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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Due date extended to 5th Aug 2016 to e-File Income Tax Return FY 2015-16.-inf by Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999a

Due date extended to 5th Aug 2016 to e-File Income Tax Return FY 2015-16.
TM Support
Inf by Ashok   Hindocha M=94262 54999
Dear TaxManager Tax e-Filers,
31st July 2016 is the due date to e-File Income Tax Return FY 2015-16.

If you have received your Form 16 and other TDS certificates Login to and e-File your tax return now.

Earlier you e-File your Tax Return, faster and sooner you will receive your Tax Refund.

Looking to e-File Accurate Income Tax Return or claim Maximum Tax Deductions or Tax Benefits while e-filing your Income Tax Returns Choose our CA Assisted e-Filing Package. provides various e-filing solutions for your tax returns:-
TaxManager Complete - CA Assisted - Let our CA do it for you - If you are unsure about your tax return or have a complex tax return and need a tax professional or a CA preparing and e-file your tax return then choose TaxManager Complete. In this package our CA prepare and e-file your tax return in sync with your 26 AS TDS PAN data with Department of Income Tax. It ensure 100% accuracy in your tax return and thus any chances of notices or demand is reduced to zero. We would ensure complete tax return process till your tax return is processed and assessed.

Recommended - To claim  Maximum Tax Refund  or  Tax minimal tax outgo  then Choose CA Assisted e-Filing. Let our CA e-File your Taxes....
TaxManager Basic - Do it yourself - If you are sure you can prepare and efile your tax returns yourself then you may choose TaxManager Basic. Why delay then, login now and e-file. Incase if you have not completed your tax return Login now and Click on Edit to the return you wish to e-file.

Now upload your Form 16 and e-File your Tax Returns in 10 minutes max yourself.
  For ITR 4 - Individual Business/ Professional Tax Returns e-Filing - Click here
  For Non Resident Indian Tax Return e-Filing - Click here
Annual Subscription Package - Appoint a CA for all your Tax Needs for entire year - If you are looking for a CA to take care all your tax needs - be it e-filing, tax advisory, tax savings or tax rectification we cover it all in this package. Pay once annually and have a CA within your click or a call away. All for Rs 2000 + ST annually

Looking to claim maximum tax refund in your last year's tax return and save maximum tax this year. Choose Annual Subscription Package. Subscribe now or speak with our Tax Agent at 09555331122 for more information.
File for your Family Members too in One Login - e-File your Family Member's Income Tax Return too in the same login and have all your family tax records at same account. Also enjoy the benefits of discounts you are availing while e-filing your income tax return with

4. Did you know: You can also file your tax return and keep track of your tax status from your android phone. Click here to download the app

Pls note:- Incase if you have e-filed your tax returns already you may ignore this communication.
If you are not sure about how to prepare or have a complex tax return then choose TaxManager Complete
**Please ignore if you have filed your tax returns for FY 2015-16 already with
**Please note discounts are only applicable on Tax Manager Basic and above with list price of Rs 250. Discounts are not applicable on any discounted price service.

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