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Thursday, August 11, 2016

BSNL Unlimited Free Call 24Hours | New Launch inf By Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

BSNL Unlimited Free Call 24Hours | New Launch 

inf By Ashok Hindocha M-94262 54999

We all know about BSNL Unlimited free call offer during night hours from BSNL landline. This facility is very much useful for all Indian rural and urban area telephone users. In recent days, BSNL arrested the disconnection of landline services with this night free calling offer. With this example only, you can guess, how much this unlimited calling offer becomes popular.

As of now, Free calls offered by BSNL broadband/ Landline plan are not exactly free during day time to other network. To offer the best and to win hearts of every Indian, BSNL now introduced unlimited call during day time also.

Now BSNL makes it completely free to any number whether to BSNL or any other line. This offer is not a promotional scheme, BSNL made it as a regular facility. This is applicable for each and every Indian landline customer of BSNL.
BSNL Unlimited Free Call 24Hours
At first, BSNL introduces unlimited calling from BSNL SIM Card having free call to own landline number and reduced this to Twenty minutes per day free voice call per a day. In some areas, BSNL already offers unlimited free call during day time with some Addon charges.

Now the scene reversed, BSNL offers unlimited calling during day and night (24 hours). Entire family can have a group talk with each other happily with out any charges from anywhere across India. But this is restricted for only one day in a week, i.e. our favourite holiday Sunday.

BSNL approved Unlimited Free calling from BSNL landline to any network’s mobile and landline only on all Sundays on PAN India basis. Unlimited Free calling scheme on all Sundays is an additional offer to free night calling scheme to all networks already being offered from 9PM to 7AM.

With this introduction of new unlimited free calling to any network on Sundays, will surely acquire more and more landline customers. This facility will also be motivated the existing customers to use landline more.

Customers who think about the extension of timings for unlimited calls to any network can now have a best chance. So just subscribe for BSNL Landline or broadband services with any plan. Enjoy unlimited free calling from 15th August 2016 during day time also on every Sunday. Rejoice with your family and friends across India with unlimited talking as a Independence Day gift.

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