  एस  
0281   2445004   9426666688 
165 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO E/M Mrv. 
श्री ठोरिया ए के 
02822  240200   9427213999 
166 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO Group GDL 
श्री ढोलरिया  एम  बी  
02825  277299  9427214401  
not available 
श्री त्रिवेदी  डी  ए. 
02822  287500  9427667799 
168 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO west RR 
श्री  देत्रोजा पी  एन  
0281   2578999   9427217052 
169 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO Phones Jtp 
श्री धनेशा  बी  एच  
02823  221064   9426497531 
श्री धामेचा एन एन 
02821  220303   9428829150 
171 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO cable Const. 
श्री धोरियाणी एम. डी. 
0281  2230567  9428816728 
not available 
172 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO BSS 
श्री  निगम  दिव्यानन्द  - 
0281   2443644   9428004979 
173 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO BTY - PP JB 
श्री  पंडया एस  एच  
0281   2228627   9426677977  
not available 
174 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO BSS 
श्री  पटेल  आर  बी  
0281   2443644   9428004838 
175 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO TAX BKT 
श्री पटेल  एच  एम  
0281  2382222  9427667788 
176 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO MUX 
श्री  पटेल  जे  ए  
0281   2231481   9427213900 
177 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO Bty / PP JB 
श्री पण्‍ड्या एस. एच. 
0281   2228627   9426677977 
not available 
178 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO TX GDL 
श्री परमार एम. पी. 
02824  220654  9427214878 
179 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO TX III 
श्री पानसेरीया एम. एन. 
0281  2479749  9427217053 
180 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO EM - II BKT 
श्री  पित्रोड़ा जे  वी  
0281   2388990   9426689190 
181 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO CM KR 
श्री बारड एम. डी. 
0281  2448622   9426400099 
not available 
182 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO TX MRV 
श्री बावरवा आर. एन. 
02822  228066  9427200865 
183 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO CFA SALES 
श्री  भारद्वाज  एम  एम 
0281   2431313   9427201603  
184 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO Phones GDL 
श्री भालोडिया  जे  एम  
02825  220084  9427253923  
185 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO GR. Malia  
श्री  मालवी  अल्पेश आर  
02829   266500   9427217877 
186 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO Store Mkt. Yard 
श्री मेहता जी. बी. 
0281  2706463  9427217028 
187 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO TAX KR 
श्री यादव बी  के 
0281  2478811  9428004967 
188 RAJKOT  Operation  GIDC METODA 
श्री रांक के  एम  
02827  287299  9427217021 
189 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO EM - I BKT 
श्री राठोड  ए  एम. 
0281  2388990   9426783978 
190 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO OMCR  
श्री  राठोड  एस  एन  
0281   2237711   9426660808 
191 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO BTY - PP KR 
श्री  राठोड  ए  एल  
0281   2445603   9427214975 
192 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO O/D BKT 
श्री  रावल  बी  के  
0281   2360576   9426202484 
193 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO CC KR 
श्री  रावल  वाई  एस  
0281   2448622   9427045945 
194 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO TRANS 
श्री रावल  एच  एन 
0281  2379990  9428469556 
195 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO II west - I KR 
श्री  वडालिया  सी  सी  
0281   2446402   9427455733 
196 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO TRANS GDL 
श्री वाघेला एम  जी  
0281  2479749  9428346111 
197 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO GROUP ULA 
श्री वानिया  एल  आर  
02826  220757  9427217505 
198 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO EAST RR 
श्री वाला  पी  बी 
0281   2583333  9427666565 
not available 
श्री  वाला  एम  डी  
02828   223923   9427217051 
200 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO NIB / BB KR 
श्री  वैद्य  एच  एच  
0281   2476611   9409384545  
201 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO MDF/BLDG KR 
श्री  वैष्णव  बी  आर  
0281   2462822   9426669797  
not available 
202 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO TRANS- V 
श्री वैष्णव  जे  एन 
0281  2459755  9427221411 
203 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO - I west-I KR 
श्री  व्यास  आर  ए  
0281   2445001   9427214849 
204 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO Lease Line 
श्री  शाह  डी  डी  
0281   2456555   9426737323 
श्री शुक्ला ए  एस 
02820  233001   9426961199 
श्री श्रेष्‍ठी एम. एम. 
0281  2703000  9427214919 
207 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO - II west-I KR 
श्री  संघानी ए  एम  
0281   2446402   9426733150 
208 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO OD UPLETA 
श्री सामाणी एम  एल 
02826  220200  9427214944 
209 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO E/M-II MRV 
श्री सोनागरा बी  के 
02822  240200  9427200861 
210 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO MLLN 
श्री  सोलंकी  वी  डी  
0281   2452121   9427203311 
211 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO TX JTP 
श्री सोलंकी डी. वी 
02823  230111  9427214910 
212 RAJKOT  Operation  JTO (GR.) Bkt. 
श्री हर्ष एम जे. 
0281   2378381   9426448888 
213 RAJKOT  Electrical  SDE Electrical SUB - I 
श्री  बाबरिया बी  के  
0281   2385832  9427213918 
214 RAJKOT  Electrical  SDE Electrical 
श्री  राठोड  आई  एल  
0281   2385832   9427215470 
श्री  जादव एल आर 
0281  2385382  9427735111 
श्री  बरछा पी सी 
0281  2385832  9427214490 
श्री  बलदानिया एम आर 
0281  2385842  9426816345 
218 RAJKOT  Civil  SDE Civil (Circle) 
श्री  अघम  ए  एस  
0281   2364125   9427214480 
219 RAJKOT  Civil  SDE Civil Div II 
श्री  भूत  के  यू  
0281   2391290   9427214757 
220 RAJKOT  Civil  SDE Civil Div I  
श्री  मेहता  पी  वी  
0281   2377003   9427218481 
221 RAJKOT  Civil  LA EE Civil 
श्री  समनानी  आर  वी  
0281   2377729   9427458478 
222 RAJKOT  Civil  JTO Civil CSD II 
श्री  कक्कड़  सी  सी  
0281   2391290   9427207090 
223 RAJKOT  Civil  JTO Civil CSD II 
श्री  बुटानी  पी  जे  
0281   2391290   9427496900 
224 RAJKOT  Civil  JTO Civil CSD I 
सुश्री  राजगोर  एन  एच  
0281   2377003   9427214501 
225 RAJKOT  Civil  JTO Civil CSD I 
श्री  वणजारा जे  एस  
0281   2377003   9427605813